FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for November, 2020


There are thousands of break in attempts to my website.  Why do you think my website is a target of break ins.  The answer is because I am on a list of websites the FBI wants hacked and they pay contractors who arer hackers to try to break in to my website.

my computer has a national security tap on it, it and an FBI contractor is connected through an NSA engineered back door, using a remote connect application which allows the remote user to operate the computer as though sitting at the keyboard.  They still have to find out the passwords to websites, but it is not that hard  due to keyboard loggers, visual conformation and remote viewing through the targets eyes. The remote viewing is hardest for people to believe byt they usually believe it after finding out about successful experiments done with remote viewing with animals.  It is bothersome to think that there is off the shelf electornic equipment which allows the operator to see through the eyes of the target and hear what the target hears. in addition to viewing what is behind the walls of the targets house.

11/2/2020 at 5:45pm I turned the tab to my website which was apparently opened to a customization are, in cascading style sheet (css) section where the website can be customized.  There was a Warning banner stating that I was about to customize my website in CSS mode and it was waiting for final confirmation to proceed.  I verified that I was the only one logged in, which means that the person who did this was remotely logged in to my USER PROCESS, which means that my account was used and not a hacker.

The login was >>>  Admistrator profile 10/31/2020, 11:50 pm
All Logins | User Activity
11/02/2020, 11:50 pm
from IP
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I am working on getting financial help to charge certain people so I attribute this to harassment by certain community members who are FBI Contractors.  It is such a shame that I must dance around the subject of the truth like this.


11/5/2020 I was pummeled o my birthday.  the day ended about the same as usual. we went shopping and bought a bunch of groceries. I was wondering if the FBI contractors would step up the torture on my birthday and the answer is yes.


11/6/2020 Friday  my body and my nerves are buzzing with energy as if I am a transformer.  I am trying to keep it together.  I guess the contractors are nervous about their 24 counts of attempted murder charge.  I will be going in on Monday to see about that.  Today Friday, I have an appt with a lawyer to talk about bankruptcy.  GOTA KEEP UP WITH IT!!

10:12am  The FBI contractors are hitting me with the maximum amount of energy they can I think because it is around my birthday to see if I will suicide but I will not suicide because I am a soldier and am loyal to America.  I must wake the people up so they can take America back.

11/7/2020 My stomach hurts and I have diarrhea which is a result of Directed Energy inflaming my colon and causing indigestion and other bowell problems.  This is happening every day now.  I am trying to interrupt the testing with magnets.

11/12/20204:00am I was trying to sleep when I notice that my Colon was bulging due to Directed energy radar inflammation.  These useful idiots are causing inflammation of my colon.  The reason for this is for SOFTKILL research to find the right combination fo frequencies and other factors that will cause just the right the right decline in health and vitality over time.


11/14/2020 11:46am  I feel buzzing on the skin of my hands and I believe it is due to ELF energy hitting me.  The use of this ELF energy is increasing over time.  I hear a crackling noise on my head which tells e that a radar beam is constantly attached and is making micro adjustments to maintain the connection..  The FBI contractors doing this crime will have to face justice and jail time due to the fact that this radar is killing their targets.  The contractors dont care because they think the FBI will keep them risk free.  I feel exhausted and I am yawning and taking heaving breaths to get just a little extra oxygen.  My ear is pounding out a chaotic sound as thought there is a tapping sound on my ear drum when I lay down on my left side.  Something new is a jerking action of my arm or my fingers as I type.  I recognize these jerking motions of my fingers actually force the activation of for instance a gun I am controlling.  If I am shooting a gun, The FBI contractor can and does engage my finger to pull the trigger at any time of their choosing and this can be disastrous as you can imagine.  It happens when I am typing and results in mistakes which I must take time to fix.

I am having a problem with a chemical compound which is deposited on my body,  I especially notice it on my scrotum due to the horrendous itching that happens when I am in the shower. The chemical compound is replaced every time I wash it off and I believe it is an electrolyte used to facilitate electrical conductivity.  This compound is used a lot and I believe it is spritzed on me all day. I used to think the mechanism for delivery is chemical vapor deposition but now I am not sure of that and think it may be something related to electromagnetism.  Whatever it is, I know it is there and the effect of the directed energy works better when it is present.  One thing which has bothered me is erectile dysfunction because the chemical placed on my scrotum allows the energy to travel up through my body core from my groin and interferes with and degrades normal functioning.  .

