Blind Unquestioning Obedience To A Verifiably Corrupt And Criminal Authority Is Not Patriotism, It Is Cowardice And Tyranny

When I Say That I Am Literally A SLAVE And You Can See That (A) There Is Pictorial Evidence Of Human Trafficking On My Website (B) What Does That Tell You About Your Government And Those Who Protect The Government Like The FBI CIA DHS Etc.? ALSO If I Have The Same Rights As You Do, Then What Are Your Rights Really? (1) Could This Happen To You?   (2) Under What Circumstances Could This Happen Your Family, Friends, Or Anyone Else? DONT BE A SHEEP!.. THINK ABOUT IT??

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  1. Mr. Lico,

    I am very sorry to hear about your situation. You mention you worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta. May I enquire whether any other complainants have contacted you who worked for this company or other defense contractors or the military in the U.S. or elsewhere and who those individuals, if they are comfortable with having their email addresses shared, might be?

  2. Electronic stalking, harassment and 24/7 mental torture of innocent civilians using secret Remote Neural Monitoring mind control is also being illegally covertly used in Australia, and elsewhere without the knowledge of most of our political reps. Where is the ethics in using futuristic technology developed by US CIA NSA military laboratories for the Iraq war on innocent people in friendly countries that are allies of the USA, like Australia? Innocent people are being remotely surveilled and psychologically tortured, and whistleblowers are being targeted with electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW) that can induce heart attacks, aneurysms and strokes.
    We are supposedly living in free democratic societies so how and why has this been allowed to occur, and what is the President, senators and Australian politicians doing to shut down the satellites and WiFi connections that the technology is piggybacking on to restore our inalienable fundamental right to privacy and civil liberties? Clearly, POTUS needs to do more than appoint a weak, bewildered Ethics Committee chair.

  3. Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better!
    Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!

    He constantly kept talking about this. I’ll send
    this article to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Over 30 yrs with me it never ends with a live paid operator Robert jay alexander. I have been hearing his voice in the air and track on to cells and radios for decades. These live paid operators are govt paid and its not all in peoples head as the disinfo agents want people to believe.

  5. Its happening in business too where companies can just set up right from the start to make profit from electronic harassment.

    Worked for this digital agency in Cape Town, South Africa, Liro Satanic Marketing (fake name). Company runs a scam where they employ for insurance fraud.

    Bogus job roles where there is never an intent to complete and actual project.

    Use gang stalking and electronic harassment to then kill off the victim

  6. I am a targeted indivisual been targeted by high tech INVISABLE direct energy weapons that is microwave and electronic weapons that is extremely painful? This is some kind of CURROPTED government doing this to innocent AMERICAN CITIZENS, this CURROPTED government has to be arrested for this inhuman SERVERE torture! This has to stop IMMEDDIATLY or a lot of innocent American citzens are going to be tortured to death! These criminals have been getting away with this for too long using SATILIGHTS/drones invading privacy and violating the constitution! I believe all good government is trying to put a stop to this inhuman SERVERE torture! All good SENETORS please help the targeted indivisuals, we are suffering and there is no help, this is severe inhuman torture that no human being should ever experience! They have violated the constitution! WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THAT THESE CRIMINALS HAVE VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION! ALL TARGETED INDIVISUALS PLEASE WRITE TO SENETOR RON WHYDON AND WRITE YOUR STORY AND WRITE TO SENETOR CHARLES SHULMER SEND A FAX AND ALSO SEND A LETTER RETURN RECITE! I really feel good government is trying to stop this inhuman SERVERE HARRASSMENT THAT NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD EVER EXPERIENCE! My story is on the government GANG stalking petition to congress NEW YORK LONG ISLAND


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