How Is The Targeting Of Citizens With Directed Energy Weapons Exactly Like The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment?

First of all, doesnt it look like a business model to use people against their will to make money in an Organized crimes scheme? Of course it is a business plan to make money asset stripping middle class citizens!

Corporations benefit with human experimentation, the state benefits from getting rid of Dissenters and the contractors benefit with tax free payments and tax free material gifts.

All this comes FROM SLAVERY!

Targeting Of Citizens With Directed Energy Weapons is Exactly Like the Targeting of 499 men in The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, because they are both excellent examples of Human Trafficking and Human Experimnentation.

The difference is :: Now Activists, whistleblowers and Journalists (like Julian Assange) are attacked with softkill health degrading Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) as Dissidents AKA [FAKE] National Security Threats to America and this is done on purpose because industry needs human experiment victims and the government wants to get rid of pesky truth tellers. The DEW’s make them so Weakened, SICK and busy trying to fend off attacks that they have no time or strength left to speak truth to other people. Keep in mind that a burgening Police State must retain control of its narative of lies and at the same time stomp out free speach and truthful dissenters.

In order to rationalise this, the contractor would have to ACTUALLY BELIEVE the National Security LIE that the target is a threat to National Security and not a PATRIOT trying to actually help the country)

The corrupt and rogue Intelligence Community (FBI, DHS, NSA, Fusion Centers, Mil Intel) has inculcated Americans to believe that they are there to help America and fight crime. The Inetelligence Community has long abandoned America and Americans in favor of working for the Globalists and Corporate interests and Globalism. This you can tell by the fruits of what they do. They are paying contractors to kill activists and to take down America and you would have to be an idiot to believe otherwise. Maybe the Contractrors believed the National Security Lie at first, but after only a short time it becomes obvious to the contracotrs that the FBI lied to them about the whole surveillance process in order to gain their cooperation. Now the contractor has a dilema because it is apparent to the contractor that the target is in fact be in danger and is being tortured. But the contractor, now deeply involved and complicit, wil still go on with it because the FBI is seen as omnipotent they rationalizes this by thinking the FBI and Fusion Center will take the blame and the contractor is seen as just doing their job. But in fact the FBI and Fusion Center gave the unconstitutional and lethal orders but it is in fact the contractors who actually carry out those lethal orders. CONSIDER:


The FBI and Fusion Centers know exactly what is happening, because they want it to happen that way, because they want America to crash and burn. The contractors need to get some backbone and face what they are doing!

Look, if this doesnt stop then we are headed to outright killing people in the streets and if it does stop then there will be military tribunals and people will be held to account. Either way the contractors will have a big problem that wont go away. So it will take them standing up like men and women to face the fact that they what they are doing is wrong and must be stopped so we can take our country back before it is too late