Blind Unquestioning Obedience To A Verifiably Corrupt And Criminal Authority Is Not Patriotism, It Is Cowardice And Tyranny

When I Say That I Am Literally A SLAVE And You Can See That (A) There Is Pictorial Evidence Of Human Trafficking On My Website (B) What Does That Tell You About Your Government And Those Who Protect The Government Like The FBI CIA DHS Etc.? ALSO If I Have The Same Rights As You Do, Then What Are Your Rights Really? (1) Could This Happen To You?   (2) Under What Circumstances Could This Happen Your Family, Friends, Or Anyone Else? DONT BE A SHEEP!.. THINK ABOUT IT??

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  1. I wrote a long post but it disappeared. As does most everything I do via intternet. Or it posts but is NOT what was written. How do I get thru to ANYONE? My phones are all comprimiseded and anyome I contact in this town are already informrd and will not give me the time of day. I tried selling my home but yhe buyers are not really buying and I sm accised of stalling. I am told I must ‘get out’ in order to sell. Meaning my home would be taken.

    How can I contact you? Anyone?

  2. Hello, I have been a targeted individual for 3 years by means of remote neural monitoring and voice to skull…perhaps even much longer. I live close to Redding California, I have a Master’s degree and am a nice person. What has been done and is being done to me is pure evil and unfortunately a great many other TI’s have also suffered the same evil. Laws on the books that state that these people may be prosecuted for 3-5 years to me is a joke, these people who have perpetrated this evil should be sentenced to life in prison. Because that’s what they do is a slow systematic form of torture where they use technology to constantly rape your mind, body and soul. I went from being a fun loving teacher, social person driven to depression and isolation clinging to the relationships with my loved ones. But after torture like this I know that I will never be the same that is if I survive. Imagine a world where there is no refuge for a person, not even within their own mind. That is what is like being a TI. Because you are constantly being made aware they are listening to your thoughts 24/7 and when they’re not silent listening to your own mind they are saying the most terrifying things that I will not even repeat here…..that’s what’s occurring right now because of my writing this, for example they just said they are going to kill my mom. This evil is being done right now to so many people here and abroad, please people of America, wake up, fight this is pure evil and everyone is just grabbing bon bons tuning into the big bang theory laughing as they’re programmed to do, or watching some b.s news program that is minuscule compared to this made out to seem like a big deal…a distraction. Wake up! good people in this county are having heinous crimes committed against them by an evil that hides behind a mask of virtue and righteousness, our own government, corporation, neighbors.

    • we are with you in spirit. Attitudes are changing. I would like to request that you join Twitter.com You will see that many TI’s are on twitter and doing activism. maybe that is something you would like to contribute. We need everyone we can get to contribute to that. On twitter, my user name is @Jafelco .. please follow me and @Stop007org to start with. There are many TI’s on twitter and you will get the hang of it quickly if you decide to help us.
      Also, you can get on conference calls and it is a good way to keep up with current events and find out the latest news. Ella Free has a website with schedules on it.check it out and I hope you will join us… hehttps://www.freedomfortargetedindividuals.org/information

      • Thank you for the information, I will look into those sites. After much thought the only way that I can see this evil ending is for us to create enough noise so that the news begins to start acknowledging that it’s real thus waking the sleepers. Step 2 is making congress pass into law for the creation of a department that’s sole purpose is the seeking out and prosecuting of these criminals who enslave and torture via electronic devices, EMF.

      • It is a great idea that congress pass into law for the creation of a department that’s sole purpose is the seeking out and prosecuting of these criminals.

        This department should also dedicate itself in investigating foriegn intelligence agencies operating within the US or from abroad using terrorist threats (by text message, Facebook and even dating apps) to coerce American civilians and have no other alternative but to blame the US intelligence agencies. This DOES happen.

    • What’s happening to you I’d Demonic! The NWO happening now is evil! We are living in the last days and if you accept Jesus as your savior read your Bible these people have no control over us!!!! These vaccines have hydrogel in them from DARPA which will change people’s DNA there never was a pandemic! The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob showed it all to me! John 3:16 forgot to love the world that he gave his only begotten son but whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have ever lost in life! John 14:6 I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh under the father but by me! Satan’s end is almost here and he knows it do not fear him do not fear any man! ????

