Real Time Hacks or SPY Agency Dirty Tricks

Real Time Hacks or SPY Agency Dirty Tricks


First, I want to show the type of CIA/NSA dirty tricks played on activist websites.  I will use mine as an example.  Other activists may get some Ideas for combatting these dirty tricks from what I show.  The first dirty trick I want to show is a real time hack that keeps blog readers from looking at more than just the first page of results on my site.  It goes like this:  You can go to a catagory like BLOG or Activism and results will show for that page or catagory, but if you click on NEXT or any other page you will get an error to to a real time hack of the website produced URL>>  This URL produces the following error because it was made incorrectly on purpose.  The correct URL is : so you can get to the other pages by correcting the URL.  I know it looks like a coding error and that parenthesis were not translated properly.  It is supposed to look like that, an error that is,  This is so that the user will give up looking.  As for the website owner,  They are supposed to wast time troubleshooting it and it is intermittent too!  But there is no need to do that because it is a hack which my handler can remove as quickly as it was put there.

Another hack I found is the >> “Error 404 – Not Found”

The document you are looking for may have been removed or re-named. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance.

It is the WordPress Theme’s job to produce the URL and basic navigational capability.  I have a Bachelors in Computer Science which allows me to notice that an apparent computer error may not be an error at all.  I cant fix this myself because it is a hack and my internet is basically a man in the middle attack or maybe man on the side.  By this I mean that my internet connection is going through a proxy server where the content can be easily changed (hacked).   once you notice the problem you can do something.   They usually back off if you can pay someone to fix it.   By the way, I have tried four different themes and get the same results.  Although it comes and goes.  Now when I make a bug request to the Theme owner, the problem has gone away in the past before I actually put in the request.  Miraculously it was fixed after I got the letter written to the Theme designer.  Now I will do that again, but will email the Theme designer and will attempt to pay him/her.   It may go away before the theme designer actually works on it but I will insist they take the  money because then I can go back again and again until it is fixed right.  But again, this will not be necessary because it the problem usually goes away by it self at that point.  Do you see what I mean?  As long as I am paying a vendor for a service then that hack will go away as if by magic.

Here is another hack I have had trouble with.  The problem is that when I post to Facebook or twitter, the images in the post wont show because they are pre-empted by some garbaWebsiteURLhack-2015-05-29_21-26-39ge about Google translate.  The thing is that I have eliminated everything google by actually deleting all of the google functions so there are no more PLUGINS or WIDGETS related to google.  Yet, the google translate garbage still comes in.  I have even put a block on the sub domain and yet the error is still there.  So, I bet I can make the error go away by paying the theme vendor or another web site vendor to fix it.  He will probably tell me that it went away by itself, and I will just insist that he take the money anyway as if he did the work, so that I can go back to them in the future should it reoccur.   Yet then it will probably stay fixed.    The field is still wide open because there are a million hacks/dirty tricks they can do.  Thanks for reading this.

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  1. regarding your chemicals articles>
    I believe it is true as well. in the beginning of my targeting, I lived with a number of people and the perps were not able to break into my house as there was always someone home. During this time I noticed that the tinnitis and burning didn’t affect me once I left the house, I wasn’t traceable if I didn’t carry a cell phone.
    Then I moved to live on my own, and with in 2 days noticed that I had constant burning in my body, which intensified if I held still, and tinnitius, and it followed me everywhere I went. I believe the chemicals make the brain of a T.I. stand out to the computer system that tracks people, it magnetizes the microwaves to detect the particular brain of the T.I., everywhere they go, so they are then easily tracked even when not in their usual residence or job.
    The chemicals make the T.I. easier to track. So if you are a T.I., its best to guard your living space. Also the perps can break into your car as easily as your house and they may put the chemicals there as well.
    The chemicals definitley intesify the burning and pain of the microwaves and distribute it throughout the body as well, whereas without the chemcials, I noticed the microwaves only affected my brain.

  2. Hey James. I’ve been a TI in Houston for 3 years. Have you considered connecting to the internet using a stealth (google stealth encryption) AES-256-CBC (or GCM) VPN connection?

  3. My experience as well. Thank you for taking the time to build this site. So much of what you have shared here is not on other sites that I have been alliwed to access through my man in the middle, a stingray I believe. Keep up your great spirit. It is the one thing they try so hard to destroy. On that note, just want to include that they use electronic emotion and behavior control on me, to little avail since i recognize the vibration and yawning that come with the worst – such as that abyss they try to throw you into, depression. Like you say though, if someone is getting paid to “repair”, then all those fraudulently artificial vibrations and pain miraculously go away. Best of luck and thank God you have a good head on your shoulders..


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