What is Homeland Security and the FBI up to lately?  Well lets see, there was the Las Vegas Shooting and most recently the Texas Church shooting to give you a clue how recently I updated this page.  I would say the mass shootings are always False Flag Operations but there may have been one that was not fake.  This is what the FBI and DHS have done for you lately and for much of history.  No I am not kidding.  Homeland Security and FBI do false flag operations.  Do your research.  I didn’t believe it at first either.

Slavery was supposedly ended at the end of the Civil War.  So how come Slavery is back now.  It isn’t even subtle except that the People of America have to care enough to put a stop to it.   Corporate contractors on government and private contracts hunt down and Torture/abuse/murder Targeted Individuals as Biomedical Slaves.  Contractors use TI’s in testing for the Presidents Brain Initiative, Air Force Directed Energy Bio-Effects Research to test Directed Energy Weapons on People and other contracts.  The Targeted Individuals have no say in what is done.  This is  the definition of Slavery.   TI’s are on call solely for the Corporation which pays the contractors to Over See (Overseer) us.

Still many do not know this crime is going on, but make no mistake that these contractors form death squads (YES DEATH SQUADS).   American Citizens are being trafficked by MERCS or Mercenaries aka Military Contractors.  They ignore human rights and follow corporate orders to keep TI’s subjugated for use as BioMedical Slaves or Human Test Subjects in medical research.  They actually think they will receive immunity even from prosecution for war crimes even though they plotted with corporations and against American Citizens, taking away all of their rights.  You see, you have the same rights as Targeted Individuals (TI’s) have and therefore you have no rights.  Corporations only give the orders, but it is the MERCS who implement the program and are cause the DEATHS in plain sight.

The following is pictorial history as one part of my proof of these crimes against me.  Warning, they are graphic.  Do not look at them if you are squeamish.

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This is biological warfare, the same as the Tuskegee experiment.   I have the perfect combination of education and training which allows me to understand how the crimes against me work.    I just want you to listen and learn what is happening.  You must understand that slavery is back in America.  I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and an Associate Degree in each of biology, and associate degree in Electronics Engineering Technology.   I am telling you this is not business as usual, but is in fact Human Experimentation.  We are being used to test weaponized staphylococcus (STAPH) and MRSA infections and also to test Energy weapons  on the public.   You definitely do you want an investigation of mercenary contractors targeting THE PUPLIC with Energy Weapons.   GOD Needs You Help!  I hope you understand because the police state will continue militarizing until it is the same NAZI Totalitarian State as Hitlers Germany was.  Do you see that?  Make no mistake about it.

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The enemy is at the gate and it is your Government.  They will resist an investigation because they are corrupt.  Money is being made hand over fist using people for test subjects.  Your urgency has to convince them that this is not going away.  You demand to be heard because believe me they are not listening to the public.  They are listening to big money and the shadow government.   This is probably the last chance to wake these law makers up.  They are ignoring the public on purpose.  Their focus is on enriching themselves and getting re-elected period.  They are corrupt and they no longer even care about the public welfare (YOU), which is painfully obvious at this point.  Your job at this point is to shake them and wake them up.  If you are worried about keeping quiet and not rocking the boat you may as well go back to sleep.  You are on a sinking ship and it wont be long.  You have time to raise the alarm and wake people up but there is time for not much else.  You dont have to be the heroic type to raise the alarm.  Many people are waking up to the corruption that is going on.  Be alert and follow your heart.   Try to push back in the right direction against the Tyranny of a police state.  Here is a summary of what I see as what the Government is now doing and acting.  Psychopathic people are taking jobs which hurt people because they can.  The reasons for doing that are not real reasons but a syops to give a facsimile of a reason.  As you read this, I want you know, THIS IS ORGANIZED CRIME… THIS IS ORGANIZED CRIME… THIS IS ORGANIZED CRIME…

