Free Yourselves From Tyranny Of The Mind

by James F Lico
Contractors who chase us down like bounty hunters think they are helping America. They are paid BIG money to do this so I think they have dollar signs in their eyes. They are not helping America, they are hurting America and they make people fear for their lives.. People hear about this happening in secret and they are terrified. This program is similar to the CIA’s Phoenix program back in the Vietnam days. There were regional police and torture center whch acted like fusion centers which were all coordinated by one centralized control center which was moddled like the Dept. of Homeland security. This Phoenix program coordinated the killing of many thousands of innocent people in Vietnam. They even had quotas on new people in the program and the result was torture and death to many of them as enemies of the state and the process repeated again and again. People are waiting in the wings to tell their stories about corruption and organized criminal activity within the government. There is a war on we the people folks. This is not just about people just doing their job. It is about death squads, capital murder and war crimes against Humanity. The contractors are just another story of corruption, like murder and war crimes on innocent American Citizens. But THEY ARE AFRAID OF BEING KILLED BY WEAPONIZED MORONS just like the ones who are killing me. The contractors are the TERRORISTS and not the innocent people they are torturing with energy weapons. THEY FALSELY CALL IT SURVEILLANCE wwhich is misleading Since IT IS DEFINITELY NOT SURVEILLANCE! TORTURE!! IS NOT SURVEILLANCE,

Look at the burns on my body folks, if the pictures are still there. They are not supposed to leave mark and those burns are a mistake. But these torturers are psychopaths and there is no oversight, because we are supposed to die. This is a fact and so no one is telling anything and everyone is keeping quiet due to Illegal secrecy. But this secrecy is destroying America and it is a global Holocaust.  The people doing this at the lower levels are Traitors and must be stopped. Secrecy is not needed folks, but secrecy is the way horrendous capital war crimes are perpetrated. You should remember that it is illegal to hide crimes with secret classification and yet that is what they are doing because they are killing people in secret.. They couldn’t do it without help from the people, every time it has been done in the past. You have heard of this type of thing before and this here is how it happens. You dont want to look back on this time in your life and think you assisted the perpetrators with the biggest war crime the world has ever known do you?  You do have a choice. Yes the Government is doing the killing but they have gone rogue.  They are killing citizens because they dont want  to lose power and they are afraid of people who are telling the truth.  You are not supposed to know what I am telling you.  The powers that be want only dumb people who are still asleep.  The contractors are getting rid of smart people who are waking up to the systemic corruption.  You are reading this then they want you dead!  Look up Agenda 21 and you will find that this is only the beginning because they want 95% of the people in the world dead.  What are the odds of being in the 5% who live. This is your country, so dont be a traitor because if it comes back they definitely will hold a grudge. The FBI lies to people, telling them I am a Terrorist. They are torturing Donna and me with these weapons. Ask what happened to your country and you have the answer. It is DEATH SQUADS hunting innocent Americans down like animals. Why do investigations last for over 10 years instead of days or weeks which is normal. What ever happened to using your brain to tell this is probably a lie. They are told I have done something wrong but they wont tell me what it is. THINK PEOPLE. Your country is a POLICE STATE and you have a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT, where the police tell you what to do. Just try to use your rights because you can hunted down like me in an instant. There is no more innocent until proven guilty. It is execution first now. Wise Up, because it may already be too late. Think, is this really standard procedure to hunt people down like animals. This really is the very definition of what Death Squads do. We need to round these contractors up. DO NOT HELP THEM Whatever YOU DO. They are killing many old people . Maybe it is helping reduce the social security shortfall, we hear so much about? That is a question There are not just a few of these people, there are literally millions of these contractors in neighborhoods everywhere (NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHERS). They will watch you to death!

The hypertension is one of the many forms of extreme torture used by the torturer to convince the torture victim to do the torturers bidding. In other words this torturer is trying to convince me to stop resisting. Can you see that? I am an activist and the powers that be are telling me by way of hypertension, to stop my activism. Then I respond by again doing activism and the torturer responds by repeating the process again and again trying to convince me to stop my activism. This is the learnign process they are using. Can you see that these Contractors can do this to any citizen at any time the citizen is doing something the Government does not like. The point is the citizens are human and cannot resist indefinitely because they will die. Now the important thing is these Contractorturers are DOD Mercenaries (MERCS) who have moved into Americas neighborhoods under the guise of NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH LEADERS. They have Psychotronic Instrumentation aka “psychotronic weapons” which can project out (transmit/receive) frequencies which the human cannot resist and can put an extreme level of surveillance and control upon any person without his/her knowlege. These remote frequencies cannot be resisted and will convince the citizen to reform or it will killl the citizen. Then, when the citizen dies, a doctor will pronounce the citizen dead from natural causes. Can you see that this process is an effective retraining or assassination system for the powers that be? It is used on Activists and citizens who are waking up to reform or it will kill them. Now, since the MERCS have moved into the neighborhood to Chase the Targeted Individual (TI). Can you see that this apparent war on the TI is a false flag operation? It is a false flag because the real target is not only the TI. The real targets are the many other neighbors within the community. Those other neighbors will be put under the same remote surveillance as the TI, thanks to a few greedy, weaponized morons. This is somewhat like a TROJEN HORSE which is brought into the community by the citizens who are paid and are working for the system. You can see that the Elite want to see what all citizens think in the privacy of their own homes. Remember that the spy agencies have a collect it all moto for information. They want to use this extreme form of surveillance, to see what all citizens think and do, in the privacy of their own homes, because now they can. The leaders want to see who is smart, who is waking up to corruption, they want to see who is capable of leading others and so forth. Now the leaders have a way of remotely retraining or eliminating all citizens!.

Global depopulation agenda is killing us slowely as if we are lab rats. the contractors dont know about this.


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