FBI Human Trafficking SLAVERY and Event Log for August, 2021

Dr McCullough is bravely standing up ahead of his colleagues to tell how the vaccine is 98% GRAPHENE and how it will setup those who get the vaccine to mass death.  Basically the globalists want a vaccine in every arm.  What will they (GLOBALISTS) do when that happens and what if it docent happen?  Also, as a matter of national security for the People of America, we must STOP THE VACCINE SHOTS NOW.

Bill Binney, The Former NSA Techiical Director is now a Targeted Individual, because he chose to do the right and honorable thing. In other words Bill Binney chose not to go along with the Globalists, that is the FBI. and the rest of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

America has already fallen will continue to exhibit attributes of a COMMUNIST Police State.

Dr Peter McCullough says that COVID is all about the VACCINE. You might wonder why the Vaccine its so important to the Globalists to get the Vaccine into your arm. .

The truth will be easier to understand if you put yourself in the globalists position and realize they want to DEPOPULATE 90% of the people. Now, what they are doing makes perfect sense!  Now you can see that COVID was an engineered disease to usher in a VACCINE  as a solution.

  • REACTION Put The People  In A State Of FEAR so they beg for a solution

The intelligence agencies attempt to CLENSE people from society whom they say are dissidents or enemies of the state.  Those dissidents are put on a KILL LIST and the people are encouraged to work with the government to take them out (KILL THEM).  Here in America the Government through the FBI pays people to KILL dissidents.  There is not description given, there is only the list of names.  Because if there was a description  of the dissidents it would go something like this::  The Government cannot have people telling the truth about The Governments Narrative of Lies, so the Government has to get rid of those people (Kill Them).  The people the government must kill are mostly smart people who are INFLUENCERS. ie. those who have a subscriber list like people who make videos which subscribers watch like

  • OFF GRID HomeSteaders.
  • veterans groups
  • Trump Supporters
  • Militia Members
  • etc

These Journalists actually are asking about targeting Trump Supporters with Drones to kill them.  This is how the CIA reduces people to subhuman so the local people will kill them.  I must say that only mentally weak , greedy and cowardly people will take money for attacking their own countrymen who are HERO’S for standing up to tyranny. I know this because I am managing my website and  am attacked by local neighblrs who are told I am an ELDERLY TERRORIST who must be watched (Only the daft believe that lie)


Here, MSNBC NEWS ANCHOR Niccole Wallace calls for drone strikes on Trump Supporter as Terrorists, which is the CIA’s attempt at DE HUMANIZATION in order to goad sociopaths into targeting patriots for death.  Can you believe it? This is utterly absurd on its face and yet here it is.  The Intelligence community as proxies for the GLOBALISTS (probably CIA) is involved in an advisory roll but stays back out of view. This is also true of the FBI who runs the FUSION CENTERS. Leftists will hold back until they get power and then they will Kill for the GLOBALISTS. This is the same play book as done for Hitler in 1930’s Germany pre WWII.

In other words, only people who are followers who keep their mouths shut and will participate in criminal activity are wanted to survive.  GLOBALISTS want to totally implode and destroy American society by instituting a socialist ideology.  Only the people who are killing the smart people  are allowed to survive the purge (The Great Reset aka The Great Poisoning).  The globalists do not want people who think for themselves and they do not want people who would do the right thing..  Basically they want STUPID people who would KILL for them.  Killing is what it is getting down to and notice how aggressive the NEWS MEDIA IS NOW.


FBI CONTRACTORS are the same as MAO’s RED GUARD.  They use DEW’s to force this elderly man to suicide IN SECRET because the Government (FBI) says I am a Terrorist and dangerous to the American Communist PARTY. I am a SLAVE… Just Look at my website JamesLico.com .!  Anyone can see that I am a human trafficking victim except the Police who have been tricked into feigning stupidity due to an agreement with the Intelligence community. Now that says COMUNISM.  Police are not only told not to help Targets of the FBI but if we try too hard, they will get us sectioned by mental health.  Now is the time to speak out and decry your lost freedoms because it is probably already too late.  The FBI is a disgrace and will have to be disbanded before we can get back to normal.


FBI contractors are retaliating against targets, but they are committing war crimes for which the penalty has traditionally been death by hanging.



Now that the Globalist Cabal has brought the Pandemic down on the people and it has been shown they want to destroy America, it is becoming increasingly apparent the military industrial complex is waging war on the people of America.  I must tell everyone in Port Orford Oregon something of
great importance since and because I have the insight of being a TARGET OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.  The reason
they are Targeting me is because I am an activist who is telling people the truth, is the reason I give to explain it although I believe I was used for human experimentation since I was a child..

NOTE: In the last two months, I believe my brain has been damaged such that I am having difficulty pronouncing words.  I am not sure if it was an accident or on purpose as a procedure with which to deal with people who speak to the public which they want to discourage from happening.  It will be easy enough to find out however.

August 2 2021 Monday
11:27pm I have been introduced to the concept of Communism through Lilly Tang Williams who was in MAO’s RED GUARD and grew up under Communism.  Now I see how this is happening in America.  Can you tell that the.

I can feel the CRACKEL of the ever present radar frequency beam on my head and my brain.  My stomach aches from a beam protruding into my stomach to resonate with my COLON and which emulates Chronic Colon disease.  I have talked a lot of  how this torture is similar to the TUSKEGEE SYPHILIS STUDY and how they are using the diseases and afflictions on the general public.  The point is that there are millions of these contractor SPIES who use DEW and who mimic diseases and afflictions while they use their DEW for VERY INTRUSIVE RADAR TRACKING  SURVEILLANCE.  Learn that that every cell phone tower is weaponized with dual use beamforming transceivers.