  1. I must make you understand that this your government is DOING ORGANIZED CRIME, so think of that while you read this.
  2. The shadow government weaponized the police for a war zone didn’t they?
  3. They have relaxed hiring practices and IQ Standards and  hire psychopathic people now dont you know
  4. They don’t prosecute brutality and murder so the message is that it is OK to brutalize and murder citizens.
  5. There are secret police embeded in your neighborhoods.  They are masquerading as NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, Citizens On Patrol (COPS), Community Watch and a host of other NAZI THUG Organization and their objective is to spy on the public and watch for signs of people waking up and becoming activists and dissidents.  Their job is to report YOU to their superiors.   Their superiors want to know who may be waking up to the corruption.  They also want to find out which citizens are Gun owners and which are activists and who has radical ideas like wanting to vote for Trump.   With radical ideas like Libertarians, Militia, people mentioning the constitution, people who talk about their rights, and a host of other things which are no longer allowed, you are in deep state trouble now.  Yes this is Tyranny which is disguised as America for now but they are beginning to show the true colors and the colors are NAZI all the way.
  6. The people embedded in your neighborhood are mercenary contractors and work for Private security companies.  These are much more than security guards.  They have all the might and power and spycraft of the Intelligence agencies!  This is not normal, it is showing their true NAZI colors.   It is like BlackWater and they are not there to protect you!  THEY ARE THERE TO PROTECT THE ELITE FROM YOU.  We dont need all this security!  We never had a TERRORIST problem before 911, so why do we have one now.  IT IS A PSYOPS!!  FBI AND DHS ARE THE TERRORISTS!!
  7. I absolutely am talking about DEATH SQUADS because aren’t these contractors murdering TI’s.  Can you see that TI’s are dying.  Yes we are dying and unless we commit suicide, they keep killing us inside our own homes,  in the hospitals and jails.  You cannot close your eyes to this murder.  It is called Death Squads consisting of Home Land Security, Military Contractors, Terrorism Liaison Officers and others.  It doesnt matter what they think they are doing or that they are doing their jobs.  They are death squads for hire and it is war crimes and systematic murder called slow kill Torture.  You should not be okay with MERCS TORTURING THE CITIZENS.  Being quiet about it will not keep you safe because they will get to you anyway.  They did in Germany.
  8. Death Squads Operate In Your Neighborrhood under cover of NeighborhoodWatch groups. They are Private Govt. DOD MILITARY Contractors. They may tell you there is a TI Terrorist,They are lying,, It is a FALSE FLAG Operation. They ask people (JUDAS Neighbors) to host an electronics box in their house.  It is a torture and surveillance box.  It is for surveillance of all neighbors and not just an innocent TI, whom they lie about.  GOD Needs Your Help.  Ask yourself, Do we really have a TERRORISM problem?  TI’s are Americans and not Terrorists as you can see.  These morons want you to be afraid of your own shadow and they collect a  lot of money to make sure you are afraid and confuse and listen to them.  Kick them the hell out of your neighborhood because they are morons and they are criminals.
  9. The NSA’s motto is Collect It All, Process It All, Surveillance It All, do you see! They want to know NOW, what you are saying in the privacy of your own homes where you think no one can hear you, but they  can hear you thanks to these MERCS surveillance equipment.
  10. These are the same MERCS who killed Lavoy Finicum in Burns Oregon in cold blood.  They are shock troops.  They will act friendly and try to gain your confidence so you rely on them and the Government.  They will destroy us if you let them.  This is not just an assault on our freedoms, it is an assault on our neighborhoods and America essentially.  THIS IS WAR... Believe it.  God Needs Your Help!
  11. They get your neighbors to help them in small ways and in effect get them used to their prescience.
  12. They will call you at work or where ever you are to alert you to perceived threats, trying to get your assistance to neutralize a perceived TERRORIST threat.
  13. This is a tried and true CIA way to WIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE ENEMY as done in IRAQ and other countless wars for profit.
  14. You can now see that the enemy is  you and the war is on the AMERICAN CITIZENS.
  15. The Mercenaries embedded in the local neighborhood organizations are willing partners in corruption or they are USEFUL IDIOTS who are mind controlled into FOLLOWING ORDERS and acting as the ENFORCERS in an organized crime syndicate.
  16. The mercenaries are order followers who take orders from Homeland Security, Infragard (infragard.org) and Terrorism Liaison Officers (http://TLO.ORG) .  The are paid informants  performing military operations against you and are now embedded in your neighborhoods.  These people may be useful idiots who are being led along.   But they are in effect the Domestic Terrorists who are running this take over of America.  Many of them have drank the cool aid and they are traitors who would kill their own countrymen!  Make no mistake, when they are ordered to, they will kill their own countrymen Just like the NAZIS did.   California alone had more than 14,000 TLOs (a small army).  While some of these individuals are members of local law enforcement agencies, others such as paramedics, utility workers, and railroad employees have also been recruited into the program.  This came about because DHS hands out money for cooperation.  TLOs have been used to monitor Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter protests and activists.  They like collecting good money for reporting on the public and will put you on a list just to have something to report.  This is no joke and they are not your friends.  They are part of a covert network of informants like the infamous Stazi Network of former East Germany.  Dont just take my word for it.  Please check it out, google it and read about it.  But that would make you a conspiracy theory advocate and make you a terrorist wouldn’t it.  No… it makes you an informed American!
  17. There is big profits in Asset Stripping middle America.  There is no more un-harvested profits over seas.  Remember the regime changes and wars for profits in South America and the middle east.  Syria and Iran are up again but that is it for the low hanging fruit.  America is the new big money target!
  18. We have been deceived by our government
  19. Government is supposed to be afraid of us the people who would put them out of office.  Now the people are afraid of the government.
