Chemical Electrolyte Dosing Of Targets And What To Do About It

chemicals2I had to do a major rewrite of my chemical article, so I will re post it. Some of what I have posted is more or less threatening to the handler psychopaths and above. They feel most threatened by things that are not only truthful, but especially by truths which can be understood by a large amount of people. I became aware of this chemical electrolyte about 3 years ago and have written up an article describing everything I know about it so that I can give out the link rather than explain it each time. I went public with this about the same time I went public with my directional android meter discovery, which is another breakthrough. I think I have been too low key in explaining what I am telling you. If everyone had this knowledge and we refined it, we would be able to force the major media to notice, if only from a toxicity aspect.

My background:I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and associate degrees in Biology and also in Electronics Engineering technology, including extensive work experience. Its interesting that my training is uniquely suited to discovering the technology behind this targeting crime, which uses biology, electronics and computers to target and subjugate humans for non consensual testing. Even though I have been telling people of this chemical electrolyte for quite some time, I have not noticed the level of follow up questions I would have expected. My discovery of this aspect of the targeting is a major breakthrough. It allows the TI to mitigate or eliminate this aspect of their targeting so that the handler has to rely solely on the electromagnetic signal.

You may ask what the difference would be and for me this is the difference between brain entrainment and not having brain entrainment, which is a condition where a frequency within your brain begins to follow the handlers intrusive frequency, deviating from normal.

It is only when we all stand up together can we defeat them. I am quite certain of what I am telling you. I may be off on minor details, but not on the part where the electrolyte is disbursed in doses to the target to facilitate targeting. Entrainment of your brain may not be noticeable or may be very noticeable and uncomfortable so part of your brain feels like it has been tightly grabbed or has a heavy weight on it.

[niceyoutube id=”uXT9OvB1jtU?list=UUwtggvBJH3ayFuTasjPlY6A”]

The Private Military Contractor PMC handlers contact and use people with their network of sociopaths to do organized stalking and will get them to put this chemical in places where the target will tend to stop moving for a period of time. It is another reason that I have been saying the handler is almost always local, to coordinate his stalking network. These people can call each other and arrange screw ups.  Besides seeing the chemical in my house, I have observed the effects in stores, motels, doctor offices and lots of places where people stop (like grocery/department store display).

It is the neural image of your brain that is locked onto, making anyone susceptible, as it is unique like a fingerprint. The handler needs to stop the frequencies from passing harmlessly through your body and get those signals to be interrupted as they hit your body, so they will turn into heat and current.  This is where the chemical electrolyte comes in.  It may help to look at some pictures of chemicals which I took so you can compare to what you experience.

Anyone can be targeted for a short period while I believe.  The targeting is done with a RADAR beam. So, in attacking the TI with a chemical which is an electrolyte is utilized to increase conductivity and susceptibility to electromagnetic waves within the body. Microwaves are line of sight, high frequency waves which will penetrate and pass uniformly through the body or anything else unless they are ABSORBED or REFLECTED. Reflection is not possible, but Absorption is possible and causes the waves to be stopped and converted into current which has the effect of heating the absorbing material (my body in this case).  I am using microwaves for this example but there are other frequencies which go all the way down to VLF or very low frequency.   Think of how a microwave oven works to heat food. The idea is to get as much of the energy to be absorbed and turned into heat within the food as possible. The penetration essentially stops where all the penetrating microwave energy has been converted to heat (microwave heating) in the tissue and the frequency is 3.4GHz incidentally. One effect of varying the frequency will have the effect of changing the penetration depth at which the microwaves will go before being converted to heat.


