“are you targeted?” is a question which you probably cant answer yet

watch this and other Dana Ashley videos and I bet you want to remove WIFI from your families life.

5G is a weapon system which can target every man woman and child on earth in real time.  Oppose it at all costs because you dont want to be one of the internet of things (IOT)
Also, Vehemently refuse vaccines and tell everyone you know, and they will thank you later.
Watch Del Bigtree’s video Vaxed2.
I may have been targeted with Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) when I was in Alaska.  I am coming out with it now because I realized that we as a people will not survive unless we can take our country back and put the guilty in prison.
Millions of people globally are targeted (by FBI Contractors in US) who human traffic them for experimentation remotely.
ignoring and isolating yourselves away from targets is counter productive as the govt wants you to be afraid of them so you will not believe them and would never find out what i am telling you now.
I find now that it is fbi contractors, who are my naybars who are paid to target me with radiation through the walls of my home. This is the govt acting as ORGANIZED CRIME.
  If this is happening to you and your family, you are that much closer to being free when they go to prison.  The corrupt fbi causes its contractors to think they are top secret spies working for national security.  I call them national security morons or useful idiots because they work against the nation and the people.  Theirs is a cottage industry in most cities in which the fbi contractors associate like CULT members.  They are traitors who lie always and call it psyops.  You will come to find that many of todays activists are targeted with surveillance RNM at least. They try to make targets seem crazy so targets can be isolated by fbi contractors.
This is just information which you need and which I give freely.  Many are targeted who would never realize it unless told what to look for.
It can be difficult to tell if one is targeted.  They call it surveillance but it is directed energy weapons mischaracterized as surveillance.and can see the target thru walls and can with RNM can, through the visual and audio cortex, see what you see and hear what you hear.  This technology is a marvel which could be used by doctors for medical purposes.  It has been in existence since the 70’s.