Damage To Hotel Room Caused By Perpetrators Can Be Reported To Management.

Targeted Individuals are subjected to what DOD calls Clandestine Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL)

This is a little rough  and can be improved.  I am just publishing it for TI use right now.  Please read it and let me know if you have helpful suggestions.

My handlers of the last three days have been doing something that betrays their stupidity. As is usually the case they saw something that freaked me out and ran with it to do the same thing at every hotel I stay in. What they did was to absolutely soak the bathroom in the chemical they put everywhere. The main thing about this is that you don’t notice anything with the lights on. But using a black light (UV) it looks like an absolute horror show. There is Bright Florescent Yellow dribbles down the wall covering the entire wall and also the ceiling too!
You may think that this there is not anything that can be done but you would be wrong. I am going to put this into the TI 911 help line as a problem with a reasonable solution. The perps noticed that I was angry, but they should not be so hasty to equate anger with fear. I do not fear them. To me they are criminal goons and thugs (garbage, cowards, torturers) masquerading as patriots.
It turns out that in the hotel industry, Checking bathrooms with a UV light is done by the health department and management all the time. The health department is looking for Urin and Feces around the toilet bowl. Hotel Management may use a UV light to check up on hotel house keepers to make sure they are cleaning the toilet well enough. Neither Hotel Management nor Health Department will be expecting the collage of FLUORESCENT YELLOW drapery dribbles down the walls and on the ceiling. There will be questions for sure. So you can see that the TI automatically has the ear of management and the health department. If that is the case, then the police may be interested if they are not corrupt. This is damage that can be tagged with a monetary value to effect repairs. So there will be a police report that you will initiate.

Relatively few things actually glow Fluorescent yellow. some of the things that do this are URINE, SEMEN, the chemical poison used by perps, certain cleaning solutions. But once management and the Health dept. sees that they already know how to check for each of these things urine, semen and cleaners. These will be the first things eliminated because they are absent. Now there is a dilemma because there is a chemical all over a bathroom reported by a Targeted Individual and the source of the chemical is unknown. Do you see where I am going with this. I could go through all the possibilities but basically it depends on management. If there is curiosity then they will check into it and possibly get a lab test and Fire the workers who vandalized the walls. If they are mind controlled and corrupt then they may not do anything.
It is an electrolyte and a poison. The poison causes diarrhea, dehydration and pin point constricted pupils (for starters. Incidentally these are symptoms of poisoning with carbon monoxide or Orthophosphate poisoning.  This poison can be identified.  Try to get management or the health department to do it.

My letter to management… not finished yet. it’s a surprise for perpetrators.

The Redwood motel in Fortuna CA

Notice how they wrote the title of the hotel.  They care about this hotel because its success means that it is looked at as a luxury hotel.  The damage makes it look like a second rate dump.  Do you think that management won’t care?

The Redwood Fortuna Riverwalk Motel management.
At first glance there appears to be Urine all over the bathroom, even the ceiling! I hope I have your attention now. If you were to go into the bathroom of room 128 using a UV light, you would find that you have reason to be concerned. Notice the fluorescent glow on the walls and the ceiling. This alone would prevent you from renting this room out. But, there is a bright side. The damage is limited to one or maybe two employees and you need to find them for yourself. I will only be able to fill you in on the actual motivation for this vandalism…. Of course the management will know that the substance damaging the walls and ceiling is not cleaning fluid and surely not urine. But what is it…?

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