FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY and No Touch Torture Log for December, 2020

FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for December, 2020

  • The FBI through its contractors is testing methods of SOFTKILL on the public.
  • it is illegal to use CLASSIFICATION SECRACY to cover up crimes
  • therefor it is illegal to use NATIONAL SECURITY  and SECRECY to hide testing SOFTKILL on the public
  • SOFTKILL is used


I AM REACHING OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF PORT ORFORD OREGON IN CURRY COUNTY.  WE HAVE TO TAKE THE RED PILL AND FIND OUT HOW WE HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND BY THE GOVERNMENT.  Know this, there are SLAVES inside your community and they know who is hurting them.  This is happening in every community now.  The problem is that the FBI contractors who are keeping slaves for the corporations are also keeping slaves and surveilling those people who do not know they are targeted.  You should worry unless you have nothing to hide from the Government.  They are surveilling everyone with through wall surveillance radar.

Contractors can use RADAR from cell phone towers, drones and satellites and there is no where to hide.

We are in a lot of trouble right now and we must learn how we got to this point. First we have to learn that the COVID-19 is a fraud perpetrated on the American people and globally too.  Second our country is run by TRAITORS.  To give you a taste about how much trouble America is in, The intelligence community has betrayed us and they are planning to cull 80% of the people because they have sold out America many years ago.  How is that for starters.  Oh, I am a slave of corporations and I have some good videos which could lead you in the right direction.

Wed. Dec. 9 2020
My brain has been impaired with DEW all day

Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 FBI contractors are interfering with the cognition of people who are just trying to survive. They are doing the bidding of globalists and preventing freedom of speech.

FBI and their contractors are keeping and trafficking slaves for the Corporations. If you dont believe it then you owe it to yourself to look at my website to see the evidence I present.  Consider the burns to my body and others bodies.  Also consider the DEW induced covid-19 Pneumonia in my video and you will see that it is very difficult disprove burns and pneumonia with respiratory distress. Its especially hard to disprove it if done 24 times.  Also when elderly people tell you they are being abused and you decline to help them, then you will be charged with their abuse.

I have said before that one purpose of the torture is to force suicide.  The reason I say this is because throughout the day, I feel DEW flashing pains in my joints and my brain is impaired with energy and also when circumstances present challenging circumstances like heavy loads or precarious positions, the contractor seems to have  purpose of making things more difficult than they really are, such making pain worse than it has to be or make circumstances worse than they have to be.  Almost every day for months the contractors were forcing me to bite my own lip or cheek or lip or tongue and this also happened at night to force me awake.   I remember 3 occasions, after opening the drawer of my tool box and leaving it open only to have the drawer pulled via electromagnetic energy and all the tools crash on the floor, or take a flashlight under the house only to have the light begin flashing and even though I fix it by cycling power, it returns to flashing.. You see, I notice that the contractor is watching because it notices that there is a potential problem and so a problem is manifested to make the condition worse.  I am not trying to prove I am accident prone, NO, I am showing how the contractor is mean, voyeuristic, stupid, childish, psychopathic, sadistic because I know it is there and I can feel the energy. IT IS JUST A FACT, the contractors try intensively to make their victims suicide themselves. They dont just want to kill the victim, no, they want the victim to kill himself by by using both physical and mental torture.  SO, HOW DUMB DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO TAKE A JOB LIKE THIS AND WHAT COULD GO WRONG?  WHY ARE THE POLICE COVERING FOR THESE AXXHOLES? is it because the Department of Just-US and the FBI are behind it. America is now in the business of FLUSHING THE GOOD PEOPLE AND LETTING FELONS OUT OF JAIL.


why do you think my brain radiated was radiated while I was sitting in the Curry County court room where I was waiting for my turn? All of this court business was to stop me from yelling for the contractors with DEW, to stop hurting me?  The police dont listen and its time too start thinking that this really is NAZI GERMANY happing again in America.  Are all of you DEPUTIES OK with DOJ killing people without giving them a fair trial in front of a jury of our peers and what good would it do anyway if the DA is corrupt.

  •  Draining battery in phone or car
  • allowing directed energy into the base of my spine to disable my legs
  • if one leg is disabled with great pain then it is called SCIATICA.
  • disabled breathing and lungs filled with fluid is what? COVID-19a

To the police… How about giving me your best “WE HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THAT” speech before to help us decide if we want to fire the lot of you and start over.