August 4, 2021 Wednesday
6:27am I have been awake all night due to harassment from an Weaponized FBI contractor.  As you can see from my website, I am exposing government lies.

August 7, 2021 Saturday.  The FBI contractor decides how you feel and in many cases if you will get ouf of bed today.  These morons must be neutralized.  The FBI is now a known CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION which we as a nation must disarm and neutralize.

4:55pm  I am working outside and the FBI contractor is hurting muscles in my neck and back and all over with a pain ray.  I think this pig is angry with me.  I want this thing in prison and also to get the death penalty.

Sunday August 15th, 2021 Sociopaths operating DEW Weaponized Drones are aggressively hitting me and Donna with Directed Energy

Even attacks to my Sexual Organs are targeted.  This targeting is a hold over from use in the IRAQ WAR and was called Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL) .  They use various drugs and chemicals which are delivered to the victims via Directed Energy.  My Penis and Scrotum are targeted with a chemical used to as an electrolyte to guide the Electromagnetic energy to nerves or muscles where it can cause TARGETED DAMAGE.  These useful Idiots are actually targeting my Sexual Organs for nerve namage with Directed Energy.  As proof I offer that the chemical they use has a distinctive FLORESCENT GLOW.  Today, I can see that they targeted my penis and especially the tip of the penis with that Purplish Fluorescent glow which means that energy will be funneled into the spots they choose to be damaged.  This is not a guess it is a fact.  I have training in Electronics Engineering Technology and Biology so I know what I am talking about.  Typically they target the groin area with the electrolytic chemical, but they traditionally have avoided targeting the penis and scrotum and aimed for a skin around that area.  The sociopaths must not be afraid of getting in trouble or they are guided by the Fusion Center.

Monday August 16th, 2021
I am 
punished for writing in this website. Incidentally the Sociopaths targeting me are typically Women which I have observed.  i reasoned this is because men would rather opt for targeting the women who are the majority of Targeted Individuals.  However I do see that now that Conservative Trump Supporters, Veterans and Journalists are designated as Terrorists, the Ration making  of Targeted Men to Targeted Women on KILL LISTS will be more or less even.  You can see now that the Globalists are splitting the Country in half basically, by targeting Conservatives on one side and Leftists on the other.  But they will targete others based on a DIVIDE and CONQUOR strategy.  Bear in mind that the Globalists have a 90% DEPOPULATION TARGET to shoot for.  When they fel as though they are winning they will begin killing the people.  The Vaccine is a Trojan Horse which is not a vaccine but an MRNA GENITIC therapy which can be used to target the cells to genetically change the organism.  A Spanish Team of Researchers have tested the vaccine and said it was made up of 98% GRAPHENE.  It is reported that Graphene is used in electronic circuits and nano manipulation such as nanobots.

Sunday August 22, 2021
Today, my brain is under attack by a FBI contractor so that I feel pressure and pain of about 8 of 10 pain.  I am 69yo and these people have absolutely ruined my life by intrusions into my life and with human experimentation similar to Tuskegee Syphilis Study.  I compare it to that only because Tuskegee was also about experimentation to make people sick amd weakened resulting in a lifetime of SoftKILL OR SLOWKILL.  The FBI is doing this in the guise of National Security under SECRECY the purpose of which is to keep the Human Experimentation a Secret.  The Experiments they are doing include but are not limited to National Institute of Health  (NIH)BRAIN RESEARCH or OBAMAS BRAIN INITIATIVE.  Also by the way it was the NIH that was in charge of the unethical TUSKEGEE ESPERIMENTS as well as experimentation in Guatemala on local indigenous people.  I have sound out that the Globalists who are responsible for the COVID19 virus importation infection of the world population.  In addition the Intelligence community(FBI CIA DHS etc) are also complicit in that they are working towards the same Eugenics goals. The IC has since their inception been involved in GLOBALISTS EUGENICS PLANS.  Agenda21 and Agenda2030  has a nefarious plan to reduce the world population by 90% according to Georgia Guide Stones.  I have been researching this since I found out I was targeted in 2010 and I am not the only one.  There are many thousands of people who have realized the same information.  In addition the NAZIS were also doing Eugenics research on humans and now we find that the same Nazis are still doing Eugenics research.  Now the Eugenicists plans are coming to fruition such that the world is now inundated with the COVID19 virus  but the virus is not the problem, the virus is being used to usher in the VACCINE as a solution.  The Vaccine has been found to be 98% Graphene which is found to be causing Heart Inflammation, Blood Clots and Neurological problems including death. A lady named Amazing Polly has researched to find that former Nazis running a company named ENTRUST has been awarded the contract to run the Vaccine Passport coordination.  This is all coming to a head where Australia has already been taken over by Government Thugs with only one infection present and yet they have locked down every area until September.  This is a take over of the worlds by NAZIS.

I got off track, but I did want to mention the fact that the FBI Contractors are doing a lot of experiments in COLON INFLAMATION and COLON INFLAMATORY DISEASES.  tHE CONTRACTORS are doing this by using DIRECTED ENERGY to INFLAME the colons of TARGETED SLAVES.  For me it has been quite painful and very uncomfortable since I always feel the need to defecate due to Doreatha  In addition, my colon is apparently very swollen so that some times the colon 4extends to the outside of my anus.

