Blog for Tuesday June 12, 2012 @3:53am

it is Tuesday June 12, 2012 @3:53am

The handler I have had since 7:00pm last night seems like he is either some kind of hot shot torture/killer or is a self styled hot shot torture/killer.   Even thought there is little poison, he is bombarding my shoulders with poison.  The reason for this I think he believes that he is targeting something.  Even thought I told him he would be beaten to death in less than one year, he continues to fritter away his time.  I forsaw that his last day on earth would be in March of 2013.  I further saw that his last day would be Thursday, but could not see the exact date.  I said that some time in the morning, there would be a knock at the door, which he would answer.  To his great surprise it would be a large crowd of people, who would be inclined to do one of the following:   Furst, they grab him and drag him out into the street.  One of them has a rope which is looped around his neck and sinched tighter than he feels comfortable.  This rope is used to guide him towards a larger crowd further down the road.   Do they:
A)      want to beat him to death
B)     want to pat him on the back and have a beer with him
so then it is inconclusive as to what will happen.

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