Saturday Dec. 12, 2010 I was sitting on my sofa in my own house and I bit my lip while eating some broccoli and that would be all of it if it didnt happen mostly every day and if I didnt know better..  But wait! Has this happened to you too?  I happen to know that the reason this happens is that the FBI and the DOJ are corrupt and the Fusion center is corrupt and there are millions of contractors working on national security contracts.  Thats all well and good but what has this got to do with biting your lip. It has everything to do with biting my lip. The FBI Fusion center gives these morons access to through wall radar surveillance technology.  They are looking into the houses of smart people with this radar and if they are told to do it day after day and second by second, then you have a peeping tom looking at you   I dont want to repeat what I said on my website so you should look there and you will find that what I say is true.

12:01pm  Today is a brain disruption and  Colon energy cycling day.  All day I feel like my brain is disrupted with energy.  While at the same time the energy going into my colon is being changed up and down because they need to find just the right power level and they cant get it right.  This means that I feel uncomfortable and may need to use the bathroom often.

  • my colon is extended outside of my anus and it happening constantly more or less so and i can feel it squishing back inside my body when I sit down or conversely.
  • how sick am I, is the question they keep asking themselves and they are adjusting the power to find out the answer, since they want just the right amount of sickness and cant settle for the wrong level of sickness, so they are hunting for it.
  • do you have anal leakage? You have anal leakage if  your colon is electronically expanded beyond the point where the sphincter mussel that keeps stuff inside is disabled with energy
  • do you have diarrhea and feel like your bowels’ are churning due to the morons processing a huge amount of gas from the contents of your bowels or for whatever reason they find it necessary to heat the contents of your bowels up.
  • What I believe is happening is that energy is being put into my colon in the resonance of the colon and therefore the colon heats up due to resonance.  This means that first, someone must have taken a stool sample from wherever they could get it in order to send it to a laboratory which is under contract.  They want to  find out the resonance of your colon, which they need ti experiment on you.
  • You see, the purpose of all this is to mimic a particular bowel disease so that one or one hundred people in an area can be made sick in the same way, so that a doctor would be fooled suficiently that he would diagnose a specific disease or range of disease which was planned for in advance. You see isnt is starting to make more sense now?  There are litterally hundreds of diseases and afflictions which have been methodically caused by directed energy and they require someone with the rights temperament to implement them.  There is testing to go along with the implementation of a particular specific disease like bowel disease to get a particular level and type of disability to go along with the sickness.
  • Many target have this problem and it may help to obtain a magnetic strip from ebay so that you can try to block the radiation going into the colon. In my case a contractor is watching them on a laptop screen as a thermal image and they guide the energy in the form of a radar beam to the target from a drone or other source. This is not a simple matter but luckily the people have designed this system so that the  programming does a lot of the work.


A portrait of a guy suffering from a stomachache

Sunday Dec. 13, 2020 9:22pm I have slept all day and I was awakened by directed energy which has dried my eyes shut and my mouth to a critical extent.  That was retaliation because I am unhappy about being a slave.

PEOPLE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER AND ARE NOW LIKE AUTOMATONS? The FBI says they must be tortured and their lives ruined and all hope taken and they actually are doing it.  Understand that some people well do absolutely anything the FBI tells them to do…  This is not an opinion, it is a fact.  I dont know how they can be that stupid.

I am innocent. This can and will happen to you too.  This is SLAVERY do you understand?

Monday Dec. 14 I have been up all night due to DEW torturing me all that time.

10:42am My fingers are moving as I feel ELF energy running over my hand.

12:32pm The FBI contractor likes to seperate my left toe from the socket SEEMINGLY, because I can hear what sounds like bones clunking.  This is some kind of a psyop like there havent been enough.  They really need a make over because I am tired of the old tricks.  These arsehols are either totally evil or a mixture of both very dumb and some evil rubbed off from fbi


Wednesday Dec. 16 2020

2:30am I was forced to bite my lip while eating.  This happens almost EVERY day and is not an accident.  It is from DEW and probably from Sonic energy.  This seems timed to me because I notice that sometimes the pulse is too early or late..  There doesnt seem to be any reason for this except that it is psychological and physical TORTURE

2:42am my left jaw and right side of my head near the temple and ear ache is hurting from DEWs.

