CONSIDER: Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights against a Government Agency?

CONSIDER: Who would you call right now if you needed help protecting your rights against a Government Agency?

Historically, you cannot successfully defend your rights, nor your neighbor’s rights, if you STAND ALONE.
You must unite with your neighbors, organize yourselves and prepare for WHEN those that believe they have the right to take control of your property, your children, even your body, come to force their will upon you.  WHEN they come, if you are united with your neighbors, you will be able to stand side by side each other and say, NO WAY. You will be able to successfully defend yourself, your family and your neighbors against those that would forcefully take what does not belong to them.

NOTICE:: I am going to say how my rights are being violated by Curry County DOJ, so I can tell you about protecting your rights. I was being prosecuted for something i didnt do resulting from harassment by FBI contractors.  I was put on probation and was harassed by DOJ using LAWFARE which is the same as WARFARE.  At the time I was prohibited from writing my neighbors names on the internet under penalty of going to jail for disorderly conduct.  The instances of writing my neighbors names on my website was done by FBI contractors who would then basically turn me in.  The last time it happened went like this. My notes were taken from my computer in a digital notebook and entered into a posting on my website via my computer.  The post was seen by the Curry County District Attorney and photographed as evidence against me and then apparently deleted before I could see it. I was charged a fourth time so far for basically the same thing. In this case the notes that were apparently published are for a book I am writing.  The DA adds a page of my notes into indictments especially if he does not understand the words, in an effort to make me look ignorant and Sociopathic. I am not that smart but I am smart enough to know better than to violate my probation by entering my neighbors names in my website.  I have a Bachelors in Computer Science and an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and an Associate in Biology.  First I would not mock the DA if I didnt understand his legal notes.  So I say the DA is wrong to mock me by presenting my notes as evidence against me. I believe it is because the DA doesnt understand my book notes. and so he apparently thinks others may interpret the cryptic notes as a sign of stupidity? I have said on previous occasions of punishment’s for crimes i did not commit that I am innocent of those crimes too.  My computer is hacked by FBI Contractors.  I have found in the last 11 years of my targeting that the contractors are close by and within line of sight for the simple reason that they are supposed to interact with their targets environment which usually involves breaking into the targets house to facilitate their experimentation. I can prove what I am saying.

I must warn the DA about making generalizations which result in legal rulings.  I will take legal action if  necessary and possible to clear any encumbrances on my name and person.  If you have never heard of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) that is fine, But I have studied Electronics and have worked in the Electronics field and I have researched DEW’s. I just want to say that I am familiar with them, even if you are so I can assure you that it is not CRAZY. They do exist and are usually under the category of Less Than Lethal Weapons.  Also, the CIA and the White House Secret Service is now openly talking about their own agents and others especially at the White House now where WH Secret Service Personnel were attacked in 2019 and again 2020 with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) like that used in Cuba, known as the “Havana Syndrome”. This is something we need to learn about now because DEW’s are being used against the citizenry.

  • Are Citizens being Human Trafficked as Biomedical Slaves by FBI Contractors?
  • Could it be, because they are mis-classified as Dissidents and therefore “Enemies of the State”  that the state feels it is justified to HUMAN TRAFFICK these individuals using an ORGANIZED CRIME Business Plan?  If so, wouldn’t this  be covered under the RICO ACT?
  • Further are these individuals being used in illegal and non consensual experiments where Directed Energy Telemetry provides a two way data path connection between the humans brains via BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE TO Remote COMPUPTER in a College or Univ. Lab at a remote location?
  • Is it true that the vast majority of people on the Terrorist Watch list are innocent and have no Terrorist leaning?
  • Further, Are The Humans Tracked with an invasive form of RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE via a RADAR BEAM to a REMOTE NEURAL IMMAGE connection point on their brain?
  • Further, Does the FBI and their FUSION CENTERs permit their Contractors to maintain the Telemetry to cause pain of UNSUPERVISED TORTURE  to Oversee and subjugate their human charges so that they can be forced to undergo the non-consensual experiments
  • Is it true that the victims are held as virtual prisoners inside their own homes?
  • Is it also true that the victims can travel anywhere they want but they are always held at bay via weaponized drones?
  • Is all of this human experimentation  including with the Vaccine in an emergency order being done “FOR THE GREATER GOOD”? That is are they willing to acknowledge the use of sacrificial human experimentation knowing that deaths and injuries will occur but they will assign that as a sacrifice to the greater good?

