I Was Subjugated As A Threat To Others Through Human Trafficking Protocol Done To TI’s

I was sick last Tuesday and had to go to the hospital due to severe abdominal pains and later found I needed emergency surgery to remove kidney stones.  My room mate (David Shurter) called after I arrived via ambulance to tell the hospital social workers that I threatened him and all his neighbors with a GUN.  I called him to ask WTF is wrong with him and he hung up the phone and called the hospital social worker again to say had just threatened his life again (again .. not true).  I dont know if Mr. Shurter is a full fledged perp and receiving money for subjugating me.  I was held on 72 hour hold but actually held in the hospital for 6 days (they say weekends don’t count towards 72 hours!).  

The psychiatric industry is used to subjugate targeted individuals (TI’s).  I wrote the following article on targeting of individuals and it explains some of the story.  http://jameslico.com/2014/03/anyone-can-be-targeted-with-mindcontrol-aka-targeting-your-brain-with-radar/
  People are starting to wise up but if someone says there are guns involved it still works to subjugate us.  It backfired in this case however, because other people who know Mr. Shurter and they helped me get free one day early.  The hospital now realizes they have been duped.  Mr. Shurter owes me $2100 for rent extorted rent payments.  Thanks again to those who helped me.  Please learn about Human Trafficking of Targeted Individuals.  We are trafficked by handlers every where we go and kept subjugated with energy weapons and trough psychological harassment’s of various kinds.  I believe the idea is that stressed out trafficking victims exhibit Electromagnetic Weapon damage sooner/faster if we are stressed and afraid so that cortisol is made in our bodies from the fight or flight syndrome.  The traffickers are using us as human test subjects for the Air Force (DEBR) Directed Energy Bioeffects Research contract awarded April of 2013 (a $50M contract). I believe this is terminal human experimentation.  Activists are being targeted because it keeps us quiet.  Activists need to wake up to this before they are targeted/subjugated because then no one will believe them.  Actually there are hundreds of thousands of people targeted with this subjugation mind control.  most do not know it.  The only reason some of us know is because the traffickers want us to know so that we are affraid and stressed to keep our cortisol production up as high as possible.  
I sure hope people call the psychopathic perpetrators of the heinous human trafficking scheme out before it goes on much longer.  This is the same over reach that caused the spying scandal.  they are doing this because they are psychopaths and because they can.  yes it is unbelievable for non psychopaths.  Get over it because it is happening.  learn about psychopaths and get up to speed.  This program is elementary for psychopaths as you will see only when you learn how psychopaths think.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxq7hiHi1cE&list=PL-sWoow9jmUwrA-uq7OphS_aw-K7S4Z0C&feature=share
listen to an Occupy activist describe the psycyhopathy of the 1%.  He is right on.  These people are psychopaths and they are in charge of us.  Learn why and what motivates them, there is a good reason for this phenomenon.  They have a big advantage over normal humans… find out what it is!  (hint: they ready and willing to deceive/cheat to win at anything)

The ego reptilian r-complex robot speaks