Activists, Learn Of CTTL Or Fail!

Watch this short video clip (1min&35sec) of Bob Woodward being interviewed on 60’minutes and you will see that Bob Woodward knows about this targeting but says it is top secret.  You must realize who your enemy is as well as how your enemy operates if you are to effectively fight for your rights.  Right now the corporate state has technology far advanced than what you are used to.  The technology is new to you but you have to think about and consider new ways of looking at things.  Remember that the spy agencies have always been 20 years and maybe more ahead of the private sector.  If you look at what I am saying in terms of this 20 year lead in technology, then what I am saying is understandable at least to start to begin to analyze, detect, defend and duplicate.

Bob Woodward somehow became aware of this technology and has all but came out and told everyone what it is.  He told 60 minutes that the surge had nothing to do with the slow down in violence, it was due to the technology.

“Speaking about the success of the surge in Iraq, Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward tells Scott Pelley the military has “top secret” operational capabilities.”

I think he actually said too much and made some psychopaths angry.  Anyway, he gave a 60’minutes interview and here is a less than two minute excerpt of it to show you what he said.  Watch and note that president Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq was targeted with this technology. They knew what Maliki was saying and seeing and so they know what all targeted individuals are hearing and seeing whether they know about it or not.  Woodward compared the new technology to the Manhattan project in secrecy and innovation.  Please try to rationalize it because it is so.

Wired magazine has done great work in reporting on this subject.  They found that Blackbird Technologies Corporation is the only firm I was able to identify who makes this technology possible.   The articles talk about hostage rescue, but that is misleading because it is more directly designed to tag track and kill insurgents in war zone’s.  The United States is now a war zone.  Now I show that Corporations and the Government use CTTL to track and subjugate American Citizens.  It is like Wired reports for man hunts, but it is more like continuous man hunts  Do American Citizens need to be HUNTED CONTINUOUSLY.  Please check out Blackbird Tech.   One type of tag used to track objects is an example of a tiny implant

I am here in the position I am now, being effectively subjugated by the corporate state, but I am also in a position to tell you how they are doing it or at least to assure you that they are doing it.  Why or what makes me so special.  Nothing other than the fact that I am yet another example of a human being who is subjugated with this futuristic technology. But there is one thing that gives me an outlook on the technology that others don’t have. I have had it demonstrated to me literally thousands of times for one thing.  In addition I have a bachelors degree in computer science and associate degrees in Biology and Electronics Engineering Technology which allow me to discern what they are doing.  It is not that I am smart, but when you have the same stupid techniques demonstrated to you personally, literally thousands of times, you tend to be able to tell what is going on. Also I have had diverse enough training to expose this crap.  Also I have no ego in this, but I do have an interest in waking you people up.

These thugs use radar and other frequencies to effect Remote Neural Monitoring of any individual.  This means monitoring vital signs, hearing and vision. 

I have handlers who take turns keeping me subjugated because they work at this 24 hrs. per day. The handlers objectives are centered around making me and you fail or ‘choke’ as they say when your are in the process the of making a key advance in what you are focusing your attention on.  Think of the reporters who started babbling when on the air to give you a real example.  These reporters were having a mental melt down while on air.  I would consider this a screw up but I bet they considered it a success.  In other words, the thugocracy finds ways of stopping you from doing anything effectively like speaking/debating, for instance.  The State doesn’t want you making any sense nor do they want anyone to listen to you, when you are trying to tell the truth about what they are doing.  The corporate state is and has been effective in hiding the crimes of the corporate state from its own people. The real facts of history have been blunted and changed to reflect American Exceptional-ism and mute anything about corporate mistakes.

There are over 5 Million Security Clearances in the US.  This technology is top secret and the best secret considering who knows about it.   The people who are doing this to me and other Citizens are corporate goons and thugs who have chosen to do the bidding of the fascist state for monetary payments.  They must think that the corporate takeover is inevitable and that they will be taken care of by the corporate state.  They are the worst form of traitor because they are betraying the American People and the Constitution.  They are willing to covertly try to stifle the will and work of the people and populist movement in favor of and for the Fascist State!  These people are  sociopaths and also technicians.  They were called ‘knob turners’ in Afghanistan and Iraq using a conglomeration of off the shelf industrial technologies together called Clandestine, Continuous Tagging Tracking and Locating (CTTL) to track capture and kill insurgents.  Bob Woodward talked about this.  The Spy agencies see the people as a threat and they are using CTTL to monitor vital signs, vision and hearing among other things.  This is an extreme form of surveillance which you have no way of combating personally.  The frequencies they use will penetrate walls or almost any shielding to reach you.  It is important to remember that they do not have to be overt to effectively use the technology.  They can do the same thing covertly and you will never know they are there.  There is no more attorney client privilege for example.  There are in fact, no secrets of almost any kind! You must assume there is no privacy at all.