Monday August 23, 2021 Today my brain is being tortured and feels as if it is pressurized.  I recognize this as a quest by the FBI contractor to force me to break out or suicide myself.  This is not  wild speculation, it is a fact as attested bu the empirical evidence presented to me.


august 24, 2021
3;34am  The brain pain let up for a while but has returned.  I can feel the beam entering my brain right behind my left eye.   I cannot stay still due to frequencies on me as if it is a swirling wind.  It seems to be a plasma that makes partial contact and  feels somewhat liquid and which energizes my nerves at the same time. I want to grab this contractor and get some kind of statement about what it is doing. I feel the current around my hands and feet especially.  What the hell is this person thinking about as it does this to an eldeerly man (a neighbor) only a mere 200 feet away.  Right now I cannot do anything to stop it because Law Enforcement is complicit in the crime.  This is the same as in MAO’s China when the police stood down while the RED GUARD Tortured and Killed people who criticized the government.   It is the very same here with police mouthing the inanely stupid words attesting they dont know of DEW.  They will find out that they will be killed with the same BIG RED WHITE AND  BLUE ELECTRONIC DAGGER.  The joke is on them. The FBI contractors are to me disgusting poor excuses for a human being becaise they just follow any order with out care.  The intelligence community is taking over the WORLD.  They want to kill me because i am contradicting their lies about the destruction of AMERICA.  I think it speaks for itself that I am not a terrorist.  The IC has just divided the country now and half of the people are henceforth TERRORISTS. How is that possible?  It isnt possible.  However, I think the this EVIL goes further than what is apparent.  The FBI contractors have gone over to the dark side and are now part of the DEATH CULT and they will die for their god the FBI compleate with halo around head.

August 26, 2021 
9:36am FBI contractors are weakening muscles in my waist and back with Directed Energy.  People must listen to me, I am 69yo and I am being murdered by FBI Contractors with Energy Weapons.  Intelligence Agency spies are being hit all over the world with energy weapons.  Spies use DEWS to spy on innocent citizens.  Please help me here at 92800 mill pond Road in Port Orford Oregon.  FBI Contractors have gone crazy.   My spouse and I are being hurt by FBI contractors.

FBI contractors are ignorant people who have bought into the lie that people identified by the FBI as terrorists must be killed and they are eagerly using energy weapons to cause chaos. by torturing innocent non terrorists.  Look, the intelligence community are trying to take down the American economy.  They are destroying the supply chain that brings your groceries to the store.  We will have shortages unless you listen to me.  The FBI Contractors are Greedy and SO STUPID to have taken a job killing people, but they really are doing it.  You must come to stop them. Please dont let our country crash because we will not be able to buy food or heat our homes.  The contractors do not question the motives of the FBI they just follow orders blindly.  Please come to talk to me and I will show you what I mean.

The important thing of what I am telling you is that the IC or Intelligence Community (FBI CIA DHS etc) are not working for America any more if ever.  The IC is working for the globalists and they are destroying America from within. Please look at my website for more information.  Please email me if you want more information at JamesFL@jameslico.com

August 27, 2021 
12:25pm I woke up at around 9:30 and had extreme brain fog so I went back to sleep. The FBI Contractor is keeping me groggy and asleep on purpose.  This happens all the time and THIS IS TORTURE.  I woke up again at 11:30am and still felt extremely groggy with brain fog but I got up anyway to begin my day.  I can feel the beam entering my the left side of my head.  Logic dictates that this contractor knows what they are doing to me. This is murder and they are torqueing me so that it would be a natural inclination for me to want get out of it and eventually I would commit suicide.  I am sure that the CIA has planned it out and even tested it.  I dont need to see their notes in order to convict them of attempted murder and murder and I dont have to know the contractors mind in order to convict him/her of murder. This contractor has chosen their path and are complicit with anything that happens as a result. This is why I am saying the contractors must have joined forces with the IC at least as far as their contract job goes.  All of the Contractors are guilty of Genocide whether or not they personally have committed murder.

August 29, 2021
Well its the end of another month and I am still being tortured and human trafficked. People need to understand that this will happen to them if it has not already.  The FBI is not your friend in fact they are afraid of you and they want to control and surveille you with extremely invasive tech.  In fact that invasive tech can see what you see and hear what you hear and this is a fact.  I am experimented on which is part of the pain and torture.

  1. My colon is radiated at its own resonance to inflame and emulate inflammatory Bowell disease
    1. symptoms are swelling of the colon so that when it is radiated, the colon actually extends or protudes outside of my anus
    2. There is anal leakage because of this
    3. the abdomen is distended due to swelling
    4. there is a feeling of fullness, bloating and feeling like having to go to the bathroom
    5. Do you know about the Tuskegee Syphilis Experament?
      1. It was also to experiment on people to make them sickened and weak
      2. did you know that Tuskegee was done by a predecessor of the NIH Where Dr. Anthony Fauci works
    6. One theory about the inflammatory bowel disease emulation is that the frequency of radiation is inside the biological frequency window of 2.45GHz to 2.57GHz aproxamately which is the Frequency of our Hora. Its worth knowing that a microwave oven Frequency is at 2.4 GHz which is just outside the biological window.
    7. It is also worth knowing that one WIFI  frequency is at 2.4Ghz extending up into the biological window.  Were they intending to electronically talk directly to Human DNA?
      1. This biological window should never have been interfered with.
      2. I discovere this information through Dr Konstantin Meyle who lives in Germany and does research in  Scalar energy.  But I was not able to find it by other verifications since it is not talked about.
  2. The FBI contractors are brutal thugs who will follow any order of the FBI as if they have a halo around their head.
  3. anothe experiment is DEW Pneymonia which can be seen in the video of me with that title below.
  4. There are many other experiments which can be done to people from any cell phone tower since cell towers are all weaponized.