When I get tinnitus, it comes on and ramps up quickly. I am wondering how many of the things I will say are also true for you too. Please leave a comment to answer my questions if you feel like it. Comments help me gauge if I am getting myself across or not.
In addition to what I have already said, who has noticed they are being hit with tiny projectiles? I hear a sound tic tic tic, which made me begin looking for projectiles as a cause and effect since. Now I have found that to be the case at least in part, so I am certain of what I am telling you because I have proved it to myself. Therefore what I am saying is a fact for me and you too if you believe me. Remember that I din’t just come up with my conclusions based on a gut feeling. I am basing what I say on observable facts as I saw them. The proof or what I am saying continues on from here.
There is another aspect to this chemical which is the fact that there are other symptoms of having ingested it including a feeling of being drugged. It is my belief that the people who developed this would have left that aspect to chance. So I would say that this electrolyte is also a drug too. This brings me to a point where I need to say how I can identify this chemical or drug. The one I have talked about so far is the one used 95% of the time, i.e. the one which increases electrical conductivity. The way I have been able to identify it is because it glows (fluoresces) bright yellow under UV light.
I have a markedly and distinct drugged feeling for at least one more distinctly different chemical or drug. The second chemical or drug I have noticed glows (fluoresces) bright orange under UV light. It has a distinctly different drugged feeling and physical feeling from the former bright florescent yellow chemical. The bright florescent orange chemical makes me feel more agitated depending the dosage. I have been dosed at all levels with it and can say that it is given for the purpose of causing a state of causing the TI to be in a confused, restless and agitated state. Also, i have noticed there is much less of it than the bright yellow chemical. I supposed this is due to a highly concentrated form. I noticed that the bright orange chemical is given when the TI has to meet someone like a police officer or mental health worker. This is when the handler would give that chemical to cause the agitation and confusion that comes with a stimulant. In addition, this bright orange chemical feels like a bee sting rather than no feeling at all. I have also had large boil infections appear with this chemical on 4 separate occasions. These infections have been diagnosed once as a staff infection and another time as cellulitis. In each of the four occasions I had to have antibiotics to combat the infections which were highly contagious via oozing drainage fluid coming in contact with non affected skin areas .
In addition to what I said, the bright orange chemical does seem to increase the heart rate which seems to stay constant despite the feeling of increased agitation. However I have noticed the heart rate can be increased by the handler as needed. Apparently by constricting major arteries, which causes the heart to work harder due to the oxygenated blood flow constriction. I have also experienced heart attack type pains due to constriction of arteries of the heart. The heart attack pains have been on three levels which were mild, causing quick exhaustion, moderate causing moderate to severe exhaustion and heart pain and lastly severe heart pain and severe exhaustion. This all subsided quickly when what seemed at the time to be ELF energy was removed. The handlers must have learned basic anatomy to induce pain in various forms and location and even cause death via induced heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. I think the handler puts this together with the agitation caused by the bright orange chemical or drug to get the full on ‘crystal meth bug eyed crazed lunatic’ effect they desire when the TI faces challenging events like the police or county social workers which result in their incarceration. Remember that there are times the handler wants the TI to be taken to jail or hospital emergency and this is exactly when I notice this effect. I have also had this demonstrated to me in about a much smaller number of times than the bright yellow chemical or drug. In those times when it has been demonstrated, I have often, but not always been able to find and identify the bright orange chemical on a wall or other surface with UV light. But I can only guess about these chemicals and therefore refer to them by color under UV light because I don’t have the benefit of a chemical analysis from them. I tried to get one but the poison control center in Miami wanted to have the name of this chemical, which I couldn’t give them. Maybe others can find out the chemical composition from a sample. A sample would be easy to obtain as needed.
I often hear the tic tic sound these chemicals make when striking my head which is followed almost immediately with tinnitus. The bright yellow chemical doesn’t cause tinnitus as much or as quickly as the bright orange chemical. I could discern direction the chemical hits my head from different direction, by noticing the tic noise in one ear or the other and by noticing where my skin is burning or stinging which may be subtle. Also, my eyes are often a target, where I would see chemical stains on my glasses that reappear quickly after wiping the glass surface clean. I noticed tiny spots appearing on my glasses, causing mild to severe burning eye irritation and cause me to have to clean them off unusually often. Further, there were patterns to the spots on my glasses I noticed which are like spray patterns or spatter patterns. I thought of blood spatter pattern analysis from the crime show measuring the spatter patterns. I would notice patterns extending down from top, up from the bottom, left to right across and right to left across my glasses which suggested a direction. There was a general direction suggested by the location on my glasses, ie top suggested coming from overhead, same with bottom, left and right coming from each of those respective directions. I believe this is because the chemical had to come from some direction other than head on because the glass would block it. Additionally I noticed there was indeed a distinctive misting type pattern which would resemble a fan, where a projectile hit could be the cause of initiating the fan pattern at the narrow end at the outside edges of the glasses. This point source initial hit, if likened to an asteroid hitting the earth, would explode, leaving debris in a fan like pattern emanating from the hit point. Further, I could discern skidding of particles out at the wide edges of the fan patterns. We have the hit point and fan effect with skidding at the wide edge of the fan. Additionally there may be a longer extension narrower skidding pattern emanating out past what seems to be the outermost edge of the fan. This extension seen as due to further momentum of just some of the particulates, as the rest lost momentum and fell out to finish the wide edge of the fan. I noticed that the skidding marks made by the projectiles as they lost momentum and came to rest further indicated direction. The source of these small explosions is determined to be from the hit point to the farthest most particulates. If I draw a line through those two points outwards, I get a source that seemed to make no sense, since there was a wall or my computer keyboard at the bottom for instance. I had the idea to use aluminum foil to tell me if the projectiles were indeed coming from where I had already determined or not. It was a breakthrough for me to find tiny holes in the aluminum foil corresponding to projectiles passing through the foil. Now the picture was starting to develop. It looked like a projectiles path, but still it made no sense because the source of the projectile was a wall, like I said before. So I put a sheet of foil on the wall on the spot where the projectiles flight path would have to be by extending a line through the points I already have. Another breakthrough showed me that the projectiles were coming either through or from the wall. I tried a black or UV light at some point and noticed a bright yellow florescent chemical stain on the wall. I decided the projectiles were coming from the chemical source on the wall. The chemical was in effect a depot or deposit. Since it was coming from the deposit, then how was the deposit getting there in the first place and how was a tiny piece being dislodged and made to fly at and strike my glasses. Here is a link which includes pictures and further details of my theories. Many won’t care one way or the other, but some may follow my logic I hope.
One thing about the the chemical I haven’t covered was my theory of how the tinnitus is related to the chemical particles. My theory is that your handlers need this chemical to get into your blood stream FAST. Th way to do that is to put it in places where there is quick entry into the body. The area’s of quick entry is first the eyes. Getting this chemical into your eyes makes sense because the blood vessels are very close to the surface and apparently the chemical is entering the body transdermally, ie through the skin. Additionally, your ears, scalp, Brest area of your chest, shoulders and groin area all have one thing in common. The blood vessels are all close to the surface of the skin at those points. My theory further states that the chemical has a characteristic that it enters the body transdermally and goes immediately into the blood stream in that way. Furthermore, once into the bloodstream it goes through out the body. It also passes through the small blood vessels of the inner ear coming into close proximity to the delicate workings of my inner ear. My theory further states that this chemical has electrolytic capabilities and will conduct electromagnetic energy. Now I Will give an example of how this may work. Think of the tiny blood vessels of the inner ear as electric wires. We all know what happened when electric wires are too close to a microphone for instance. You get an electronic hummmm or a squeal. I think maybe this tinnitus may be caused by electronic interference with normal hearing which causes the tinnitus.
It struck me that the psychopaths who developed this system, would want to further enhance the bodies electrical characteristics to stop electromagnetic energy and turn it into current flowing through the body. In the case of microwaves, they are millimeter waves which travel through structures and other impediments in a line of sight direction. Some physical structures are more or less of an impediment to microwaves than others. In fact, normally the microwaves would pass through the body unimpeded, exiting almost in tact, leaving almost no residual current. This was the problem to overcome by the psychopathic design team. They needed the body to actively be more of a barrier to microwaves. In that way the energy would be transferred to the body as current and heat, which is where the chemical electrolyte comes in. In my case I am given small doses of the chemical all day long to maintain the level of chemical in my body. I believe if is not enough, then they have to turn up the power of transmission to compensate, which is probably makes it more detectable and less desirable. I believe this chemical works similar to the electronic signal pad you might see used for EEG scanning. Furthermore, imagine that the pads are tiny points of chemical spread out in a more or less grid. With main current concentration points at scalp, groin, and chest. Administering the chemical to those points would make the system work similar to what I described. More of the energy would be stopped and converted into heat. The chemical contact points would allow the current to be conducted to other contact points whether the current travels through the body or on the surface. Chemical electrolytes on scalp and groin allows current to flow through the body core. Have you noticed skin itching as if a tiny pin point current were stimulating one nerve cell? I take two or more showers a day to wash the chemical electrolyte off my body. I also notice that my skin itching on my chest, shoulders, scalp and groin. The itching is more intense when hotter water is used. There may be an anesthetic effect where the chemical comes in contact with skin. After I scratch the itch, it gets more intense. I forgot to mention ingestion as an entry point into the body. They often get the chemical into my food. I think they may prefer it in some cases. I notice pin point pupils and diarrhea and itching as primary symptoms of this chemical electrolyte in my body.
They may try to mislead but I have had what I described, demonstrated to me thousands of times. I am more certain of my theory major working points than the details. You will need to figure out how they are using your body for experimentation. I suspect that they don’t need the implants as much to put radar on someone’s head anymore. Yet, the implants probably serve several functions.
The chemical electrolyte is only one aspect. Check this article on CTTL, to find out more.

