Evidence Given For A Bioethics Investigation Of TI Torture From Infrasonic Weapons.

The Presidential bioethics commission is a commission formed by the President to resolve bioethics violations and to make sure any human experimentation currently in progress, proceeds in an ethical manner.   There are a significant number Bioethical violations reported by Targeted Individuals, regarding the use and abuse of Directed Energy Weapons on humans.
This abuse characterized by targeted individuals is typical of the abuse that would be expected from the use of Directed Energy Weapons on human subjects.  The final outcome is complex in that the human subject would eventually succumb to the torture and abuse through exhaustion resulting in death by heart attack, stroke or self inflicted injury resulting in death of the subject victim.
There exists a 49,000,000 Air Force contract, which was awarded in May of 2013. to study human bioeffects of Electro Magnetic Weapons on human subjects.  This contract is in force and ongoing.  The Targeted individual torture has the earmarks of human testing for the very purpose of Electro Magnetic Weapon effects testing.  http://jafelco-ntt.blogspot.com/2013/07/mind-control-plus-human-de-testing-on.html.  There is a smoking gun, which will become apparent to anyone evaluating the evidence.  
The authorities will not recognize the problem exists.  I believe they know about it but are purposefully ignoring it in hopes the project to run the course that was anticipated.  I believe that this information is starting to come out mostly due to the bravery of Edward Snowden.  Another factor was the insight developed as a result of outcomes from the Navy Yard Mass Shooting.
So in effect, due to the mass shooting (Navy Yard) in which 12 people were killed by Aaron Alexis, it was subsequently found that he had been a victim of mind control.  He had the same symptoms as people testifying at the bioethics commission.  He reported the stalking and also attacks by directed energy weapons (ELF waves in particular).  People who are targeted individuals, will characterize this man as a person driven to the edge and past the breaking point to commit mass murder as a result of because of being mercilessly attacked by electromagnetic weapons ( ELF ).  This is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy FACT.  I would say it is now time we start removing these psychopaths (who some TI’s can identify) from society.  It is my contention that the guilty parties be taken into custody and formally charged.  
So in closing, I now believe that there will be enough evidence to do a proper investigation through to completion.  Our leaders need to recognize their responsibility.  The people who are victims deserve the respect achieved through recognition of their plight and medical care which is overdue.  
It really is about ethics in the biological treatment of human test subjects, known as Bioethics.