Corruption In Our Society Is At The Root Of Abuse Given To Targeted Individuals

Corruption is a symptom of the time in which we live.  Gang Stalking is fueled by corruption as are other facets of life, in order to subjugate people.  For instance the GOP is providing no service and is deliberately misleading constituents with a web site while intending others not to notice and the media is non existent. Here is an excerpt an article by Daily Kos: [“A fake health care site intended to discourage the people on their own mailing lists from getting health insurance because fuck them, that’s why.”

If you click on the “Don’t have health insurance” tab on the front page, you’re taken to a page that puts all the focus on the penalty and none on the benefits. In fact, they have a “penalty calculator” on that page, rather than a premium calculator.  Other bits of logic include explaining to young people that by getting insurance they’ll be subsidizing sick people, the goddamn leeching bastards. (On the other hand, if you cannot grasp that the central point of all insurance is pooling a little money from a large group of people in order to insure some level of security for those people in the pool that have something very bad happen to them]

After some reflection on this subject, I came to realize that organized stalking and abuse of directed energy weapons are another symptom of the corruption going on in this country that is going under the radar because people are collecting money for it and want to keep collecting. In other words, it is illegal and they know that but they don’t want to stop, so they do it covertly. In order to take our country back we have to stop this kind of thinking and force people to accept reality.

When you mention targeted individuals to someone and they don’t know what that is, you should ask yourself the following question:  Are they in a position to know better and are just saying they don’t know because they are guilty of corruption at some level?  Maybe they really have never heard of it, but it is becoming more and more prevalent since the Aaron Alexis navy yard shooting.  If you look at the news at all, it is hard not to notice.

There is some corruption that should not be overlooked.  When someone controls an aspect of daily life for a large number of people, they should be responsible for this at a higher level than the ordinary person because they have the opportunity to hurt many more people than would normally be the case.  These people need to be singled out for special punishment relative to the hurt they caused.

For instance, at my apartment building (ArrowHead Garden Apartments), the manager is giving me a 10 day notice to comply with not making a noise which deprives the neighbor above me (in D405) of her ability to enjoy her apartment in peace. The problem is that I have complained 6 times now about her making noise. She is a gangstalker or handler who is doing a noise campaign against me. She is pounding on the floor at all hours for no reason. She does not get a notice from the manager, yet if I bang on the ceiling to signal her to stop, I get a notice. This corrupt apartment manager wants me to ignore her banging so he can keep collecting corruption payments for his illegal acts and expects me to accept it. That is totally unacceptable and while it is bulls**t, this miscreant actually expects cooperation from me.:)

I am confident that Managers Dave and Pam are corrupt because of things that have happened and things that Manager Dave told me in and prior to our meeting on Monday, December 2, in his office at aprox. 2:00pm

  • manager gave 10 day notice to me, the person who complained about noise on 5 previous occasions and not the noise maker
  • noise maker (D405) is gangstalker and logic would dictate that justice was subverted due to payments or bribes.
  • Manager Dave asked if I told lady in D405 they were coming so she would know to be quiet when he was there.  Dave knows about this subjugation and knows that they can see everything I do, so she would be told in advance anyway that he was coming.  He had a half smirk on his face and then said I was kidding.  Dave either told her or the handler noticed, something like that.
  • This explains why Dave did not to hear gangstalker banging on the floor/ceiling of his office, when I went in to complain about pounding woman in D405 on one occasion.  This incident was a psyops.
  • Dave said he was not my daddy and couldn’t fix bad things happening .. lier and hypocrite
  • In meeting on a prior day, Dave said that tenants were supposed and expected to handle their own noise issues with their neighbors.  This hypocrite gives me violation notices (two previously)  but not criminals.
  • Dave’s boss who owns this apartment complex, probably does not participate in murdering the citizens.  Even if he does, then I can report him to congressman and senators and other town/city council type officials.
  • Dave asked me if I read my lease and suggested that I may not be following the terms of my lease.  I know what he is referring to, that Deborah is staying here as a guest and is not on the lease.  He suggested the he and his wife Pam need to explain my lease to me.  What he is suggesting amounts to coercion.
  • Dave said that tenant noise complaints are really a police matter, even though he helped the lady in 405D by giving me a notice for noise.  He knows that he is wrong and that I may be taken to a mental hospital or put in jail for making noise.
  • Dave suggested that I threatened the woman in D405 regarding the noise.  I did not threaten anyone and the notice doesn’t say I did.  This would be a typical way to involve the law and get a charge place against me.  He was throwing out a strawman argument to see how and if I would refute it.  The psychopaths involved in this crime make a lot of strawman proposals which are flagrantly wrong, in hopes they will stick.  The written paper prevents him from bringing it up again, although he may try.

It is apparent to me that their is a direct or indirect financial motive to assisting in the subjugation of another human being.  People are usually familiar with the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment.  Where people other than the doctors accepting direct payments, participated in subjugating the men from receiving help.  The people subjugating me are influencing people around me either participate or look the other way.  They might receive payments or favors or have a friend who does.  These people are to be condemned, looked down upon and castigated for their complicity in the torture and murder of their fellow citizens for financial gain.

Of course it is a different story for the poor misguided creature in D405, for she is of course a criminal who is actively aiding and abetting in the murder of James Lico in D305.  She has been attracted to easy money given in return for her direct assistance and involvement in the torture/killing of James F Lico in apartment D305.

Since I began collecting background information on this article, a woman in D303 has made it known to me that she too is a gangstalker/handler.  She is giving a loud bang on the wall similar to the way the lady in D305 bangs on her floor.  She looks very similar and they are about the same age.  These women are likely friends or belong to the same subjugation of society group.  This brings up a point I have noticed about handlers.  They typically live around the target, because they are intimately involved with local gangstalkers.   It is true they can use this technology anywhere in the world there is internet.  Sometimes it may be the case where the handler is not local, but usually they are YOUR NEIGHBORS.  You need to make sure before you say anything, because they will use psyops to make you think or believe what they want.

This is a nationwide (probably worldwide) epidemic of corruption that goes all the way up the line and into and throughout our government.  If we want it to stop, we have get serious and start stamping each incidence out at its source.  Saying we won’t put up with the corruption and punishing abusers, is the best way to stop the corruption.

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