John Kennedy would have headed off the fascist takeover if he had not been assassinated

John F Kennedy gave a speech about uncovering secret societies

This video is a part of that speech, which mirrors what is going on with the loss of our first amendment and other rights today.  The video is less than 4 minutes and if you have not heard it, I hope you will listen.  He was warning about and trying to head off the fascist takeover of our Government by those who
think they know better than our elected leaders, what the direction our country should be.  He was assassinated  a few weeks afterward.  With the hindsight history has given, I have no doubt his resolution against secrecy in Government and secret societies was the reason he was murdered.  When I first heard of the New World Order (NWO), I scoffed at that idea, but have since learned it is not just a crazy conspiracy.

Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt was born into a family headed by a Skull And Bones Order members. Her father and grandfather were Scull And Bones members. There is a vast conspiracy, which she has studied and speaks about knowledgeably.  She said she wishes she was wrong about the secret societies, but she is not unfortunately.  Please listen and see for yourself.
You can hear an interview with Ms. Iserbyt at the following link.

Charlotte Iserbyt’s website link is below

 Man is an animal to be trained, not educated.  This is why our schools have been “dumbed” down.  This should make you angry as hell.