How To Spot Unauthorized Fixed Directed Energy Weapon Radar Antenna Placement

If a targeted individual (TI) has shielding like I have, the psychopaths torturing the TI will constantly change and update their attacks in order to get around the shielding.  The reason why is because they can and I am their designated target.
 They will usually deploy their buddies with portable weapons into apartments surrounding the TI.
This takes some time and they want to be assured that the psychopaths moving in will be there long enough to make money torturing the TI.  Usually they are stuck with the weapon infrastructure that is in place.

I am trying out something new by questioning the placement of possible weapon transceivers.  This is specific to my location but can work anywhere.  Potential places to question are at Police Stations and Fire Stations. Communication devices must be registered with the FCC and or local governments.  What you are looking for is unauthorized placement of communications equipment.

However if they have an unempathetic fellow sociopathic friend in a position where they may offer placement of a new weapon where it would not be noticed, then they could take advantage of that.  The costs of the new weapon would naturally be born by the taxpayers.  This is the case with the following weapon placement:
There is a new EMF weapon at Joint Firefighter Training Academy, located next door to Arrowhead Garden Apartments.  I located it with my directional meter.  the beam was pointing right at the Arrowhead Apartments. I went to the left of it and the signal dropped off and I went onto the site and there was no signal from the other side.  The transmitting antenna is on the highest level of the main building.    Also, I am questioning something that is out of place am the reason I give is because the antenna is actually pointing at the Arrowhead Apartments.

If this were a legitimate communications device, it should be high enough to bypass all buildings and not endanger the public, by law.  It makes no sense for an engineer to place a communications antenna behind a building and expect to transmit a signal through a building.  So There is the reason to question.  If you get any questions, you can answer that you measured high levels of electromagnetic radiation in the direction you specify.

The information you request is open to the public and is not a secret to anyone.  You should get pictures of the antenna and make copies of any documentation.  Expect the antenna to be taken down and the documentation destroyed at some time during your investigation, if the placement is unauthorized.

Again, the psychopaths will try something that works and will not endanger their jobs.  But if they can get away with unauthorized overreach, they will do it.  If what they are doing cannot hold up to scrutiny, they will stop.  Just because they are doing something, doesn’t mean they can get away with it.  If they are not authorized to have a transceiving antenna, they will remove it when questions are asked and that is the giveaway.  Hopefully you have pictures and documentation evidence before it is removed.

To find out if this equipment is authorized, you must:

  1.  Find out what this communication device is used for.  
  2.  The person who runs the training academy would have approved the placement of the transmitting antenna.  
  3.  He has to account for the purpose of this to his superiors, so get everyone involved.  
  4. These people are smart, but they have to work within their systemic guidelines.  If you ask the right questions, they can be found out.  
  5. Putting the spotlight on them with cause them is a problem for them.  
  6.  For this over reach of authority to work, they count on no one asking questions.  
  7. Asking questions is a way to flush them out, like rats scurrying for cover when the lights come on.  
  8.  Get specifics on:
  1. frequency
  2. range
  3. intended recipients
  4. why in one direction only
  5. purpose
  6. how many subscribed or benefited.
  • The information to look for should all be in one place, so you won’t have to look far. 
  • The person in charge of the training academy should have all of this information and it should specifically name the transceiver. 
  •  The information is open to public scrutiny and copies should are also available with the government entities listed on his authorization forms.  See if the frequencies are being transmitted match up to use of the transceiver.
  •   Communication are highly regulated and if this is a weapon, there is something that will not match up.
  •  This information is needed to justify having this communication transmitting antenna.  It must be commissioned by the authority of FCC and or the county or local government.  
  •  Doing this is a way to flush out the psychopaths.  
  • If all this information is found and it is easier than you think, then it cannot be justified.  
  • In other words, they can plan for communications failure, but not in only one direction
  • it must be for a specific use or purpose.
  • It must make sense
  • It must be safe for the public
  • This is a case in how knowing about how things are supposed to work give an advantage.  
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask questions and there is no penalty if you find you are going in the wrong direction.  It will alert the psychopaths to what you are doing though.  In most cases, this is a desired side effect.

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