This chemical electrolyte is applied to extremities on sensitive areas and selected core areas especially the scalp, scrotum in a man (itching?!), ingestion (orally and breathing) and eyes, to allow microwaves which would normally pass uniformly through the body to now be turned into current and heat, which is an added destructive force. I have not measured the frequency of these microwaves, but it is similar to those used for cell phones. I know this because when I am being attacked and I observed that the reception on my cell phone improves significantly during those times. It can improve from having no signal bars to having maximum bars, which translates to a great signal, allowing downloads to go through in seconds that may have taken hours or not at all along with crystal clear connections. It’s probably not a coincidence for cell phone frequencies to be used I suppose since many weapons can and have been put on cell phone towers all over the country. Since they are cell phone frequencies, their signals will be expected to be seen and not seem abnormal. The destructive signal (cell phone frequency), in addition to being converted to heat, is diverted through the body with the aid of chemical electrolyte which help to focus the energy as in how a funnel works, from large area to a small area so that all of the destructive force is now all funneled into the one smaller area, with increased damage effects. Then, changing the frequency will change the depth of penetration, but its destructive power is concentrated to small areas at any one time. Think of how a magnifying glass works and you will have the idea. The idea behind changing the frequency is to change the depth of penetration so that the (NOW FOCUSED) damage is translated to a varying depth of penetration before being converted to heat.