Again you can’t stop the thugocracy from subjugating you if you don’t know and understand what they are doing to you. In other words, you must realize who your enemy is and what they are doing to you if you are to effectively fight for your rights.

The thugocracy is using both covert and overt mind control techniques which they are still developing to subvert and control the will of the people.  These thugs use radar and other frequencies to effect Remote Neural Monitoring of any individual.  This means monitoring vital signs, hearing and vision. Pain can be caused and organs can be affected.  For instance pain is induced and or heart rate increased and the body and or heart is put into stress condition which induces sweating and causes a sick feeling.  This tampering with the human body is real and it is done to get me to stop doing what I are doing.  Again it can be done covertly so that you think you are becoming ill.  If I hadn’t told you, it would be hard to discern from a real affliction. The traitorous Corporate Thugs are doing this to us and we all need to stop them so we can begin to know how to save our country.  These thugs laugh because they think they are so clever and smart. They laugh because having us subjugated by the psychiatric profession as schizophrenic or by law enforcement works to discredit the target.  You have awakened as far as you have and you are continually amazed by the new outrageous revelations that continue to surface about the surveillance state.  Okay, so here is another one for you.  The surveillance state can covertly and remotely monitor anyones, even YOUR VITAL SIGNS, YOUR HEARING and YOUR VISION.  There is much more to this story but you can get into that later.  It is not so far fetched when you consider that Spy Agency research is 20 years ahead of private industry.

Isn’t it time for you to try to see what is going on.  Their invisible secret cant continue to work forever.  At least the people who are activist leaders must know and realize this or they will targeted for second by second surveillance with radar on your brain and you wont be able to tell.  What this means is that either you stop this trend now or the technology will continue to get better so eventually it will be unstoppable.   Think of it, if they can see through your eyes and hear what you say, its harder to plan anything in secret.:)  There are radar targeting devices in satellites, cell phone towers and now drones since they were released on the public.  There are also radar units in the hands of  a growing number of citizen spies who are living among you in your neighborhoods.  They are watching you in your neighborhoods and using NeighborWatch groups as a cover.  You could find out quite a lot by catching one and asking them nicely.  You have to start somewhere.

Normally I would have put this section first but I didn’t want to scare you off.  I am a political activist and I am actively and effectively repressed and subjugated to keep me from telling the truth. I am telling you this because this can happen to you or anyone.  It isn’t that I am important nor am I a special case that I need to be repressed more than others.  No, I think that I am a test subject as are other TI’s who are purposefully made aware of their subjugation. But I also think the test phase is over and they are ready to put many or all activists under this extreme form of surveillance and repression.  The corporate state is using illegal human experimentation to continuously learn and improve on how to best use repressive psychological, physical techniques including drugs to make people afraid to do or say anything against the corporate state.  If you look at the Air Force Directed Energy Bioeffects Research (DEBR) contract for $49M you will see that humans as well as animals are being used in research testing of Directed Energy Weapon biological effects.  There is no way the Air Force could do Informed Consensual testing because it is too painful. One of the techniques is torture, just as any totalitarian state would do.  As we all know, people who are tortured, will do anything to get the torture to stop.  Think about it and think what would you do to get the torture to stop.  The application of these techniques and the drugs is done covertly and you will not be able to discover the source unless you understand the total technology.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that I am a crackpot or crazy because you don’t understand some of what I am telling you.  The fascists are desperately hoping that you will label me a crackpot and continue doing what you do and continue ignoring the surveillance state.

