Health Ranger Mike Adams demands FBI stop lying to America about the Las Vegas shooting

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(Natural News) The FBI is clearly lying about the Las Vegas shooting, which is why Americans don’t trust the FBI and increasingly believe the agency is likely involved in a massive criminal cover-up.

As The Gateway Pundit is reporting, the FBI is now coaching Mandalay Bay employees to change their stories and lie about what they heard: Multiple guests in Stephen Paddock’s room! Via The Gateway Pundit:

Waiters at Mandalay Bay said they heard Stephen Paddock “speaking with others” in his room while ordering food. But the FBI says he was faking that discussion. That’s what the waiters are now saying — Paddock was “speaking with others” but he was just pretending…

Huh? The official story of the FBI is now that Stephen Paddock was “pretending” to be speaking with other people in his room? To fool the waiters? To what end? The absurdity of all this is just off the scale. The FBI is not only lying itself; it’s now training hotel employees to change their stories and lie to the world.


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  1. If I come up dead because of what ever reason it’s murder. They plan to blow my brain up they plan to kill me. I have a microchip. At the moment it is still in me if it happens to disappear then my husband must be in on it. I have all my evidence in my phone which is in my cloud and I have other evidence in my iPad cloud my iPad is with apple my phone is with ezt or

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