August 30, 2021

I know something of Terrorism since I am a 69yo NON terrorist on the terrorist watch list and am being picked away with Directed Energy Weapons. I am telling you this as a retired American who is a SLAVE OF THE FBI. Yes, the government has enslaved many thousands of people with Radar Surveillance Tech. Also, the government the FBI in this case through the FUSION CENTERS has control of a standing army of millions of SECRET SPIES working directly for the FBI and the FUSION CENTERS.. The FBI is in control of all these secret empathy less spies who will do anything they are told by the FBI with their HALO of righteousness which tells the contractors that the FBI is right even when it is apparently wrong. As a target of the FBI, I know that the tech they use for extremely invasive surveillance is capable of ALLOWING THE OPERATOR TO SEE WHAT THE TARGET SEES AND TO HEAR WHAT THE TARGET HEARS. This is a fact which most people do not know. But I know it is true for multiple reasons not least of which is because I have a video which features a researcher at UC Berkley who in one day has put together an experiment featuring an experiment with a cat hooked up to tech which allowed the researchers to watch from a separate room location through the cats eyes, a movie which the cat is watching. People do not know that the extremely invasive surveillance tech is used by the FBI contractors and others as Surveillance tracking radar on dissidents like 75million Trump supporters, veterans, video content creators and et al. This is all basically half the country whom the government is afraid of and whom are now given the designation of Terrorists. This tech can track and surveille anyone without them noticing anything without prior knowledge and also it is unshakable.. There is pending legislation “THE HAVANA SYNDROME ACT” which”
  1. exposes this extremely invasive surveillance technology
  2. provides for medical and financial help for government employees whom have been injured by the technology.
  3. The CIA has been sandbagging their authority for over 5 years since law makers have been waiting for the CIA to identity the technology and identify the perpetrators of the attacks on hundreds of government workers (intelligence agents and diplomats) throughout the world. The CIA is holding off on allowing the Havana Syndrome Act to become law because it would blow wide open the fact that the Intelligence Community (IC) has been enslaving people for decades via human trafficking and because the IC would be embarrassed if it were to get out that they were torturing people with the technology and in fact even using the extremely invasive surveillance tech to FORCE SUICIDE on people whom the FBI calls TERRORISTS, which is actually quite common.
  4. This brings up the fact that this technology is multiple use because besides surveillance, it has been weaponized and is called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s)
  5. The problem I see is that the IC would like nothing more than to have the Havana Syndrome Act go away so they could get back to business as usual, but because Government employees (ie Intelligence Agents and Diplomats) are being injured, Congress and the Senate wants to do the right thing by making a law to fix the problem, but the CIA is holding it up.
  6. But there is more, because the entire country of America has the problem that all cell phone towers have been weaponized with multiple use combination Cell Phone Transceivers in the towers which also can be used for the Extremely Invasive Surveillance Psychotronic Weapons, but they can also be used as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) and these are known as “WEAPONS OF WAR”.
  7. Now this shows why the IC does not want the Havana Syndrome Act to become law as written and that is because once it passes, it will expose all of the evil crimes which the IC is guilty of and it would put the IC in a bad light and open the door to law suits which could now go forward due to declassification of the technology.
  8. also, it would expose their weapons of war, ie the weaponized cell phone towers, which are classified and which are being used on the American people as surveillance tech and DEW weapons. There are also weaponized drones and weaponized satellites and weaponized 5G installations within a number of cities and is growing.
  9. 5G with its increased bandwidth is capable of reaching out to every citizen in the area with enough separate instances of RADAR BEAMS to make it possible to follow each citizen as a node on the ” NETWORK OF THINGS” (IOT). for which capability the military has been anxiously awaiting to be ubiquitous.
I think I have spelled out the dilemma of the IC as it exists today. Pleae check out my website for instructional videos and articles detailing the problem more precisely JAMESLICO.COM



I ask you the viewer, is this not TORTURE?  I mean you cant see the energy, but it is there nonetheless, giving me symptoms of COVID which is the same as DEW Pneumonia

I have had this same thing 25 times to various extents from 2019 until 2020.  I have sent this clip out to a number of people.  Is there something about this that says this is fake and dont watch it.  What do I have to do to get an interview about torture by FBI Contractors with Directed Energy Weapons.  This is genuine DEW TORTURE in real time.

Lily Tang Williams is a survivor of the COMMUNIST PURGE of 20 Million people by MAO from 1967 to 1977.  She will tell you it is happening in America right NOW. You can see that they are using the same playbook to purge people in America.  But this time they want to do this globally and it is all linked to the vaccine.

FBI CONTRACTORS are the same as MAO’s RED GUARD.  They are using Torture to force this elderly man to suicide because the Government says I am dangerous to the PARTY. Bit I am guilty of keeping a website which tells the truth and the truth is so feared that I became targeted by the FBI.  Do you really think you have rights if they do this to citizens. I wonder do the FBI also tell the contractors TORTURE/Killing is for the GREATER GOOD of the American Communist PARTY.  You see the contractors are being trained to see TORTURE/Killing citizens as something that they need to get used to.  There are millions like me and they are using DEW to surveille millions who do not even realize this type of surveillance is even possible.  Also,

CONSIDER:: where there is 5G, with its higher bandwidth, dissidents are one of the Internet Of Things (IOT)

People often think that by ignoring me and thinking DEW  is a conspiracy theory they are themselves hiding under the radar. Its just not so for DISSIDENTS.  VETERANS, VIDEO CONTENT CREATORS, JOURNALISTS, TRUMP SUPPORTERS, etc are DISSIDENTS and ENEMIES OF THE STATE now.  There is no more hiding under the radar because they have all of us in their sights.

TO Oregon MILITIA‘s:  we are at the point where Oregon and US Government has many under cover spies who are using RADAR Tracking Surveillance on Citizens.