There is a new narrative coming out now in which there will be a new disaster which will be much worse that COVID-19 and which will encompass shutting down the entire worlds POWER GRID and crashing the worlds ECONOMY.  It will be a CYBER attack and we need to start preparing for it now!. This is similar to EVENT 201 which was announced similarly and which happened as if the WHO knew about and could predict the future. BUT HOW COULD THEY KNOW… good question.  but how could I know that they know?  good question. But if it should happen by some coincidence??, dont you want to know how come you are now it the dark and the economy is crashed??   EVEN THE USEFUL IDIOTS ARE TRYING TO STOP ME FROM WRITING ABOUT IT SO THEY KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH THEY DONT UNDERSTAND IT, THESE MORONS ARE AWARE OF ONE THING.  THEIR BOSS, THE MESSIAH OF ALL THINGS CAN DECREE ANYTHING AND THEY WILL HELP TO DO IT EVEN IF IT MEANS AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYTED AND EVERYONE MUST DIE.

THESE ARE SOME DEDICATED MORONS TO HAVE SUCH FAITH.  The next global sadderI am talking about it called





so dont say they didnt warn you.

they have been preparing for it and now you are going to get it

World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum (WEF), based in Cologny, Geneva Canton, Switzerland, is an international NGO, founded in 1971. The WEF’s mission is stated as “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic.  They are globalists and THE WEF JUST WANTS TO HELP YOU!

11/16/2020 11:43am  My head feels like I have radar clamped on top and it is ROUGH TREATMENT and it hurts.  I am an elderly man and this is uncalled for.  This contractor is forcing my head down.  Several types of experimentation are going on with me now and I want to enumerate them.

  • Brain disintegration and disruption
  • chaotic signals in my neck muscles so I will not be able to hold up my head.
  • My colon is inflamed and expanded to simulate Irritable Bowel Disease which includes diarrhea and discomfort.  The odd thing is that when the energy is flowing into my colon, the colon protrudes outside of my anus by about two inches and I am getting anal leakage.  This is very abnormal and I am going to go to a specialist to see if anything can be done.
  • I am exhausted and the ELF energy is sucking the life force energy from my body just as with draining a battery. I am thinking about how to measure or record what is happening.  One more thing I noticed is that when I am getting irradiated and my gut hurts, I can take a magnetic strip and place it over my colon and usually the pain will stop and my colon goes back to normal.


I want to note that the police and Sheriff and state DOJ know that there is an agreement between Law Enforcement and Federal DOJ, not to acknowledge when people talk about Directed Energy Weapons.


11/18/2020 wed.
3:08pm I am cutting up a ham and am having pain in my hands and I know it is from a directed energy weapon.  I have strong hands and body and am experienced in telling the difference between a normal aging pain and a Directed Energy Weapon.  Peopole can ask how I know and i will tell you but the fact is that unless we can tell the difference we are doomed to be the prey of disgusting predators who hide behind a coward wall of invisibility.  As one with a Bachelors in Computer Science, an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and an Associate in Biology, I know I have the right and the duty to tell the difference between being PREY and Privacy. If you dont agree, then stop reading and wait until you experience being prey. But I dont think I have to wait for you to find out for yourself because you have already found out more than you ever wanted to find out.  So 10 years later I have new morons (aka useful idiots) who have gotten a new contract to again flash pain my joints including my Basil Thumb Joints.  

How would you feel about having the function of your hands being deteriorated by an entity like the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION?

11/22/2020 Sunday

9:55pm I am unable to stay awake while working on the computer.  I feel my head pressurized with directed energy and realize that It is that energy that is putting me to sleep This happens when the traitorous FBI wants me to waste time. I am noticing that the top of my head is crackling and my head if flopping backward.  I feel as if my head is one of those bobble heads.

11/25/2020 Wed.
2:16pm I am thoroughly completely and strangely exhausted and weak today as if all my energy has been extracted or dissipated..  I am shaking and all I can do is sleep.  From experience I know it to be that directed energy has dissipated all my energy when I was at the court hearing yesterday.  I believe that someone attending the court yesterday must have called in to get me radiated because the radiation started at about 10:30am and turned off at about 11:30am so who ever did this, knew that my hearing time would be after the radiation ended.  There were only a few people who knew when my hearing time would be and they were the lawyers in attendance.  Innocucci seemed to be keeping schedule.  I estimated the radiation damage level I took was 8 of 10 level where 10 is incoherant and 0 is no radiation.

When my hearing came up, I was very unstable and my brain was fried from directed energy.  I told the judge that I was radiated and he said nothing. I told the judge that I was a Human Trafficking Slave and he told me to save it for the next hearing.

6:56pm We are getting a late start for dinner but Donna and I are now getting into the season festivity.  This contractor is trying its best to destroy the festivity by torturing Donna and me.   Today my colon is being heated so that I retain the sick feeling all day, that the FBI likes the targets to have.  Remember this is your FBI… The FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION working for you on National Security Issues under National Security Contracts.  Aa an added touch, this contractor is causing me to fart at a constant rate.  Now I feel as if I have to go to the bathroom all the time, even if I just went.  Donna is being poked and prodded so that she is fearful as well.

Of course it works best in people who dont know about Energy Weapons and therefore dont know what is happening to them.  Of course, I am knowledgeable about this because I have a Biological Science and Electronics background so I can usually determine how and why this is done.

