Dying Declaration of James F Lico

video showing the Intelligence Community is being attacked all around the world with Directed Energy Weapons for the last 5 years and the CIA cant stall any longer, so they have opted to create the Hafana syndrome law so they can get reimbursed for health injuries and damages..

I feel it is time to write this declaration because the energy is getting very aggressive and I can see the writing on the wall.  I would like to say that it is my belief that the radiation I am being hit with is coming form the Gifford Barnes house.  There are two other neighbors steve Hatfield and John Clute who are also taking money from  the FBI Fusion center slush fund to hurt me and Donna.  Gifford Barnes lived alone in his house across the street from me until I moved in and now Giffords house is a grand central station to relatives of the barnes who are FBI contractors.  It is these three neighbors and the FBI Contractors around them who are killing Donna and me with Energy Weapons.  The Havana act immediately removes the label of mentally ill from me and it should not have been there in the first place.  I have college degrees in Electronics Engineering Technology, Biology and Computer Science  I believe it is a fact that the Barnes and hatfield and Clute are killing me and Donna for the FBI.

October 22, 2021  Friday
2:11am I had to get back up out of bead because I am being tortured so severely.  I have been tortured severely all day with excruciating back pain and heart attacks and colon attacks which petrified by stool so it would not come out.

I feel that I may die tonight and so I am going to get this declaration onto social media so the Sheriff can see it.

Consider this:: my tendons in my left and right arm now are structures which become inflamed at resonance.

  • All structures resonate within the biological window of 2.5 to 2.75GHz
  • inflammed tendown are very painful
  • the contractors have setup my a drone to radiate my tendons just off the resonance point so that any tension/stress on the tendons of my left and right forearms will bring those tendons into resonance and thus cause an increasing amount of pain the more in resonance they become.  This is a psychopathic torture scenarioo… Try to understand that this is kind of torture which increases and becomes intense when and only when I use my arms for lifting or anything really.  
  • Is this torture technique really the kind of things we want to do as AmericanThe problem with this job of the Barnes is for a murder for hire scheme.
  • This job is to roll in Communism and a Totalitarian Police state
  • The Intelligence Community and especially the FBI are behind all of the chaos including the Plandemic.
  • The IC and especially the FBI are traitors to the American people
  • the FBI and the IC plans to kill 95% of the people in a global genocide
  • They want to especially do this in America first.
  • The Barnes are working for the FBI Fusion Center killing Americans who are trying to help America
  • Therefore as one who is helping America, I am on a kill list, which I believe is the Terrorist watch list
  • This makes the FBI contractors and thus the Barnes Traitors to America.
  • The Barnes are committing war crimes and Felonies daily
  • I believe the torture is getting more aggressive because something is about to happen such as a False Flage.
  • This may be a financial collapse.
  • certainly many people are dying and being injured from the vaccine