  In other words you cant tell whether or not you are under RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKING to surveille innocent citizens COVERTLY AND CLANDESTINLY.  That means the Government is likely Surveilling you and other Known or suspected Terrorists and that means that you wont be able to tell if you are under surveillance or not unless YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT IT,   That is, you need to know about it before you can prove it to anyone.   It must be mentioned that this surveillance has the aspect of REMOTE VIEWING in it  and by that I mean the operator has the ability to SEE AND HEAR WHAT THE TARGET SEES AND HEARS…  Anyone may be one of their targets, so the surveillance is total and complete.  This means that since Militia members are considered TERRORISTS by the Government. they most probably are under surveillance in this way,  the Government can see and hear what they are up to.
I must say that surveillance of Human threats by the government (FBI) is in the context of THREATS TO THE GOVERNMENT ONLY AND NOT TO The AMERICAN PEOPLE.  THIS Government is actively trying to classify all TRUMP Supporters now as Terrorists.  I see that Video Content creators are Journalists who are considered Terrorists and are highly feared by the Government because they are telling the truth and must be stopped by the supposed government.  The government is having difficulty getting the people to believe their narrative of lies due to JOURNALISTS Telling the TRUTH.  The FBI  and their Contractors are considered the ENEMY who is actively trying to Surveille and Kill TARGETS  who are TELLING THE TRUTH. TO OTHER CITIZENS.  This is why it is imperative that we round up some of these contractors fto gain Intelligence of the threat to innocent citizens which they pose.  Just a note that in NAZI Germany, the contractors would be considered spies and they would be executed as such.  This is war and it must be treated as such because this is what they are doing to innocent citizens.  The FBI Contractors SPIES are usually residing as close as possible to their target so as to be able to interact with their environment, monitor all COMS and to neutralize the target using DEW and Dirty Tricks

NOTE TO POTENTIAL TARGETS, and by that I mean Militias, “Video Content Creators” and 75Million Trump Supporters, etc..  YES YOU ARE POTENTIAL TARGETS or should I say LIKELY TARGETS of Surveillance or maybe you are even EXISTING TARGETS.  The time for trying to fly under the radar by ignoring current visible targets like me is past, if it ever worked.    Avoiding me is what the government wants you to do and that way they keep you targeted without you realizing it. I am a  visible target who is documenting my path so that I can help those who dont know BUT NEED TO KNOW they are Targeted. Please stop playing games with this because you must face it head on.  I encourage you to start talking to people about it!

CONSIDER: FBI Contractors using Directed Energy to effect FIBRO MYALGIA in the neck and shoulders and I suppose other places.   It feels like a knife is stabbing into the muscle and nerves.

CONSIDER ENERGY DISSIPATION :::  I believe that Energy Dissipation is done with DIRECTED ENERGY at a frequency which is the same as the energy being dissipated.  It could  be 180 degrees out of phase with it OR  The Directed Energy could be  chaoticly requesting muscle control for instance and sbecause it is chaotic, the enertgy delivered icannot be used properly and is dissipated..  I wonder if ELF energy would dissipate bodily energy?

Consider Energy DISSIPATION:  While analyzing the effect of Energy dissipation,  It  seems like ione of the effects sought after  could be to cause the target to seem as though he is SLOW or  SPEAKING SLOW or CONFUSED  or ALZHEIMERS APPEARING or SUNDOWNERS APPPEARING.   This can only be evaluated  empirically, either observing or as a test subject.   The objective with causing tthe subject to appear as having a disease or an affliction is that a doctor observing the target as a patient would be fooled into believing the patient has the particular affliction sought to mimic.  In most cases the Directed Energy causes the target to exhibit sthe symptoms and yet the symptoms will disappear after the Energy has dissipated.

It has been demonstrated that an electronic circuit can be HYBERNATED or put on hold to not work and give the appearance that it is broken or non functional and yet when the Directed ENERGY input has dissipated the circuit regains functional capability again like nothing happened.  I have had this demonstrated to me a dozen or so times.








The government fears what I have to say and they do not want people contradicting their narrative of lies.  The Government will do whatever it takes to silence dissent.  Killing dissenters at this point would alert the citizenry, so they have devised this way of subjugating people while at the same time using them in human experiments.  This is how they get rid of many dissidents in case you wondered why dissidents are not speaking out against the government, this is why.  It is important to notice that most dissidents are not killed but they are subjugated so they are VIRTUAL PRISONERS or SLAVES.  They are alive and can be seen by people, but it is all a psychological operation allowing you to believe that everything is normal. In addition to the above, the intelligence community uses the targets to produce CHAOS which allows them to Take down and DESTROY America from within and produce DEPOPULATION by 90%. I have told you the agenda and you are in the path of a non survivable event of cascading failures and disasters.  Events have been set in motion to result in FAMINE and WEATHER DISASTERS and these events will seem like natural disasters but they are as planned for as the COVID PANDEMIC was a planned event.  A meat shortage is being engineered and a farm produce shortage is in the works right now.  Within the Umpqua and Rogue Valley’s a water shortage is being engineered which you can see is happening if you look. The problem is that people are not doing research.  The truth is that most of these valley areas are slated to revert back to WILDERNESS and they are referenced as the WILDLANDS PROJECT in AGENDA 21 and 2030 as “NO HUMAN USE”!  People will die as a result of being climate refugees where they will be herded into stackem and packem mega city apartments. 

At this point I will just say that if you dont listen to me about this you will die. I dont want you to just believe me but do your own research so you can prove it to yourself.  The window where we as citizens can do anything to stop what is being rolled in on us is closing rapidly.  I mentioned before that this is called the GREAT RESET by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and it has all been planned in advance.  By Globalist insiders it is also called the GREAT CULLING because the result will be to cull approximately 90% of humanity.

You can see that NOW if you look at my website, all of the videos are to wake up and educate the public.  I am an activist and I spend my own money on the website in hopes of waking people up.  You will have to find out eventually that the Intelligence Community (FBI CIA DHA etc.) are all corrupt and criminal organizations who are PROXIES FOR THE GLOBALISTS.  In other words, they are TRAITORS who are helping to overthrow America and cause a mass genocide.