Is the NIH entering in to a FASCISTIC relationship with Corporations, to enlist the illegal mis-use of people as SLAVES to experiment with? Are they now using SLAVERY or more appropriately called Bio-Medical Slavery, instead of using test animals as in the past?  Worth Noting is the fact that The Intelligence Community and the Globalists have historically gravitated toward the practice of Slavery.

Apparently Contractors are abusing citizens for medical experimentation. This had been done first I believe in the Human Genome Project and then it was stepped up to receive billions in funding.  It was run by NIH under  Obama’s BRAIN Initiative Project and also for Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Directed Energy Bioeffect’s Research (DEBR) Project? Wasn’t this Human Experimentation Un-Officially kicked off during Obamas Presidential Bioethics Commission under Chairman Amy Gutmann in March, 2011? Its interesting to note that the reason for the bioethics commission was to lend credence to the former way in which humans were used in illegal and ungenial experiments.  However they are only saying that it is now BIO ETHICAL but they are doing the same non-consensual and therefore Unethical experimentation. They commit their crimes with  Self-confident assurance and poise

Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues – March 1, 2011

In this video we have Christine Grady (wife of Dr Anthony Fauci’s) talking about the Bioethics of vaccinating children
which was decided in a manner that seems rushed.

Community Conversation with Dr. Christine Grady: Ethics of a COVID-19 Vaccine
We hear from Dr. Grady, an expert in the field of bioethics, human trials and vaccines, who will share the ethical considerations involved in the research and development, testing and distribution of a vaccine. We also discuss what each of us can do—for ourselves, our families and our communities—to overcome the impact of COVID-19. Featuring: Dr. Christine Grady (Chief, Department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center).


I am optimistic about the future, just as Alexander Solzhenitsyn was optimistic back in the former Soviet Union where dissent was punished by weaponized psychiatry. I will rise above the apparent retaliation by the intelligence community (IC).  It will be found that the IC, (i.e. FBI CIA etc.) are in fact using surveillance tracking radar on activists.  These agencies are not on the side of the people and it is a fact that at the very top of it are globalists who are making the decisions to collapse all of society, cause famines and destabilize society.  Bear in mind that their plans include depopulation by 90%.  It includes removal of people from the wild lands for instance: Oregon’s Rogue and Umpqua valley’s will be cleared of humans, so the globalists can enjoy them.  REMEMBER, YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY…  The people will be ushered as climate refugees into a mega city where the populous can be tracked traced and data based.  There will be no need to forcibly move people since they will have been burned out of their homes and as starving refugees,  they will have no recourse.

The Corbett Report – Bioethics and the New Eugenics

The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It is arguably the most important book of the twentieth century. Our country is undergoing a switch to COMMUNISM which was used before to cause the same change in Russia just after the turn of the century.

I have decided to edit and redact part of my notes since when the FBI contractors released them, they were such a hit.  I have removed my neighbors names in order to avoid violating  my probation and so I could reprint it for public use. In addition the notes that caused me to be subjugated by the law were not public. They were stolen from my notebook by hacking my computer and also hacking into my website.

Sheriffs and Judges everywhere must CONSIDER: The FBI is using them to engineer the subjugation of Dissident PATRIOTS whom the FBI is trying to actively Neutralize.  THINK>> is an elderly retired ENGINEER going to buy a house and then make so much trouble with his neighbors that he gets himself subjugated by the law over and over again?  It sounds crazy doesnt it?  Think:: maybe some people are doing something illegal.


THE FBI IS COMING INTO EACH AND EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD AND KILLING PATRIOTS AKA DISSIDENTS AND ENEMIES OF THE STATE.  ARE YOU GETTING THIS?  It is like they are cleaning out patriots who would fight for their country, right out from under your noses.  Im talking about people who would help YOU!  Who are you going to call when your rights are threatened.  I cant imagine anyone so dumbed down that they would torture and kill someone  on just the say so of a glorified law enforcer CONTRACTOR.  WHO IN THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE.  THEY HAVE BADGES BUT ARE THEY ANYTHING OTHER THAN MORONS?

