april tort log update

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2:57pm a weaponized moron mercenary is holding a beam on my brain to cause a horrendously headache. The reason for this is because this resonance beam has the effect o causing 8 out of 10 pain all day and that is a fact and its torture.  It does this by causing my brain to swell and to be inflamed. This is torture folks and it is in direct retaliation for my activism folks. I have to take it for now because the police are screwed up,  but Torturers are currently being watched and anyone guilty of war crimes and torture will be charged with a CAPITAL OFFENSE.  If America goes down it will be because of people like this. You can’t turn TREASON into a plus. It’s always a cowardly act. Psychopaths need to be threatened harshly because they do not care about anyone but themselves.  Apparently I will be beaten electronically for this but i want you to remember that torture is a capital offence.


Now I want to direct this to the bottom feeders who are committing crimes

Why is this happening to people now?  Why do people have to be tortured and murdered by weaponized morons.   The answer is simple and you all have to begin understanding what is happening. Activists and whistleblowers are afraid to come forward to talk about the corruption in our country which is rampant. People are afraid because contractors like Hatfields sister in law are being paid to teach activists that doing the right thing doesn’t pay. CRIME AND CORRUPTION PAYS THE BILLS

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Technology can monitor all life processes of a good_doer and the operator can keep them busy trying to JUST STAY ALVE, instead of doing good. What we have going on in neighborhoods right now is there are people like this psychopath, making sure no one does anything to stop any corruption and they actually assist and help in the crimes others are committing. I promise you that the department of Homeland security and the FBI and others are the perpetrators of the crime and corruption now going on. They have NEIGHBORS KILLING NEIGHBORS. America has been sacrificed folks DHS is not a God, it is organized crime. DHS is asset stripping America. If you are helping them then you are assisting the the enemy. Your country has been taken over by elitists and you are going to be holding the bag. IF YOU THINK WE WILL OVERLOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING BECAUSE YOU ARE DOING YOUR JOB, THEN YOU ARE SADLY MISTAKEN. WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS TO MURDER THE PEOPLE WHO COME TO HELP STOP CORRUPTION BY HELPING THE PERPETRATORS HUMAN TRAFFIC THEM SO THEY CAN BE MURDERED IN MONEY MAKING SCHEMES. THIS IS A WAR CRIME AND ITS GENOCIDE AND YOU ARE CARRYING IT OUT AND YOU ARE A FUCKING TRAITOR . THIS IS A CAPITAL OFFENSE AND WE WILL NOT LET YOU GET OUT OF IT.
LET me make it perfectly clear that Stupidity will not be accepted as an excuse for murder or for TREASON. Get it straight right now, that if you are assisting the NWO to MURDER activists then you may very well get the same. ACTIVISTS ARE BEING WATCHED AND MONITORED BY MORE THAN YOU MORONS KNOW AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CRIMES.


The state is identifying people for the weaponized morons to kill
This happens right before wars we know from the past
It happened before world war I
It happened before world war II
Now its happening again  WWIII?
  1.     911 was a false flag operation to hide Americas take down asset stripping
    the big stuff is carried out before during and after under everyone’s noses
    Private government contractors are hired as a diversioN
  1. Killing citizens all over is a diversion
  2. It is always done in the name of NATIONALISM AND STATEISM
  3. is it done right before a world war?
  4. world wars in the past were this way
  5. The Bush’s, Warburgs, Rothchilds, Harimons, etc made huge profits off wars
  6. All wars have been for profit
  7. Why dont you stop and put down your little flag and think about how you have been fucked?  The New World Order is to consolidate all of the stolen pensions and other stuff and to move else where to create a police state from which to rule the world.  You could try to grab what you can and kill for the bankers.  Its just another scam.
  8. Their plan is to reduce the population 90% to 95%
  9. US population 315 million times 95% eliminated is 299250000 dead
  10. This means the elimination of a little under 300,000,000
  11. This leaves 15,500,000 or 15.5 million (5%)
America is broke (Are the powers that be aware of this?  Did they steel it?)