  20. Our government is in DEEP Capture by psychopaths.  This is also true of many local governments and churches and non governmental organizations.  Money is given for projects the object of which is to subjugate the citizenry and stifle dissent. so learn about it.
    1. this is because jobs controlling the public are sought after by psychopaths and those jobs are called psychopath magnets.
    2. psychopaths will assist corruption because it keeps them in power
    3. When enough of the key power jobs are controlled by psychopaths then the power they exert over the citizens will seem more like ORGANIZED CRIME.
    4. Look at the stiff sentences given to whistleblowers.  This is done to get them out of the way and keep them from talking to anyone.  In addition, it is done as the Phoenix Program, to scare the hell out of the people and keep others from following in their foot steps.
    5. The major news agencies are owned by six major corporations.  They dont report bad things about themselves.  The major media is not news any more it is entertainment.  The major media is paid to keep you distracted, not informed.  The push now is to shut down the alternative media.  Think of that.  The alternative media is the only real news source and Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are trying to censor everyone
  21. This presence is not temporary, IT IS PERMANENT.
  22. So Remember that even though they have an ID card and maybe a mickey mouse badge, THEY ARE MERCENARY CONTRACTORS.  They work for a Corporation and indirectly for the Government.  They have low IQ’s, which is the reason they have Drunk The Cool-Aid and are helping to take down America.  They have a gracious plenty of their Cool Aid to go around and once you take money or anything from them you are in effect DRINKING THE COOL AID TOO.  They will make sure you know you will go to jail if you say anything to anybody.   THESE CONTRACTORS ARE TRAITORS AND THEY CHASE THESE POOR TARGETED INDIVIDUALS AROUND LIKE BOUNTY HUNTERS AND TORTURE THEM TO DEATH.  Yes It Is Torture And NOT Merely Surveillance, like they say.  Do you think these morons get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to surveille an elderly terrorist.  Wouldnt they (TARGETS) be arrested if they were this dangerous.  Meanwhile these contractors have moved into your community permanently.  Watch the torturers and the neighbors who are in on it buying new TOYS and fixing up their houses..  You think that maybe you might want to get in on this LOOT too.  Are you kidding me?!  These are useful military moron TRAITORS and they are tying to buy your cooperation.  Make no mistake that they will call in those favors.  THEY ARE HERE TO TAKE OVER YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND RUN SURVEILLANCE ON YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS.  They will ask you, one at a time, to take in and host an electronics box which they say is for surveillance of the target.  Really, Just the one Target?  They need you to host this electronics box so they can spy on YOU!  With the electronic surveillance box in place, anyone from the moron contractor on up can use it to spy on YOU!!
  23. They are practicing shooting Energy Weapons into Targets and spying on neighbors, so they will have something to do!  Other wise they would be sitting around.  Their bosses told them they would be needed after an insurection where America was taken over and THAT IS TREASON.  The Military Contractors are in fact the STANDING Army The Forefathers Warned us about.
  24. Yes, there is an end game because THEY ARE SURVEILLING YOU.  There bosses want to know which ones of YOU are awake or waking up to the corruption going on in America now like these contractors for instance.  They also want to know which of you can lead others because they are afraid of you then and will put make you an enemy of the state and the corporations are AFRAID OF THEM.  Only the stupid ones will be the ones they will let live.  Hint, Taking the money is stupid because you will be asked to do distasteful things.
  25. They want to know WHO has guns and how many
  26. They also want to know who talks about the constitution and who is a Libertarian etc., etc.  The thing they are checking for is fanaticism.  Talking about the 2nd amendment or constitution or the Government is now considered fanaticism.  Getting on the terrorist watch list is no joke because it will mean your death.  Just ask the Target, who is him/her self on the terrorist watch list if he/she likes being TORTURED TO DEATH today.
  27. Did you think the contractors bosses are so stupid that they run this whole charade for nothing?  This is a war on the American people and it is a SYOPS or Psychological Operation.  They know you need the money and they are trying to buy your $OUL.  They will not be so nice when it comes time to COLLECT.
  28. This is the PHOENIX PROGRAM and is the Model for Homeland Security and the War On Terror.  The contractors put you on one side or the other, either for or against.
  29. In the end they will fill up their LISTS like the ones for “ENEMY OF THE STATE”.  The smart ones will be on that list and so frigin what that you got a few hundred bucks out of them.  THEY WILL KILL YOU FOR BEING ON THAT LIST.  Maybe you should all act DUMB and maybe they will ignore you?  THIS IS NOT A GAME!!!  THEY ARE AS SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK!  Look, they are killing the TARGET to make you think they are doing something important!  Well it isnt important, it is stupid isnt it because you are helping them!.  In my case I am elderly man and my fiancee is elderly.  Are we the over the hill terrorist gang!  We are innocent non consensual research subjects and they tell lies about us.  They may even tell different lies depending on who they talk to.  They only want you to do what they want.  Don’t take my word for it, check on them.  Ask the Targets who are eager to tell you they are being TORTURED TO DEATH!  Think, does this whole thing make any sense at all?  It only makes sense to a greedy moron.  One thing you could do is call a meeting with the contractors and the Target and that should be interesting.  Tell your city council and Mayor because your town/city has been invaded by the military!  THESE CONTRACTORS ARE TRAITORS AND COWARDS.   They are taking away your rights to the level of the TARGET, that is no rights at all because the Target is a SLAVE actually.    Kicking the morons out will result in other morons coming almost immediately because the money is so GOOD they cant resist.  These contractors make $1200 per day or $100 per hour of your tax dollars.  This is a bit extravagant for tracking a target around.  I think they use the phrase PERSON OF INTEREST.  That is bull shit.  The only interest is invading your Neighborhood Watch Group and your neighborhood.  They will take in your police and local leaders who normally will not know who the hell these people are.