Now that we have the COVAIDS AND LOCKDOWNS AND MASKING UP AND FOOD SHORTAGES AND ALSO WE ARE BEING BURNED OUT OF OUR HOUSES, we can all think that what is happening with Directed Energy Weapons is not that Crazy anymore. Think about all of the whistleblowers and how they are discouraged from speaking out.  They are dangerous and need to be silenced, so this is how it is done.  I am an actual whistleblower who is speaking out and I am telling you exactly who this is done because I have the proper training.  There are many people who are trained to divert and confuse the public which I call TROLLS, whos job it is to cause problems and divert attention, so you will have to ignore them.

Targets are not supposed to know this is TORTURE done to them in the guise of an ILLNESS or an AFFLICTION.  The Contractors have practiced and they compare notes, therefore the FBI expects them to be able to cause these ELECTRONICALLY INDUCED AFFLICTIONS when called for.

The whole process is done to make the target fearful with DREAD that they will be sick and continue to be sick.  The farting is done to keep reminding the target that they are and will continue to be sick.  The farting is done by using resonant radar to heat up fecal waste with RESONANT Directed Energy, because at a temperature just above 98.6 just near 100 degrees Fahrenheit the bacteria grows most rapidly and gives off gas as a waste product which causes the farting. It really is very simple and gives the desired result.  All the while you have to keep thinking that the FBI wants this and caused this..

Here, I had been radiated with DEW induced COVID Pneumonia 24 times.  There must be a contract on me for this from the FBI FUSION center to give me COVID Pneumonia since I am a threat or enemy of the state which they follow and try to kill regularly.  The Contractor who keeps attacking me apparently things that since the FBI thinks it is OKAY to kill me then the USEFUL IDIOT Contractor thinks it must be okay too.  There is something about these contractors which causes them to keep committing crimes like this and nothing will deter them.  This, even though any sensible person would see that I am an activist who has apparently done nothing wrong. I now am researching a theory that many people have vaccine injuries and brain damage which works with mind control radar to make them just as stupid as thir boss needs them to be and so to take orders just like a slave even against their own interests.

At first the radiation to my colon didnt cause discomfort other that an extended belly, but now there is indigestion, pain, discomfort, gas, bloating, distended belly, anal leakage, diarrhea and distension of the colon about an inch outside of my anus. at times during the radiation, plus I usually feel as if I have to go to the bathroom.  This has now been going on for 2.5 years.  The reason I think the FBI is doing this is because they are weaponizing this affliction as one which is used on activists and journalists to disrupt them from doing the activity which causes them to be a dissident and an enemy of the state.  There is an endless barage of hurtful attacks designed to deter the target from trying to free him/herself, like right now it is hurting the targets ears or inner ear or paralyzing the neck muscles, just an endless parade of hurtful and debilitating radiation attacks.

In closing the THANKS GIVING DAY, I have to call it a disaster, and the holidays are usually like this and there is usually a relief contractor there to give the regular contractor a vacation during the holidays (holiday handler).  One thing is different than normal and that is that the FBI contractor is more aggressive and is always and without a doubt trying to cause the Target to commit suicide which is in effect FORCED SUICIDE. So I say this with the standard disclaimer that I will neither hurt myself or others and so I mean by that, that it is the contractor who is doing that to TARGETS and it is in effect TORTURE/MURDER or MURDER using TORTURE as the driving force for that purpose.  The CIA research lead them to the fact that eventually Targets who are tortured enough will eventually kill themselves. I am just saying of CIA research.  So the Contractors just do as they are told as if they are told to play a song but the song is a hidokus dirge making up a dungeon murder scene. This type of thing goes on and we must take it whatever it is.

11/27/2020 Fri.

5:25pm I have an uncomfortable pain in my left colon due to DEW for what ever reason.  I am trying to block it with strips of magnetic material, but when I do, the pain moves to an unguarded place as if there is a drone platform above and the DEW weapon is shifting so as to keep me constantly busy protecting myself…  All this adds up to just some of the myriad of FBI tactics used by FBI Contractors on innocent targets.  I say innocent because I know hundreds of TI’s personally and they are all apparently innocent.

Contractors have my and every targets internet connection in a proxy server so that they are in a standard “man in the middle”  configuration and the contractor has control of inputs, outputs and also internal variables.  This is all probably handled at the switch junction house of the internet carrier. due to the fact that every windows 7 or windows  10 has back doors built into it and the target is a sitting duck.  If anyone can tell me how to get out of being submitted to any part of this, please let me know.  I have tried Linux and in that case gaining access is also not hard, although they seem to have a linux specialist is called to make the connection.  The contractors are not smart enough to do anymore than simple things. It is said that anyone who hurts people as a job will get continually and perpetually more and more dumb. until they losing too many IQ points over time until they are too dumb todo their job.