Is The Government Targeting American Citizens

Targeted Individuals are monitored for heart rate and respiration. The handler is doing multiple experiments on me and reporting data on all experiments as a deliverable in a database to advance company objectives. One of the ongoing experiments done to me for instance, is to see if they can influence my decisions. Various techniques are used for this purpose.  One of the techniques is to cause me to nervous or to become confused in order to cause me to make a mistake or better, how to influence my decisions.   How my handler does this is to watch what I do and I mean everything I do, in order to use that information to interfere with me at key decision making times to try to cause confusion so that I make a mistake, or cause me to choose something other than I would have chosen without intervention.  I can say for sure that there are always multiple experiments going on at any one time for controlling the mind and influencing decisions.

  • Do you  think it is Okay to experiment on people as long as the government is doing it?
  • What are the results of these human experiments going to be used for?  In other words, why do you think it is important for the Government to be able to influence my decisions or yours for that matter?
  • If it is Okay for the Government to influence my decisions, how far do you think they should be able to go before you would disagree with what they are doing?
  • There are hundreds of thousands of people, all with identical symptoms and complaints of human experimentation with directed energy weapons.  Do you think that hundreds of thousands of people have gone crazy for no reason since 9/11/2001?
  • Do you trust the Government to keep humans as test subjects as long as they do it legally?
  • Can we assume the government is involved, because if they were not involved, then they would investigate the accusations and stop the abuse?
  • Are you afraid that more Targeted Individuals will go crazy with a gun perpetrate more mass shootings?  Should all Targeted Individuals be rounded up as a safety measure?
  • Do you think that the results from this human experimentation will be used only against terrorists, to keep Americans safe?
  • Is it okay for the Government to use activist people for terminal experimentation because they want to get rid of them in order to make Americans safe?
  • Are you afraid that the people who are in charge of doing the experimentation on people will go too far and target others who are not supposed to be targeted?
  • How can people qualify to get a job experimenting on American citizens?
  • Would you help the Government experiment on American Citizens, if asked to do so by someone who showed you a Government Identification badge?
  • Would the amount of money they were offering affect your decision not to accept money for torture?

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