Friday, 12/18/2020
11:00pm Donna and I just finished cleaning up after supper and we are both fighting off sleep from DEWs ..

I can feel the crackling static of a radar connection to my brain.

current symptoms

  • DEW lip biting
  • inflamed colon
  • extreme tiredness and fatigue.
  • brain fog
  • head ache

12/21/2020 Both Donna and I are having a very difficult time with the electronic harassment which is done to us by locals who are adjacent to us.  As I write this i am accosted by a moron who thinks that I wont know that it is shooting my face with Directed energy so it is uncomfortable. The problem is that we are completely drained of our energy which is a significant thing at our age. This is definitely due to directed energy which is used to keep us from doing activism. I feel so drained that all I can do is sleep and then I can barely pull myself upright to go to the bathroom.  I am pushing off of one wall to drag to the next wall until i can reach the bathroom.  This is our Christmas holiday at 92800 Mill Pond Road in Port Orford Oregon. Even amid all the chaos coming from the COVID-19 nonsense they dont get that our electronic harassment and the Corona Virus Con Job is all coming from the same place.  The FBI and the rest of the intelligence community have linked together with intelligence agencies in every country to kill off a pre determined amount of their population.

in DEAGEL.COM/forcast  which is a 2025 forcast (-70% in USA) , so check other countries. So out of 350 million, they have said 99 which is in millions will remain in 2025.  Some may have a normal increase. This is by 2025 so how is that supposed to happen in less than 5 years.  ANSWER: MANY AT ONCE OR THOUSANDS AT A TIME. It is already  happening.  the FBI to choose one of the feckless agencies has decided to do it a little at a time using the CORONA VIRUS SCAM.  They have the fusion centers army of useful idiots to do their dirty work and then as USUAL< they will kill them off after it is all done. They choose the dimmest of the dumb who will believe them.  The morons think they will remain in 2025 because the FBI said so.  Yes the FBI wants to kill off two thirds of the population and they want millions of IDIOTS to be at their right hand.  Didnt Hitler kill off the murders after night of the long knives where he murdered those who helped him get to power? answer YES, he couldnt wait to kill those murders since he didnt want a bunch of murders making demands, since that is why he killed off those who brought him to power in the first place.





30% dead is about how many smart people they need to kill so the remaining will not chase the leaders after it is done.  In addition they are using the weaponized moons to select those who are patriotic and target them directly so there are no patriots left by 2025.  You could choose a smart persons house you like and wait for them to be murdered and then take their house. Oh, I forgot the agenda 21/2030 and the wild lands project (the globalists want the wild lands to revert to nature, and restricted for themselves). Haven’t you notice the fires.  This is what the forest fires (it is Directed Energy Weapon FIRES – LASERS) are for and that is to burn folks from their homes and then make the wild areas too expensive to live it, due to sky high insurance or no insurance and no services and basically off grid.  Believe me most people who remain will be running out of here to escape the fires and get to the mega city.

So we all have to abandon our houses anyway and move to a mega city apartment and that is the gauntlet where most of the deaths will occur.  So how do I know this will happen. ANSWER: THEY HAVE WRITTEN IT DOWN AND TELEVISED IT ALONG THE WAY. Check out “EVENT 201″ which is the corona virus exercise which took place a mere months before the Corona virus pandemic. Please look it up.

So to sum up, the FBI and globalists are going to kill 70% of the population, take back the wild lands and force those remaining off their land and into mega city apartments. So that about covers it, the next 5 years that is. There are a lot of opportunities for enterprising dumb fucks to make a killing.

Only the fittest among you will survive that change. It means the old, the very young, the sick, the disabled and the patriots will all die first and only a fraction of the fittest among us will survive. Of course if any patriots survive that, they will be ratted out by the plethora of useful idiots and summarily killed.

Those who think things will be different are plainly asleep and or too dumb to care. Dont worry, you will get used to it.

Sunday 12/27/2020

5:47pm I am by far not the only one used in biological experiments with Directed Energy because you are too.  My right hip is thrombin due to DEWs and I am continuously coughing up phlegm.  Look at the following video.

This video shows the use of phlegm as a weapon.  It was used to kill thousands of people.  The level of phlegm is increased rapidly and the diaphragm is electronically disabled due to DEW radiation.  This procedure was done to thousands of people who went to the hospital and were put on a ventilator.