Find Out What Experiments Are Done By Military Contractor Handlers On Innocent People, -Secretly-, IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY

Wireless Erectile dysfunction

Wireless loss of feelings in male genitalia causing loss of sexual function due to spraying a chemical electrolyte and drug directly onto the penis and scrotum.

The way I remember it was done originally during my first years of this electronic abuse was that the electrolyte was put onto my  legs inner thigh, next to the scrotum. But now the chemical is put directly onto the penis and scrotum. I can tell this is true, because I have an associate degree in Biological Science, an associate degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and a bachelor degree in Computer Science and this allows me to explain what is happening to me so that medical personnel can understand and interpret what I am saying. I can tell that I am being hit with a chemical between my legs and all over really, because i have done experiments putting aluminum foil in various places where I suspected I was being hit with this chemical and I discovered the chemical was leaving tiny micro sized holes in the foil, some of which were too tiny to see with the naked eye, but which lighted up when put up to a bright light, allowing the light to shine through the holes. Please see the pictures of the foil with holes in.
I believe that I did not lose sexual feeling before the chemical was sprayed directly onto my scrotum and penis. This has only been happening like that in the last two years that I have lost sexual feeling.  The reason I believe this has happened is because the chemical electrolyte carries energy current up through the body core to the upper body and head.  Since the chemical electrolyte is on the sexual organs, then all of the energy current goes through the delicate nerve endings in the sex organs and destroys them by making them numb to touch.  If this happens to you, you should notice the marked itching in the groin area when getting the area wet in the shower.

I can tell when this chemical is present because it is sprayed on and causes the scrotum skin to itch terribly and the energy I am hit with causes a marked increase in conduction of the energy directed at me.  I can reverse this by taking a shower and washing of and exfoliating my scrotum skin and other places where the chemical electrolyte is present.  Prior to these handlers the itching was on the inner thighs and seemingly now it is on the scrotum skin.  Targeted Individuals may notice a marked lessening of the energy effects by taking one or two showers through out the day.

In addition, you will be able to find where this chemical has been deposited in your house by using a UV light with other lighting off.  The chemical electrolyte will have a yellow florescent glow.  Some people can hear the chemical hits which make a sound like tic….. tic   tic when it hits your head.   There is a second chemical which has a florescent ORANGE color and causes a speed like feeling with marked agitation and fast breathing.    You must use care in finding this Orange chemical since it may be in very small amount, like the size of a pin head for instance.  If you get that speed like feeling, remember where you were when it happened and do not be fooled by PSYOPs to make you think it is somewhere else, as your handler may not activate it until you have moved elsewhere.  Try to remember your route to the where you first felt the speed like effect.  Use the UV light and retrace your steps.  The location is usually 2 to 3 feet off the ground but may be anywhere, up to your height.  The chemicals are placed in a well traveled area near doorway or hallways and entry/exit to rooms.  Look for a fluorescent yellow chemical spilled and running drips which traveled down the wall.  Remember also the orange chemical may be as small as a pin head or larger.

In your home, the chemicals get on the wall usually by someone breaking into your house and physically putting the chemical on the wall for example by sprinkling a chemical solution on the wall, which will dry to a residue.  In my opinion, the process for depositing the chemical onto your skin is an off the shelf chemical process which is used to deposit chemicals from a substrate depot onto another surface, your skin in this case.  The process is I believe, Chemical Vapor Deposition at room temperature and 1 atmosphere pressure to differentiate it from other processes at higher temperatures and pressures.  The process is probably a microwave or RF assisted, where tiny pieces of the substrate DEPOT are extracted and projected and placed on the targets skin.  These small pieces travel at speeds fast enough to break through at least two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil.  My description based on off the shelf industrial processes and if not exactly CVD, is very similar to the way it works.

I am not finished with this yet and will add more later.

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  1. Sandra Jenkins like to request the support of the TI community to rally together with me to bring in the open what is really going on. My mother was murder to cover up their crime and to get control over me they try to frame me. I need help to get and private autopsy so we can prove what actually happen. I have document evident that they die non consensual experiment on her. They blanket our home with electronicmagentic radiation microwave to make it look like she had AFIB, they induce with antideprression medicine. Justify give her a stroke to get her under their control. If we ban together and publicize it they won’t be able to cover up their action. Also like request expert witness regarding this assault on innocent citizen by the government. The evident is there it just need to be verify. It time we united and get justice for all who have been oppressed by this antichrist system. This is our time to stand up and be heard. Change the laws that authorized the crime to carry out their wicked acts under the law and get paid for it. WHO WIOLL STAND WITH ME AGAINST THE EVILDOER? IT NOT JUST MY FIGHT IT TIME FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY TO STAND UP FOR OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS THAT BEEN DENIED.

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    • Yes, I am so sorry for your loss and the trouble this has caused you. But Targeted Individuals have and are going through such things every day. I may be going to jail because my website was hacked to state it simply. Many people are going through difficulties like this, so yours even thought it is devastating, it is not surprising. There are things happening now which may affect things, so please keep watching my website.

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