ARE SUBJUGATED BY THE LAw Enforcement.  James Lico is a good man and would never have quarreled with his neighbors to get into this CLUSTERFUCK.  Some Neighbors are AGENTS OF THE FBI and harass and lie about neighbors at FBI request for monetary compensation

If the person is targeted
Then the FBI FUSION CENTER is directing it like a choreographed performance
and this information is available to Law Enforcement. Therefore the District Attorney’s
office knows about it tool
The FBI tries to get others to do their dirty work
Sheriffs and Judges are used as a weapon against targets
-Sheriff John Ward
the people who are hurting Donna and Me are the people you are protecting those who are working for the FBI (proxies of Globalists).  They are planning to CULL 90% of the people in America and the world via DEPOPULATION.  I am sorry to have to tell you but its time to take responsibility.  There is no one to take responsibility but us.  If we are to save America then we must take action.  The thing to do is to for people to Join PEOPLESRIGHTS.ORG Ammon Bundy started this and it already has over 50k members around the US.
You need to take heed of this and LOOK IT UP because you are asleep and you are living in the past.  Everyone needs to WAKE THE FUCK UP because we are out of time!!  Everyone, even your deputies know you are gaslighting. The DOJ, FBI and Fusion Center are criminal organizations. Do you realize that patriots who are trying to help the people are being subjugated by the FUSION CENTER.  Yes, we are at war and YOU NEED TO STOP HELPING THEM subjugate patriots. The DOJ FBI and FUSION CENTER are not what you think they are.  look at the way they are helping the supposed demonstrators in the cities who are TERRORISTS burning down police stations.  Now compare that with the supposed INSURECTION on Jan. 6 2021.  It was not an insurrection,  It was a protest and the FBI CIA and DHS lied about the it being more than a simple demonstration.  That is because they are planning to push a bill through naming conservatives as TERRORISTS, while Antifa and BLACK LIVES MATTER are known as protestors.  The IC are facilitating this and building it to increase mass surveillance to a level you cant even imagine.
CONSIDER: 75Million Trump Supporters will be surveilled with RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKING.  This is called REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING and Tracking.  This allows the operator to See what the target sees and hear what the target hears. This is a fact so look on my website to see the University of So. Cal experiment showing an experiment on a cat to see through its eyes via telemetry.   I am telling it now because the COVID Pandemic is the biggest stretch of the imagination.  The surveillance tech has been in use since the 1970’s and the Pandemic has been planned since the 1970’s.  You need to get yourselves up to speed because we are out of time.
your deputy DINNARD made many errors when collecting evidence which cost me much
  1. He took pictorial evidence against me of a blank fence wall and presented that as evidence
  2. he bullied Donna and me to not turn in our testimony (click on link below)

