FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY-No Touch Torture Log for APRIL, 2020

The FBI contractors have and are now farming Donna and I like cattle and they are obsessed with with their role as secret spies.

Tuesday April 7th 2020 I the FBI Contractors made me so weakened that I slept all the rest of the day and awakened the following morning at 1:00am

The FBI contractor is showing me what I call

remember it because if you see this happen,, you are hacked by a national security moron.  It happens, when II  click on something, the whole text page jumps up or down out of the way and the click does not register. It is a CIA dirty trick and this is done to confuse and bewilder the target.  Unless the target knows how it is done and is watching for it, then it bewilders the contractor.

The contractors make the mistake of thinking the point is really national security, when in fact it is organized crime and they the contractors are responsible for torture, coercion and complicity to commit murder and the targets are used in human experimentation for profit.  The contractors begin to think they are spies on the front lins of some war where the target is also a spy and nothing could be further from the truth.  They are  involved in piracy of their community member to use their body for profit.  Almost every time, the contractors are incredibly stupid.

I like to call the contractors NATIONAL SECURITY MORONS because of how they view their role in this.

April 8, 2020
9:49am for 5 minutes now I have been attacked by a beam to the crown of my head going down my throat to cause pain there.  If I try to shake it off, the operator gets more agressive with it.  The signal seems to be coming from a drone to the south of my house. My ears ache from this as if I have an ear infection.

10:24am the contractors are hurting my throat and brain with the energy beam and if i try to block it they get rough and turn it up as if to make sure you know they will do exactly as they want to and I have no right to privacy. This is assault and battery with these weapons.  I should be able to defend myself, isnt that right Sheriff John Ward?  These people are hurting me.  For most people in my place, they would call them crazy and they would have no right, but I have a website which they cant deny.  This attack is as if they are just getting to work and they must now get me to act out, so they can take my rights away. These contractors are monsters and they need to learn about empathy and what happens when it is ignored.

When they get aggressive, they begin teaching me a lesson so I will not defend against their attacks, but I cant just bend over like that

April 9. 2020
6:25am I discovered that the FBI contractor handler has been waking me up for sleep deprivation by causing me to bite my left cheek.  This is done by forcing my jaw shut with sonic energy while at the same time pushing my left cheek into my biting teeth..  I discovered this by noticing that I had pain as if I bit my cheek upon waking up on numerous occasions but only just put it together that this was to wake me up and was done by my handler with directed energy weapon. I am aware this seems fantastic and I didnt want to believe it either but it is unfortunately true.  It must be remembered that I have also noticed in the ten years I have been targeted, that handler contractors in the immediate vicinity are contacted by FBI Secret national Security Morons who somehow talk people with line of site platforms near at hand into predating me with directed energy weapons.  This is so because they must be close in order to manipulate my environment.  This is their Achilles heal that will take them down because they are soiling their own nest.

Donna is getting scared and frustrated with the level of her attacks.

Sat. April 4, 2020

3:06pm The torture right now is very intense with directed energy keeping my head down which is a Humiliating kind of torture which these torture girls have learned and is their signature torture. along with Fibromyalgia.

Unfortunately for them and me I will not live on my knees and therefore will never bow down to their torture.  This is nothing more than immature sociopaths who think they have been annointed by the FBI Fusion center to torturer and they want to do a good job.  Who would think that these useful idiots could forget what freedom was like.  The FBI Fusion Center must like a religion to them.  They are order followers and the Nazis would have been proud.  These two have little ways of humiliating me so as to try to get me to act out.  One of these humiliations is to cause me to bite my lip as I  chew my food.  They also use that to wake me up at night.  Just bear in mind that they do that and it works well. due to resonance characteristics of structures in the human body.  I am describing the torture done to me in real time by this FBI contractor by there is no way for anyone to understand what is going on if they have never experienced it.  With the torture of biting my own lips and cheeks, it is like having the damage of a beating without the beating/

You can see that these FBI contractors who would have to necessarily be dumb enough to believe the BIG LIE that I am a TERRORIST. But really it is obvious to anyone that I am not a terrorist.  The Contractors know they are handlers much like animal handlers of old but now they use human test subjects and dont have a need for lab animals.  These contractors are SO VERY SURE OF THEMSELVES that they have the right and the duty to torture a man to death and not only that but HUMILIATION is not only justified but necessary, because that is what they do as a matter of course.