    The last I heard was 13 TRILLION in debt with no chance of paying it back
    Are we killing people rather than paying back the SS Trust fund
        They spent the money so did they know this would happen?
        If so, then who decides who must be killed
        Is the middle class being asset stripped?
        Has America gone through
  1. pre-industrial
  2. industrial
  3. service economy
  4. post industrial decline
  5. has globalism sacrificed America and moved off shore to an up and coming pre-indusrrial location where profits are higher.  Has this been planned all along?
  6. Post industrial decline means get in line with global economy America=Third world
  7. so where is our retirement savings?
  8. where is our pensions
    1. Social security
  9. They are killing people in America and folks are ok with this until it happens to them?
  10. Weaponized moron CONTRACTORS are out with DEATH SQUADS now
  11. if the government cant stop steeling from the people then wont the death squads continue until all is gone and everyone reduced to poverty.
  12. It seems like steeling from the public is the problem
  13. our pensions are gone?? stolen?!
  14. What is congress and senate doing
    1. they are doing their own thing, preparing for their retirement!
    2. They are doing the NWO work and ignore the peoples work
    All of the gold is gone from fort knox  Stolen by those who have access??
    Social Security Trust Fund is broke
        This shouldnt be since there was a large surplus
        Yet the surplus was spent by lawmakers past who knew better.
        Now they want to cut payouts rather than pay it back
        do they think old people are useless eaters like previous leaders
What happened
    There has been no disclosure of necessary information
    Excessive Secrecy is prevalent
At first, it  seems like human trafficking, but it is much worse.
In every country we see the same pattern of abuse on the most vulnerable among us. : A child, patient, disabled or elderly person is taken & once in the clutches of The System, you get attacked by their army of weaponised morons + psychopathic degenerates and you cannot get the person back out. In Donna and my case, we are being human trafficked by MERCS who act as a handler to put us through experiments for universities and hospitals and at the same time keep the saves from telling anyone about the abuse. The purveyors of this crime need enforcers on the ground to keep the human trafficking victims (slaves) from speaking out to those who are asleep. This is where the local enforcers come into play. Steve Hatfield is one of them and I will name others in the days to come. Keep watching my website for the latest news on Human trafficking aka slavery.. I know there are people who would not stoop to the level of taking money in return for assisting the enemy. I think that people are brain washed into thinking the Department of Homeland Security is their GOD, but to me and other patriots DHS is just another word for ORGANIZED CRIME.
I am not keeping silent while goons and thugs run roughshod over innocent victims. It is no kind of life to live as a human test subject. I have not given up yet, since I am still wating for WE THE PEOPLE TO WAKE UP, The minute we adapt ourselves to this abuse is the minute we consent to being slaves. Yes, i am saying that what is happening to me is absolutely the same that is happening to millions of people in the USA and all over the world under the cover of secrecy..
Secrecy in government is the reason for the corruption. Secrecy is the reason this take over is working. It is evidence of the TOP DOWN psychopathic structure and compartmentalization we are all familiar with. If some secrecy is good, excessive secrecy is dangerous and leads to abuse of power. How is it good for MERCS to go to my neighbor, telling them that i am under surveillance and need to be watched for BLAH BLAH BLAH, but dont tell anyone under penalty of SPLAT. Well I dont even know what is said about me and I can tell you I have done nothing.
question:: Why dont I get a trial by a jury of my peers before sentencing me to death by torture. & Where the hell did we get torture anyway? The answer to both questions is SLAVERY!!
There are many schemes for making money off the backs of the vulnerable who dont produce anything anyway. In my case it is Human Experimentation and weapons testing. You may wonder how we could have gotten like this, using people as slaves. It was an inevitable step, since our preoccupation with war and expanding military budgets eventually outstrip our will to be free.