I have verified the transfer of doses of the chemical electrolyte, physically in real time, using aluminum foil as a visual reference. This test will show you visible proof that small particles are traveling fast enough to penetrate the foil, leaving a tiny hole, which can be seen by holding the foil up to a stong light bulb. I put a sheet over my groin area and after 5 minutes, I held the foil up to light and could see tiny holes in the foil. The holes and are not visible without a bright light in back of the foil.

I am not asking you to believe me, but to believe your own eyes. Do not let anyone obfuscate the facts. I have been told it was lasers going through walls and celling, Ionizing radiation causing the holes. I have even seen someone say that similar holes appear in aluminum foil placed in a microwave oven. None of that is true and dont be surprised if people come out of the woodwork to try to convince you. There claims are not possible, because lasers are light and will not go through your roof. AL foil in the microwave is a bad idea and is untrue and irrelevant. The infiltrator community is pushing lasers or ionizing radiation to through you off the track. Use the following test to prove it to yourself. If you have already seen proof that there are holes in the tinfoil, repeat the test, placing a piece of 6mil (black if possible) plastic in back of the aluminum foil. What you will see is that there are holes in the foil, but no holes in the plastic, because it couldn’t break through. This is the proof, because since there are no holes in the plastic, but there are holes in the tinfoil, then the particles went through the foil, but failed to go through the plastic. There is nothing magic about that, it just proves that the particles were stopped, therefor they are physical projectiles and not lasers. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them of your proof. If they persist, you need to question their qualifications and their motives.

