Help Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now

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Do not avert your eyes to ignore and exclude Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  This is a traumatizing event the same as 911 was a traumatizing event.  The fires are perpetrated on Americans as part of the New Phoenix program.  If you want your country back the way it was, You must look at the evidence of the attack on people homes in CA, and act on it.   You need to Stop the slavery of Women and children and some men Targeted Individuals and act on.  Going about your life oblivious to the corruption around you will assure that America will fail as a society.  Please listen to what we are trying to tell you because what is left of America is going fast.  America is changing and the rate of change is speeding up as it turns further into a Global Fascist Totalitarian Police State.  TI’s are targeted and there is seemingly nothing that can be done by TI’s alone and they need your help!  This technology has been developed for use on the masses unbounded risk is to non targeted people.  If you sit on your laurels then>> the totalitarian police state will proceed unimpeded.  Do yourself a favor to find the truth about one aspect of this which might give you a greater sense of urgency.  Google Weaponized ” Cell Phone + Towers + Directed + Energy + Weapons,  You will see that while you were sleeping, most cell phone towers are hugely over powered and weaponized so that they can radiate the mass’ and can also direct a beam to radiate a single individual within a group.  Maybe without your knowledge or consent, a huge DNA database has been put in place.  DNA is obtained from people at birth now and at numerous public contact points.  A person can be located and irradiated if their DNA is in the database.  The energy will resonate with a persons DNA.  I know the tendency is to sit there in place and let things go on by themselves because you are too busy living your life.  What I am telling you is that it is too late in a downward spiral of things going on around you that will take your world crashing down around your ears.  You need to stop what you are doing and step back, read what I wrote and think very hard and seriously about all the consequences of what I am telling you.  Your security is totally and severely threatened with imminent danger to the point where you must take immediate action to avoid catastrophe.  This writing is not that long so I suggest you tough it our and finish reading to find out whats all the concern.

You may be surprised to find that WiFi; that ubiquitous either used by all, has a frequency of around 2.4GHz which similar to the frequency used in microwave ovens to cook meat.  This 2.4GHz frequency is the frequency used to cook meat not water as is commonly believed.  This point is made because because also, 2.45Ghz is the frequency our DNA uses to make up our HORA.  This frequency is all around us.  As human beings our bodies communicate with the world (our environment) this way.  Empathic people are more susceptible to these frequencies and may for that reason be electronically sensitive.  But all are affected in some way or another, because we are all electrochemical beings but electrical beings for this consideration, who are sensitive to electrical and magnetic and electromagnetic fields, some more than others, is important in this case.  Some frequencies more than others may influence or interfere with our internal processes is something to remember.  But even if it does not directly conflict with internal frequencies, powerful electronic and electromagnetic frequencies can and do interfere with life on earth, especially the lives of human beings.

WIFI frequencies around 2.4GHz, is uncomfortably close to the frequency of our DNA Hora.

iT is not an accident that the most prevalent WIFI signals are uncomfortably close to human DNA frequencies.  In fact, human DNA responds to WIFI frequencies is a dangerous way which is debilitating to humans.  Dr Konstantin Meyl is a physicist and engineer who is doing research with scalar wave technology and may be considered the new Tesla.  Dr. Meyl says that when our DNA sees a signal close to its own resonant frequency, it wakes up and listens for the data, since it may be important, similar to a cell phone listening to wake up if it hears a call coming in, for instance.  Then it realizes that the signal is not relevant and then goes back to monitoring mode since it is always listening.  That process of waking up when it senses frequencies around its resonant frequency happens thousands and maybe millions of times per day while around those frequencies.  The time it takes for the Listen, to alert, to recognize junk, to return to listen can take place so often that it takes up much of the day, leaving the persons own resources taxed, too taxed maybe and overwhelmed to do the work which is scheduled to be done with WIFI present.  This is especially important for young children.

This closeness to human DNA frequencies is not a mistake or a coincidence.   Criminal security agencies attack Targeted Individuals with frequencies in a range that specifically do  target a persons DNA.  This is taken a further step to get a targeted persons personal DNA frequency to get a lock on the DNA so that the DNA is fooled into thinking this signal is important to its well being.  So in other words, the governemt has our DNA frequencies which are specific to each person.  When DNA of a person sees its own specific frequency, it listens and responds in an attentive manner.  In other words this is the persons own specific DNA frequency and the human organism is captured in a very big way.  The brain is said to go into entrainment where it will tend to follow the external malevolent signal frequency rather than continue on with its own electrical processes.  It that case the brain or whatever DNA it is, would be entrained or locked onto the malevolent frequency.  This outside signal has in effect hijacked the brain or whatever DNA it has fooled into following its lead.  This is especially bad if in the case of the TI, where the resonant frequency is used to hurt the TI.  Look what happens if the power of a resonant frequency focused at the TI were raised enough to vigorously vibrate the persons DNA?   DNA can vibrate so intensely that it would begin to cook, and it would then burn the DNA which may be the brain, skin hair, tendon, joint tissue.  You see, not only the person has a specific DNA frequency, but each structure that makes up the person has its own specific DNA frequency.  This fact may empower a skilled surgeon to heal a person over the internet.  It also allows malevolent criminals to target a person so precisely that they can bun their joints or burn specific muscle tissue to induce FibroMyalgia  for instance.  Note that these and dozens more are taken advantage of by the torturers to mimic pains and maladies especially maladies of old age in people.