  3. So even though, I had evidence that neighbors stood outside my house and yelled obscenities at me for an hour while Donna sat fearful and frozen inside the garage until it ended. Your Deputy Dinnard saw to it that I would not present the evidence.
  4. one neighbor allowed the previous owners of my home to use an easement over his driveway and he allowed the last owner of my house to build a garage over his Accessway effectively blocking his access and therefore my access. But the previous owner got to continue using the easement.  THIS HAS REMOVED MY INGRESS/EGRESS ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY, so that now ::: DONNA AND I MUST ENTER THE PROPERTY BY GOING THROUGH TWO GARAGE DOORS! IS THIS WHAT YOU HAD IN MIND SHERIFF? Or did you think it would be more appropriate for us to take it up in court? You didnt even talk to him.  Also, he WOULD NOT take $1000 for the easement when my lawyer offered and he had no counter offer.  I was ordered by your deputy not to use the driveway under penalty of arrest. I tried to sell my property and the realtor told me the property was reduced in value by about one third because it did not have access. In addition the aggressive signage which your deputies said was FREE SPEECH, scared away realtors and prospective buyers. He gave free access to the previous owners of my house so How come this access is withdrawn now at this time and even though money is offered? Apparently no amount of money can gain me access? REALLY?  Doesn’t this seem strange to you? What if I tell you there are many people like this who are SATATISTS, who believe the Government and therefor the FBI Fusion Center is like a GOD to them and they will break the law for the FatherLand if told to do so. That is where you come in Sheriff. So what happened and what happens now Sheriff? You are out of touch Sheriff Ward. A man gets destroyed by the IC and you just stand there and watch it happen.
  5. In 2018 My lawyer had me take a plea deal for the crime of disorderly conduct.  The crime was yelling at my neighbors a bunch of times for which I take responsibility for and for which I thought it would wake up the sheriff and the DA. Subsequently found that I was mistaken, because they are both chronically asleep.  But I at no time caused or did physical violence and damage nor did I threaten to hurt anyone.  So ultimately, even though I could have easily won the case in court due to shoddy evidence gathering and coercion. I took a plea deal for only one of the misdemeanor charged of disorderly conduct, requested by my lawyer because I was told that it would be okay and the lawyer was retiring and it would not be a problem.   But it was a big problem and it is a problem now because it is a legal merry-go-round which I cannot get off of.  I have paid multiple fines and legal fees and which have cost me over $15,000 because my probation says I cannot mention my neighbors names on my website or social media and I cannot film them.  But they were the original harassers in the past and they are still harassing me now!    I dont have to mention my neighbors names on my website because I am smart enough. But no matter, my computer and website are hacked by FBI Fusion Center Contractors to mentioning my neighbors is done for me and the judge thinks I am responsible each and every time.
  6. February 24the is the fourth time I am charged with the same crime.  The last time this happened in 2020, I was given a $1000 dollar fine and sentenced to 90 days in jail . The jail time was suspended due to covid, but now the judge says he will jail me for the 90 days and I may have heard the word prison come from his lips.  Incidentally I will be 70yo in November and I am to be jailed for a non crime for three months!  The crime is: “putting my neighbors names in my website” which I did not do? Who was it that called the Deputy DA to go to my website towards the end of January  to check if I was in violation?  Was it the people who are hacking my computer and website? I cant prove it but I do believe they know about this targeting program and were involved with it and the contractor SPIES. So how clever of the Deputy DA to have chosen the exact moment when illegal information was on my website to  check it . Judge Margolis told me that someone from the sheriffs office called the DA’s office telling them I was in violation, but that is not true. A secretary in the DA’s office said NO ONE CALLED about me, I know that because I went there and checked. When I attended my MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATION, I did pass it by the way and the psychologist  asked me my plans for the future. I told her that I would like to just get on with my what is left of my life without fighting with or talking to or interacting in anyway with my neighbors.  I hope I will be allowed to do that.   But so far I am just not able to muster the intellect to prevent myself from mentioning my neighbors names in my website. if I am found guilty by this judge who is obviously trying to bully and to scare me as he leaves me sitting in court until I am the last one waiting. Then I could see myself riding this legal roller coaster for the rest of my life. You can see that The FBI Fusion center is tracking me for a reason. They want me subjugated by the law. Usually the law will back off of one who is targeted by the IC and Fusion Center. This DA and judge keep putting me in jeopardy by continuously charging me with the same crimes and fines since 2018 and we are into the fourth year of it.
  7. In that I am charged again with the same crime.  The first three times I did not protest that I was hacked because because I thought they wouldn’t believe it.  I had already been referred for a mental health evaluation for telling the truth because Judge Margolis thought it was crazy. I have had to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy due to this problem.  This is the  fourth time and I will not be able to take ownership of it. I am an elderly retired man who is living on a fixed income of a small pension and social security.  The judge refused last time to even look at my evidence.  What kind of a judge can refuse to look at THE Evidence. How can this be called justice?  I am unable to hire a lawyer and yet I am offered a lawyer at no charge.  But even though I am unable to afford the lawyer, I am ineligible because I own property.  To me the judge is trying to intimidate me and sounds like he is going to charge me with extra things so I said nothing about the hacking up to now and my suspicions are now verified.
