DOD Contractors Are Doing A Psychological Operation On YOU, As In A Screen Play

I couldn’t sleep and was being kept up all night during second by second surveillance.  This surveillance is for Human Experimentation and not Security.  No one would watch anyone like that in the name of security.  Think about it; what purpose would it serve?  If I was that dangerous They would arrest me.


The people lying to you about this are the terrorists/Government.  911 was an inside job meaning it was done to take our rights away.  I am a human rights activist and not a criminal.  According to the Government anyone who speaks out against it is a terrorist and an enemy of the state.

Handlers are thugs who have succumbed to greed.  They spread lies about a bogus investigation surrounding the Targeted Individual that goes on for years.  In my case it has been over six years and the investigation is still not over!?  If you believe them then you are being used.  This trick is a house of cards.  It is much like the bogus Joseph McCarthy investigations of communists in the 1950’s.  They had never ending investigations too.   Many peoples lives were ruined before it was found out to be a hoax run by charlatans.  How could all of these investigations go on and on.  Surely these people could do better that that if they are legitimate.  In fact, they are doing exactly as they had planned to do, because the investigation will never end and actually there never was an investigation.   Then there is the second by second electronic surveillance with electromagnetic energy.  Just what do you suppose they are looking for.  If I was a criminal don’t you think they would have arrested me by now?  If they were competent and honest, wouldn’t you think they they would have found out anything worth finding out.  They are stringing the neighbors along as if they had rings in their noses.

I am in fact being used for human experimentation and I am kept at bay by torture.  If you had any doubt of what I am telling you then just put all the facts in perspective.

  1. second by second surveillance is garbage.  The only surveillance like that is for suicide watch, otherwise it is for human experimentation.
  2. never ending investigation goes on for years
  3. spreading rumors and innuendos (is exactly that, rumors and innuendos).  Id you were under investigation is this the kind of justice you would want for yourself.  You would do as badly as I am.  You can’t even tell your story which is by design.  They don’t want it to be fair.
  4. Everyone get on the BANDWAGON.  As George W Bush said “If you are not with us then you are with the terrorists”.  I have news for you, we haven’t found even one terrorist.  The Government and the contractors are terrorists.
  5. The handlers make $100 per hour to do what they are doing.   Also they are giving you money and causing you to become corrupt and to compromise your values.  This is a tactic used by the CIA. and FBI.  They get some dirt on you and then you can’t say anything.  You will be dragged deeper into the corruption hole the longer you resist telling the charlatans to get lost.  At least try looking at some real evidence rather than listening to rumors.  They are making fools of you and destroying lives.
  6. What usually happens in a community is that the investigation goes on while the charlatans keep going to the bank.  The member of the community begin to suspect there is something wrong and so the charlatans try to force the TI to leave.  It is torture, remember, the TI is being tortured.
  7. The facts you have from them are the ones they wanted you to have.  This has all been an act.  It is made up to divide you and it worked.  Our real enemy is the Government.  If you wait too long to wake up and realize what is going on then it will be too late.  Don’t be so lazy.  Do something for yourself and research the facts on the internet.

4 thoughts on “DOD Contractors Are Doing A Psychological Operation On YOU, As In A Screen Play”

  1. Excellent and logical thinking James, which of course, is an anathema to the perps and those that direct them. The perps are dupes, most, not terribly smart. After all, they weren’t the ones that invented the electronic weapons in use, nor the psychological testing programs.

    The ones I want to see hanging from a tree, are those directing the perps. The evil Dr. Mengele’s at the Dod/NSA/DHS. They are the truly sick and wicked individuals. I’d bet anything, Porter Goss and Gen. Hayden, et al, nurtured this program along.

    The public better wake up to the realities. We have KGB/Stasi type activities being undertaken against innocent citizens in this country, men, women, and children. It’s vile, sadistic, and psychotic.

  2. I checked on my perps or live paid operators bank account and it showed a check every 2 weeks for 1000 so I don’t think they are making that huge of a salary unless they are snowden type status. The live paid operators that convince others to act crazy etc are not paid that much.

    • Well Mr. Potter, you had better luck than we did, The primary perp here has had his background and all relevant information “wiped”. Our top flight PI felt the perp was involved in covert activities, hence, the “wipe”. Regardless, we have found out some great details about him, and two of the others….

    • I think you are right. I got a reply to a question about how much they make and someone told me it was about 100 per hr. but i cant verify it. I think they get different amounts and its as low as they can get away with.

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