  3. This is happening to my family and I. Please contact us if you can. we know all of our communications are being monitored. We know who started it and or got us on the “list” We need an attorney not afraid to go up against them and we have kept wonderful records. Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Cari, when I was first targeted in 2010, I had a charge against my former employer. I was unable to find a lawyer at that time. Lawyers seemed to be on board to a law suit at first but then they somehow found out I was a TI. Then they couldn’t go any further for one reason or another. I was black listed. I am not saying you are black listed though. Some TI’s do find lawyers and bring their law suits. Some TI’s bring their law suits themselves “Pro Se”. send me an email if you like. jamesFL@jameslico.com

  4. James, my name is Adrian Quirarte and I am a TI in the United States (San Francisco and San Jose CA) experiencing electronic harassment by Mexican intelligence agencies linked to human trafficking from Mexico.

    Could you please take the time to read my declaration and give me any suggestions on what I could do to file a lawsuit,class action lawsuit or any editing that is necessary to gain more attention from the public and the US government?

    I believe it is in the interest of the public and US government to know that Mexico is investing in targeting and corrupting American citizens and could have political consequences.

    If you feel the need to use my report to contact the right agencies or bring awareness to victims of organized crime feel free to do so.

    Adrian Quirarte

    My declaration is dedicated to eliminating members of transnational organized crime by Mexican Nationals in the United States and Mexico violating visa regulations, staging fake crimes such as attempted murder, committing fraud and filing dishonest petitions and applications domestically and internationally: Daniel Rene Balderas Barrientos ( San Francisco CA US), Sara Lourdes Barrientos de Balderas (Xalapa Veracruz,MX), Daniel Rene Balderas Acosta ( Xalapa Veracruz, MX), Rene Ruiz( San Francisco CA ,US) Sarita Ruiz (Xalapa Veracruz, MX) Javier Joel Garcia (San Jose CA , US) Elizabeth Garcia ( San Jose CA, US).

    Dylan Hafertepen, in San Francisco CA, who works for FWD.US for immigration reform should also be charged with federal crimes due his links to drug and steroid sales with Mexican nationals in the United States and using his familiarity with immigration law to advise “visa violators” and “criminal aliens” to file an application for a domestic violence and U-VISA petitions to remain in US.

    Visa Fraud was related to criminal immigrants lying about their situation to seek refuge in the country.
    An investigation could find criminal links to a larger population of illegal immigrants violating immigration law and perpetrating crimes against US citizens.

    Passport and visa fraud felonies result in:
    10 years for the first offense
    15 years for fraud with other criminal links
    25 years for fraud involving international terrorism

    Daniel Balderas Barrientos entered the US in 2008 on a student visa with non-disclosure of communicable disease since temporary visas are a common means of entering for criminals and terrorists.

    Daniel Balderas Barrientos and Sara Lourdes Barrientos de Balderas are guilty of Corporate fraud at “Balderas’s Jalapenos Mexican Kitchen and Grill INC. San Francisco CA,” involved reporting of ghost business addresses, ghost employees, time card falsification and payroll fraud to qualify for an international business visa by Daniel Balderas Barrientos and Sara Lourdes Barrientos de Balderas. I am testifying as a ghost employee listed as the entire “Board of Directors” where the only termination is by death and is someone on payroll who that didn’t actually work for the “victim” company.

    Tax evasion and unlawful labor practices were reported to the Attorney General of CA. and advised me to contact IRS criminal tax investigations since tax payers are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to corporate fraud each year.

    Daniel Balderas is guilty of timesheet fraud involving paying employees incorrectly for the hours they work. Manually overriding employee timesheets such as rate of pay prevented paying victims for holiday pay, vacation, breaks, health insurance and overtime. For example: A supervisor who altered a time card to show that an employee had a 30-minute unpaid lunch break when no break given is “time card fraud.” A fraudulent tax claim can result in fine 250,000 and 3 years in prison.

    More than 6 known individuals assisted in a conspiracy to murder an American citizen to cheat the System to Stay in the United States by staging fake crimes resulting in dishonest petitions and applications for nationality. Javier Joel Garcia (San Jose CA), Daniel Balderas San Francisco (SF CA), Rene Ruiz (SF CA) Sara Lourdes Barrientos de Balderas (MX) Daniel Rene Balderas Acosta (MX) staged fake crimes domestically and internationally such as attempted murder to pose as victims and be awarded what’s called a U visa to remain in US, however the abusive acts that visitors alleged in the petition “must have taken place in US” therefore the court was not able to grant protection until new falsifications were made in Nov of 2015.

