House of Representatives to start Human Trafficking Task Force

I need to ask for some help from TI’s.  I found out that US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor heads a House Task Force on Human Trafficking (HT).  This HT task force may have been rolled out now because of the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls.  It doesn’t matter why they created it, but it does matter that Targeting Individuals is Human Trafficking TOO.  It looks like they are going to address Human Trafficking issues here and abroad and we need to get their attention and others attention.  The purpose of this is to garner support for TI issues.  By forcing the issue of HT=TI, we can gain support and understanding from the HT community of which there is a very large base of support.  It would have happened slowly, but now it will happen faster because of what is going on now and the focus of the HT community.  We need to make voices heard about Human Trafficking and how we are subjugated like lab animal slaves for the profit of the military industrial complex.  The House Task Force on Human Trafficking has to recognize Targeted Individuals, even if we have to shame them into it.  We must work at gaining recognition.  Remaining silent any more is not an option. 

The following information was obtained from ROLL CALL BLOG.

 Human trafficking is modern day slavery and it is happening all across this country and globally. You see, our military industrial complex has declared full spectrum dominance on the people of the United States Of America.  
The federal government has an important role to play in putting an end to this practice which is why the House will take action in May to combat this horrific crime.  Make your government recognize the subjugation of people by mind control technologies.  This is the new face of Human Trafficking because it keeps people subjugated silently by remote operator/handler.  TI’s are now used for Human Experimentation on Air Force US contracts for Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research (DEBR).  TI’s have been used for other purposes such as sex slaves in Texas, Mass Shooters (Navy Yard Shooter) and other nefarious purposes.  GPS technology is cheap and easy for Traffickers to track and keep their victims subjugated.  The technology started out as a way to communicate with spies in the field but the CIA and other agencies have improved and perfected it to the point where people can be monitored and controlled remotely.  Watch Dr. John Halls video on Mind Control and ELF technologies to learn more.

  • * Chairman Ed Royce’s Fraudulent Overseas Recruitment and Trafficking Elimination Act will address the problems of international trafficking into the United States. This bill targets those who use our nonimmigrant visa system to bring victims legally into the U.S., where they are then forced into sexual exploitation or slave-like labor, rather than the jobs they were promised.
  • * Representative Ted Poe’s Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which is a comprehensive anti-human trafficking bill, aims to rescue domestic victims, track down their exploiters, and provide additional tools to prosecutors.
  • * Representative Eric Paulsen’s Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act provides incentives to states to adopt safe harbor laws that treat trafficked minors as victims, and provides an avenue for victims to access protective services, counseling, and skill building rather than being forced into the legal system and facing incarceration.
  • * Representative David Reichert’s Preventing Sex Trafficking and Improving Opportunities for Youth in Foster Care Act requires states to take steps to identify, prevent, and address sex trafficking of youth in foster care. It aims to improve the lives of youth in foster care, while also providing them with tools they need to become successful adults.
  • * Representative Ann Wagner’s Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation (SAVE) Act seeks to close the marketplaces that host advertisements for the commercial exploitation of minors and trafficking victims
Paul Baird is an expert in the technology used to subjugate people to be victimized for Human Trafficing.  Refer to and save this PDF document for information on the subject.

Men Who Access And Attack Their Neighbors With Radar”
  Your Government military industrial complex, from the military to the corporations has developed mind accessing psychotronic radar and militarized it.  Now they have decided to test it on their own people.  They found that it works so well that they have decided to expand its usage.  They are training more and more mind control handlers.  These handlers are just smart enough to run the machines but dumb enough to allow others to do their thinking for them.  If they were smart enough to think for themselves they would know that it would be wrong to intrude into peoples bodies and minds without invitation. What they do is called  CTTL Clandestine Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating and this is Human Trafficking of the American People.
Corporations are the new Human Traffickers and your Government by its silence is in collusion with them.  They propose and set the terms for the use of Human Subjects in Medical Research.  This makes people disposable and allows for people to be experimented on surreptitiously and without informed consent. You see, there is a great deal of money in human subjugation aka Human trafficking.  Spying by the NSA is a big story but in my opinion this Human Trafficking is the biggest disgrace of all.  The jobs created and supported through your Governments roll in Human Trafficking is in the millions, when you consider all the support personnel.  Your Congressman and Senators will play dumb and say they don’t know about the CIA or other agencies roll in the Human Trafficking because they don’t want to upset the apple cart.  Law Makers on down are complicit in CTTL Clandestine Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating aka Human Trafficking.  The projects are top secret, but its illegal to hide crimes with classification.  They have made it not illegal through misinterpretation of the Patriot Act.  They have hidden it from view but it is still illegal Human Experimentation which we know as Human Trafficking.
The Patriot Act removes protections against human experimentation, removes peoples rights and paves the way for subjugation of the population.
 A significant number of the population can not be depended on to do the right thing in society.  CTTL Handlers are accepting cash payments from companies under Government Air Force DEBR contracts to do human experimentation on the neighbors. This is similar to what happened in pre war Germany starting in 1934, bringing Hitler to power.
 The people doing this abomination have gone so far as to loose sight of the fact that they are hurting people because they are after all psychopaths and sociopaths.  They actually believe they are some kind of secret agents and that their work is for the greater good.  They further think they are going to be saved from subjugation because they are in charge of the herding the people.  These handlers are your neighbors and coworkers. Look at this video on the Stanley Milgram study on blind obedience to authority.  You will see that 65% of the people can torture and kill people if told to do so by an authority figure.
The CTTL handlers guilty of causing brain damage, cancer and other maladies to victims of Human Trafficking.  We have been battling Human Trafficking for years only to find our own Government is now targeting and trafficking its own citizens.