FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for July, 2020

today is Monday 7/6/2020
9:50am  Local FBI contractors within my vicinity are probing with extreme ELF directed energy for a reaction from me.  This can be considered attempted murder.  I can feel my arms go limp as I read and drop what I am holding and my brain cant think properly and I hear the click snap crackle of the entertainment of my brain..  This is very aggressive and the sound is maximized on purpose to provoke me to do something.  For the record, the protocol is to provoke the target into acting out so the target gets arrested.  This is similar to WWII BROWN SHIRTS provoking Jews with thug beatings and harassment.  I have no doubt the local contractors within line of sight proximity know that this is murder.  Now I have made the contractor angry and my ears are ringing and I am trembling all over.  YES, WE UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER ALRIGHT!! Some things are worse than death and acquiescing to these contractor thugs is one of those things which for me is worse than death.



Folks, the FBI and the rest of the Intelligence Community is our enemy because they are aligned with the New World Order Globalists  WE ARE AT WAR, in case you didnt know.


Thursday, 7/9/2020 @4:40pm Today like every day I am driven like a rented mule so that I am drained of energy and my head is specifically held down so that I am humiliated.  Holding the head down is the one thing that indicates FORCED SUICIDE more than anything else..  The Intelligence Community does this to someone whom they want to kill.  But what have I done other than freedom of speech to FREE OUR COUNTRY AGAIN>  Dont I get an accusation by the cowards who are humiliating and killing me…. NO because that is how these cowards work now and they are adamant about their work too and they enjoy humiliating their prey.  This really is slavery  since we have proved they are using us fro brain research and weapons testing. You would think that these contractors would be smart enough to evaluate that this man is not a terrorist but no such luck.  These useful idiots prefer to believe the big lie.  They must all be rounded up and at ;east o,[rospmed fpr ;ofe/  The police and sheriff, either need to be defunded and disbanded because we dont need police who expect to be paid to help some people and yet exclude others for now good reason.  THE FBI ARE KEEPING SLAVES AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY.  It was destabilized by people who are asset stripping and destabilizing to overthrow the country. and treating the people like cattle to be harvested.


7/11/2020  Sat. 1:50pm Donna just had a melt down … She was kept awake all night.  The man who is torturing her is probably right near here within line of sight.  How dumb of the FBI contractors to put so much faith in their FBI MESSIAH that they would fould their own nest and bring disgrace on their entire family and extole to the world that YES, they are indeed the tortureer for the FBI and I hurt this woman for the FBI and they told me to do it and there will be no justice because she is a WHAT YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH?

You are exactly like NAZIS and there was consequences back then.  The FBI and DOJ have been discredited in the worst way and that is showing the citizens that they are unjust and they will have to suffer the trauma of that injustice.  Do the people really have to suffer that trauma?  You police have a problem which is going to afflict you coming up here shortly, where the people are going to have had enough of how the police can not treat everyone or help everyone.  Targets are going to have their day soon in court.  WHAT DID YOU KNOW AND WHEN DID YOU KNOW IT.?   Seriously thought, you people have to be the dumbest criminals in the world.

the pendulum always swings too far one way before turning around to swing back the other way



7/12/2020 SATURDAY

i am trying to remove trees from the roof of my garage and this is a very dangerous procedure because I have to use a winch as my schainsaw is pinched in a tree.

continued below

I am completely exhausted so that i am tripping over my feet  The FBI Contractor is beaming my neck with directed energy so that signals to hold up my head will not work.

  • my colon is swollen and inflamed and is very uncomfortable and I am worried that it will turn septic as other Targeted individuals have experienced.
  • Due to the continuous torture and sleep deprecation and now strenuous working to remove the trees from my rooff, I am thoroughly exhausted.
  • my neck muscles are made weak so I cannot hold my head up properly.
  • Im curious to know if the torture girls really hate me , which would be stupid and childish or do they get real guidance on how to torture me from an outside party?

7/13/2020 Monday

6:21pm  I was outside cutting some trees from the roof and the FBI contractor has been weakening my neck muscles to FORCE suicide is the only thing I can guess it is doing, or maybe punishment for some presumed slight.  I feel very weakened and am just pulling myself from resting place to resting place.  This useful idiot is torturing the hell out of me for what I cant tell, but it apparently hates me.

7:34pm This sociopath moron is making my head snap crackle pop with ELF as I sit heree with Donna enjoying the evening after supper.  I call it a moron because who else would torture someone with ELF energy in their own home.  This is incredible torture for WHAT?  These people are FBI Contractors doing this for BRAIN RESEARCH OR WEAPONS TESTING…

Who but a moron would take a job like this?  I figure this is a hold over from the Intel community using people as testing for their vaious ways to kill the citizens.  Yes, consider the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment from the 1930’s was to see how people fared when infected with syphilis.   Now we have an inflamed colon which is expanded to 2 or 3 times its normal size and these people just treat me like i am a big hanster with an inflamed colon. I have friends who died from sepsis which is a problem with the inflamed colon going horribly wrong.  But what care the useful iidiots who only have to turn up the power.  How about the entrained brain and brain fog I get from the directed energy?  Thieve morons have no empathy.  DO you feel as I do that these people need to be removed from society or really put down like dogs.?\