We are in a war in case you haven’t heard. We are at war with our own government, because the Government is so corrupt that they are taking and using their own people as human test subjects to be used in TERMINAL research and testing purposes.. This is very lucrative as you could imagine, since extrapolating moneys and hamsters test data is no longer required, since the data is direct human test data. There are corrupt Governments throughout the world, also enslaving their own people in their own ways. So you can see that the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) is here already, as George Herbert Walker Bush, told us it would be. But before you grab your little NWO flags and jump on the band wagon. Is everybody happy with the NWO, especially the slaves (We The People).. Shouldn’t the NWO helpers take a breather and assess just what their role in the New World Order will be? There will be two roles, that of opresser police and the oppressed (we the people aka huddling masses). The NWO is a police state. There will be no freedom and the government is the absolute ruler. It will be much like the book 1984 if that resonates. That is, you wont have any role. There are all these morons breaking their backs trying to out help others at enslaving their own fellow man. This is all going on beneath the surface in case you didnt know about it. You can see that I am basically a lab rat, so this is your New World Order. This is why Steve Hatfield and John Clute scoff at me, since they are so far above the frey. They look down on and use slaves., but they are special.
What the neighbors fail to realize is that the primary Mercenary DHS contractors are Psychological Operations (PsyOPP) contractors (SOLDIERS aka MERCS) who will lie about anything which will get them what they want. They will use people only to throw them under the bus when no longer needed. Right now it serves their purpose to have neighborhood watch groups to track everyone’s movements with psychotronic electronics. Neighbors take money to host the electronics in their homes. They are praised for their help to America, when the opposit is true. Yes, they are tracking you, and they even know what you say in the privacy of your own home. The NSA’s motto is “COLLECT IT ALL”, and its the universal attitude towards surveillance. This is why the proliferation of security surveillance after 911. But its not there to protect you, its to protect the Elite from you. Think about it, when have we ever needed so much security? Think about security in air ports, since its purpose is to count the implanted people in society. What about trains and buses? the elite know how much they can get away with so they dont have an uprising. It will all come in due time.
In every country we see the same pattern of abuse on the most vulnerable among us. : A child, patient, disabled or elderly person is taken & once in the clutches of The System, you get attacked by their army of weaponised morons + psychopathic degenerates and you cannot get the person back out. In Donna and my case, we are being human trafficked by MERCS who act as a handler to put us through experiments for universities and hospitals and at the same time keep us from telling anyone about the abuse. The purveyors of this crime need enforcers on the ground to keep the human trafficking victoms from speaking out. This is where the locals come into play. Steve Hatfield is one of them and I will name others in the days to come. Keep watching my website for the latest news on Human trafficking aka slavery.. I will receive electronic beatings for what I just said. So as to minimize the beatings, I will say it just once and you must mentally substitute him in the appropriate places. I will not keep silent while goons and thugs run roughshod over innocent victims. Yes, i am saying that what is happening to me isi the same that is happening to hundreds of thousands of people all over the warld. There are many schemes for making money off the backs of the vulnerable. In my case it is Human Experimentation and weapons testing.
My handler is holding a resonance beam to the top of my head.  This is especially cruel and thuggish of these MERCS tp walk someone around with an Directed Energy Weapon beam like a  leash as I go about my day.  This beam holds onto my head like a claw and the pain discomfort is at 5 of 10 so its not the most extreme but I am not a criminal.  This beam on my brain is actually murder since it makes be feel interfered with so that I have brain fog.  These contractors always TI’s or Targeted Individuals.  If not the Brain leash, there is shooting at our feet, like our toes, the joints in our toes, ankles, arches, thumbs on our hands.  I wonder if this  is as if we are thought of as criminals who must be kept on a virtual leash.  Often my feet are injured so that I must limp because of the pain induced in my foot or hands.  I have to switch hands since the pain in my hand for instance injures the hand so I must compensate.  In my opinion, this technology is cruel and unusual punishment which should not e used on on anyone.  I understand that our constitution has been circumvented and our country is under emergency laws right now which is like martial law.