The FBI has recruited contractors in my vicinity to use Donna and me for HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.  Those contractors use Directed Energy Weapons which are also known as PSYCHOTRONICS and can be used as RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE.  I dont know exactly how many of the FBI Contractors there are here in Curry County, but I suspect there are hundreds if not thousands.  I had occasion to see dozens of them in Gold Beach and they were directed at me.  These contractors represent a MILITARY PRESENCE which is an occupying force.



In order to keep slaves on task and working it was and is generally believed that some form of TORTURE works best.  Formerly some form of whipping was used.  But today, the 
Directed Energy used to cause PAIN AND KEEP HEAD DOWN

Modern OVERSEER uses Directed Energy Weapons to keep the slaves in check.


In the following picture, note there are apparently two sets of nipples.  The extra set of nipples must have been a joke of the FBI OVERSEER because they were caused by DEW  BOIL Infections, so the Idea must have been that they would be seen on infrared imaging as DEEP RED or WHITE indicating they are VERY HOT like HOT NIPPLES…  There are torturers who are known far and wide for their boil infection making ability with Energy.  Weapons and apparently they like their infamous ability.

The picture on the right was taken during a period when the contractors were doing Bio Terrorism during which they could cause boil like infections via directed energy The extra set of nipples must have been a joke of the OVERSEER because they are BOIL Infections, so the Idea must have been that they would be seen via infraRed imaging as DEEP RED or VERY HOT like HOT NIPPLES…  There are torturers who are known far and wide for their boil infection making ability with Energy Weapons and apparently they like their infamous ability.

Targeted Engineer DEW Induced Pneumonia Drowning IS LIKE COVAIDS by FBI Fusion Center Contractors Sat. 3-2-2019

First of all there is something you should notice. This is directed energy induced pneumonia and FBI Contractors are doing this to people. I can talk about it because I have had this done to me 24+ times and I have concluded that the people doing this want me to go to the hospital. So, because respiratory distress usually ends up on a ventilator and 95% of the time the patient dies, then is this a death sentence? Can we go so far as to say this is murder? Are FBI contractors murdering people by mimicking pneumonia and the hospital is killing them via standard procedure? So why am I not dead? Its because I did not go to the hospital. A hospital visit for COVID1984 can only end badly so I opted not to go.
Okay, here is what I know. All Covid1984 is not the same. Remember the elderly people dying in nursing homes. In New York under Gov. Cuomo, over 13,000 elderly people died in New York nursing homes alone due to sick people being brought in to the homes and that is the cause given for illness. But in the Nursing homes it was reported that people were coming down with symptoms and dying the same day. There is something wrong with this because it takes two weeks to incubate before symptoms appear, if they appear at all. Most of the nursing home deaths had stark and disturbing symptoms like Pneumonia, while often times for the man in the street, there were no symptoms and they would not know they have it.
All I am saying is that my experience shows that there is a way to appear to have COVID1984 quickly with DEW and it can be lethal. I am not a doctor and there is nothing further I can say. I am putting this out here for others to look at. So why is this a thing, they obviously engineered the mimicking of this disease and the obvious question is WHY? All I can do is ask questions and it seems there are a lot of unanswered questions. Also, the Directed Energy Weapons act as SURVEILLANCE. It puts a RADAR BEAM on the Neural Cortex of the brain which is known as a REMOTE NEURAL IMAGE. This is the way FBI does human trafficking. There is more on this in my website. JamesLico.com .. I will just add that activists, journalists and whistleblowers are considered Terrorists and so they would probably be surveilled with what I call:: SURVEILLANCE TRACKING RADAR (DEW) via FBI contractor. Im just saying.

I recovered from this induced pneumonia right after the contractors turned off the radiation and it happened 24+ times.!!. Also, I do not have any heart or lung/ respiratory disease because i am a healthy 69yo retired man and I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, and Associate degrees in Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology so I am qualified to make educated observations about what is happening.. There are several things which can be observed and the main thing is that this is Human Experimentation and Human Trafficking and its called SLAVERY!.


President Barak Obama’s Commission for the study of bioethical issues had a distinct purpose and that was to prove that the dark past where innocent people were used as test subjects for illegal and unethical human experimentation would not happen again. Look at the banner headline on CNN News Anchor Ali Velshi’s desk.

News Anchor Host Ali States:: “The biggest violations of medical ethics ever perpetrated on US citizens”.  The Commission was supposed to make sure the medical ethics violations never happened again.
and this week medical experts are meeting to make sure something like this never happens again and leading that effort is Dr, Amy Guttmann, President of University of Pennsylvania. The commission showed a lot of promise as it started with big names and a big purpose.  But the effort fell on its face because of the disingenuousness of Dr. Amy Guttmann and others in the Bioethics Commission.  They were supposed to “MAKE SURE THE RAMPANT MEDICAL ETHICS VIOLATIONS OF THE PAST DID NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.  But the medical ethics violations started up right out of the starting gate.  Doctor John Hall, Author Allen Hornblum and Professor Gerald Schatz site ongoing egregious violations of medical ethics and they are never addressed by Dr Guttman.  Then Many sufferers of radiation from Energy Weapons stand up and tell their stories only to be echo’s in the darkness shed by Dr Amy Guttmanns Bioethics Commission which is a sham and fraud of a commission perpetrated on the American public.


On Sunday, June 27, 2021 I realized more about the following experiment done to me. This is just one of dozens of experiments done to test subjects.

