Activists Are Speaking Out About The CIA Phoenix Genocide Program

I put this wonderful activism video in here to attract activists and people who just want to help.  This activism meeting was a rare event because activists are under attack and are being killed by the government.   Activists used to demonstrate and have personal views like a disdain for war.   But times have changed and the military  and the Department of Homeland Security now view activists as Terrorists and enemies of the state and they have decided to kill them.    But things are changing fast and more  people are being named as Terrorists.  For instance now Veterans, bloggers, journalists, and smart people are a few of the newest groups now emerging as threats.  I know that they have always been revered, but that was before because they were necessary, but now they are not.  Its just that simple folks.  I dont make up the rules; Get with the program.  

 The Phoenix, a mythelogical bird, dies in a firestorm and is then resureccted from the ashes. 

The role of Phoenix is played by your country (America in this case) and the role of the firestorm is played by the CIA.  This is and has always been a Genocide program since its inception and debut in Vietnam in 1965 {quite simply}

The Phoenix
rising from the fire and ashes
aka the cia genocide program

This is the PDF ebook by Douglas Valentine called THE PHOENIX PROGRAM
you can read it in the viewer, share it or download the pdf.

Trump Admin Raising Phoenix Program From the Ashes/
by Corbett Report

Why are people targeted and why is this happening now? Good question… If you watch only one video, make it this one to find out how the Phoenix program is a war of  terror in America and it is also a global war of terror now.  I say it is a war of terror, because it is meant to terrorize the citizens.  The program is designed to be faintly visible around the edges so that people get glimpses of the deadly brutality.  It is also a circus entertainment program to satisfy the lusting of more depraved minds with torture porn and all that entails.   It is a Eugenics Program on the people of the world, quite frankly.  This scenario has played out first in Vietnam with replays in many third world countries, some of which include: San Salvadore, El Salvadore, Iraq, Afghanistan and now in America and Comming soon, in Venezuela and Iran.  Venezuela and Iran do not want to toe the US way of doing things.  They think they can rule their own country and NOT have a Rothchild central bank in their country.

The Phoenix Program


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  1. I know that there are still good people out there I hope that are not trying to profit off of this nightmare are there I need help someone to talk to please leave a message has to be something to help us God help us all

  2. I’m in Phoenix Az Targeted Individual had a surgery then woke up hearing voices and under illegal survelliance lost my kids over this in fact I believe my kids father had something to do with this whatever program this is he knew when and where/who the surgery was done

    • Thank you for letting everyone know Steve. We hear you and care about you. Watch what is happening since George W Bush gave states evidence telling what all of the 911 conspirators did and their role in the cover up. This will work its way towards freeing TIs.


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