I believe the chemicals are used on us to increase conductivity of our bodies, or parts of our bodies to microwave EMF current. The head, eyes and mans scrotum are primary targets because blood vessels are close to the skin (shoulders, chest, etc). An electrolyte on the scrotum besides producing impotence due to decreased sensitivity, will conduct damaging current up through the core of the body. This chemical can enter the body via dermal (skin) absorption and ingestion. First I have to advise that if you are sick, see a doctor. From my and other TI experience, telling a doctor about what I am talking about is not usually helpful unless the doctor will listen. The following is one scenario that is one of their favorites, so I use it as an example of how to diagnose yourself. Diagnosing yourself is vital if you are to Be able to judge what is happening to you. Notice how you feel with a certain type of EMF radiation and do you feel it is the same or different that what you have experienced before. If you change something, do you notice an improvement. find and remove or mitigate (reduce) chemical take a shower wash a specific body part, head, back of neck, scrotum, breasts, shoulders, stomach, legs, etc. change position or move yourself physically.  This allows you to be able to observe what happens to you over time.  Then you have a chance at correcting or reducing the effect of chemicals on your body.  By removing or reducing the chemicals in your immediate environment is a big help as you may notice by taking a shower and observing the effect of the radiation is less after the shower.

As an example I will give the following scenario: At times, I can feel and NOTICE destructive current going through my core and my stomach feels like my stomach is clenched, but the tension is not under my control.  Ok then those are some specific symptoms. You are the only one who can assess your feelings and then notice exactly what you do about that helps, so it can be repeated when necessary.  In this case, the perps have got you on an exercise tread mill so to speak and you can’t get off.  First of all, you want to note the feeling is in your gut, so the problem is somewhat localized.  You know that it is caused by microwave EMF radiation, because ELF radiation does not act like that.  For the purpose of simplifying, then, assume it is microwaves evenly dispersed (diffuse).   I would now think that I have either ingested some chemical or have some on my body.  The tension or muscle clenching is in my stomach or lower abdomen so, probably/maybe EMF induced current is causing my muscles to contract and stay contracted, until the EMF is stopped, causing extreme exhaustion, stomach discomfort and then pain later on.  Trying a barrier or blocking like shielding is one of the first things you should try.  I have tried drinking lots of fluids to decrease the transit time of food eaten to pass through your body if it was ingested.  Eating more fibrous foods is better for you anyway.  Another aspect is that there is no plus or minus pole with microwave EMF, but if you think of this chemical as muscle or nerve contact points (like an EKG pad), then removing the contacts (chemical) will reduce the emf and the pain will be gone.  The reason it helps to remove the chemical, is because after removal, your skin is less conductive and now the microwaves tend to pass through your body more.

Here is another example, where there are two or more contact points, one being  the (scrotum for men) and the scalp, making or allowing much of the EMF current to pass through your CORE directly, in a straight line (funneled as light through a magnifier). This means that most of the EMF current is concentrated or diverted through this one path, rather than passing through your body evenly or in a diffuse manner. This process allows them to focus microwave energy on or through specific body parts. Think how this can be done with specific muscles, as through one spot on your shoulder or base of the neck for instance, which might feel a lot like fibromylagia or a sore stiff muscle. What I am talking about are subtle differences, which if you notice what is happening, you will be more proactive in helping yourself.  It is the scrotum in men and labia in women (I suppose, but am not sure) that is a favorite target of chemical electrolyte.  So also keep in mind that not showering regularly will allow the current to pass through this area and in addition to what I already said, it will reduce sensitivity of this area over time. In other words it causes impotence related to loss of nerve sensation. In this case I would take a shower and wash everywhere, especially the scrotum, scalp and stomach areas, where the chemical is most likely.  You can also do this with a wash cloth to exfoliate,  if you can’t or don’t want to shower. If you do not remove the chemical, the effects will wear you down over time.  I might take more than one (multiple) shower in a day to try to wash off the chemicals, especially if you can’t remove the chemical totally from your living area.  Some days are like that. I noticed that when I took a shower, the areas where the chemicals were, itched and or burned terribly when exposed to the hot water, trying to wash it off. After the shower, you should notice a marked improvement to use as a guide.