The people who are strong arming TI’s really are torturers.  They are Thuggish and moron like since they take money to human traffic  and Hurting TI’s with what everyone calls torture.  The object is discerned as pain and the final result for TI’s is death by heart attack, stroke or suicide.  The police have been trained to think of TI’s as crazy instead and put them on psychiatric hold.  Here I am, with a degree in Biology and Electronicas Engineering Technology So I went to school to learn how to speak the language of Biology and electronics.  The crazy files have gone on much too long and that is a hold over from the Communist Russia and Stassi days where it was common to put activists in a psychiatric hospital.  I was going to say TI’s are as sane as any of you, but now I have to wonder if deniers of technology and corruption may indeed be crazy.   Our environment is being inundated by chem trails which have blocked out the Ozone layer and so UVB and UVC radiation is no longer filtered out to a significant extent.   Dane Wigington said he has measured UVB radiation at 1000% above normal.  This is the worst year I have seen for pine trees and many other deciduous trees in my opinion.  So we have most people denying this, the result of all the environmental damage is that the treess are dying, the bees are dying and actually I have seen reports of 90% insect die offs (including bees), Significant tree dieoffs, significant and shocking fish dieoffs.  This is very shocking since it means that the lungs of the earth are dying and so are the insects, birds, fish.  Are you people hearing this because if the trees die we die, if the birds die we die, if the insects die we die and so forth.  I have heard Dane Wignington give an estimate of 7 years before bioimplosion..  What do you think we will eat when the planet can no longer sustain life.  Mr. Wigington says he can no longer start seedling trees because they wont live.  Go look in the forrest and look up to see for yourselves.
Now, odly enough, my handler is putting the resonance beam into my throat it seems like to me.  This results a feeling of being choked and very elevated blood-pressure.
dont forget I have training in Ellectronics Engineering and Biology.  I am the canary in the coal mine so you need to listen to me.  I am telling loud and clear who to watch out for.  Homeland Security is not your friend.  They have designated me a terrorist.  Ask yourself why??  I am telling the truth and DHS is killing me for telling the truth? WHY?  You cant fight this when the handler wants to use you with Radar on your head.  The handler has you at the end of a radar energy beam.  Remember that radar was used in the 1940 to detect and lock onto air planes.  It has been refined to lock on to many things with a unique signature.  With Humans it is a bio signature of your neural image.  Even neurologists know of this now and it is a two way connection to transfer data both ways, like heart beat, respiration, nerve impulses and much much more.   Corporations, Hospitals and Universities and colleges are familiar with the gynecology and are joining in the experimentation.  This is human non consensual experimentation on citizens against their will.  It is extremely uncomfortable and can be extremely painful and it takes away your humanity.  You are left with your brain gripped as though someone has a hold of it and it gets tighter and tighter, until the victim cant stand it and screams out in pain, depending on how much power is used.   They call it less than lethal weapons, but that is at low power.  The power can be turned up and it is known as no touch toruture or touchless torture.  Its effect is only limited by the power projected.  At one wat, the persons brain is held as if on the end of a rope, but what about 1000 watts or 100,000 wats, the person is vaporized.  Calling it non letual is a misnomer and a lie really.  This was made to be lethal from the begining.  Saying it  is non lethal was so the public will think it is not harmful.  In addition your DNA is obtained and these frequencies can talk to your DNA and at predefined frequencies it can be said the frequency is at resonance with the DNA.  The DNA responds to the resonant frequency, like meat in a microwave oven responds to 1000 wats.  At a predefined frequency of 2.45GHz (Giga Hertz) means billion hertz, so 2.45 bilion cycles per second is the frequency that cooks meat.  Well this is inside the biological window and the window is 2.45 to 2.7 GHz.  Also Routers and telephones and blue tooth is hits your skin and much of it passes through, but some of it is stopped and it turnes into heat and electric current.  The reason why frequencies in the range of 2.4 to 2.8GHz are stopped by your body is because they are at resonance with your DNA.   Your DNA is gives of an HORA which extends ouside the body and it is used to communicate with other DNA and with the world.  A router for instance is using this frequency inside the biological window as though the designer of the ROUTER wanted to directly communicate with your DNA.  Think about that.  The DNA even takes notice, but quickly sees that the signal is garbage, or is it?  DNA uses electrical energy as I have said to talk with other DNA and maybe even other people.  Most of the time the routher in this frequency is transmitting data and hence it is incompatible with DNA because the DNA is smart enough to know its own frequencies data.  So when it hears your router over and over and over sending garbage, it keeps dismissing it.  However, This happens over 2 billion times per second.  Your DNA must continually monitor the signals within the biological window with which it has resonace with, and it must take notice over two billion times per second and then disregard it with great repetition.  What I am telling you is that people and especially children have a large amound ot their attention or energy listening to an paying attention to garbage frequencies of their routher, blue tooth, some cell phones.  What if someone tapped you on the shoulder all day as though your attention was needed and you could not disregard it and you must continually say no thank you.  Your children in school have their brains thus occupied and there attention and the energy they have to study their lessons is reduced by the constant nagging of WIFI.  This nagging is significant and takes significant energy for the student to ignore it.  Dr. Konstantin Myle studied this and presented this senario in a paper he wrote.  I think he is probably afraid to say too much for fear of retribution.  Others have to evaluate this and talk about it so that others understand that the biological window is diabolically infiltrated by frequencies which cause the biological system harm and this is especially true of digital energy within the biological window.
