Don’t let The Presidents Commission on Bioethics get away with COVERING UP GENOCIDE/Torture

Author: James F Lico written 10/25/13 Seattle WA 98106
The Presidents Commission on Bioethics is ignoring the testimony given by Targeted Individuals (TI’s) and covering up the torture of american citizens.
 Do not let them get away with covering up GENOCIDE.  We must come together as a group and complain loudly so they know we mean business.  They have remained silent for over a year, during which People are being hurt, people are being tortured and people are being killed.  This ignorance would not happen in a functioning democracy.
The commission took our testimony in the commission meeting as they are required to do by law.  Their charter as a BIOETHICS committee is to seek out, find and make recommendations to President OBAMA if evidence of BIOETHICS violations exist.  EVIDENCE OF TORTURE AND GENOCIDE is what a BIOETHICS committee is supposed to find out about.  President Obama had the foresight to create this committee and now he is trying to see if TI’s will quietly go away.  TELL HIM NO, WE WON’T GO AWAY.!!  

Here is the youtube link of the commission:
Listen especially to author, Mr. Hornbloom and Doctor John Hall’s testimony.

Aaron Alexis opened fire on the Navy Yard last month, killing 12 and wounding several others. Now, the New York Post is reporting that two weeks before his deadly rampage, he emailed the human rights organization, “Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance,” several times.  This NGO is a human rights organization that assists those who are targeted with organized stalking and remote electronic assaults nationwide and worldwide.  

That’s right Aaron Alexis, the NAVY YARD SHOOTER was a Targeted Individual.  After the plethora of MASS SHOOTINGS in this country we now have hard evidence that at least one and maybe more people who have perpetrated MASS SHOOTINGS are TI’s.  Now that you know to look for that, how about doing something about the problem.  Law makers are too busy wasting the peoples time to get anything done to help thousands of people who are being physically and psychologically tortured to death.  We are victims of genocide and slow kill torture for god’s sake.

Targeted Individuals have all the credibility they need.  They can prove what they say if a law maker will listen.  Lets pretend that America is still a functioning democracy and help the 250,000 or so people who are suffering from this crime.

We did what we were supposed to do, that is: Show UP at the Presidents Commission on Bioethics, to testimony and documentation evidence of GENOCIDE and TORTURE with Directed Energy Weapons, to the commission.  The Presidents commission and the news media should be all over this.   Now we need to find out IF THEY (Amy Guttman and President Obama) ARE GOING TO DO THEIR JOB’s.

This is getting ridiculous, where we report the crime over and over again.  Still after every lawmaker at least once was hand delivered letters from Targeted Individuals (TI’s), an expensive way to assure that at least everyone of them at least have received at least one hundreds if not thousands of letters, FAX’s and phone calls from TI’s.  I suppose all the rest of the letters and FAX’s went into the circular file.  I am talking about thousands of people all reporting the same thing and suffering from the same symptoms, as the result of physical and psychological torture.  

  I tweeted @bioethicsgov and am putting this on my blog so you can all find out about it.  Please retweet my tweet from @JAFELCO containing #TI and post to your facebook page.  I have a post about it on my facebook page
I received the following email from the presidents commission on bioethics on thursday I think because I follow @bioethicsgov (their twitter account).  They only give one day notice and do not say anything about IGNORING TI’s TESTIMONY.
here is the letter from and @bioethics on their web site.
++++++begin copy pasted email++++++
from:  Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues <>
reply-to:  Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues <>
date:  Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 7:00 AM
subject:  Meet Us at ASBH

Dr. Amy Gutmann, Chair of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, will lead a plenary session at the ASBH Annual Meeting on Friday, October 25th at 9:15am, addressing current issues in bioethics.

Watch the video The Role of a Presidential Bioethics Commission to learn more about us.

Bioethics Commission staff will also be presenting at the conference:

  • Also on Saturday, join us for a paper session on “Something of an Adventure”: Postwar NIH Research Ethos and the Guatemala STD experiments which draws on the Bioethics Commissions report Ethically Impossible.”

Follow us on Twitter @bioethicsgov for the latest updates from ASBH.

++++++end copy pasted email++++++

In addition, Bioethics should be important but is ignored.  The administration is culpable on this because the Directed Energy Weapons attacks reek of human testing and IMO this is going on NOW.
 I received some great clues I found in a WIRED/DANGER ROOM article.  The Air Force put a $49,000,000 Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR) Contract out for bid and it was to be awarded in April of 2013.  The contract is top secret and I never heard anything about the award, nor could I find anything out on line.  They probably did award the contract and I have been meaning to make some phone calls but so far have not gotten around to it. I couldn’t find the prime contractor or sub contractors.   I tried to get people psyched about this but it didn’t go anywhere as yet.
For Top Secret Air Force contract  Description: Basic IDIQ statement of objectives
Download the word DOC
The testing looks, acts and feels like human testing plus murder.  The handlers are to keep the LAB ANIMALS in line and run DE tests and other test to supplement their normal psychopathic duties.
another article about human testing
Here is an rfid scan of my body done by Jessie Beltran of ICAACT
Author: James F Lico