So if I am an experiment victim, then why the torture you may ask.  The torture is probably a part of MKULTRA, Trauma Based Mind Control.  The trauma pf torture os some how hypnotic in that it has the effect of causing the victim to be silenced as a result of the trauma.  I also know that one of their customers is the NIH and Obamas Brain initiative where they probably need to specify where pain should be induced so it can be studied in the context of researching the brain.  Notice they obviously have human research subjects but never talk about that.

Easter Sunday April 12, 2020

During the holidays (now) there is usually a stand in torturer who invariably tries to force suicide.  I have to think they must be trying to hit the jackpot by forcing me to commit suicide before they have to leave.  I can only conclude these people must be quite dumb to think they can do what they are doing and get away  with it.  They will be surprised when the FBI are disbanded.
5:27pm The FBI Contractors woke me up at midnight last night , so I only was able to get  two hours of sleep.

Now I am just through working on the green house tent and the immature FBI Contractor wants to mess me up at every thing that I am doing., like hurting my muscles, knees, neck muscles weakening so I cant hold my head up.  Recounting this contractors horrendous torture in court will be a long marathon since there is so much egregious torture that it will literally take hours to recount.  These contractors are immature as infants.  They are busy the entire time am working to torture me so that I cant finish my work. This one is trying to make Donna angry at me also by not allowing me to finish so I can shut the door.  Trying to break Donna and me up is always a high priority for these children. pretending to be adults.

I feel terrible due to the beam this torturer has going down through my head and into my lungs.  My speech is broken due to the irritation in my throat.


4/15/2020 Wed.
2:51pm I have been trying to connect my blue tooth blood pressure meter to my phone and cannot so I am thinking the FBI Contracotr national security moron is using ELF or extremely Low Frequency energy to thwart my progress.  Lets see, usually when you call them out and identify the problem, then they let it go.

I am an engineer and both devices are fairly new and in good working order so it should work.

NO they are not going to let my Samsung NOTE 9 talk to my Omron

Friday, 1:36pm  What kind of moron would hold a beam in my ear to tickle my inner ear to the extreme so that WHAT??  What is this moron looking to do with this tactic??  This happens daily and it doesnt seem to fit that this person is trying to inhibit from doing anything in particular, but maybe it is to stop me from doing anything at all and everything.??

I have been unable to complete my fiancee’s greenhouse all this week because the FBI contractor for some reason did not allow me to do any work on it by putting an antii-energy beam to my brain which went down into my chest and depleted the energy in my body, necessary to allow my body to function, including not being able to hold my head up and think properly.  I was depleted like a rag doll and my nerves were beaten up and I was shaky all over

I am putting it this way so that people who may not be familiar with the type of electronic brain tracking and full control that is possible by the Secret Army of FBI Contractors with Directed Energy Weapons.

April 26, 2020
10:47pm      I am being tortured so that I am devoid of energy.  This contractor is negating or canceling my energy so that I cannot help Donna and they are doing it for that purpose so that it causes strif.  it is not obvious what is happening because on top of causing my brain to not work properly and the inability not to hold my head up with great pain and discomfort, all of my energy is sucked out of my body so that I can barely pull myself along.  This is genocide and murder committed by the contractors under the guise of national security. I am watching a video about Natzism and the extermination of the Jews and handicapped..  This is exactly what is happening now, it is Nazi experiments and Nazi Extermination.  The following video shows the workings of the Nazi Eugenics murder programs.


Today I was tortured as though the national security moron FBI contractor were beating me up electronically and as if hurting someone were ar good thing/.  These FBI torturers are like the essence of the NAZIS above in the picture (PURE EVIL) The thought of what in the hell are these morons thinking?  I was working outside and was not allowed to hold my head up straight all day.  If I needed to see something I had to lift my head up with my hand.


9:41pm I feel out of it due to directed energy to my brain.  I have been sleeping all day and I sit on the couch and do not feel like getting up due to constant brain fog.  This is what the FBI Federal Bureau of investigation contractor is doing to me.  It is human experimentation (probably brain research).  The people doing this were initially chosen because of their non intelligence and they think they are spies.  They justify it because they are #1-GREEDY and they #2-Don have the integrity  to discern what they are doing is wrong and they must think that if they keep doing it everything will turn out okay since they trust the FBI as though they are the MESSIAH.  They are totally corrupt degenerate morons who are working to destabilize america. THEY ARE TRAITORS IN OTHER WORDS.