  I also have them further down in the article but it works best if i have the pictorial evidence at the top.  You must understand that I received these and many other injuries inside the comfort and security of my own home.  This is through the wall radar which can be used to spy on you and also to injure you.  Remember that these contractors can be sneaky and you will not know they are there watching you.   TI’s know only because the contractors want us to know.  So if you have to urinate a lot, get fibromyalgia, have sharp or dull pains and a host of other ailments then you are Targeted!  Also dont forget that if an agent confronts you and wants you to know and also assist him in his stalking and murder of a Targeted Individual Human Being, it would be correct to tell them to leave you alone.  It is best to talk to them as little as possible.

  1.  Ask them== What do you want my help with, don’t they pay you enough?
  2. They will say the TI is dangerous….
    1.  Ask them why The Government would would bring a dangerous Terrorist into my neighborhood.
    2. the answer is they would not allow a dangerous terrorist in your neighborhood.
    3. Think about it,  These men bring a Dangerous Terrorist into your Neighborhood.  Then they want you to help subdue a dangerous Elderly Terrorist and his Elderly Fiancee.  Really are you kidding me.   Their program is secret and they are just letting you in on it.. Yea, right.  This is the way it is supposed to be.  They call it “WINNING THE HEARTS AND MINDS”.  Yes, they called in the fake war in IRAQ too and for the same reason.  THEY ARE AT WAR WITH THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA.   They are supposed to spy on you and find out what you are saying inside your house when you think no one can hear you.  THEY CAN, WILL AND DO HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.
    4. These men are constitutional traitors. because they  are spying on the target and they are spying on you too.  This is an occupation ... Look around and look at the facts based on what I have said an lie to your self that they are really their to do surveillance on a Terrorist.  I am no more a terrorist than you are.
      1. This brings up another point which is they are doing Human Experimentation on TI’s which makes TI’s Human Trafficking Victims.   Think of this, the government has interpreted laws to permit experimentation on civilians.  This means me and also you.  It doesn’t differentiate.  If you put those transmitters in your house then THEY WILL ALSO BE USED TO SPY ON YOU.!!
    5. The Targeted Person is there to make you think YOU NEED THESE MERCS in your neighborhood for the foreseeable future.  YOU DONT!
  3. Do not be greedy and take money in exchange for helping them.  They are mercenaries like the ones that killed Lavoy Finicum in cold blooded murder in Burns Oregon (google it).  YES THESE MERCS ARE COMMITTING MURDER!
  4. Look at the video of the actual shooting and decide for yourself.  They said he had his hands up but then reached  down to his chest.  Could he have been reaching down because of one of the nine gunshot woulds in his chest, or was he going for a gun which was disproved by an investigation.
  5. YES, These Contractor (MERCS) are the same type that murdered Lavoy Finicum and now they are here to murder me right in kplain sight.
  6. I say again that they dont want your help because they need help.  They want your help to HOOK you into a psychological operation.  They are using me for a DEMONSTRATION TO YOU!  They are making about $100 per hour over a 12 hour shift to demonstrate to you that You need them over the long term.  OH dont worry about them leaving…NO NO they are here to stay… Just try and get rid of them!.  They will ask you to put what they call a surveillance device in your home.  That device is an Electromagnetic Weapon.   They want to use your house a platform to murder me.  Dont take my word for it. check on them and dont forget my injuries.  These MERCS are psychopathic narcissists who are personable and who are very adept at lying in order to get you to do their bidding.

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 There is more than one reason why people are put in this program.  It may be that a person has become a threat to a corporation and so the person may be in the program to be gotten rid of in a murder for hire scheme.  These MERCs are guilty of working for and operating a murder for hire scheme.  Its a war crime, genocide, eugenics, human trafficking.   Be aware now that the Government is complicit by its silence in Human Trafficking and Murder.  In case you dont know, the DOD was bent out of shape during the Viet Nam War years that there were people protesting the war.  They never got over it and now they are doing something about protecting their budget for the Perpetual war that got under way with the 9/11 Kickoff.    In fact, A Scientific Poll: 84% Reject The Official 9/11 Story | Global Research ...www.globalresearch.ca/scientific-poll-84-reject-official-9-11-story/3553.   Its true that many thought Torture was Justified when it was thought 11 middle eastern Hijackers attacked our country with box cutters and planes.  But now we know the truth the the same people who orchestrated 911 have orchestrated a murder for hire, eugenics, Medical Research, Human Trafficking, SLAVERY Scheme which is a big money making scheme as are all of the HYPED SECURITY Giveaways  of our tax dollars to the Military Industrial Complex after 911.  The torture that went on in the name of security is in reality done for human experimentation.  It turns out that the CIA discovered that Torture causes people to be afraid and fearful for their lives through trauma.  Hence Trauma Based Mind Control was born and the CIA made it famous with MKULTRA.   Project MKUltra—sometimes referred to as the CIA’s mind control program—was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency.  Now the Shadow Govt. wants to enroll whistleblowers and dissidents (True Patriots) in a meat grinder TORTURE program staffed by GOONS and THUGS parading as Patriots.  It turns out that NSA was listening to and watching ALL AMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS both before 911 and after to collect it all.  They wanted to find out who might be awake to what was really going on and try to spread the truth about 9/11 and all of the other corruption.   This mp3 recording is of Whistleblowers William Binney and Kurk Wiebe telling the truth about what happened.  In addition Binney and Wiebee vow to conduct research and investigate the truth about what is happening to TARGETED INDIVIDUALS.  Please listen and learn about these targeting and torture crimes against humanity.

In a breakthrough historic and supportive move on a Talkshoe call-in show last week—and a first in terms of notable public figures publicly acknowledging covert targeting with electromagnetic and neuro-weapons as real–NSA whistleblower powerhouses William Binney and Kirk Wiebestepped forward to announce their support, concern for, and distinct plans to assist the entire community of “Targeted Individuals” in the United States and worldwide.

  NON Consensual Human Experimentation and Human Trafficking.   that should not exist anywhere in a free country.  Amy Gutmann is Chairman of Barak Obama’s PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION FOR THE STUDY OF BIOETHICAL ISSUES.  The definition makes a definitive statement about its purpose.

“We want to make sure and the President wants to make sure that If  the public is used in a medical  experiment or scientific experiment, they (the public) can be assured, they will be TREATED WITH RESPECT AND FAIRLY”              (Amy Gutmann).