  8. Judge Margolis took me off The Sheriffs office probation where I had one more year to serve and it was all paid up.  he put me on court unsupervised probation which is apparently reserved for sociopaths who are to be monitored for everything and anything.  I have to point out here that I am not a sociopath.  I am a patriot who is donating his time to help people understand what is going on.  You can see this by looking at my website, which is getting increasingly more difficult to maintain due to my harassment and financial bleeding by the judicial system by design.  Are DOJ people involved with the corruption from the FUSION CENTER, because they are on the same team?  Some of them really are involved with the evil going on around us, but I cannot say all of them at this time.  So why cant Judge Margolis see that I am not the problem.  Answer, it is because he just doesnt look at such things and he doesnt care about people.  Judge Margolis  is mostly geared towards bulldozing over people who he apparently treats like bowling pins.  I will post the probation white paper here soon so you can see what is happening.  I say white paper because it is not tailored for anyone in particular.  It is a one size fits all and therefore it fits no one.  I am thinking that maybe I was taken off of sheriffs probation and put here to make it easier to abuse me with selectively focused enforcement, because the same old charges are getting a bit worn.
  9. You will learn that the FBI Fusion Center SUBJUGATES Patriots with illegal charges, procedures, fines, details or anything which takes time and expenses to complete.  This LAWFAIR is WARFAIR  is the perfect thing to tie up a patriot for weeks months or years.  You always want to win a court case to get back to basic rights.  You see here that I took a plea bargain and so I do not have all my rights and must play along with the DA and Judge with not  taking pictures of my neighbors and not mentioning their names in my website.  Also it took from 2018 to now which is almost four years for me.  this has been a harassment mechanism to continually take me back to occupy my time and cost money.  Every time I am getting ahead they can use this trap to snatch me back and bankrupt me.  You cant tell how to determine if you are on the FBI Fusion Centers radar, but you will know only by what happens to you over time.  They get someone to hack my computer and then give the DA’s office a call and say “THE CRIME IS ALL SET TO GO” and they tell the DA where to look on the internet or what ever they are using and the activist gets subjugated just like that.  This is the secret underground subjugation machine.  It doesnt matter if it is illegal or is wrong or a mistake as long as it stops you and wastes your time and costs you money. Remember that STATISTS may not worry about committing crimes as long as it stops you.  There are contractors who work full time in this, always trying to find ways to occupy a targets time.  Also, this is where PEOPLESRIGHTS.ORG comes in handy.  It can pull a patriot out of a human rights trap they are stuck in.  What you should takeaway from this is that Traps like I am talking about are set for the unwary and you should know when you are trapped and when to call PeoplesRights to un-trap yourself.  Patriots are put into traps like this because they are effective.  So accept help to get out of your trap.  Also, you will only know if someone is involved in CRIME when they do something to give themselves away. Notice that even your neighbors may be involved!  Anyone can be involved.  The citizen agents are called STATISTS because they worship the government and they even have shiny badges and id cards.  They may be INFRAGARD or FLO which is Fusion Liaison Officer and all of it has to do with fighting Terrorism.  You will learn that YOU are the TERRORIST.  Also you will be tempted to give them a pass since “THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOB”.  Just think of what they are doing to our country and they dont even know that America has been destroyed already.  These people are the TERRORISTS, who are breaking it a little at a time like gremlins.  Basically you do not want to leave the traitors in place to blow up on the unwary, just like they do not want you to get our of the trap they set for you.  They are warfighters the same as you are.  You could tell a STATIST that they will  be killed or their family will be killed in the take over, but they wont believe you until the reality gets dumped on their head.  Be wary that these setups are called a PSYOP or psychological operation.  It is set up and orchestrated like a movie or play where all the players have to be in place for it to run.  If it works you will get subjugated or what ever they had in mind.  Bear in mind that if you are a target, a citizen may come around to people you interact with, like friends or a business people.  citizen agents will try to discredit you for whatever reason that makes sense to them.  But if you know about this, then you can head it off and thereby show others that traitors are trying to take down America.
  10.   I am a patriot who is trying to help free our country and even though I am being forced to accept any crime the DOJ wants to foist on me, These charges are incorrect.  You will have to solve this crime by yourself sheriff.  Oh, but I forgot that when Donna or  I call the sheriff we are considered MENTAL PATIENTS. That is because you tell the deputy’s to write “Mental Patients” in the comments instead of a description so they do not go into national statistics. The sheriff will not help us or dispatch a deputy.  If pressed, we get the same Deputy Dinnard calling to “deal” with us. He intimidates both Donna and me or there is no call at all.
  11. Notes were taken from my digital notebook and placed into a webpage on my website sometime in February and then the post was subsequently deleted.   Judge Margolis told me in my last court appearance that someone from the sheriffs office called to say that I did this. I went to the sheriffs office and was not able to find out who had called the DA. Yet when I called the DA’s office I was told that no one called them to tell of this crime.  I was told the deputy DA just went to my website to check to see if I was in violation and the evidence was magically there and so he took a picture of it.  But now the posting is gone.  I am now saying that I am smart enough to not knowingly put things in my website which would get me subjugated by the law.  I was forced to have a mental evaluation by Curry County Community Health, where the former DA (Everett Dial) who quit his post halfway through his term is now on the board of directors as Vice Chairman of Curry County Mental Health.  Then Mr Dial appointed  Joshua A. Spansail to finish his term as DA half way through the term, after which Mr Spansail was a shoe-in to be RE-elected since he was then the incumbent DA in the 2020 election.