70%-80% of TI’s who are women.  Also, there are 70% of TI’s are 65 and older.  It is painfully obvious that this testing may lead to finding ways of hastening the deaths of people, more specifically hastening the deaths of seniors who qualify for social security and pensions.  As you may know, the social security trust fund is broke.  You may have heard politicians say we need to fix it and also some are calling for cuts to social security and medicare saying it is an entitlement or give away from the Government.   People paid into social security all throughout their working lives.  It is and always was a social security insurance.  It has been squandered and given out to non qualified outside projects supposedly as a loan, but has in effect been stolen with no intention of paying it back.  Now with the population reduction theme, there is a trend to take the easy way and eliminate (Murder) seniors to pay back the trust fund.  Do you doubt that could happen?  This is a wake up call because it is happening now.  TI’s are being watch listed  NOW, to get them in this terminal experimentation program.  Once put on one of  the watch lists, they may be experimented on covertly by any government (NHS, SSA, FBI, CIA, DARPA, NCS, etc) or any non governmental entity (corporation like General Dynamics).  Note that SSA or social security administrations which experiencing a funding shortfall, can opt to experiment on enough seniors with a terminal affliction which would result in the elimination of those seniors from the social security recipient rolls.

Again, it is no coincidence that WIFI is around 2.4GHz which is close to the frequency of our hora.  Do you think that this close arrangement where our DNA frequencies are close to WIFI may allow someone to nefariously communicate with our DNA which could result in experimentation at the least and at worst, injury or death.   Would you be able to discern or tell if you were the subject of human experimentation without your knowledge or consent?  You may be able to tell, but realistically it can be done remotely and the contractors that operate on me, can do so in a subtile way so that I may not be able to tell they are doing it if I were not already an experimentation victim.   The cavalier attitude that people have that our government would not hurt us is unfounded in fact and reality.  The government has been using people as experiment victims ever since it could do so in the 1940’s and even before.  Today, your government is in deep capture by psychopaths and is participating in any money making scheme with a high rate of return.  It is in effect operating like an organized crime business.  If there is a need for something about you which would generate a high rate of return, do you think that the government or some corporation wouldnt take whatever it is about you and capitalize on it.  you are damn right they would and you would get none of it.  as little as 20 years ago America was involved in foreign wars for profit and empire building where it would take what it wanted from third world countries at the point of a gun or by threats and intimidation.  Well we have run out of third world countries and the US as an aging former high growth location, is now in decline.  This decline was hastened and anticipated.  Yes it was anticipated because all fast growing countries start out with prices low and expand and improve their gdp through streamlining until the cost of labor is too high for any product or job the country could produce.  If that over developed country with over priced labor were a another country then of course you would say that markets would find the lowest cost of labor and leave the country to suffer whatever it had to do so its people could make what ever painful recover that would allow them to compete with foreign labor.  But now the US is in that position.  You may remember the it was President Clinton who introduced the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA and The Canadian Free Trade Agreement CAFTA.   Politicians and globalists and corporations were all patting themselves on the back, happy they game to agreement.  One man, Ross Perot you may remember was running for president, said there would be a giant sucking sound as jobs and capital were sucked out of America, going down across the mexican border.  Did he alone realize that CAFTA was a big giveaway of Americas wealth where jobs in established industries would be uprooted and moved in whole  or in part to Mexico?  There were other Free trade agreements too with third world nations after that.   The FREE in free trade does not mean that trade is free.  It is a freedom of the trade or business to leave due to loosening of regulations.  You see, regulations are put there on purpose to restrict excessive business practices.  Tariffs on imports are their to prevent other countries from dumping for instance shoes in America which would have the effect of driving small shoe manufactures out of business.  America had a thriving shoe manufacturing base.  But then foreign markets came in and Americas shoe manufacturers couldnt compete.  Restrictions were lifted allowing them to pull up shop and go overseas to third world countries where labor was cheap.  A tariff could have been placed on imported shoes to fix things for a while and i dont know maybe permanently.

