Donna and I are held literally as slaves inside our home by Greedy FBI Contractors who tell people that we need to be watched.

As a survivors of FBI Contractor Slavery in Port Orford Oregon inside Curry County, Donna and I are Prisoners inside our own home at 92800 Mill Pond Road, in Port Orford Oregon.  Judge for yourselves, I have nothing to hide.  Actually I believe that Corporations own us as Biomedical slaves and the FBI and Contractors are our OVERSEERS. My hope is that patriots will liberate us as free people after the people find out that this take over by the deep state, The Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, DHS, etc.) is actually a war on the people.
I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, and an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and an Associate in Biology. This is the basis the joining of these three aspects of technology which is used to surveille and enslave us.  I am speaking of course about Human Trafficking Technology which I call Radar Surveillance Tracking Technology and is extremely invasive.  This is extremely invasive and advanced radar tracking technology which is designed to track a human target around via Remote Neural Image of the targets brain. This technology has remained SECRET since it was first used in the 1970’s because they wanted it to remain a secret so that it could further exploit the public.  Now the technology is in the hands of an army of Surveillance contractors who also double as torture specialists since the technology can be used for two way telemetry to transmit information data for biomedical use.
See the following two videos depicting DEW Induced Pneumonia Drowning
as I say in the first video, my lungs are full of fluid and I cant breathe due to the fact that my diaphragm has been partially disabled

about the extremely intrusive surveillance which is used on us is in reality used on numerous targets in US and abroad.

Targeted Engineer re: FBI Contract SLAVERY In Port Orford Oregon 123120

Targeted Engineer DEW Induced Pneumonia Drowning IS LIKE COVAIDS by FBI Fusion Center Sat. 3-2-2019


Targeted Engineer Drowning Via Directed energy Weapons

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  1. what you see in my videos is the SLAVERY of a retired man by the Government (FBI) for use in BIO Medical Experiments. I do not have COVID. The effects of what these people have done to me wear off soon after they stop radiating me. The people who do this are spies and reside in many neighborhoods throughout the country, where they spy on others whom are threats to the Govt. AREYOU A THREAT? You are if you are one of the 74million TRUMP supporters or a journalist or an activist or are critical of the Govt. IT IS A LOT OF PEOPLE. .. please check out my website videos…. Thanks James Lico


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