April 3, 2018
My handler is hurting my brain and the pain is 7 out of 10 pain.  for those who dowbt this is happening, based on how this sounds, I am no longer trying to convince people this is true.  If you are so myopic that you have no imagination, then stay that way.  Our country is under attack and you need to deal with that.  The country is under attack.  The population has become fearful, People are taking money under the table and now we have learned that private corporations a re paying people to commit treason and if you look for the payments or new additoins of things for their personal use you can see that this is happening.  we are turning them in to the IRS anonymously and they will be audited and have to show proof of their acquisition and if they can prove it then fine.  People are getting paid in both cash and things.   The people doing this are banking on their employer not doing anything to alert the IRS or state taxing authority that they are receiving any payments.
The people doing this are torturers.  Yes you heard me right, Torturers as evidenced by the fact that their employment is predicated on the people they are preying on to be Tortured for what appears to be MKULTRA mind control.  As you know, our constitution guarantees our rights, but after 911, this changed and most peoplle dont know it.  Still the constitution guarantees that any law which subverts the constitution is NULL. the perpetrators of this are convinced that they have sufficiently buried the constitution so they are not bound by it.  Most people believe the constitution still is in force.  The deception actually goes back to 1930 when the federal reserve was created.
Go to my website to see why I think this is true.
tell followers that if a program becomes unresponsive, to pull internet plug and wait for it to work.  I havent seen evidence of a connection via air gap.
get image software
tell to get a second computer
use a vpn since the handler is sifting your connection for open/close winddows and then holding commands based on the window.  use
tell others to use browsers which Hide their identity since handlers look for windows which could give their identity away.
Handlers dont seem to be afraid of anything and charge ahead with anything.  its not that theya are not afraid, they just dont know what they are doing and actually they are afraid of everything.
a disk image daily would stop them too.
My handler is hurting my brain with 8 out of 10 pain with the resonance beam.  This is very cruel and raises my blood pressure to the over 200 and over 100 area.  This is done all the time and the people doing it dont care about being caught.  We have to get their names and addresses and submit them into our data base so that they people can be brought to justice.
Activists are being murdered and it is hight time to save the people who are risking their lives..  Obviously their lives are at risk..  People are scared to speak out and its not until the torture contractors are neutralized that more people will come out of hiding.  People like my handler Steve Hatfield must be neutralized or they will destroy the country.  People who scoff at the law must be shown that they will suffer the same fate as those who commit crimes.
april 4, 2018  today there was traumatic brain entrainment and hurting my back muscles
april 5, 2018

april 6, 2018
(2071) In every country we see the same pattern: A child, patient, disabled or elderly person is taken & once in the clutches of The System, you get attacked by their army of weaponised morons + psychopathic degenerates and you cannot get the person back out. Like this. Note
april 7, 2018
april 11, 2018
This torture crime  is perpetrated by rich people to feed their voyeristic, homosexual criminal sadistic torturetenddensies.  Think about that for a minute and say it back to yourself again.  This crime is true and it is secret to allow the crime to continue into the future.