    The petitioner(s) staged fake crimes because they were aware they can request other protected individuals such as family which are likely to be approved for a work permit or permanent residency. Federal felonies were committed when the said party knowingly assisted illegal aliens or assisted an alien who is illegally in US.

    Javier Joel Garcia and Olga Flores (San Jose CA, US) , my mother, are guilty of entering a sham marriage where schedules were set up so that so the perpetrators of the crime would not be home at the same time avoiding U.S Immigration Customs and
    Enforcement where the agency could potentially wonder whether it was intentional. The penalty for marriage fraud is a fine of 250,000.00 and imprisonment for up to 5 years.

    In 2013, After petitions for citizenship were denied, the alien then began to file fraudulent restraining orders and staged crimes to police such as substantial physical or mental abuse to file for a U-VISA petition.

    After 3 years and over 13 attempts of making police reports and filing a petition, the protection order was granted June 15th 2017 for making claims of assault and attempted murder.

    It is believed that the petitioner, Javier Joel Garcia, tried to make fraudulent claims of abuse as the “stepfather”, to encourage police misconduct since family members may claim monetary compensation for their loss in a wrongful death lawsuit.

    Starting in Nov. 25th 2016, prior to seeking the protection order, the perpetrator who is also a trailer driver for Alexxandras Transport, received and placed toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide in my room in my room (661 Glenburry Way San Jose CA) to cause brain damage, personal injury where it was implied that he assisted Daniel Balderas and other members of the group in a conspiracy to commit murder.

    Conspiracy to commit murder is a felony that could result in life in prison. I have a recording when PG&E came out to the house several times and advised me of the contamination and suggested I hire a air quality specialist to identify the toxins placed with the intent of intoxication.

    Daniel Rene Balderas Barrientos committed a federal crime Entering in 2008 prior to 2010 in which Federal immigration law prohibited people with HIV entering the country and could also be charged with Criminal negligence and non-disclosure of HIV status that is classified as attempted murder involving the intent of infection to another individual or an alleged HIV transmission.

    As any visit or reside in U.S. on temporary visa or green card,one must prove that he or she does not present a health risk to the general public, which was falsified by Daniel Balderas Barrientos entering the US by non-disclosure of communicable disease.

    Visa violations committed by Daniel Balderas Barrientos that are deportable also include narcotics addiction or violation of laws relating to a substance & assisting other aliens to remain in US.

    Daniel Balderas could be charged with Falsification of financial eligibility for the AIDS drug assistance program to qualify at Federal Poverty Level. Daniel Balderas held multiple bank accounts in the United States and Mexico at the time of enrollment in 2008 at SF City Clinic. An investigation could find the perpetrator of the crime guilty of taking nearly 250,000.00 USD for false claims of financial eligibility since 2008.

    Daniel Balderas Barrientos is guilty of identifying as “refugee” to the department of public health due to the fact that a Visitor to the US does not have access to health care for the simple fact that they are not U.S. citizens.

    Daniel Balderas Barrientos and Sara Lourdes Barrientos de Balderas committed other crimes in Mexico and US such as life insurance fraud with a policy of 4,800,000 persos to Seguros Monterrey MX and 50,000 USD US with Non-disclosure of “known” diseases known to cause death such as HIV and drug addiction which are considered typically a bad risk for insurance companies.

    An investigation should be made to rule out life insurance fraud schemes with money launderers such as “Post-dated” life insurance arranged after the death of the insured, “False medical proceeds” with non-disclosure of a pre-existing medical condition or drug addiction, “Lack of insurable interest insuring people in hopes they will die taking out policies on the terminally ill and “Suicidal accidents” leading people to believe the death was accidental.

    Sara Barrientos de Balderas is guilty of making terrorist threats such as murder for hire, false injury claims such as auto accidents, as an example that insurance companies and life insurers are prone to abuse by criminals including “Money Launderers. “
    It was implied that Sara Barrientos De Balderas criminal intentions are to access the cash after a given amount of time without penalty by the insurance company and assist others in doing the same since only the policy holder has the right to cash value.


