As a victim of non-consensual implantation, no shielding works. Yet, some changes in eating habits have proved effective, such as avoiding all sugar, including fruit sugar and white bread flour. Both must be completely eliminated from the diet plus a 15-30 min walk or physical activity a day can help take away the worst part of torture. It is yet unknown what makes nano-implants thrive when eating flour or sugar, but it’s known that some implants do get charged by glucose. Yet, even flour seems to help the implants (and i am talking also about those who think they have morgellons or a combination of TI-targeting and morgellons).

Besides that, a 30 min walk every single day or another form of physical activity maximizes the good effects of diet change. Trying it out is actually worth it, because you begin to function properly and you begin to feel like your old self again.

It takes though up to 1 week before one can feel an improvement. Please write an email about your experience.

UPDATE: Since this post was written several TIs have approached this site to tell us that they had noticed that wheat flour and sugar seem to make them feel bad. In some cases, the same goes for their family members especially if they’re targeted themselves and know it.They have reported that if they eat a bit of bread or have some sugar, they feel very bad at least until next day, and targeting effects increase.

lemonade2BONUS: Drink one glass of water with baking soda and a half of lemon juice at least once a day (3 times would be even better). Some TIs report that they feel better and get their energy levels back, even if they don’t eat so many carbs.