DOOMSDAY Scenario projects implemented by Psychopaths in charge

Psychopaths have power over our lives and we need to take it back

Here is a list of decisions most normal people would feel uncomfortable having other people make for them, who are devoid of HUMAN FEELINGS.  Most people do not want others
having major control over the direction of our lives.  This is not some imaginary event, it is happening right now in real time.   I tried to make a list of major decisions that should not be left up to psychopathic people, no matter what agency or corporation they represent.  I could only think of two important concepts, as I was writing this.
*life and death decisions  (Emergency related to doomsday scenario, or less)
*maximize profits at any cost  (business related, ignoring the human factor)

Can you think of any other concepts, you would put in this list.

Those in charge want to desensitize you to this change over, because they do not want you to notice it is happening and therefore to not try to stop it.
For the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS and DOJ, SPYING is a big time problem if psychopaths were to be found running any particular one agency, corporation or subgroup.  Psychopaths have an advantage over normal people.  You might thing everyone feels the same as you, when you look at an event and say “look at that… doesn’t that just rip your heart out”.   For most people it would be true because we are hardwired to feel others pain.  Bus a psychopath looking at the same thing would wonder what all the fuss is about, because for him, it is a non emotional event.  Therefore psychopaths have an advantage over normal people in that they do not emotions the way normal people do, they have no empathy, they have no remorse and are never sorry and are never embarrassed by anything.  They can and do lie with impunity and they will break rules and the law if they are sure they won’t get caught.  This is how they get to high levels on the career ladder.  They get what they want  by taking out rivals by whatever means necessary on their way to the top.  They have an inflated sense of importance and love to have control over others and make decisions concerning others.  They take chances, especially with others.  It may come as a surprise, but they look at people like objects, much like chess pieces on a game board.  They would have no problem with someone, under their control, getting hurt or even killed. 

I had to backtrack to give you a short profile of a psychopathic personality in general, because it concerns my topic.  My topic is doomsday scenarios and I know you have seen movie trailers and heard talk Zombie Apocalypse and other zombie movies.  You may have thought it was science fiction, but I assure you that if there are people who take it very seriously.   If there were some major catastrophie, that interupted the food and watter supply for weeks, people would be dying in the streets.  This is planned and tested for and these plans and tests are underway now.  Decisions must be made about who will survive and who will die.  What do you think Katrina in Louisiana was all about? 

Another doomsday scenario concerns another imagined threat.  Activists are protected by freedom of speech, going back to the time of our founding fathers.   Activists have shortened the Viet Nam war, because because they wrote and demonstrated about it.  This may seem like a good thing, but I guarantee that some people didn’t like people stepping on their toes.  The war was not supposed end so soon and to some in charge, the activists looked like dissident terrorists, the enemy in other words.  It may come as no shock to you that things have changed in our society after 911 and this is not a coincidence.  The Patriot Act was rolled out and in its present form, it tends to go above and beyond it’s own boundaries.  It allows Americans to be detained by the military for indefinite periods without explanation.  Now the press is being harassed and their sources are in jeopardy, so they are afraid to talk.  Whistleblowers are being put in jail and the guilty are free to continue torturing or whatever else they do.  If this doesn’t look like everything is being done to advance the interests of corporations rather that people.  This is exactly what FASCISM is: Advancing and merging corporate interests with Government as a primary concern of the Government.

This agenda has been promoted, adapted and implemented by psychopaths.  Their actions are expected to go unnoticed and for that to happen, people must be in place who know what is going on and will not complain (they are already there).  It is these agencies which will do the implementation of these scenarios into practice and out of the DRILL phase.
CIA spying and control big problem due to psychopaths running the CIA
DOJ spying and control (includes FBI and DHS) big problem due to psychopaths running the DOJ, FBI and DHS.

We cannot allow psychopaths to have control over our lives.  Doing so is like giving a robot control over us.  They will take all power given to them.  They have run into life and death decisions and solutions for which they are prohibited by human rights from making.  No one deserves to be chosen as a lab rat for the state. 

President Obama has a BIOETHICS COMMITTEE which he commissioned to study to see if there is a problem with ethical treatment of humans in research.  The president is held accountable for doing something, now that the results indicate GROSS unethical treatment (even murder).  in addition, news services and law makers are libel for results if they know about it.  Most do know, because they were individually sent letters.  

Things I am going through give me clues about purpose or reason for experiments, so I will use myself as an example.  The psychopaths started a few days ago with a pounding sound like someone was walking without shoes on in the apartment above mine.  You see, the noise is supposed to get me used to it and then change it to something else.  That was a precursor to playing back heart sounds and other sounds to see what sounds are psychologically destructive to the human body.  This is also murder. 

I have degrees in Biology, Computer Science and  Electronics Engineering Technology.  I know that some psychiatrist has designed this testing program.  This person who is at the helm will be responsible for everything..  Also, psychopaths feed off each other and give eachother ideas.  This program is being designed to subtly destroy (SOFTKILL/SLOWKILL) human life who are subjected to it.  It is way past time for the sheep to wake up.  I may be in the hot seat now, but you all (EVERYONE) will be surprised when your turn comes up and you are on point to be terminated. 

You need to know what it means to have psychopaths in charge of life and death decisions.  Psychopaths will grab as much power as they are given.  They make robotic decisions concerning life and death.  You do not want these people getting into this area.  This is the 20 PEOPLE IN A LIFE BOAT SYNDROME, NOW CHOOSE WHO WILL LIVE OR DIE. you may have been given this philosophical problem in school.  PSYCHOPATHS take it literally and will make their decisions based on THEIR OWN, PSYCHOPATHIC view of the world.   We do not want ROBOTIC life and death decisions implemented.  It is the psychopaths who came up with the ZOMBIE epidemic, to head off or make acceptable, an apocalyptic event, where only part of the population will survive.  This is EUGENICS, where some human designer ZAR can make life and death decisions.  That is right… who lives and who dies.  No, it is not just in case of emergency.  Now it is to prepare for an emergency and it is in the realm of safety and security.

If a psychopath is head of an agency, what are the odds he would choose a psychiatrist to head an some secret sub group.. an APOCALYPSE DEPARTMENT, where he would do DOCTOR MENGELE (Nazi death camp) type experiments on the population.  You see, it starts with ideas and expands (under psychopathic control) when money is available to real life implementation.  It has to include illegal, inhumane decisions about life and death at some point, because psychopaths are running things.

These illegal experiments are being run on the population right now.  It is estimated that Targeted Individuals number approximately 300,000 in the US right now.  There are many more who do not even know they are targeted.  They are the advance experimental group and people are added all the time.  You or a loved one will be chosen at some point.  Everybody is expendable at some point.  All it will take is a psychopathic decision and your in there.  You need to imagine what kind of world view a psychopath has.  It includes science fiction apocalypse scenarios and it implements those scenarios.  This is called Emergency Management and for the psychopathic personality, it will include dooms day scenarios like the world of MAD MAX AND THE THUNDER DOME for crimany sakes.  This is total control and guided by the psychopaths in charge.  Compliance is NOT optional.

Check out this short movie about psychopaths.  “WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW.” Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.