FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for AUGUST, 2020

The Government is experimenting on citizens using directed energy weapons.  But is is much worse that you think because the Government is also Surveillance Tracking Millions of People using RADAR connected to their brain. People will be angry when they find out that the Government (FBI) is tracking people around like cattle..  The FBI has a 3Million to 5Million man army of undercover SECRET Surveillance technicians.  With their Secret and advanced Technology paid for under cover of NATIONAL SECURITY, they can spy into someones home.  This is done with THROUGH THE WALL RADAR and it can establish a radar connection to the brain and the audio and visual cortex.  This technology actually allows the operator to see and hear what the target sees and hears.  This is the ultimate in SURVEILLANCE. With the Governments penchant for COLLECTING IT ALL, it is assumed to be surveillance tracking millions of Americans with radar on their brain in real time.  With the introduction of 5G, Bamdwodtj wo;; be raosed tp tje [pot where tracking of all citizens will become possible.

This is real time visual data transmission.  This experiment is from 10 years ago and the military is at least 30 years ahead of industry’s progress..



World Population Being Tortured In Deep State Psyop

IS THIS TORTURE? from Amazing Polly’s popular video


This cellular telephone transceiver vendor shows the beam forming capability of cellular transceivers.  Beams not only provide a cellular signal, they can and do track you.

RADWIN JET Point to MultiPoint Smart Beamforming Antenna


*** 8/1/2020 11:32pm I am being aggressively attacked by the FBI contractor who is forcing my head down by disrupting signals going from my brain to my neck and weakening my body with the same.  I can only surmise that this is what is meant when there is talk of “FORCED SUICIDE”.  Of course, I would never succumb to suicide, however the result of this is to destroy the targets every waking moment. THE FBI medical personnel associated with this program  are using the targets own body systems to torture the target.  When the torture gets this bad it is said…YOU ARE OVER THE TARGET!!

The contractor uses an electrolyte which it spritzes on the target throughout the day to increase electrical conductivity of the skin.  They make sure to get a lot of it on the targets groin so that the electrical current can be routed down through the targets core system.  This is how the targets body can be drained and depleted of energy. This iis one of the main objectives of the torturer.

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