Are 75 Million Trump Supporters, Veterans and Video Content Creators The New Terrorists or is The FBI And Millions of SECRET SPY Henchmen Contractors The Real Terrorists

There is a battle going on where people being hit with Directed Energy (DEW) at Embassies all over the world while the CIA is doing their best to obfuscate the problem while they are expected to help.  This has been going on for 5 years and Lawmakers are getting angry at the CIA as they try to pretend there is nothing wrong.

I know something of this since I am a 69yo NON terrorist on the terrorist watch list and am being picked away with Directed Energy Weapons. I am telling you this as a retired American who is a SLAVE OF THE FBI. Yes, the government has enslaved many millions of people with Radar Surveillance Tech. Also, the government the FBI in this case through the FUSION CENTERS has control of a standing army of millions of SECRET SPIES working directly for the FBI and the FUSION CENTERS.. The FBI is in control of all these secret empathy less spies who will do anything they are told by the FBI with their HALO of righteousness which tells the contractors that the FBI is right even when it is apparently wrong. As a target of the FBI, I know that the tech they use for extremely invasive surveillance is capable of ALLOWING THE OPERATOR TO SEE WHAT THE TARGET SEES AND TO HEAR WHAT THE TARGET HEARS. This is a fact which most people do not know. But I know it is true for multiple reasons not least of which is because I have a video which features a researcher at UC Berkley who in one day has put together an experiment featuring  a cat hooked up to tech which allowed the researcher to see through the cats eyes, a movie which the cat is watching. People do not know that the extremely invasive surveillance tech is used by the FBI contractors and others as Surveillance tracking radar on dissidents like 75million Trump supporters, veterans, video content creators and et al. This is all basically half the country whom the government is afraid of and whom are now given the designation of Terrorists. This tech can track and surveille anyone without them noticing anything without prior knowledge and also it is unshakable.. There is pending legislation “THE HAVANA SYNDROME ACT” which”
  1. exposes this extremely invasive surveillance technology
  2. provides for medical and financial help for government employees whom have been injured by the technology.
  3. The CIA has been sandbagging their authority for over 5 years since law makers have been waiting for the CIA to identity the technology and identify the perpetrators of the attacks on hundreds of government workers (intelligence agents and diplomats) throughout the world. The CIA is holding off on allowing the Havana Syndrome Act to become law because it would blow wide open the fact that the Intelligence Community (IC) has been enslaving people for decades via human trafficking and because the IC would be embarrassed if it were to get out that they were torturing people with the technology and in fact even using the extremely invasive surveillance tech to FORCE SUICIDE on people whom the FBI calls TERRORISTS, which is actually quite common.
  4. This brings up the fact that this technology is multiple use because besides surveillance, it has been weaponized and is called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s)
  5. The problem I see is that the IC would like nothing more than to have the Havana Syndrome Act go away so they could get back to business as usual, but because Government employees (ie Intelligence Agents and Diplomats) are being injured, Congress and the Senate wants to do the right thing by making a law to fix the problem, but the CIA is holding it up.
  6. But there is more, because the entire country of America has the problem that all cell phone towers have been weaponized with multiple use combination Cell Phone Transceivers in the towers which also can be used for the Extremely Invasive Surveillance Psychotronic Weapons, but they can also be used as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) and these are known as “WEAPONS OF WAR”.
  7. Now this shows why the IC does not want the Havana Syndrome Act to become law as written and that is because once it passes, it will expose all of the evil crimes which the IC is guilty of and it would put the IC in a bad light and open the door to law suits which could now go forward due to declassification of the technology.
  8. also, it would expose their weapons of war, ie the weaponized cell phone towers, which are classified and which are being used on the American people as surveillance tech and DEW weapons. There are also weaponized drones and weaponized satellites and weaponized 5G installations within a number of cities and is growing.
  9. 5G with its increased bandwidth is capable of reaching out to every citizen in the area with enough separate instances of RADAR BEAMS to make it possible to follow each citizen as a node on the ” NETWORK OF THINGS” (IOT). for which capability the military has been anxiously awaiting to be ubiquitous.
I think I have spelled out the dilemma of the IC as it exists today. Pleae check out my website for instructional videos and articles detailing the problem more precisely JAMESLICO.COM