I finally figured out another piece of the puzzle how the FBI contractor is zapping my life force energy.  Also bear in mind that these contractors live in the immediate area and have lived here for years.  I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would decide to become a TRAITOR and do experiments on people let alone their neighbors, which is SLAVERY and HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  The experiment that is being run on me is the following.  Look at the purplish circles in the lungs area.  These circles represent spots in the lungs where an energy beam is held in place for a period of time (seconds) and then moved onto another spot.  I think the idea is to debilitate or zap the energy in the small area and then after a bunch of circles have been zapped to the extent they are satisfied then they stop.  Does this make the target both tired mentally and physically exhausted to the point where the target just wants to lie down and vegetate trying to regain strength but unable to.  Or is it necessary for the contractors to drain the energy out of other structures in the body to effect total fatigue or even kill.  I have also had my muscles around my waist and legs drained of energy which I noticed as I was doing yard work.  I could feel the energy beam accessing my muscles and then my muscles felt fatigued. The contractors always attempt to do this slowly but steadily so as to make it seem natural and non interventional.   In the past I compared ENERGY ZAPPING to the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment in the aspect of ADVERSE HEALTH EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH ON HUMAN TEST SUBJECTS . In My opinion, the objectives are similar and that is to find adverse ways of effecting an individuals health which will shorten their lifespan and cause the subject to die prematurely sooner than without intervention. The idea I believe is to cause disability sooner in people leading to a premature death.  Now why would a neighbor soil where he eats by experimenting on and killing his neighbor with Torture in this way.  Now remember i am not mentioning names but I do think the contractor is in the immediate general vicinity and this is what I will write in my book. The FBI is in the process of being found out to be an agency of which all of the good people have already left because they did not like the terrible corruption and the setting up and trampling of people and their rights.  I mean look at what they are doing here, where they use community members as Literal SLAVES of corporations and the motherfraping morons just TORTURE away until the target dies.  WOW! Then all the while they call the people crazy.  I can only believe that since I am outing this crime. I will pray for the insane people who do this because I would hate to be them when their neighbors find out they are torture killing people for money. Also, law enforcement is complicit because they are acquiescing to GENOCIDE by referring to targets as CRAZY and even facilitating their subjugation with mental health.  I mean after all the targets are telling LE what is happening and yet they are ignored. The LE and FBI Contractors both are aware this is a WAR CRIME AND MURDER and genocide’s and yet they keep doing it.

COMPARE This to 1930’s Germany and Hitler’s rise to power.  This is only the start in America,  In Germany they got very efficient at killing, where they automated the process in the death camps  to make killing and body disposal more efficient.  AMERICANS WILL GET MORE EFFICIENT AT IT IN THE COMING DAYS AND WEEKS!   Dr Mengele was a NAZI doctor in a death camp who did experiments on the inmates because because they would be killed anyway.  This is the same logic the FBI Contractors use because it is for THE GREATER GOOD and THE TARGETS WILL BE DEAD ANYWAY SO LETS PLAY WITH THEM AS IF THEY ARE PERSONAL TOYS.  It is a fact that the contractors get drunk and toy with the targets as though they are play things for their entertainment to stave off boredom.  I just cannot fathom how people could allow this to happen  What this subjugation of targets allows is TO KEEP THE TARGETS SUBJUGATED BY DEBILITATING ENERGY TREATMENTS SO THAT THEY REMAIN VISIBLE BUT NEUTRALIZED .  This is an improvement over historical methods of allowing NEUTRALIZING OF DISSIDENTS BEFORE THE KILLING PHASE STARTS.  This way it is not necessary to SECRETLY DISSAPEAR the targets.  This way the citizens will not be alerted to the danger as their friends are hauled off and murdered..  Its all about Neutralizing and getting rid of dissidents who would otherwise alert others to the danger which will befall them.  Unfortunately the FBI Contractors are too stupid or complicit in the GENOCIDE.  The goal is to kill 9 out of 10 people in Curry County and every other county in America. This is a MILITARY TAKE OVER AND MILITARY OCCUPATION.  The military has moved in and DIVIDED AND CONQUORED all of these people in this small community. as surely as if they drove in with military tanks and equipment.  It is better than if the military did it because the civilians do it with gusto and their neighbors do not realize THEY ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY TRAITORS UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE.

I feel absolutely horrible and weak after having my energy neutralized. I wonder what these people think they are doing and why they would think that TORTURE is a job?  They would either have to be the dumbest people in the world or complicit with this agenda.  Related to the picture of lungs, I feel like I do not have the breath to say an entire sentence and must take a second breath to finish my sentences.  This must be an experiment to mimic a disease which inhibits the functionality of the lungs like endurance limiting or weakness.   You can see that these contractors are actually doing NAZI work like DR Mentalee type experiments to cause people to die prematurely…

In addition to above, this contractor is also doing COLON INFLAAMATION EXPERIMENTATION where my colon is inflamed so that I have what appears mimic INFLAMMATORY COLON DISEASE which is very painful and uncomfortable,   THIS IS ALL COVERED BY GREAT SECRECY AS IF FBI CONTRACTORS ARE PROTECTING NATIONAal SECCURITY AND AMERICA FROM ATTACK…. All the while the  American people keep doing as they are told by the World Health Organization and the Dr. Fauci at the CDC.