That is a definitive statement. However there is a big problem with the accuracy of that statement.  I am part of a Medical Experiment as an unwilling test subject and I can assure you that I am NOT treated with Respect or FAIRLY.   At first it might look like negligence or incompetence of the Bioethics Commission may be the problem, but wait because there is something sinister and evil about a commission appointed by the president for the people, which deliberately and methodically ignores each and every one of hundreds of people including experts who gave testimony before the commission in multiple meetings of the Commission.   I didn’t give testimony because I was in the early stages of subjugation by this evil targeting program but I am caught up with the rest now.  Just look at my Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Burn pictures below and you can see that there is a problem which needs to be investigated.  All we are asking for is an investigation, so why not have an investigation?  There is something wrong when conclusions by the commission do not address the problems and ignore public testimony and observable facts .   What else is a Bioethics commission for but to allay justifiable fears that Human Experimentation is happening again and it isn’t just one person but thousands of people with identical symptoms and complaints, saying the same thing.  In fact the president asked for assurances that the problems (human experimentation) would not happen again,  when he created the commission.  He didn’t ask you to gloss over the problem with letters of false assurance.   My body is being burned by something and what I am saying makes sense because it coincides with thousands of other TI’s.   The President asked for a variety of experts to testify whether it (human experimentation) could happen again.  There were testimonies stating that not only could it happen again, but it is happening again and it is in fact happening NOW!   My name is James F Lico, I am 66 years old and I live with my fiancée at 92800 Mill Pond Rd.  in Port Orford Oregon.  We are both Targeted Individuals, electronically harassed by Mercenaries who follow us around like bounty hunters.  Before going further, I want to say that I have an Associate Degree in Biology, an Associate in Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors in Computer Science, which gives me the background necessary to talk about and describe what is happening to me and other Targeted Individuals in a professional manner so that Experts can understand what I am talking about and then respond with appropriate questions and comments.

Continuing on,  Amy talks about what the President wants and expects from you and also what you are required to do and yet you systematically ignore what is actually happening in front of your and the public’s eyes which refutes your “everything is OK Conclusions”.   Amy Gutmann,  The people are watching now and all of us want to make sure that important testimony about human experimentation is not mistakenly covered up with letters of assurance.

There were Professionals who gave expert witness testimony at the Commission in the public commentary session.

Dr. John hall, a physician and author of of a book on the use of prison inmates as test subjects,  from Texas,  Dr. John Hall talked about problems with the common rule being violated by Human Experimentation with Electromagnetic Weapons testing.  he said that there are thousands of people complaining to him and others about Identical Symptoms and Complaints which is indicative of and what Human Experimentation always looks like…  I would have expected that Amy Gutman would have had some questions somewhere along the way but not a word.

In addition, Gerald Schatz ret., professor of Ethics & Law at Michigan State University,  said there is Law out there (the Nuremberg Code et. al.) but the Bioethics Community has been oblivious to it…

Also Author Alan Hornblum a medical ethics author, said non ethical human experimentation has been and is now going on due in large part to ignorance of medical professionals he has spoken with.  You are talking about how President Obama wants experts supporting your commission.  You should listen to the experts who testified at your commission because they did give testimony (I heard it),  but they are not saying what you think they are saying.   The testimony can be heard in the short video in this article and you should listen to it Amy because everyone else is.

So it is obvious to all that Directed Energy is burning me over large areas of skin on my body as I am in the privacy of my own home.  Amy Gutmann, I am asking you to do your job and talk to me and other Targeted Individuals about what is happening and about what they testified about.  You arrogantly told us not to talk about what is happening to us without using the words of abuse and torture with electromagnetic weapons.  How dare you tell the people who are being hurt with Military Grade Directed Energy Weapons how to or how not to give their testimony!

We are the people injured by Mercenaries using military grade weaponry and you need to cater to us instead of ignoring us.  The United States of America Government should come to our rescue and find out what is wrong.  We should not be rebuffed by obfuscation from the very people who are supposed to help us.

President Obama’s BIOETHICS Committee Is Covering

Up Torture and Eugenics Crimes


 A letter from Valerie Bonham said that your commission would no longer hear language which is used to describe TORTURE, With DIRECTED ENERGY.  This tells me that you are ignoring your charge by the president telling you to find if unethical human experimentation exists and create safeguards to stop it and make sure it can not happen again.   You are ignoring Injured victims of WAR CRIMES Amy and also your charge by the president.  It is as though you secretly knew the Bioethics Commission is supposed to be a rubber stamp for the corporations and you will do anything in your power to get to that point.  In additions your conclusions have been preordained to show nothing is wrong, which sadly ignores the sad and horrendous facts to the contrary.   Well there is a problem going on which looks like and is a medical ethics problem.  It doesn’t take an expert in bioethics to see the corruption that is plainly going on with the Bioethics Commission.  In fact, People are being hurt, people are being injured and people are being killed by Non Consensual Human Experimentation with Radiation on human test subjects.  After all the CIA has been CONVICTED of Human Experimentation with Radiation and Trauma Based Mind Control back in the 1970’s  Frank Church, Senate Committee hearings and President Clinton apologized for it in the 1990’s.  Now HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION is happening again and people call TI’s CRAZY because no one thinks the CIA would do Human Experimentation again!?  The fact is that MKULTRA never stopped and continues to this day,   Wouldn’t you expect help if you went to testify before the Presidents Bioethics Committee?  There were hundreds of people all with identical symptoms and complaints.  Please take a minute to read this copy of the Presidents charge to the Bioethics Commission and it chairman Amy Gutmann.

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 The Presidents charge to Amy Gutmann’s Bioethics Commission is:

¶ (1) Find out what happened with regard to  Illegal human Experimentation

¶ (2) Make sure Human experimentation is not happening now and cannot happen again. Create proper safeguards if needed.

