Isotropy is a point where signals are equal from the x y z planes with respect to the meter. This helps you find the the radiation source

I want to make TI’s aware that I am able to use an android phone with free software to detect the direction of an emf source. I found out the missing bit of information why I it works the way i believe it does. Androids have three mag sensors on the edge of the phone X Y Z and I think you are aware of this. The sensors correspond to three lines X Y Z in the app, which exhibit isotropy or the source becomes isotropic and i’m not exactly sure how to say that.  I had thought it showing a peak signal when pointing to the source, but that wasn’t correct.When the signal is isotropic with respect to the meter, that is when the x y z lines merge into one line and when that happens the number values become identical, then the phone edge is pointing at the point source.  You will learn that a drone is usually at an elevation above 45degrees although it can be at any elevation,  at 30 degrees it may be a cell tower radiator and at horizontal it may be a ground based source and its all up to interpretation. I take readings of direction and elevation like north north west (nnw) at 60degrees, for example. I even have to tilt the plane of the phone out of horizontal to match the phase angle of the radiator. My criteria is to get Isotropy and only then do i consider the reading meaningful. I have often proven the results by observation so I keep using it. I tried explaining it to others but most do not use it because its too complicated. I think a programmer could program a front end to make it more simple.I only know about this due to observation empirically. The way it would have to work is if the point source has two beams as Richard Lighthouse has said a search beam and harm, and if an ELF signal for instance is carried on one of the beams and is 180degrees out of phase with the second beam then when the beams cross at the target, the RF is canceled out, leaving the ELF signal. Other engineers didnt laugh at me but it has not been measured to be true. The app I used can be downloaded from Google play store and is free. The name of it is EMF ghost detector free by hipxel… That one works the best and is possibly compromised in some way, but I still get what to me, meaningful results. I would say it works 80%. I know its not admissible in court, or is it. I have a video I just made showing me finding two separate signals. If you use this then you see the perps try to hide what they are doing. I have bought android cellphones of the samsung brand which were G2 and G3 for less than $50.. you have to make sure the phone is UNLOCKED and that is it is not tied to one carrier and works in every other way as a phone. But it does not have to be set up as a phone. All you have to do is turn on and use WIFI to go to Google play, where you download and install the app. Then you no longer need wifi and the app can work independently on the cell phone as an emf/magnetic meter. It measures in uT or micro Teslas. But other than noticing that normally my signals are in the 20uT to 30uT range, but may be far from that, I dont need the power reading to find the point source of a signal. Often I believe they turn down the power to keep me from finding the source and the power will still on at a low level and I still can find its isotropic point.  Getting the isotropic point is unusual because you would normally just take a reading.  But with this, you are trying to find the location of the signal source.  You need to find both the isotropic point which, if you can find it, then you found the source.  Also, remember that only a TI can use the meter for this usually since only the ti will normally get hit with a strong signal.   that and it is only when a strong signal is present. I have also found that I can find a leak in my microwave oven and so it shows a strong signal in that case. Use it if you care to.  y 
Another bid of complicating information is the  fact that there is two beams of RF energy one is to examine and the other is to Harm.  I have observed these two beams are 180degrees out of phase with each other.  they cancel when crossed and ELF energy for example remains and therefore this is how I can determine the direction of ELF energy and Sonic energy and infrasonic energy.   This is observed empirically