I thought at first that I should leave the drugging part out, but decided to put it back in because it is a key part of the technology.   Before starting I will tell you that I have done empirical (observable) testing to assure myself that the poison came from where I said it did and went to where I said it did.  Of the chemical issue, I am very sure, unlike others who just give there opinion.  The fact that there are chemicals dosed to TI’s, it is a fact and not my opinion.  However I don’t know what the make-up of the chemical is, only that it is there and how it makes me feel.  TI’s are drugged as a matter of course.  The chemical I am exposed to is both a drug and an electrolyte to make the body and most importantly for them, the mind more electrically conductive.  In short it makes the technology work better.  I believe they can actually connect their radar to someone with no implants, to target them successfully. The drugging will be done or the drug will be taken from a depot where the drug is surreptitiously placed by low level agents/stalkers and transferred as if by transmission to your body to be absorbed through skin where blood vessels are close to the surface such as scalp, shoulders, and groin or it is placed in your food.  The places that are targets of dermal absorption are also good radiators of heat into the environment which I mention only for comparison.  In addition, the eyes are also used to administer drugs because it is a direct pathway into the bloodstream for the tiny amounts of chemical drugs they administer.  In most cases they are using micro sized amounts so this works well for them.

The reason this torture is being done to Targeted Individuals is because the corporate state is solving two problems at one time and with one process.  They need to repress and oppress political activists and they need to test the latest Directed Energy Weapons. The fascists have realized through the eye of a psychopath that weapons can be tested remotely on people who are to be subjugated.  In addition many other brain research and other human experimentation can be done on the same targeted individuals.  I believe this is terminal experimentation as they are always trying to press the TI into self destruction or make a lethal mistake.  The fascists have backed off somewhat on how they try to screw with TI’s when we drive to cause us to make a lethal mistake.  They don’t  drug us as much when driving.  But this just serves to show that the publics safety is not a concern.  A lethal mistake of a TI while driving is also lethal for other people as well proving they don’t take people’s safety or security seriously.  The security and safety is for benefit of the corporate state.

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8 thoughts on “Activists, Learn Of CTTL Or Fail!”

  1. I AM an TIs victims in HK. Worlds Citizens of Co-Addressings the Advances ELF Mind Control Weaponry Technologies Impacts/Telepathy-Neural-Minds-Threats-Torturings over Peoples Physical-Life and Mental-Brain-Health and with next generations and the persistents Depredation of Civil-Rights. ……….. A bit more info in my Face Book Wall & Blogs. THANKS to ALL Tis advocacy around the worlds and Hope ALL in Health and Keep-On always. Thanks much and thanks again. Thanks.

  2. Now that’s what we needed to hear the truth like I have never heard it. Just like the perps been telling me they are going to murder me it’s not the matter of if it’s when. And the American people is not smart enough to know what is happening around them they are in this make believe state of mind believing this can’t happen to them. I know one day probably very soon they will kill me murder me and there’s nothing I can do about it alone. It will take the people to stop this If it isn’t to late. I hope the people that read that have a better view of what’s going on in there country. Please wake up you can save lives and maybe your own.

  3. I am 100% with you , in my 20th year of attacks , giving me knowledge. 95% of what you say covers my experience and the rest I will use to protect myself. I am connected to radar 24/7 and consider I am now in end game territory. I am more of a hindrance than a useful guinea pig and at 71 am being made to run once more. You did not mention sleep signals whilst driving or hand held weapons on your head while sleeping or brake linings cut or the use of tear gas…..all used on me. The deadliest is when a radiation machine is used from a room above you…alarming . Whole life sabotaged, no friends now ……you know.
    I learned to fight when I realised I was up against might and losing my ego put me in a personal driving seat.
    Please, please post this to as many groups etc., especially pinkpink which has thousands of members but is being overrun by 3 who flood the debate with gobbledygook as though perps.
    Also on fb too many posts on GS when electronics is the killer.
    A big thank you. Monica Rey

    • Thanks Monica, I agree with what you said. They do think of the little things. like letting the air out of my fron tires for months until i bought new tires. you might think I had a leak but I thought of that. Sometimes the back tires and sometimes only one tire. I think the corruption of lawmakers requires that the people begin to show outrage at this crime and ask them why they don’t do anything. They play dumb to stonewall and you have to bulldose right over that excuse. They don’t log complaints about this crime and we have to get them to do that. Make sure to contact @Tiemergency911 is just what it says and is on twitter. Also @jafelco and @ti_jameslico . Don’t stay angry it is bad for you, but do express anger at lawmakers like this.
      Their corruption is causing them to stonewall TI’s. Don’t believe they never heard of this torture. They are waiting for public outrage before they do anything about the torture.

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