Basic Evidentiary Sound Recording

TOMO M4 18650 Smart Power Bank Li-ion Battery Dual Output USB Charger





First I am not a musition and I am just winging my way with sound recording.  Someone who is a musician should have no problem with this. There is one draw back which is the battery life. I always use a power adapter which is sometimes inconvenient. I advise looking at comparable brands also. The H4N only uses 2 AA batteries and is under powered. You could carry around an external power bank like that used for mobile phones.  I have TOMO powerbank which is exelent for less than $20.00.  for use with 4 x 16450 Li-Ion batteries


The older H4N was good enough for me.  You can get a good used one on EBAY for $100 or so.

When I was targeted in 2010, I wanted record sounds for evidence and had to learn some things about sound recording so I could get the right equipment.  I needed to record sounds which would be good enough for evidence and would also be a deterrent to doing that particular torture thing for which I am making the recording.  I have proved to myself many times that if I can somehow record evidence that shows and will prove what is happening then that particular thing will stop (like a-fibrillation). As soon as the handler sees i am getting a good recording, it stops. If i record sounds from perps next door, it causes them to whisper but you can still hear them!  I often find it necessary to be sneaky in order to get a recording.

All you need is the
hydrophone with built in +3dB gain the pre amp in the zoom h4n is sufficient
zoom H4n professional analog recorder.

cost about $220.00


I received the sounds audio bullet sounds as demonstrated by Dr. Katherine Horton, early in my targeting so I know recording them will work. I use a hydrophone which is a contact microphone. I bought it at coldgold microphones in Canada. I wasted money on other basic contact mic’s before getting the one below. This was the only one which was not too noisy .. The mics which are cheaper like guitar pick ups had a buzzing noize which made it them unusable. Noise is the main problem with recording gear. the H4n is really worth the money.
I found that making analog recordings allowed edits using the free audacity audio processing softare which i you have used previously.

There are many recorders but the zoom H4N was the best for the money.. I can find used ones for less than 100.00

i am also sure you can find similar contact microphones.  I am only showing the gear i actually have and can attest to that works.


the store is in the link below. I am showing this because I bought it and it works. I also have the ZOOM H4N which is a professional recorder which

has the following capabilities.

has XLR inputs which are quality microphone connectors … I tried the cheaper phone plugs and they are noisy and the xlr plugs are not noisy.
a hydrophone is a contact mic which can record sounds under water or any viscous thing or you can record using it dry on a wall for instance

you can record analog sounds which is needed for editing
you can use a rubber boot to make interface contact with a wall to record sounds on the other side of the wall for example
you can use this to record heart sounds which can be used as evidence
this particular hydrophone has a built in pre-amp which give 3dB gain which is necessary.
has 48 volt phantom power which is necessary
has good clean amplification of sound
this will record your sound bullets by connecting the transducer to interface with an aluminum tray for instance. the transducer has very high gain so a little does a lot
has pre input filters to plus or minus gain of low mid and high sounds necessary
has different filters and amplification controls which allow you to record sounds which can be used for evidence you need this functionality

check a few of the recording examples on the cold gold site to give yourself ideas.
there are many examples on youtube which you can get by searching for CONTACT MICROPHONE FIELD RECORDINGS





Get 4 16450 lithium Ion batteries … this power bank puts out 5vDC and will last 12 hours with the Zoom H4n



James F. Lico​​

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