DOJ; FBI; Fusion Centers and Contractors Are OVERSEER’s of Innocent Watch Listed Targeted Individuals as Bio Medical Slaves for  Deep State Organized Crime

DOJ; FBI; Fusion Centers and Contractors Are OVERSEER’s of Innocent Watch Listed Targeted Individuals as Bio Medical Slaves for  Deep State Organized Crime

Government contractors are targeting citizens who are on the Terrorist Watch List for use in NIH Brain Research Experiments, where they are used as non-consensual research subjects, remotely, with use of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM).  The contractors money troughs are full and it is for mercenary OVERSEER pay. Yes, it is a lot of money because this is human trafficking and they need to keep quiet about it because it is a S E C R E T! SHHHHHHH! They are doing this human experimentation for weapons research and brain research etc. WHY TORTURE?? Good question. They dont need people for brain research who are comfortable, they need people with cortisol flowing, stressed out and in pain and these contractor handlers give them that. The handlers (contractors) work with a researcher at a university laboratory who tells them where and how much pain the test subject should have so the pain signal can be traced from source to neurons firing in the brain.  Think of it like tracing down a cars electrical system.  Are you aware that the number of monkeys used in research is way down? Its because HUMAN BEINGS ARE USED FOR RESEARCH NOW! For the humans, it is TERMINAL BRAIN RESEARCH! This is Obama’s BRAIN INITIATIVE which has turned into a multi billion dollar research initiative all based on using human beings as non consensual human research subjects!

If you would like to help us, you dont need to understand every nuance about this. All you need to do is see that people are being human trafficked and you should call your Congressman and demand to have it stopped. What can be readily discerned with no trouble is that local people are being enlisted by the FBI as SLAVE OVERSEERS and they are given directed energy weapons (DEW) to keep the human slaves in line and to perform testing.  Of course the overseers are told the slaves are really Terrorists who need to be watched.  The people who they get to be overseers are sociopaths and probably literally morons so they dont ask too many questions.  The Energy Weapons (DEW) are dual use, that is they are anti personnel weapons and also they are called PSYCHOTRONIC weapons as in PSYCHE or Human Consciousness electronics which as you will find out allows extremely sophisticated two way remote biomedical communications with the human organism.

Here Dr. James Giordano talks about the Cuba Diplomats who were attacked with Directed Energy Weapons within the SOUND or SONIC frequency spectrum.   Dr Giordano is an expert NeuroScientist who talks here about weaponized and weaponizing neuroscience and also he calls himself a NeuroEthhicist indicating he is ethically responsible.   He worked for DOD and DARPA indicating he is walking both sides of the fence between weapons and ethics of weapons.

Dr. James Giordano is a DARPA insider who herein talks about extent of the Weaponized Neuro Science, already deployed on the citizenry

This human trafficking is all done in the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY!  The way this works is that it provides a cottage industry where some of the locals can make a lot of money ignoring their conscience, without working too hard. The catch is to keep quiet because obviously this is Secret research,  Without too much trouble you can see how this is similar to the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, which went on for 50 years.   This is  very compartmentalized so the people doing the work are chosen because they are dumb and nationalistic STATISTS.  They are told only what they need to know in order to do the work. They are under a psyop and shroud of secrecy where the targets are portrayed as trouble makers who must be watched.  This is like a scripted play where the targets are paraded as crazy people to passers by, while they are remotely, electronically used as human experiment victims while law enforcement remains oblivious to this ORGANIZED CRIME.