I can hear this chemical electrolyte being applied, especially to my head.  It makes a TIC TIC TIC sound (you may not hear or feel this, most do not).   I can see where this chemical electrolyte has been placed around the house with an ultraviolet light that causes the chemical to fluoresce bright yellow under UV light, yet is invisible under normal lighting.  Incidentally, you can buy a UV light from LOWES or HOME DEPOT for about $30.00.  You should protect your eyes with glasses that filter out UV light.  Please see these pictures of the chemical as seen in the dark under a UV light.  Also, my glasses are seen with chemical deposits which I must keep wiping off as it returns over and over.  The deposits look like droplets that have a sheen similar to gasoline on water.  The clothes and towels are seen under a UV light and show the chemical, yet it is invisible under normal light.  The fibers standing out from the wall, I believe are some kind of microfibers which seem to be growing out from one wall.  They cannot be wiped off and are anchored at one end. They can only be seen in the dark, when they reflect the UV light. They seem to be breaking off and floating in the air as a particulate, which can only be seen in the dark with a UV light. These chemicals are on many places in the house and are concentrated in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.   I can clean it off and eliminate the chemicals.   I have researched this and found that the method of dosing is most like a very controlled “Atmospheric Chemical Vapor Deposition” at Standard Temperature and Pressure (CVD), which is a microwave nano technology industrial process (I encourage you to Google it).  In other words the Psychopath operating the Microwave weapon, can use the weapon to induce the chemical from a deposit on the wall (for example) and to send nano particles of the chemical in a very controlled, precise and accurate manner to the target (person). From what I can see this an off the shelf process and is used to etch transistors into the silicon of micro processors, clean industrial pieces or to nano coat paint on industrial pieces.  In my view this can be viewed as a micro chemical or drug delivery system, which delivers micro doses of this chemical, however it can be used to deliver virus’ or bacteria which may infect you or cause an infection of your skin. I have personally been given skin infections/boils with this and had to take antibiotics for it.  Most people do not know about this chemical process but I have talked to different TI’s who have verified my results to one extent or another. I have also asked TI’s to try the aluminum foil piece on head or groin for 5 minutes and then check it under a light. often they have verified the holes in the foil and will go further if they can be convinced of the need.

I have also noticed that the pupils of my eyes are drawn narrow, that is that I have pin point pupils, also called MIOSIS. This effect is constant no matter what amount of light is exposed to or taken away from they eyes.  I could only relate the cause to possibly an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (anticholinergic), like organophosphates or carbamate poisoning.  It may also be something specific to the chemical used, but I have not identified it.  I have noticed Miosis in other known TI’s and also observed the condition in other people during the course of my day, as though they too are being accessed.  I started noticing miosis in others after my doctor asked me if I was still taking pain medication after surgery and I was not although realized that it was obvious that I had miosis which opioids can cause.  In addition, I can hear the TIC TIC TIC sound… of the chemical on my scalp.  I also notice that along with the sound I can hear the accompanied tinnitus or ringing in my ears increasing with exposure to the chemical. It often happens that I am hit with chemical upon awakening from sleep or seemingly when a better connection is desired by the handler, the tinnitus and chemical sparks and increasing microwave feeling in my head go together. I can now deduce that the Psychopath torturing me wants to connect closer or see better through my eyes and either increases the microwave power or introduces more chemicals or both, toward that end.

We can’t stop this from happening if we don’t know who is doing it. Our enemy is doing this to us and we need to know who that is and how to identify them.   A good documentary film on our common enemy (Psychopaths) is “I AM FISHEAD”. If you haven’t watched this movie, it has an uplifting social message and you should watch it because everyone should be able to at least know who the enemy is and what they are capable of doing to normal people.  Psychopaths and Sociopaths have antisocial personality disorder. They are characterized by a stunning lack of empathy or caring for other people as well as lack of remorse.   Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models.  Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.  When only 5% to 6% of the people sense danger, then nearly everyone does.  This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.