===========The following are timely news events which support my narrative====================

As a victim of Medical Ethics Violations I am giving my testimony in support of many others.  Right now, for instance I am being radiated in SKINNER BOX EXPERIMENT, where each and every time I stand, the cartilage surrounding the lumbar area of my back is radiated with inflammatory energy resonant with the cartilage surrounding my waste and spine.  See Image.  I have degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biology and Computer Science.  I am targeted with DEWS and once you understand what energy is, you can differentiate energy pain from other types of pain. There is no sense wasting your time going to a doctor if the pain is from Directed Energy.  Although the FBI Contractors have gained some skill in trying to fool victims and Doctors by mimicking pain and discomfort which are characteristic of the pains people have when suffering from normal everyday maladies and afflictions.  This back pain is just such trick.  The FBI Contractor must radiate the same spot every time before I get up.  But sometimes it forgets, or radiates the wrong spot or radiates the spot late.  Also, This is definitely not back pain, it is pain in the cartilage area (see the lower plate where the whiteish cartilage extends around the spine and over the hips).  You see, as the pain gets more intense, this FBI Contractor increases the energy and the pain goes in a circular arc out around my hips.  You see, I have just had this happen before and so there is no use wasting a doctors time.  Besides it makes the patient look like a hypochondriac because the FBI Contractor will have the target going to the doctor all the time which looks foolish.  Take my word for it because I know what I am talking about.  There are FBI Contractors doing this and many other MIMICKED AFFLICTIONS, so lets stop them from hurting people and stop the SPOOKY FBI DRAMA. Besides, the psychological downside to this physical abuse is that the FBI Contractor is using this DRAMA to guide the target to his death because this is exactly what FORCED SUICIDE looks like so remember this example, because all forced suicide has this skinner box effect, where the target is shown over and over that the pain is intense, it will not stop and is relentless.  So if the pain is bad enough, statistically speaking, a percentage of targets will eventually think of suicide and a potential remedy.  But this is a problem with YOUR FBI and not you, so hang in there because the pain felt by targets is widely spread among targets now.  My point is that this is probably more indicative of a fearful FBI trying to force a few more suicides before the FBI is forced to terminate the Targeting Program.  After all, the program is long in the tooth and the IC has come out and admitted agents are being attacked now at the White House, so it wont be too awfully much longer.  So hang in their targets.


I would like to declare that I have been taken as a SLAVE when I was a child.  I know that because I have always had intermittent BRAIN FOG AND OTHER SERIOUS PROBLEMS associated with DIRECTED ENERGY BRAIN CONTROL.  Also I was used in Human Experimentation when I was an employee working for Lockheed Martin Marietta from 1990 to 1995.  I dont know what kind of life philosophy the Deep Staters who are perpetrating this abomination of STATE CONTROL Over INASIVELY BRAIN INTERFACE CONTROLLED SLAVES have although I suspect that it is Statist Dominations and they worship the Military and Medical Industrial Complex.  I am declaring that I have done nothing to warrant being taken as a SLAVE at any point in my life and I will PRE-CONDEMN anyone who agrees with taking Children as slaves.

People need to wake up now because as you can read above. Citizens are being taken as Invasively Dominated Brain/Computer Interfaced Slaves.  This is complete control and the person never had a chance.  Although however unfairly dealt with the Brain Controled citizens are Gaslighted if they find out and then try to deal with their imposed enslavement.

The people must wake up because the STATE is now committed to full take over of America and the world.  They have always been afraid of the people who are waking up.  But now everyone who has even any intelligence is now awake.  Therefore the State has now doubled down on domination.  The Intelligence Community (FBI CIA DHS) has always had allegiance to Corporatism and never had allegiance to the People even though they pay their keep.  Now that all TRUMP SUPPORTERS, Veterans, Alt. Journalists, Activists, Patriots etc. have been called out as Terrorists, it is apparent that all these groups are TARGETED DISSIDENT Enemy’s of the STATE.

DISSIDENTS will all be the first to be CULLED, so whether they get you now or they get you later you now know what is happening.  Now is the time to look yourself in the mirror 

It will be found that the IC, (FBI CIA etc.) are using surveillance tracking radar on activists. If you are an activist there is a good chance that you are on a list as a DISSIDENT and Enemy Of The State.
I know about the Radar Tracking because of the invasive form of targeting I am under and in addition I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and Associate in Biology.  All Activists are being tracked.  Watch your neighbors for signs of their comings and goings from a surveillance job tracking you. The FBI Fusion Center pays well for Treason by neighbors. Tell your neighbors to avoid being tempted to be TRAITORS, because otherwise they will be responsible for TREASON.  There is no sunset for TREASON and WAR CRIMES.
These IC agencies are not on the side of the people and have always been on the side of Globalists and Corporations. They are all making the decisions to collapse society, cause famine and destabilize society.  Bear in mind that their plans include depopulation by 90%.  It includes removal of humans from the wild lands and ushering humans into a mega city where the populous can be tracked traced and data based.  There will be no need to forcibly move people to the city, since they will be burned out of their homes forcing them to relocate to safety and they will have no recourse.

The temptation is to keep doing what you have been doing but it is time to think long and hard about that.  DONT BE A TRATOR!

NOTE WELL:: in normal operation, the FBI Contractors will not kill you or injure you.  They will attempt to guide you through a psyop to commit suicide.

Note Well::  The FBI Contractors are merely the hands of a researcher who is back at a University lab somewhere.  They follow orders and do the dirty work of the researcher in charge of me as their project, who has an agenda and so the contractors do not make up any of the procedures. Therefor someone is in charge of and running the skinner box experiment being perpetrated on me now.  This is pain on standing up to force suicide.


Please watch my videos because I went to a lot of trouble and expense to put videos on my website which are timely and pertinent to what is going on to help guide you in making the decisions which must be made.


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SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19

I dont think we will have to go too far to prove that the Communist FBI contractors and the people who were doing the COVID scam to prove their guilt. all OF THESE PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AS PROVED IN THIS VIDEO BY ALEX jONES AND FOX News. Fauci, and others admit their guilt on video to make it very easy to prosecute them. So like I say it will be easy to convict the FBI CIA DHS of foreknowledge of their deadly role in the Covaids story. Naturally all the FBI contractors know and are aware of their complicity in Murder and genocide. There will have to be capital punishment due to the fact that there are so many of them and capital punishment is the only way to diminish the sheer volume of guilty people.


Wuhan Lab Investigation is the Globalists’ Check on Chinese Power Grab