All these sociopathic people doing this work (Useful Idiots) came as a result of the aftermath of 911, when intelligence community budgets doubled and their man power tripled, thus allowing the intelligence community the ability to hire hundreds of thousands of sociopathic contractors and in actuality put literally morons and incompetents as useful idiots on the streets of America as deep state contractors paid by the tax payers.  They are Gang Stalkers, snitches, Torture Contractors FBI, CIA, DHS and they are all venal and corrupt and also corruptible.  They come from all walks of life but their personalities and experience usually indicate they are often the dregs of society which is what was intended.  They are told the targets are to be destroyed and they can keep anything which they can get from them by hook or crook.  This is part of the secret deep state army and it is this army’s job to destroy America from within.  Many parts of this meat grinder is similar to the Phoenix program used in Vietnam and Latin America for destabilization.  This killing of enemies of the state can be seen in these horrific pictures of LVIV Ukraine Pogrom of 1941 where sociopaths in the town raped and killed their neighbors in a most brutal, greedy and cowardly manner because the NAZIS told them they wouldn’t get in trouble (go to link).  I didnt put the pictures here because they are shocking.
What I have been telling which is happening in America, is really happening in countries throughout the world and it is a global holocaust.
The best way I can tell you about the torture done to TI’s is to tell you about the torture done to Targets is to tell you what is happening to me now.  My head feels like it weighs 50Lbs because my military contractor human trafficking handler is weakening muscle which hold up my head with a bio-resonant directed energy beam causing great difficulty in holding my head up and great fibromyalgia pain 9of 10 stabbing me in the shoulder.   This is what happens to me during the day now.  This beam makes my neck muscles tired and causes me to feel as if I might pass out.  the muscle weakening is probably what cause me to be unable to breathe in the following video which logically seems like simulated drowning.  This video is shocking because I am having difficulty breathing.  A good question to ask:: is this punishment or is it fun like a video game or is it for experimentation?   The experimentation they  to us is about afflictions and disease mimicry.  They are doing this for a reason and these people are serious about being stealthy about the disease mimicry.  People have to start paying attention because YOU ARE NEXT. Your rights are the same as mine.
 This is the DEEP STATE standing army the fore fathers warned us about.  This army has death squads of useful idiots ready to kill dissidents whom the government points out to them through the terrorist watch list and its all paid by the tax payers.  They are the NAZIS returned from days gone by.
They are Gang Stalkers, snitches, Torture Contractors FBI, CIA, DHS and they are all venal and corrupt and also corruptible.  This is part of the secret deep state army and it is this army’s job to destroy America from within.
Here is how it works with Targeted Individuals who are considered TERRORISTS who are on the TERRORIST WATCH LIST.  First of all, people on the terrorist watch list are innocent.  They are there not for the reason that is obvious or that you would think.  They are there because a budding TOTALITARIAN POLICE STATE needs a way to sniffle dissent to the Government and those who dissent are called dissidents.So you should think of the Terrorist watch list targeting program as a meat grinder into which can the state can put  ACTIVISTS, ALT-JOURNALISTS, WHISTLE BLOWERS who the Government is afraid of i.e. those who are telling the truth.
People on the terrorism list are:
  • put under and extremely invasive form of second by second surveillance
  • directed energy weapons and psychotronic weapons
    • psychotronic trauma based mind control and brainwashing
    • used for two way communication with research
    • used as punishment
    • used as a means of keeping a person busy with pain so they cannot do activism or other unwanted behavior.
    • used to disintegrate a persons psyche and personality with traumatizing events similar to Zerzetzung used by the East German Stasi.
    • used as a deterrent to unwanted behavior
  • The main point is to neutralize enemies of the state is the reason this so called meat grinder was set up

You see, our country has been taken over in a Coup D’etat on 911 and America is like a third world country now  and the people are being farmed like cattle, hence the human trafficking for brain research right under our noses, which is ORGANIZED CRIME in case you didn’t recognize that.

America can be called upside down world because now morality, justice and fairness are turned on their head.  Whistle-blowers, activists and journalists are jailed and the criminals go free.   People have in general become sociopathic, lacking in empathy, preferring to act only in their own self interest so they can get something for their trouble.

You can see what is happening and so you need to extrapolate the result, which is to make lots of money using humans in a conspiracy to allow brain research to undergo dynamic growth and progress and also test Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) on people with all their potential in mind control and anti personnel weapons.   Think about the progress on brain research in the past which was very slow since it relied on monkeys as test subjects and now using humans it has undergone exponential growth.

Now you should think and wonder is this for the benefit of humans? No, definitely not! it is being used to control humans and to destroy them. Population reduction of most of the human race is a big deal because it is killing on an industrial scale. The intelligence community is working with the GLOBALISTS. They are working against the people of the world and especially against the American people.  To see what is forecast for population reduction, see this private security firm and you will see   that Americas population is down over two thirds gone (226M) in just six years.  Imagine that and you will get an idea of the size and scope of what is to come if we dont wake up and do something soon.