7/19/2020 Sunday 2:16AM  This SLAVERY OVERSEER WHO WORKS with THE FBI FUSION CENTER is using the directed energy to make me feel weak everyday but the fact is that I weigh 200lbs and I am healthy.  The weakness is from  ELF radiation attacking my nervous system.  Look, I am telling you about the symptoms I experience and after I am dead you will not know anything about it and yet these people are here and the FBI contractors money troughs are full.  .  Also, the people of PORT ORFORD in CURRY COUNTY …. BETTER LOOK AND LISTEN UP because when these FBI SLAVERS finish with me, they will still be greedy unscrupulous morons who are order followers who will kill you as soon as look at you.  i AM TELLING YOU THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE A DANGER TO THE PEOPLE OF PORT ORFORD.  The Government has a collect it all philosophy and they are paranoid apparently where they want to listen to and look inside each and every persons house….  They will put anyone who speaks out about the GOVT on second by second surveillance.  DO YOU DOUBT THAT?  Look at my website and tell me you trust these morons who work for the FBI FUSION CENTER.  There is an army of 3 to 5 Million of these people and they are secret and they work under NATIONAL SECURITY SECRECY TO DO SURVEILLANCE TRACKING by putting RADAR on peoples heads.,  I have to think you either dont know about this yet or you are as dumb as the useful  if you trust the Government..  You must know that there are many people in this town who are already under surveillance who are unwitting.

The Government is not your friend and especially the FBI is not your friend.  The intelligence community is our greatest ENEMY.  They work for the GLOBALISTS.  The FBI is pushing the agenda forward.  They are attacking the people.  they are attacking journalsits and activists who speak out against the Government..  It isnt like it used to be any more because they are at war with us. and there just is no polite way to say it.  THE NEW WORLD ORDER MEANS TO THIN THE US POPULATION BY 90% TO 95%  .. They have told us this on the Georgia Guide stones.  Haven’t they already crashed our economy and caused a  meat and vegetable as a result of COVID  crisis and also caused floods everywhere via weather warfare?  It is no coincidence that this is all happening at this time  THINK!!  THE US AND THE WORLD WILL NEVER GET BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS, BECAUSE IT HAS GONE PAST THE TIPPING POINT.  Look at all the businesses that failed.  The auto industry is done for and there will be mass layoffs. There are a years worth of suicides in just 4 weeks!  20Million people are about to be evicted from their homes due NEW POVERTY.. AMERICA IS DONE FOR AND ITS NOT COMING BACK.


i LEFT THE FOLLOWINGG COMMENT ON A POST BY “NORTH IDAHO EXPOSED” Youtube Channel.  The patriots le in North Idaho panhandle are awake and endeavoring to maintain freedom for themselves….. https://youtu.be/W2qY8oG_994
I am a resident of Oregon and am watching what happens in the Idaho panhandle very closely, This has happened in Curry County Oregon already and I think Gov. Kate Brown has already mandated mask wearing for the whole state of OREGON. You should check out my website and see why I am literally a SLAVE. There are millions of FBI contractors with DEW’s. The contractors thhink its their job to prevent the citizens from assembling to disagree with the GOVT. IOW, Community members have been hired by the GOVT. to stop citizens from expressing grievances with government administrators.. When people look at my website, they are afraid it will happen to them, but I assure you that it is happening to you if the government is afraid of you just for your willingness to air grievances. It is just happening under your radar. The people doing this to me are the same flag waiving :STATIST: people whom live among you and who would do absolutely anything for money or position. The govt. has already given them directed energy weapons to spy on you in a most heinous and invasive manner which is actually TREASON.. The treason I speak of here, is all done in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY.
PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY   is without a doubt something that the FBI contractors have beaten figuratively to death.  There are so many coincidences that they literally begin to literally run together one after the other at times..  These FBI contractors have been handed the keys to the war chest of CIA  TRADECRAFT plus they have a help line for dial a spy or computer help. But the amazing part is that the surveillance contractors are your neighboring community members who are recruited for their stupidity and lack of empathy. Think about that a lot.
I am a retired computer support engineer and not a spy or a terrorist.  This is happening to me for telling the truth. Until you people recognize this is happening to all of us and not just me, you are on track to lose everything.  You cannot just ignore me and think that the RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE will not affect you. It is already tracking you even thought you are unaware of it.  This technology exists and the government has a collect it all philosophy. wondering if they would or are using on you is a mute point.
The people of OREGON;  the people of CURRY COUNTY, the people of America, people of the world  and most importantly the people of PORT ORFORD, should take specific notice of what I am saying here in my website.  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN IGNORE AND BE SAFE FROM THROUGH IGNORANCE.
7/28/2020 Wednesday
7/29/2020 Thursday
6:00am I was asleep in my bed and started to become aware that my heart was racing as though I was doing moderate exercise.  I realized this was a problem and woke up to notice that my brain in entrained to maximum.  I can hear and feel the clicks and cracks which I know point to this problem.  I get up and realize that i am on my own and the Sheriff will not help me because of their AGREEMENT WITH THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY..  IOW,
  • I am being accessed via DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS AND PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS by morons, to the point where they are using my body in Dr Mengele like experiments
  • FBI Contractors are taking payments for facilitating EXTREME HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION AND TORTURE
  •  The Sheriffs office is supposed to be monitoring my website but has no clue that the FBI contractors are PREDATORS
  • I make videos telling what is happening and the morons can access the videos while they are being LIVE STREAMED. BECAUSE THEY HAVE ALL OF THE  SPY TRADE-CRAFT OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY
  • i am sustaining SEVERE TORTURE to maintain my autonomy from electromagnetic interference
7/30/2020 Thursday Sitting on my sofa and am sustaining heart palpitations and am hacking up  a lot of congestion.
7/31/2020 Friday as always, my colon is inflamed and expanded making me appear fat.  They are doing experiments to detrimentally destabilize and modify gut health.  They are looking for destabilized gut health for slow kill advancement for use on the global population.  This is the same reason that the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment was done in the 1930.  The reason was that PEOPLE ARE LIVING TOO LONG and it was thought that a managed syphilis could shorten the lives of citizens. Diseases are also studied for use on the public.  They always give the excuse of use on enemies in war, but WE ARE THE ENEMIES!.