  12. To me, this looks like a mischaracterization of justice with continual and possibly perpetual new charges  which is both PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE AND PHYSICAL TORTURE TO CONTINUALLY PUT ME IN JEOPARDY LIKE THIS.  I am the one who is being harmed and not my neighbors and it was that way on purpose.  I believe I am targeted as a dissident and enemy of the state and tracked each and every day by the Fusion center.  This is now apparent.  Only after this globalist take over ends will we be able to find out what the DA, Sheriff and Judges knew and when did they know it.  For now it looks like I am Targeted by the Department of JUST-US.
  13. I think the judge should release me from this legal merry-go-round.  I am not a sociopath who is hurting my neighbors and cant control himself.  I am a college graduate who has worked his entire life and who just wants to enjoy the home I bought with the retirement money I received from Lockheed Martin Marietta and I am being kept from doing that.
  14. You can see that Donna and I are both elderly and we must enter my property through two garage doors!
  15. You can see photos of the vulgar signage harassment
  16. I wont go into further description but take my word that the harassment I cant mention here is horrendous.
  17. When THE PEOPLE find out what is now being done in the name of National Security BY SELFISH TRAITORS, there will be hunting party’s chasing them down in the streets. MARK MY WORDS!
  18. This is a case where there is a lot of aggression and demonstrable harassment so maybe that is all I need to say about what is happening, but I will tell you about the rest of the harassment if asked, even though it is more difficult to explain.. The important thing to get out of this is that I am not the aggressor.  I did not physically harm nor did I threaten anyone.  I believe the Sheriff and Judge Jessie Margolis are gaslighting me which is a crime.  If I am put in jail for this, I may die in jail. Also,  I feel as though this keeps happening because the people doing it know that I will be subjugated by the law (LAWFARE is like WARFARE).
FBI Contractors are taking money for hurting, experimenting on and torturing Donna and Me.  The purpose of doing this to us is:
  1. It is for human experimentation NIH brain research and Air Force weapons testing
  2. THIS IS SLAVERY SHERIFF OR IN OTHER WORDS, IT IS Human Trafficking.  This will not stand.  Even if we die from our mistreatment, it will come back to haunt you and this county. You are not being paid to gaslight people while the county burns.
  3. Anyone can see that this is human trafficking slavery by looking at my website ( ).
  4. Globalists want to scare the people via Chaos and TRAUMA and thanks to you they get away with it.
  5. These useful idiots (contractors) have come into most neighborhoods in America by now to DIVIDE AND CONQUOR the people for the military, This makes communities of neighbors incapable of doing for themselves and others by using psychological trauma like wasting their time and turning them against one another.  Just look into the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS around here.  The people are doing the same thing as in my neighborhood.  They do this in every neighborhood (look up COPS program which is Community Oriented Policing (clusterfuck)) except they are surveilling and tracking all of the smarter people who have managed to wake up and figure it out.  It is the innocents aka patriots who will and are now being called TERRORISTS. They will be persecuted and surveilled.  That is why we need to stop these Useful Idiots from alienating everyone.  Also they will surveille the so called Dissident Terrorists (INNOCENTS) with RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKING.  This is the  (PSYOP) purpose of TRAINING ON DONNA AND JAMES… IT WAS TO TRAIN THE USEFUL IDIOTS how to surveille and track people.  Sheriff, their training is going on as planned.  What if you interrupted it and got some of the traitors to look at what they are doing instead of filling their property with expensive VEHICLES, BOATS, RV’S, CAMPERS AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT.
  6. One take away you should have from this is that the Targeting of PEOPLE and the covid Pandemic and lock downs is all within the scope of their big operation and the purpose is to take down America. There are millions of people who are being what I call RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACKED with radar on their brain. Think of it because it is true. Three are millions of SECRET SPIES working behind the scenes to monitor and track people so that when they are ready, the whole of American society will implode. They have a collect it all policy when it comes to surveillance, dont they? They would not leave a lot of dissidents without surveillance would they? They have the means to surveillance track at least the dissident who are activists. How about the group of dissidents called TRUMP supporters? They are getting a lot of attention lately. You can no longer guess what the IC (FBI CIA etc) is doing now unless you are guessing what they are doing is with evil intent. Look at the Impeachments of Trump, then calling Jan. 6th an INSURECTION of America. You must believe me when I tell you that with this RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE the operator can see what the Target sees and can hear what the Target hears. Ignore this at your peril.  We are under attack and we must mobilize and push back.  Calmly and peacefully yes but we must push back or it will be too late.  With this Radar Tracking, they can track you anywhere and you cant shake it.
  7. I think the military will keep paying these useful idiots until the last moment before a crash. So if you let them keep doing their cluster fuck, then we are ALL done for.
SHERIFF, You are helping them keep me from telling the TRUTH.