¶ (3) Get International buy in from other countries  

So since Amy Gutmann gets a charge from the President asking her to specifically use her commission to locate HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION; She consistently and methodically ignored the testimony given by TI’s.   Amy Gutmann would not help with the problem of TORTURE.   Now we have to conclude that her committee is looking like it is covering for torture?   In the Commission’s own Report concerning federally sponsored research involving human volunteers,  it has been concluded that:

current rules and regulations provide adequate safeguards to mitigate risk”.  In its report to the President on the Commissions work and findings,  [you can download the report here]->  PDF – bioethics.gov – MORAL SCIENCE protecting Participants In Human Subjects Research,

Americans count on our Government to do the right thing, but we are now under Totalitarian Style Surveillance and they didn’t stop there.   They are implementing the NAZI agenda and so we are obliged to stop them.   Targeted Individuals are in need of help with medical as well as psychological wounds.  Our ancestors fought and died to keep us free and maintain our constitutional rights.  We have a real constitutional crisis on our hands now.  “OathBreakers” (people who took oaths of service but ignore them) need to read the constitution and disobey unconstitutional orders.  To anyone reading this, we need your assistance, because as you will see, asking our Government for help with this is fruitless.  In addition this is TERMINAL Experimentation because the only way out of it is death by Suicide, Heart Attack, Stroke  or some other secondary affliction related to the abuse.  This is your country too and this is corporate slavery and despotism which you must rebuke or it will continue.  Tyranny by corporations does not automatically stop by itself.  You need to smack psychopaths and sociopaths or they will keep taking and taking until its all gone.

So You can see for yourself that the Bioethics commission is Covering for President Obama on Torture.  Please see the letter from the Bioethics commission, saying they will not hear anyone use the words of TORTURE to describe what is happening to us,  after hundreds have already testified.

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 Can this be true? Please listen to Amy Gutmann during a CNN interview, in the video above to verify.  Chairman Amy Gutmann already said the President has charged her with the task of preventing any more human experimentation therefore the theme of the interview is “No More Human Guinea Pigs”!
CNN Interviewer says:
This is not a single incident, we have actually had many of these things happen (Human Experimentation, crimes against humanity).  What is the purpose of your commission.  Are we worried these types of things are happening today (human experimentation)
 Answer: Dr. Amy Gutmann :
 “Ali, we can’t know if these things (Human Experimentation) are happening today unless we have a fact finding mission and that’s what President Obama has asked the presidential commission on Bioethics to do.  To actually meet with experts and ask them ..What is it today that would prevent these things from happening again.    They have happened too many times in our history and we want to make sure and the President wants to make sure that we can assure the American Public, that if they are part of a Scientific Experiment or a Medical Experiment, they will be treated with respect and fairly”. .  

Dr. Amy Gutman Is in a position of Trust and Responsibility.  In her speech, she says all the right things but there is no follow through with corrective action.  She perpetuates the Trail Of Tears Formula that gave Corporate America access to human experimentation in the past with previous tragedies of Gross Human rights abuses via Human experimentation in the US, including  MKULTRA, which is now a fact since the CIA was convicted of it by the Church Senate Committee.  MKULTRA has morphed into what now looks like an assault on the American people, so that the American People are now the enemy.  Isnt this due to the corporations not wanting to lose the power they have gained through taking away our rights and will do anything to keep that power.  Just think of that for a moment because it is what fascist governments do!  If you are not familiar with the word fascist, then look it up.

The disgusting truth is that American Citizens are being Human Trafficked to test electromagnetic weapons on them directly, also for DNA research, Brain research and the Obama Brain initiative.  Amy Gutmann has ignored the compelling testimony of hundreds of victims of horrendous human rights abuses.  Dr. Gutmann then virtually dismissed all of the surviving victims with the following letter which basically said go away and do not to come back.

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Is it a corporate decision to decide who lives and who dies in America? Corporations think so and are writing policy for America now.   The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) writes laws and leave the sponsor name blank.  Simply put it’s easier to put people who are in the way on a KILL LIST to neutralize them for efficiency and if they say anything they will appear crazy.  Using drones in the middle east was only part of it.  Corporations are deciding who is on a KILL LIST and not the president who is merely a rubber stamp.  In other words, THE CORPORATIONS ARE PLAYING GOD!? Targeted Individuals are on the Kill Lists and its trending to List Activists.

So ask yourself the question can we survive if the people who care enough to fight for our freedom are Killed.  Imagine if the British were able to put the founding fathers on a Kill list.  Targeted Individuals have been put into service as CORPORATE Human Trafficking Slaves for Painful Human Experimentation. Jews In Hitlers Germany Were Used As Corporate Slaves also and if they complained who would listen?  There is no doubt we as Americans are allowing it to continue as we sit by idly and do nothing.  There is a progression of events and history does repeat, so are we done for? Things are changing fast. The German People in 1934 had a wait and see attitude too.

