Answer To Arrowhead Gardens Management RE: Violation Of Lease

Arrowhead Gardens Management
Senior Housing Assistance Group 
9000 2nd Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98106
James F. Lico
9240 2nd Avenue SW
APT 305D
Seattle WA 98106
Hello, My name is James Lico, I am 62 years old and I live at Arrowhead Apartments. 
I have been working with the managers and have come against an impasse and now Mr. Bell is telling me I will be evicted without due diligence consideration of my arguments.  The page you are reading, is a basic explanation overview and there is an attachment link to a document I have already handed in to Manager: Dave Bell.  In other words, this is a follow up to my last submittal.

I complained about the person who lives at 405D back in August of 2013.  Mr. Bell did not do anything about the problem for weeks.  He has taken all complaints from the woman in question, while he told me noise complaints are a police matter.  I know this sounds odd, but I am a targeted individual and this type of treatment is common for me and tens of thousands of others like me. 

I have three college degrees, one in each of Biology, Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer science.  I have a directional meter which tells me the location of the signal source.  I can see that a very strong signal is coming from 405D and can even place the source location in the living room near the window and that they move it around depending where I am in the apartment.

The person in 405D is a private (military?) contractor and is working for a private company or corporation under government contracts.  Following is the Air Force contract I know of for human experimentation and is now accepting deliverable data on this contract.  The manager tells me this person has been here one year.  If that is the case, she must have bought into the lies about me told to her by the perpetrators and gone along with it.  I don’t know what she was told but it basically goes something like this:
I am an enemy of the state and I did something terrible that qualifies me for extra-judicial punishment and human experimentation. This cannot possibly be true because America does not torture according to Barak Obama.  There is no way this can be legal for me to be subject to 24/7 surveillance with painful torture/experimentation with electromagnetic weapons.

As you may already know the NSA, CIA and other agencies are being reported by Whistle Blower Edward Snowden to have been using extreme over reach in their interpretation of the NDAA Patriot act.  I remind you that the latest revelation is that the CIA is spying on Congress, the Senate and probably the White House too.  There are apparently rogue elements of these agencies who have created the extra-judicial torture program in secret.  It is estimated there are 400,000 Americans impacted with this.  one in ten don’t even know they are targeted. I remind you that MKULTRA and CoIntelPro are human experimentation and harassment programs which were investigated in the 70’s by the Congressional Church Committee.  Instead of being disbanded as they were supposed to be, they went underground and resurfaced with enhanced technology to what i am describing to you.

Even though Mr. Dave Bell has read my documents and has even copied all of my blog to paper for whatever reason.  He says he is just the manager and does not officially know about the program.  The woman in 405d is lying to him about the noise she is making which means that I am impacted with violation of lease and she receives no  warnings and no violations.  She began with the noise and is the instigator.  He is taking her word for this and ignoring me.  on this point alone, I am being discriminated against.  I feel that he could work with me to relocate me to another room which is not near these people.  I feel that management can be in effect, a good citizen and offer me this change, yet they are sticking to this discriminatory track, where I am considered guilty without considering my side of the story.  This cannot be the case, reminding you that I complained first and continually without any consideration by management.  This is why I am complaining to you now.

May I remind you that what I am saying amounts to elder abuse.  The perpetrators will not admit anything to and if you don’t work with me then they will get away with it.  Even corporations must be good American Citizens and use common sense in dealing with issues where elder abuse is taking place.  In addition they had county social workers, followed by the police investigate me and even told them I was waving a gun around.  I am sure of the fact that what was expected was that I would get a mental diagnosis and hold over in a mental ward.  I not only convinced them but the social workers admitted to knowing about the targeting of Americans with electromagnetic weapons as I am explaining it.  Please see my other evidence described and shown below.

My problem right now is:
  1. I can’t afford to move
  2. it cost me $6,000 to move in August, with moving company and transportation expenses.
  3. I have not researched any place to move to.  
    • Saying I will move without a place to go is psychologically debilitating
    • As an old man, I have moved at least a dozen times in the past 3.5 years
    • Due to the physical abuse I am undergoing, I don’t have the stamina to physically move right now and agreeing to do so has the potential to cause me psychological and physical harm.
  4.  I have a suggestion of moving to another apartment within this the Arrowhead gardens for the duration of my lease.  This would have the beneficial effect of leaving the woman in 405D alone and isolating me from her.
Here are the notices I received from Arrowhead management.
Now please read the document I gave to Manager Dave Bell.  
The following links are from my BLOG which go into more details.
The Private Contractor Handler As A Torture/Killing Technology Specialist

The Handler Is The King Pin Of The TI Torture Matrix

The private contractor/handlers doing this are psychopathic or sociopathic, because they must be by definition or they would not be able to torture people without grave psychological damage to themselves.  In short these people: 
  1.  Compulsive and accomplished liars, believe the laws do not apply to them due to inflated self importance,
  2.  have a stunning lack of empathy, resulting in the victim is treated like an object and not a human being.
  3. are devoid of conscience and have never been sorry of anything they do because they are incapable of remorse.
  4. They may even enjoy subjugation and torturing humans due to some of them having a sadistic nature.  For many in fact it is a psychopaths wet dream.  Listen to Expert Sam Vaknin talk about the aspect of sadistic abuse and torture.
  5. they will abuse their authority because that is what psychopaths and sociopaths do.  It is a crime to equip psychopaths with Classified Military weapons, where they have life and death power over Human Trafficking TI Victims, without oversight or supervision.
  6.   For the reasons above, I suggest you listen to the movie “I AM FISHEAD” where this information is presented in an easy to understand and logical manner.  It explains how our corporate leaders may be psychopaths and how to tell.
 I Am Fishhead – Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths? (2011)