FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for AUGUST, 2020


This is real time visual data transmission.  This experiment is from 10 years ago and the military is at least 30 years ahead of industry’s progress..

The Government is experimenting on citizens using directed energy weapons amd is much worse that you think because the Government is also Surveillance Tracking Millions of People using RADAR connected to their brain. People will be angry when they find out that the Government (FBI) is tracking people around like cattle..  The FBI has a 3Million to 5Million man army of undercover SECRET Surveillance technicians.  With their Secret and advanced Technology paid for under cover of NATIONAL SECURITY, they can spy into someones home.  This is done with THROUGH THE WALL RADAR and it can establish a radar connection to the brain and the audio and visual cortex.  This technology actually allows the operator to see and hear what the target sees and hears.  This is the ultimate in SURVEILLANCE. With the Governments penchant for COLLECTING IT ALL, it is assumed to be surveillance tracking millions of Americans with radar on their brain in real time.  With the introduction of 5G, Bamdwodtj wo;; be raosed tp tje [pot where tracking of all citizens will become possible.

This video is of James Lico under Directed Energy Attack

This is a directed energy weapon attack, which resembles COVID PNEUMONIA.  So whats with that?  How come they can give people COVID with DEWS? THINK!





World Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop

IS THIS TORTURE? from Amazing Polly’s popular video


This cellular telephone transceiver vendor shows the beam forming capability of cellular transceivers.  Beams not only provide a cellular signal, they can and do track you.

RADWIN JET Point to MultiPoint Smart Beamforming Antenna


*** 8/1/2020 11:32pm I am being aggressively attacked by the FBI contractor who is forcing my head down by disrupting signals going from my brain to my neck and weakening my body with the same.  I can only surmise that this is what is meant when there is talk of “FORCED SUICIDE”.  Of course, I would never succumb to suicide, however the result of this is to destroy the targets every waking moment. THE FBI medical personnel associated with this program  are using the targets own body systems to torture the target.  When the torture gets this bad it is said…YOU ARE OVER THE TARGET!!

The contractor uses an electrolyte which it spritzes on the target throughout the day to increase electrical conductivity of the skin.  They make sure to get a lot of it on the targets groin so that the electrical current can be routed down through the targets core system.  This is how the targets body can be drained and depleted of energy. This iis one of the main objectives of the torturer.

***8/8/2020 11:30 am I went to see Dr Lowry at 10:30am and did not have High Blood pressure when I got therre but the FBI Contractor irradiated me with Directed Energy and elevated my upper blood pressure to 190mm/Hg,  U was fircced ti tekk the doctor about the FBI Contractors hurting me.  He already kenew about it and we laughed over it.  Everybody knows about the Barnestables and the McCOys.

8:37pm The contractors hurting me have injured my mouth by forcing me to bite my own tongue, done with a pulsed energy projectile.  They are trying to incite me to turn my aggression onto my fiancee.   This is DIABOLICAL and very sad because it works.  These barnstables are mondsters.. whos that??.

8/9/2020 3:21pm I guess it must be play time for the FBI contractors because all of a sudden it feels like there is a great weight pulling my head forward and down and my brain stem feels like it is pressurized..  Right now there ia a weaponized drone flying overhead which is piloted by a rather dumb local resident FBI contractor who is devoid of empathy.  I used to be the only one with this affliction, but now there are at least 4 who I know of with it.  I believe one of the UsefulIdiots gets a new idea and the other FBI contractors follow it as if it is a good idea.  I think whoever does this is a SADISTIC Psychopath and needs to spend the rest of its life in prison get the death penalty as it is a cruel and unusual punishment, which I would put into the FORCING SUICIDE CATEGORY.   As I have stated previously, I would never commit suicide.  Did I say this is done in the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY?  This is what happens after two years:: the FBI Contractors start feeling very guilty and they try to move their big ticket items around on their lawn or sell them off to make it look less like a beg truck lot. The ones who took mostly tax free cash will have already felt guilty looking and will have sold off their expensive automobiles.  But they have now turned their hatred and contempt onto me and Donna, so that they are trying to kill us or force us to suicide.  I mean its like there is suddenly something wrong with torturing your community members to death.  The torturers are beginning to wake up and are looking for the exits and will get to the point they begin to go crazy with anticipations of not having to torture/kill anyone anymore, since it has driven them insane. .By the way, I have already apprised Sheriff John Ward in a “DYING DECLARATION”, that I believe I know who the FBI contractors are, because frankly they act guilty and so I told the sheriff who they were..


