DARPA PM Kathleen Fisher, High Assurance Systems

Listen to the first two minutes of this video to see how your car can be hacked into.  You will be surprised.

Listen further and you will hear her say both the Reaper and Predator drones suffer from virus’ in their
ground control systems.  That is an interesting way of saying that a back door is built into the software to allow these planes to be taken over or controlled remotely, by someone not sitting at the designated controls.  This is a feature and not a bug if this is designed into the system.  In fact, everywhere she says virus or the system was taken over, she means that a back door was built into the system.  Yes, maybe a virus has infected a system, but how did it get there.  Someone with intimate knowledge of the software integrated it, either as designed or as an add on.  She is trying to scare the public with the word virus, inferring we need protection from this when it was built in and the manufacturer knows about it.  In many cases the NSA or another agency is responsible.

The NSA is way ahead of the curve on remote access and can break into most systems due to manufacturers working in conjunction with them.  In other words, the NSA already has the codes to access remote controls, and take over systems.  You should already know this and if it comes as a surprise, you weren’t paying attention.  Yes they can do these things and they want you to think they need this power, now that we found out they have it.  The real question is, to we need protection from them and have they gone too far.