  5. Ella’s podcast conference calls maybe past but they are every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. at the same times. Also listen to them as pod casts on Talkshoe

    Ella’s Podcast Schedule for the week of May 2: Tuesday- Activist Midge Mathis Thursday- TBA, Saturday- NEW NUMBER 541-275-1131

    Ella F
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    to bcc: jamesfl
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    Our latest video upload by Dr. Matthew aaron
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    Please, please sign. Dr. Millicent Black’s petition:

    Tuesday- Activist Midge Matthis gives her testimony and original activism tactics
    Thursday- TBA
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    I’m requesting everyone to participate in Dr. Katherine Horton’s Tsunami letter writing campaign. Feel free to bcc me (tiangel2016@gmail) on your submissions.
    http://www.stop007.org scroll down to find schedule, contacts and a format letter if needed. To copy email addresses and info from the pdf you click on, RIGHT CLICK and a drop down menu will appear. At that point, scroll to copy email address or web link. then you simply paste addresses into your recipients in your email to be sent.

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9-Mn8xGQpTpuY-6kGQByLg/feed My YouTubes on Ella Free Channel

    One of my favorite new to the community targeted individual is Terry from Oregon. I’m quickly becoming a fan of his website too!

    The Robert Newton Health Fund- A loved targeted individual PLEASE DONATE

    Mike Mason’s Audio Spotlight- Moderator, Activist and one of my favorite people
    He’s almost there guys!!

    Please bring a notepad to take notes or jot down questions for guests for the Q & A portion of the call

    God Bless,

    http://www.biggerthansnowden.com/ Spencer Carter’s list of Whistleblowers
    https://everydayconcerned.net/ Ramola D’s online paper/ blog
    https://thedivineway.wordpress.com/ Ken Lee’s inspirational site because we can all use a little help from our friend
    https://www.youtube.com/user/skizitgesture Skizit’s research for Targeted Individuals
    https://youarenotmybigbrother.wordpress.com/2017/04/16/global-targeted-individual-surveillance-the-five-eyes-agreement-and-torture/ Renee Pitman’s informative blog

    All calls begin at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time unless otherwise listed

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  6. Please read the following site
    To prove I have new and valuable information, please read the following excerpt from page six regarding implanted voices;

    Then one day, the voice in my head I took to be mine, the voice that insulted and swore at them, told me to kill myself to escape it all. But again, I DID NOT FEEL LIKE THAT. I was increasingly angry, disgusted and wanted to expose these people – I WAS NOT DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL.

    That was when I realised how I had been fooled. BOTH voices were theirs. They would say something in my head AS THEM: (“You better listen to us or else”) then the second voice would answer AS ME: (“F**k you”).

    They would DO something (the sound of doors slamming or car horns in response to something I said or did), then the second implanted voice, would respond AS ME: (“Aw poor pathetic losers, am I upsetting you?”)

    My own real mind/ internal voice/ thoughts had been silenced like I was hypnotised as I just listened to this back and forth exchange which was ALL them……………they carried on their back and forth exchanges in my head. The fact that I now knew both voices were implanted made no difference apparently. As I heard them swear at and insult themselves, I realised they would say ANYTHING, call themselves ANYTHING, insult themselves in ANY way, with no shame at all – the only thing that mattered to them was that I listen.

    The same work is on a second site
    in case the first goes down

    Please share these links
    Thank you

  7. James,
    For these past three days, i hd strange reaction on some of my body parts, either my hands, shoulder, legs, toes and fingers hv sudden small movements which is not in my control. I also notice that my mother also hv movement of her arms and legs while she is sleeping. And i know that they are hv done experiment on us. And hv feeling that they are also doing the brainwash experiment on me.
    What should i do to stop all these this?
    What steps should i take?
    I know they knew each steps i take or who i hd contact.
    Pls advice me on these problem i’ve been facing right now.
    Thank you

    • My name is Mark Iannicelli and I am a targeted individual.
      What I know is the Moody’s and Meriwether from Brunswick Georgia are involved in direct energy weapon assaults.They are related through active and retired lowlife so fromF.L.E.T.C.thefederal law enforcement training center named Glynco inBrunswick Georgia.
      The Iranians have the world’s best neurological center.
      There are only two countries for targeted individuals to seek refuge, North Korea and Iran.
      My preference is Iran and all targeted individuals should support Iran and Hezbollah.
      Any country that torture and murders targeted individuals including the U.S Dept. of Defense is an enemy.
      Best Wishes,
      Mark Iannicelli


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