We are at war and the enemy is keeping the aggression and destruction just below threshold where people still perceive the destruction as individual acts of nature like Fires, or Floods, or Hurricanes or Earthquakes and not attacks on the human population which they are.   This is actually AGENDA21 which has been in the works since the early 1990’s and it at first seems good until you actually read it.  Also, the Wildlands project is another part of Agenda21 which will revert all wild lands back to nature, forcing the population into Mega cities, stack and pack housing.   They dont want to cause panic and alert people to the fact that they are at war and sooner or later they will be engulfed in the inferno themselves. They dont want people fighting back because that would not be in their interests.

This is called asymmetric warfare by U.S. generals because it is warfare on many levels but the end game is population control and population reduction of the human species down 95%. I am talking about 6 to 7 Billion people will have to go.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” MLK ……..
There are millions of Targeted Individuals like this who have had their lives ruined by contractors following them around like bounty hunters because they are on a terrorist watch list. As far as I can see, these people are innocents who are on the Terrorist watch list. FACT:: Our Law Makers Wont stop it because the corporations are making TOO MUCH MONEY.  Learn what is in store for the Human race because we are annihilating ourselves for the globalists.  The intelligence community is there playing their part as the JUDAS GOAT, leading Anerucabs to slaughter from Chem Trails to Weather warfare and from Fluoride in tooth paste to GMO’s.  What do you think they know about this?  Do they think they believe they will be saved or given priority treatment?