who live near me think they are SPIES and they are taking tax free money and expensive tax free gifts to KEEP PATRIOTS FROM TELLING THE TRUTH! WTF !
SHERIFF, dont you have any sense.  You need to find out what is going on here.  I am not a terrorist, i am a good man who is trying to help America.
Our country has been TAKEN OVER By the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (FBI, CIA etc.) and the Military for the globalists and the people just obeyed their PSYOP orders like good sheep.  What the hell do you think the VIRUS + Lockdowns + social distancing has been about.  Now Texas is getting CYBER ATTACKS and OREGON will get the same.  Remember the FIRES, we will get more FIRES
because they want us out of our homes and they will burn us ALL out just like in CALIF.
SHERIFF, all the people are supposed to abandon their homes and move to a mega city
Also the Meat packing plants have been attacked and the Farmers have been attacked for the purpose of engineering a FOOD SHORTAGE FARMERS ARE BEING TOLD TO STOP FARMING!
Sheriff, do not wait until OREGON is hit and crippled because we the people will be helpless. GOV Brown has apparently been compromised.  PROVE ME WRONG! You were hired by the people to protect the people and not the Fusion Center and DOJ or  other government entity.  America is in a lot of trouble.  So much trouble that we may not be able to get out of it.
Unless we can wake up enough people to turn this around society come down.
  1. OREGON will have more fires set by DRONES weaponized with Lasers to burn houses
  2. virtually all cell phone towers are weaponized with cell phone transceivers and Directed Energy Weapons. They planned this take over for years.
  3. OREGON will be attacked be CYBER attacked to knock out our power
  4. There will be a food shortage which may develop into a FAMINE
  5. The Dollar and the economy will crash hard and it will be sooner than later.
  6. the world will be in chaos and the Law Of The Jungle will replace the laws.
I am not imagining these things. No, the globalists have generated white papers and procedure manuals talking about what they will do. They are doing it right now. For instance there is scheduled to be only 100Million people in America by 2025. The Covid pandemic was all planned for and their plan is working.
< Donna and I are held literally as slaves inside our home by Greedy FBI Fusion Center Contractors who tell people that we need to be watched.>