Its a shame to see what America has become. The meme has turned from one of love to one of  hate now.  These immature Private Government Contractors (PMC) Dominators stalk me like bounty hunters from place to place.  They even have their cars equipped with DC to AC converters so they can run those death transmitters when they are mobile.  They are in effect cult members who are effectively sequestered because they eat, sleep and breath the their dominator lifestyle.  Can you imagine the type of mind set that would be required to sit at a computer terminal all day watching a thermal image of me.  What the hell is going on in these peoples minds must be some kind of horror show into the depths of depravity.  Can you imagine that I am 64 years old and my female room mate is 70 years old and we are dogged like animals in our own home.   How many people like my handlers are there throughout the country?  The Stanley Milgram experiment said there were two thirds of the people would obey an authority figure to kill someone and he sure was right.  I can no longer be bothered being nice to these morons because they don’t deserve the least kindness.  You have to smack sociopaths to get them to even listen because they are so into the world of self.   I never could have guessed how screwed up and depraved these people can be.  Who could actually think it would be okay to hurt somebody at the request of a corporate stooge.  Corporations now have security companies with the same  technology as the NSA and operate under the same authority.  They can and will use anyone for anything.  Corporations think people are expendable.  Everything has a price and we are all commodities



Second by second surveillance means watching someone every second of every day.   Imagine that the contractors who do this work sit in front of a monitor all day trying to figure out what I will do next as if i am some kind of video game puzzle!  YES, They watch me every second of every day!  That is not security, it is human experimentation!  It takes a very weird person to watch someone like that every second.  Like when I go to the bathroom or whatever I do!  No one would take a job like that unless they are sexually perverted.  Think about it.

The object of all this surveillance is to enslave us and attack us when, not if they think we are a threat.  These handlers dehumanize me by poking me like as though poking an animal with a stick for Christs sake.  Surely the psychopaths who developed this war crime program realized they were handing people over to depraved and salivating sociopaths to use as play toys in a COLOSSEUM like video game where I am a SLAVE!


I  hear people saying that it is not your neighbors doing this, but it is your neighbors I have to say loudly.   It often is the neighbors as The Stanley Milgram Experiment has proven that a full 66% (two thirds) will torture someone and even kill at the say so of an authority figure.    These handlers go around the neighborhood to talk to neighbors, telling them something like we need to be watched.  They may ask if they can put a piece of monitoring equipment in your house, which is really a torture device.  I have heard they spread rumors and general negativity around everywhere they can.  I believe they have some sort of identification and maybe a national security letter.   What they are doing is fostering lies about the targeted individual (TI).

 The handler is probably a good talker and likable and the only problem is they are a psychopath or sociopath.   They got this job because they are sociopaths who like to hurt people.  They must enjoy Torture or else why would they take jobs torturing people to death.  Did I say they are your neighbors?  Okay, sometimes they will pay the home owner money to let them use their house as a staging point for torturing the TI in exchange for CASH or a CAR or RV for instance.  Nieghbors who drank the cool-aid can be seen doing home improvements from stockpiles of home improvment materials.  The other neighbors see this and probably join in the feeding frenzy to murder the target.  But they are probably told it is for Surveillance only.    It looks to me that the Target is used as a FALSE FLAG Operation to convince the neighbors to trust the contractors and prove they are their to help.   LIKE THIS>>  “Hello, We Are From The Government And We Are Here To Help You”.   The help they will give is to make the neighbors fearful and paranoid of the other neighbors so that they trust only these contractors.   I am pretty sure these are DOD Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) or Mercenaries (MERCs).    You have Mercenaries in GOLD BEACH FOLKS.  Lavoy Finicum died in Burns Oregon at the hands of MERCS.  They shot him after he got out of the his car with and stepped away with his hands up.  The shot him NINE times with a finishing shot to the head.  It was an execution of an innocent man with his hands up.  He was on his way with the other men and women in the car, going to John Day Oregon for a meeting.  There were no weapons on any of them.    It was premeditated murder.  I told that story because the MERCS who shot Lavoy Finicum are just like the MERCS how hit me with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), im just saying.

 The neighbors should be learning how to prepare for a disaster and work with their fellow neighbors, but instead, when the Finacial Crash happens or some other disaster, they will continue the non trusting behavior and WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND WAIT FOR THE PMC’S TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO.  Isnt that great.  When the 

The Neighbors who drank the cool-aid walk around with smiles on their faces and Junior G-man badges plus extra cash in their pockets.  I heard these contractors make around $100 per hour or $1200 per 12 hour shift.  This is your TAX dollars at work folks.  If you haven’t heard, Pastors of churches are getting grants to report their parishioners to the government so they can HELP THEM,  but probably to these contractors, Infraguard or the Terrorism Liaison Officer.  Nothing is as it seems now and the Govenment is showing its true colors.   I am attacked with Directed Energy as I sit in church on Sunday so the PMC contractors are helping out right their aren’t they?  These contractors can see through my eyes and hear what I hear

I recently listened to Merck Whistleblower Brandy Vaughns video about her targeting and realized that the many targeters around the country are probably all from one group of people I call professional corporate intimidators.

Brandy mentions that she consulted with corporate intimidators. The reason I think that is because it would be more efficient for the sociopaths doing the intimidation to be used for multiple types of torture and intimidation to make them more efficient as a group. That way all they have to do is specify a personalized torture and intimidation level for each targeted person which would be standardized for sake of efficiency.  This way any corporate intimidator could receive the standardized torture and intimidation level of any targeted person and then look up exactly what the torture and intimidation regimen is for that particular person. Of course this is my opinion on how this could work but I think it may be quite close to the way it is in reality.  I actually think this would be an insane idea, but now that I have learned what psychopaths are all about, it seems close to how it is in practice.  I have heard of a 10 step torture system where 1 is the lowest torture rung and 10 is the highest.   Doesnt it sound like something a psychopath would come up with?  Former FBI agent Gerral Sosbey said there are 10 torture level steps.