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  1. I’m so happy that I found your page you’re the first person who has the same identical symptoms as I have I’ve been a victim since 2005 my ex-boyfriend. Kalin and his friend are kailyn have started their campaign to get people to hate me they have tried to tell me that I am not beautiful and that I look like a man and that my my that they were the reason that my hair fall out they said that they had someone one of their friends come in and put clear my shampoo when I was at work my hair still has not grown back and now I’m starting to get signs of liver failure and kidney failure this is murder and people need to be more aware of it and quit hiding behind the old days and think that this is not even a possibility it is and I have suffered because they lack of policing the internet and by the way that the police respond to this because they do nothing about it and I have gone downhill so far my feet are burning and they are pink purple and white my throat is swollen and I feel terrible I’m so thankful I found you so that I can get together and somehow we can find a way to get laws passed that this needs to be a felony and no no possibility of parole my ex-boyfriend and his friend have somehow created a podcast and are broadcasting this on a radio show as far as I can see or tell when I go shopping people walk right by me and say things like s***** lady and that’s what they call me everyday 24/7 7 days a week and it’s been 20 years my body is now responding to the chemical and I feel absolutely exhausted tired my throat is burning and my hair will start to grow back and then all the sudden I will have another episode and it disappears I’m so angry that he has gotten away with this because no one has believe that this is possible right now I can hear them what hahaha and I just want to shoot the finger on them I just tried to ignore it they’re so immature dates are people in their 50s and they are only doing this for financial gain they have stolen $15,000 from me over the years and keep telling me they are planning on taking my inheritance I believe that they have also put these chemicals at my parents house and have caused my mother to have cancer in my father age and get dementia I think there’s more going on and other groups of stockers can people think these people have no remorse and have it only led a life of crime and now that they’re old and the only thing that they can do is still from other people they hide behind their computer sit on their fat asses and black there is like a script that they follow when I compare my my daily life compared to yours as to how it has all played out I remember a placement telling me what if you hear voices you are schizophrenic I know I’m not the only person now that I have found your website but since they are trying to make people think that they’re schizophrenic that should also be a felony I had a friend who was truly a schizophrenic and we lived on the same street I had found her a very good job and she was taking care of herself and able to work dress and act like a normal person she stayed on her medication and everything was fine but then all the sudden she told me the trees are talking to her and she started to go downhill the last I heard she never recovered and she has to be institutionalized or live with an she lost her child enter ability NBA functional citizen in the year essay this is outrageous act that my ex-boyfriend and his friends have been doing to me they were the voices that she was hearing they had put a camera in the trees and I have found them a while after she have left I know it was and there’s no doubt and as what she heard this is a sad reminder of how these people are killing innocent people are just people who want to live a normal life by their tactics they think they’re so funny and they’re smarter than everybody else while they’re not there bunch of jackasses who got away with crimes and haven’t been caught they were absolutely running your house when you’re taking a shower and still your panties your shoes or whatever else just to embarrass you because they know that you don’t want to tell the place because it it’s such a unusual thing today most criminals don’t do this they watch us 24/7 in the bathtub they know what we think they know all of our passwords and they turned off our cameras that electricity when they enter our homes why did my neighbors behind me even start one of my cameras and put it in his home I have not reported this to the police except one time and for some reason that got that complaint got lost I’m I have very good records of 20 years of hell and I plan to take back my hell and put him in jail I’m going to check back all the money that he stole from me however way I have to because I have gone from having a nice lifestyle to having nothing because of all the consequences of their actions I am livid I was one of the people who in the early 2000s no one there had heard of this crime and we were all just getting to know the internet so when I started hearing them I knew it was my ex because he was a shady criminal and had just up and left one day I woke up one night after he left and he was standing above my bed he covered my house my he covered my mouth and told me she got back to sleep I woke up two days later with a scar on my neck I know that he used something like chloroform something that made me fall asleep heavier than usual and he did that himself I think he’s a coward and there’s no reason for this I’ve done nothing wrong a quality person would have told me that they were leaving he never hate tonight it and just disappeared out of my life and then 7 years later all this time I started hearing him talk but there is no doubt in my mind I knew it was him I didn’t have to ask someone if they heard it I knew I heard it bet husband now cannot hear very well and does not seem to even try to understand how this could even work it’s ridiculous that I have to keep this inside myself but it is also a good lesson that police and law enforcement need to be aware of and realize that without proper policing of this activity more people are going to have mass shootings because they are tortured so much 24/7 that it begins to affect the way that they can even think they can. Thank you complete sentence because the blazers are talking and your mind is trying to hear what they’re saying but you know you need to meet trying to inflate your Senate so you know what you’re doing it is so hard to live with this but damn that that loser get this over me I am going to bring him down and his friends and whoever else has taken part of taking my years away from me from my children I’m afraid to have them come over because of the chemicals in the dust much less anyone else. Dare ignorance is it they can’t change a person and make them look totally different they use some type of makeup or get your makeup base and put some type of black dust in it it makes your face look dirty and your eyes just don’t look right they say there’s a camera in there which sounds funny but sometimes I have seen barcode I’m not sure if this is true or not but all of these things need to be investigated because I have had almost went blind because of them and have almost had sex because of thebecause I have a disability WITH ADD AND IMPULSIVENESS THEY PREY ON THIS AND CAUSED SO MANY THINGS TO GO WRONG IN MY LIFE I HAVE HAD TO STRUGGLE TO STAY ON TOP BUT I KNOW THAT I CAN KEEP MY MIND STRONG I’M STRONG-WILLED AND I WILL NOT LET ANYBODY CONTINUE TO EXPLOIT ME I’M CLAIMING MY LIFE BACK AND I PLAN ON FILING CHARGES DOES ANYBODY KNOW HOW THAT THEY CAN CHANGE DID WAY OUR PHONES WORK I’LL BE DIALING A NUMBER AND I KNOW IT’S THE RIGHT ONE BUT THE PERSON WHO ANSWERS SAYS I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER AND THIS KEEPS HAPPENING OVER AND OVER FOR A DAY OR TWO AND THEN ALL THE SUDDEN ELMORE THIS HAPPENS FROM MY CELL PHONE AND MY LANDLINE AND I CAN TELL THE THERE’S INTERFERENCE ON THE PHONE. THE COLOR OF THE CHEMICALS THAT I HAVE SEEN IN MY HOUSE IS A BROWN STICKY SUBSTANCE A WHITE PAINT COLOR THAT LOOKS LIKE WHITE OUT AND THEN PINK AND ORANGE SOMETIMES AT NIGHT I WILL START TO SMELL A SMELL THAT MAKES ME SICK IT MAKES MY NOSE BURN MY MOUTH BURN AND I COUGH IT ALSO MAKES ME NAUSEATED P I’M NOT SURE WHY PLAY SOME NOT THOUGHT OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF NOT TAKING ACTION BECAUSE ALONG WITH MAKING US SUFFER PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED SLOWLY BY THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY AND IT’S TIME FOR ACTION FROM CONGRESS THE PRESIDENT AND THE PEOPLE OF usaI say fight back what’s your stalker most like it like the LIE somebody you know and if you see a voice changer if you don’t recognize I don’t know when my ex became my enemy I’ve never had an enemy like this and I’ve never been taken advantage of but this has been an outrage to me that I have had to just sit here in silence because people would just say that I was having a mental problem everybody every victim needs to post what they are going through so that everything everything that is going on will come to surface and not be hit no more hiding on the internet you losers it’s time for us to take our lives back and for you to respect our rights

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