how come 75% of Targeted Individuals are Elderly Women on terrorist Watch List?

The one statistic about Targeted Individuals which stands out to me is that 70% to 80% of Targets are elderly women.
I have come to the realization that the most of Directed Energy attacks on targets is a PSYOP on the public, which is designed to intimidate citizens into a state of fear which will usually cause them to back off from and avoid interacting with a target, which is unfortunate. because it is the government which is doing this to us as a society.
The reason I believe the government is responsible for targeting me is because I should, as a citizen of the United States, be able to receive help from Federal Government Congressmen and Senators and yet they claim ignorance of my targeting. Therefore the Government by remaining silent shows tacit complicity and approval and is therefore responsible for the targeting and the damage done to citizens who are targeted.
The tendency is for the public to recoil in fear of targets and to only do what is absolutely necessary when dealing with a target. But the problem is that the corrupt government is destabilizing our society through fear and intimidation.
As a society, being afraid to face our problems, is what got us into the situation and we now need to face and deal head on with this corruption in order to avoid being taken over and destroyed as a society. Only then can we can regain control of our our own country.
The innocent targets are not the problem with our country.  Our Government is the problem with our country.  We need to begin by wresting control out of the hands of corrupt officials by voting them out of office and electing people who will do the peoples business.
The problem is here now
we can see that our the skies are sprayed with chemicals and nano particles through Geoengineering
Weather warfare has caused wild fires to ravage our forest
storms and flooding to ravage our homes and destroy our crops
Locust swarms destroy crops in Africa
How many of you can see that the US Deep State (DS) and the Intelligence Community (IC) are not working for the American people, but are instead working for the Globalists toward a new world order?
Folks, America and Americans are under attack and we will be destroyed unless we wake up right now !!