How you can tell if you are being accessed remotely:
a) you can hear and snap, crackle, pop in your neck, like tiny or faint sparks. It is tiny air bubbles due to microwave thermal expansion.
b) You may have transient Tinnitus or ringing in your ears for no reason.
c) unexplainable headache or a pressure on one spot of head
d) pressure in your head like you have a bad cold, but there is no cold.
e) erectile dysfunction (may be surprisingly recent), nerve damage
f) hair on legs gets short or is missing
After Accessing Targeted Individual,  The Handler May Do The Following:
a) make your heart skip a beat every 10 to 15 seconds
b) simulate fibromyalgia pain in shoulders or neck muscles
c) headache
d) joint pain in hands, feet, legs, etc
e) tendon pain when walking or otherwise moving
f) muscle aches, body aches as if blunt force trauma
g) cause gas in your colon, which makes a gurgling sound (women complain of this mostly), gas pain
h) facial pain
I) genital pain, tingling skin, intense itching, changing position, red/irritated (feels like sunburn)
j) loose bowel movements or diarrhea
k) ear ache 
l) joint aches

Following is a link to an article about General Dynamics recently winning a $49M contract to test Directed Energy weapons on people for the Air Force. Don’t be fooled about the contract being restricted by anything at all. The contract can be extended and these cost plus expenses contracts can go over the price of the contracts winning bid.


Read more about this at the following link:

I need assistance from chemical engineers and electrical engineers to professionally identify the chemicals used. I have tried to with getting blood lab results but it was too costly and  could not narrow it down. I can give samples.


Reader Note:  Please try to remember when reading this, that I am on the front lines of a war and trying to present this as proof is laughable.  But the first issue is that if I am right then people are being poisoned and people are being electrified with these frequencies much more than they would be if I made a mistake and this chemical and drug delivery system did not exist.   But I believe it does exist!  So prove me wrong, because everyone is at risk until the problem is resolved.   If you can’t prove me wrong to yourselves then we need to at least get some horsepower onto the problem and fix it. This is my opinion and remember I am on the front line.   I have to make do with what tools I have and use results that may not be fully proven.  Yet I see that results I get are observed to be good empirically.  So I have to go with the method by which I derived those results.   You can probably appreciate knowing that I would not have even attempted to do this if my life and the lives of thousands of others were not at stake.  I feel that what I have here could end this horrible program months ahead of when it will end without it.  Instead of looking at what I left out, I think the thing to do is try to get it fixed and working.

The stumbling block I am having with getting this accepted is that first I have only the tools and tests I mentioned.  The reader has not had this repeated for him/her to observe over and over.  So the reader is left with my apparent solid piece of something probably going through the aluminum foil proof both at the chemical source and destination.  In other words, it breaks through aluminum foil  starting out and breaks through aluminum foil at the destination.   If you don’t buy it then you have a problem to solve.  Also, there is the droplet spatter/splash analysis from the glasses. First the chemical starts out as an apparent solid and ends up as a liquid or possibly a mist and maybe even a gas.  I don’t have a solution for this unknown bit.  However because the beginning phase (apparent solid) and end phase are known to the point they are and can be observed, then you have to either use it or ignore the whole thing.  I think I have shown that something is definitely being transported from source to destination which cannot be explained by other means.   Without knowing what chemical compound it is, I see that it apparently changes the conductivity of my skin because of an personally observable effect on how uncomfortable it makes me feel, like how entrained my brain gets and muscle twitching and pain intensity.  Conversely I can see how much better I feel when I shower and wash off the chemical.  Someone will have to fill in the blanks.  but for now it works for me the way it is.  Others will have to decide for themselves but ignoring it is not an option.  Fixing it is doable with the proper tools and people with experience.

Thanks for reading this.
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UV light pics
I Am Fishead Movie

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