So it was this uprooting of many areas of the American economy and taking them to cheaper overseas markets.  This can be thought of as treating the world as a global economy.  All economies are local too but your government opted to let America sink or swim on its own merits.  If you think back about the UK, it went through a similar ageing economy process during WWII and after.  In fact it may have been WWII and a search for new markets which were partly to blame for some of the wars because it was nation building which was to blame in the US.

Now the third world countries which which the military had exploited are all depleted.  So how can the ageing American economy continue on at least temporarily.  The answer is obvious, and that is to treat America as a two tiered country.  In the one sense it looks like a prosperous and thriving economy where many boats are floating.  On the other hand it is a third world country where assets are being stripped from those that are designated as security threats.  You see the way it worked in Iraq, is that many of the people who had or have resources which our corporations covet are targeted for asset stripping.   in order to understand this, america must be thought of as third world country and not a civilized country with laws and a constitution.  America must be seen as a country that is up for grabs just as Iraq and Panama were up for grabs at one time.  It may be unfair but people die in that type of environment.  This is what happened to union leaders in south America and the American Indians here.  The CIA started showing how it is done with Targeted Individuals.   These people are enemies of the state not because they harbored mal intent, but because they are needed as test subjects in a bio medical resonance resurgence of that industries former splendor and prowess.   This is done by making obsolete, the use of mice and hamsters and now allowing the use of human beings for research.  This served two purposes and that is, one) put well known whistleblowers in jail for ridiculously long prison terms to get them out of the way.  There incarceration will seem a unfair and it usually is based on lies and trumped up charges where the defense has no chance to defend itself.  Look at the Bundy trial which also includes Pete Santilli who was the journalist who covered the Bundy protest and Burns Oregon protest.  Well the Oregon part was thrown out, but the Nevada part has taken on a resemblance to a kangaroo court where the judge can deny the accused the right to present evidence in their own defense if it interferes with the governments case they have built against the accused.

to get rid of activists and scare the hell out of the populace. on the existing workforce would see activists and truth tellers being used in experiments and tortured and they are terrified that they will be next.  Therefore they are afraid to say anything.  Look at how Lavoy Finicum was shot down with his hands up.  This was done to traumatize the protestors.  The Government doesn’t care about the protestors or human life in general.  People are thought of like cattle and America is a third world country remember?  The fate of one or a thousand people dont matter.  You can see this if you notice that almost all of the mass shootings were staged in whole or in part with some deaths of patsies while the populace is supposed to be fooled and traumatized into believing the governments official story of what happened.  almost invariably this was a false flag operation directed at a minority or group of people who would be traumatized that their set of people who died or were injured need some more protection that they are or were not getting.  Now this translates into protection from guns and gun control.  The elite have been beating that gun control drum a lot, but it hasn’t been working for them however it hasn’t made them stop.  In my own case years ago, I used to think some minor gun control may be warranted.  But i didnt realize that it was orchestrated to be enacted with false flag operations.


I now see that any gun control now would be wrong and short sighted.  we definitely don’t want to send the elite the wrong message.  They would take any gun control concession as a sign of weakness.  We, the people are now at war, even though some criminals like private contractor torturers, are acting more like traitors.  These traitors are compromising neighbors of the TI, to take money or things as a bribe in support of the continued phoenix program torture and elimination of TI’s.


You may have heard of the backlash against WIFI in schools.  Many schools are removing WIFI for health concerns.  See what the US is doing about WIFI.  You may find it interesting.  The trend has been to ignore the health effects, because the risks are great and so is the capital outlay and interruption of their planned deadly roll outs.  Now comes the roll out of 5G and the industry is rolling it out early and quietly so as to minimize non acceptance.   But ignoring the danger is what got us here in the first place.  We must put our foot down and stop this encroachment of deadly devices and technologies on our living space.


“… then they came for me and no one was left” — wispy words from a totalitarian wasteland

words of truth.

  • the totalitarian police state is here now but it is really a work in progress.
  • the totalitarian police state is ever fortifying and ever securing itself against the people
  • the totalitarian police state is there not to protect you.  It is there to protect the Elite from you !!!  Do you get that?
  • Guaranteed, you will absolutely hate the next two iterations of the Totalitarian Police State as it nears that of Hitlers 1939 Germany
  • Hitlers 1939 Germany needed that much control to protect itself and carry out its world domination agenda and so will the current Totalitarian Police State
  • Hitlers Brown Shirts found out that a Totalitarian Police State owes no loyalty as shown by “Night of the long knives” during which Hitler killed the people who brought him to power because they had demands.

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