FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for September, 2020

9/8/20 1:08pm My brain was being attacked so I cant think properly and so is Donna’s.  Something is up because this is unusually extreme treatment for this time  of night.  Are they doing this to stop activism for the 911 anniversary?


9/9/20 11:18am My heart is arrhythmic for the past five hours.  The moron FBI contractor is sitting down with her laptop computer somehow guiding directed energy to my heart to interupt my computer session since i am doing activism research.


9/16/2020 1:38am for the past week, My left hand has been hurting or aching and actually i believe it is the tendons in my hand.  Due to my experience I believe I know what is causing the aching pain and that is that the FBI Contractor is tracking my left hand with a radar beam which is loosely resonating to the tendons in my left hand.  What this does is to cause me pain when typing for instance, which is think the desired result.  In addition, it causes the pain and inflammation into my tendons which will cause tendinitis  So you   This can be done without monitoring for the most part because the beam continues to track until manually stopped and it causes its damage over a moderately long period of time and the amount of damage can be adjusted to match the  FBI contractors orders.

I suspect that this is prevalent for thousands and maybe millions of people.  Remember the tip  off is an aching to sharp pain as you use the tendons where the beam is tracking you.  They must be testing it widely right now.


Do you have a dull ache to a burning pain in the tendons of your hand, especially when you are say typing ?
I am trying to find out how prevalent the tracking of a targets right or left hand with resonance which causes pain when it is used causing tendinitis http://Jameslico.com

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  1. I have been under attack from the mid 90″s. At times thought I would not see the light of day. However due to the power of God< I'm still standing. I know a lot of information that most people are unaware of when it comes to these crimes.


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