8/13/20 Thur. All day my head was forced downwith DEWS so that by the end of the day my neck was tired out and hanging down with chin on chest..  This is cruel punishment and the operator should be executed. after horse whipping.  I believe that this is designed to force a person to kill themselves.  It doesnt matter who told this person to do it .  This is what they call forced suicide.  However i will not kill myself because I am a solder and will fight to the death to stay alive in order to take back my country from the tyrants.

The torturers and so devoid of empathy that they are now clinically insane. This is what happened to the Nazis.

Also everyday my colon is inflamed and my brain is inflamed.

The torturers are hurting TI’s more aggressively now.  I think it is because they know it will end and they want us dead. This is a global phenomina and even if most die, the ones that live will seek and exact retribution from the morons.

8/14/20  Friday, 7:55am This FBI contractor is playing with the directed energy hitting my back and it is allowing energy to force my joints apart in my back and shoulder, of which I can hear the clunking as the rejoin  I believe this person is board and is just playing around, or maybe it is trying to indimidate me and show me that it is in control.  Can you see how this person can talk to me and others.  What it is saying is quite another thing.

10:40pm my neck ids being pummeled by the FBI contractor and it gets worse as the night goes on.  This contractor is just following orders i guess but this person is more guilty of torture than the one who gave the order.  This is murder/forced suicide and the contractor should be charged as a death penalty offence.  This is cruel and unusual punishment.


8/18/2020 6:05am i was being attacked and Donna was being attacked and so I called 911.and the same woman who threatened Donna iwth a citation answered.  I told who I was and that Donna and I were being attacked and this woman told me there were no deputies and I lost it.  This woman is an order followers and merely does her job and she is told to think of us as mental patients that is exactly what she does.

All day colon and brain inflammation

8/20/2020 I went to the chiropractor at 3:20pm Donna was insulting my dressing, my person and said how ugly i was and said I hope you dont get ancient all of a sudden. then we went to the buy Mart and she was further insulting me in the parking lot and I lost it. I told her I would not take abuse and she kept up and it got worse.  Now I see the cycle of abuse and it is all her.

I:ast night when I was being tortured, I wrote more about the Directed Energy Induced COVID PNEUMONIA torture.  Now they are pulling out the stops on torturing me, because I was tortured severely all the way up to Bookings and all the way back..  I was being hit in the face with ELF energy so that my face and brain was disintegrated and my body is shaking all over.  I can feel the energy coming in

YOU PEOPLE IN PORT ORFORD WILL GO WILD WHEN YOU FIND OUT  YOU HAVE SLAVERY IN YOUR TOWN.  Is it mind control, I dont know but these contractors act like they are undercover spies.  My crime is telling the truth.  I am tired of the corruption and i am trying to get the sheriff and police to do theirs jobs.  We have law for me and not for thee attitudes. .  The contractors dont realize that people are waking up in droves.  Soon the people of Port Orford will know about the TORTURERS.  Yes, they are  SLAVE torturers because that is what they do to us.  All the time Directed Energy.

These people are actually trying to cause fights in my relationship with my girlfriend and I will never understand that. This program is very EVIL..  These contractors watch me all day every second by second. they wait for an opening to hurt me or cause a problem cause a breakage or cause trouble.  WOW, you cant imagine how malignant their minds are. and this is authorized by money from national security folks.  I am just an old man who is used as a literal slave.  I am not a problem, but i am worth nothing walking around free. But captured by morons and used as a slave i am priceless.  Do you want your GOVT predating people like this?  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU? After all slavery is a growing business and it is done remotely.  Trauma is waht make the slavery go thoug.  The contractors have to keep the slaves traumatized so they are more docile.

I really think these useful idiots will kill me now.

8:15pm Now I am feeling a pulsing of the ELF extremely Low Frequency at about one hertz.+


This is actually supposed to teach people not to pay any attention to the useful idiots who are killing people in the name of the DEPT of JUSTUS.  But they need to bring this whole thing to a screeching halt.  I will have someone else take over my website when I go down.

i will not self censor.  Think about this contractors who are killing people for the dept of JustUS.  They live around here and I will name them all.  They are killing patriots aka dissidents.  I mean journalists, whistleblowers and activists.  Look at all the trucks and late model cars and boats and RV;s.  How many can people own realistically. This whole corruption cluster match will come to an end and the people will take back their country.

8/29/2020 12:42pm  My lower back is being irradiated so the lateral muscles across the small of my back. I rule out the spine as a cause since the pain runs laterally across my back and is not centered in my spine. I have images of some of the torture I suffer from below. The pain in my back lessens after I walk for a bit.

as a victim of Directed energy weapons, I can feel and sense  when these problems are due to natural causes and also when they are from Electromagnetic Energy.


A man suffers from lower back pain