to make it stop, just stop being intimidated by the morons who are doing it.  Do not let them intimidate you any more.  They are also perverts and they are lying this work to get out of doing real work and to keep from going to jail.  Now we are facillitating their new jail experience.  It is called a work to jail program and they are never to return to normal life.
april 13, 2018  This morning was took me on a TORTURE RUN.  I call it that because it is designed to drive the TI over the edge so that the TI  will be so worked up and beaten up that they will act out in some way.  It is  said that TI’s who killed other people had this done to them and athe handler just watched as they shot all of those people.  WOW, I didnt know that some say and they exclaim that sounds like a dumb thing to do.  HUH, does that really mean they are tortured untill they do somthing which can be thoought of before hand to be a definitely bad idea in advance?  YUP!  Well why do you think people would take jobs tortureing people if that is the result.  Well there  are many words for it but it can be summed up in one word.  STUPIDITY
YUP >… They are plum stupid.  Here is a live high voltage line … quick ….put it in your mouth and im sure many of them would since they are order followers..
quote from Bashar aL Assad
He was asked in 2011, what misconception does the US have about Syria?
answer: We dont kill our people.  No Government in the world kills its people, unless its led by a crazy person.
8:15pm The aperture is trying to push torture to the max so that I am inundated with being uncomfortable every second of every day.  I cant imagine anyone thinking in such a way.  Malignant thoughts occupy these women’s every waking moment.
8:15 conyinued – At this time There is a drone above me and over my left shoulder, shooting the left side of my face with an ELF weapon.  You need to take note that this is the case all day and every day.  I mean when I am not sitting on my couch, facing north, there is a drone above me and over my left shoulder or in some way aiming at the left side of my face.  It feels to me like water washing over my skin.  i cant tell you how much I hate these morons.  I feel like I am dying and my health is failing and I am getting weaker and these morons are responsible.  Steve Hatfield, his sister in law and the sister in laws friend from Vermont.  Also, deeply involved is John Clute.  Look how much these morons are harassing me.  This is not normal.  John clute has fenced an elderly couple in there own home so that they cannot get deliveries, Ambulance or Fire Truck.  John Clute is a psychopathic inhumane pig.  Steve Hatfield has lost his Humanity in exchange for money.
When I am sleeping and sometimes when I am awake.  These people can dry out my nasal passages down to my lungs and sinuses.  I recently found out that this is common and I can remember this being done to me as a child, meaning that if that is true then I must have had morons like this watching me since I was a child.  So you see, this is child abuse and human trafficking and human experimentation.  I remember that when I was four, I was brought to the hospital to stay over night and I cried terribly and yet had to stay there by myself.  I was supposed to have my tonsils out, but not until the next day.  I believe I was chipped that night.  That was the only way they could have gotten away with it because they would have to have put me under general anesthesia.

Cassandra: “Voyeuristic Torture, not Surveillance–and a Societal, not TI Problem”

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fsUKDsKx08k” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
Voyerism is the word I am looking for to explain what these charlatan are.  Everyone who throws there lot in with these contractors is a traitor.  They are committing war crimes and it is a capital offense.  There is no getting around it and these people will be hunted down when this is over.  It doesnt matter how long it takes or what their circumstances. They may be 98 years old and they will be taken and put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.  But I mean the neighbors will be put on trial.  They think they were told by the weaponized morons that they cant be tried because it is not a crime.  It was not a crime when Hitler did it and it doesnt matter.  They should have Known and that is what will come out at their trial “They should have known that what they were doing is MURDER”  and therefore they will be called murderers and they will be treated like murders.  So if their job was murder, then that is what they will be charged with.  If they worked with the weaponized morons at all they will be charged with murder and war crimes.  This is the worst crimes against humanity there have every been in the history of the world and everyone looked on due to their just doing their jobs and not spreading the Alarm.
John Clute is just doing his job and
Steve Hatfield is just doing his job, so they are busy as bees and they are fucking murderers and they should be charged with a capital offense.  Also if the police can be found to have assisted them in any way, they too will be charged with a capital offense.
Why was officer King asking Donna Wilkinson why she didnt move away and change her name.
Doesnt Officer King know that it is no good to change the name because the  TI’s are under complete and total surveillance?

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