The Handlers get their jobs by their being in close proximity to the target.  It seems like the closest one wins and gets a job for one 12 hour shift.  Remember that two thirds of the people will follow orders of someone who is an authority figure?  So wake up and look at what is going on.  SECURITY NEEDS TO MAKE SENSE AND WATCHING SOMEONE SECOND BY SECOND DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE FROM A SECURITY STANDPOINT but from a lab specimen, it makes perfect sense.  It is human experimentation and it is still a crime to do that without the specific consent of the person under surveillance and to hurt someone and to use secret classification to hide the CRIMES.   They need to get their heads out of the clouds of junior G-man badges and back to the reality that they are hurting flesh and blood human beings who could not possibly be under investigation for years and years like they say i am.  It seems like they are not facing the reality that they are committing murder.  Also no one can pay anyone to commit a crime and torture is a crime against humanity.



“Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self-preservation?” (CIA Document, Project ARTICHOKE, MORI ID 144686, 1952) As cited by Dr Ellen P. Lacter, p57”.

Do you think someone can be hypnotized to kill?  You will if you watch this video

The type of things the CIA wanted to pursue was assassination, making someone look stupid, making someone age faster,  make someone die faster, make someone look ugly.  These ideas are their ideas.  think of the assassinations they do and how they want to discredit leaders of other countries or anyone whom they want to change their mind. These people want to play god.  They actually think of themselves as GODS!  You must understand that these people don’t need authority to get even with someone.  There is now a master database with EVERYONES DNA in it.  Once they have your DNA, they can target and single one specific person in the WORLD!

Torturing someone remotely seems as simple as dialing a cell phone.   I can guarantee to Amy Gutmann that I am not being treated with respect and fairly.  Yet Amy Guttman of President Obama’s Bioethics Committee guaranteed the public that “if they are part of a scientific experiment, they would be treated with respect and fairly”.   Yet people are being experimented on and they are being tortured!   I believe I was given STAPH infections and that those infections were studied.  After one healed, another infection was given.  Notice that the pictures below are labeled by month of infection.  It worked out that I had one infection per month from Christmas 2014 until September 2015 .  I  managed to get rid of the STAPH infections in October 2015, when I discovered that daily,  5+ gram doses of the antioxidant vitamin C worked to inhibit infections.   So even though I was under a doctors care and taking antibiotics, only the vitamin C therapy worked to stop the chronic infections. 

“The Mass Shootings Keep Happening Because Targeted Individuals Are Being Tortured”


I am a full time human rights activist now, working against government sponsored human trafficking of people targeted by private military contractor handlers.  I am talking about specifically remote, wireless electromagnetic torture aka “No Touch Torture”. Private Military Contractors (PMC’s) are doing this to thousands of Targeted Individuals (TI’s) in addition to intimidation and harassment and OrganizedStalking.  I have a bachelor degrees in Computer Science, and Associate Degree in Biology and an Associate Degree Electronic Engineering  Technology along with extensive field experience in all three.  This allows me to make observations in my blog about this horrendous experimentation and about the specific technology involved.

please see my social media and websites


Organized Stalking

Exposing and Defeating Organized Gang Stalking – with Dr Eric Karlstrom on WorldBeyondBelief

Almost every TI is attacked with Organized Gangstalking.  Google GangStalking or Organized Stalking.  This is a global problem now.
“Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a persons life so they will:  have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless and commit suicide.This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framing, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, & general harassment.  It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.”

Documented testimony was given at the Presidents Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation, Washington D.C., March 15, 1995…

President Clinton was president at that time. There were an estimated 400,000 victims of MKULTRA from the 1950’s through the 1970’s when it was supposedly stopped. President Clinton apologized for this. Yet 6 years later on 9/11/2001 was when all promises were broken and the Patriot act swept away the protections President Clinton put in place. This illegal non-consensual human experimentation is still going on today. I know, because I am a victim of this horrific experimentation.. There are many thousands of Targeted Individuals being used as radiation test subjects in trauma based mind control experimentation. Mkultra and COINTELPRO went dark and then surfaced again in the form it is today. It is strange that no one will listen to us now, since the testimony was from 1995 and the CIA was guilty then. Do they think the CIA said they were sorry and therefore would not do it again.


Hundreds testified at President Obama’s Bioethics Committee hearings in 2010 and 2011 about ongoing non consensual human experimentation.

NSA FOIA Request Denied for any information about me due to Military Secret

The Bioethics Committee did nothing and told us not to come back.  There is an obvious cover-up from high levels of government. This cover-up extends to torture of not only military detainees but to tens of thousands of innocent American Citizens on American soil. The CIA torture report is also part of it because it’s release was held up for years.  Whether it alludes to torture of American Citizens or not I don’t know as yet but why is the CIA so worried about releasing it if everything is above board.  I know for myself that I requested NSA and CIA documentation of what is done to me, under FOIA and was denied. I am telling you that I am being targeted and accessed daily with electromagnetic weapons along with  tens of thousands of others.  This is human trafficking for human experimentation and the Government needs to come clean about these atrocities.  They have disalowed my FOIA request on the basis that it would hurt military secrecy.  But it is not legal to hide crimes with secret classification.  If you do not want crimes to be hidden with secret classification then you need to reign in the CIA and NSA spying.  They have allowed everything imaginable by default.  They can use anyone as a guinea pig and can kill anyone in this way also.  After-all they don’t want anyone alive to tell the tale.

This experimentation has happened before with the name MKULTRA and the same scientists are being used to do it again.  Do they really think they can give a half baked apology for horrendous abuses and then start the same programs up again where they left off. That is the question we are faced with as a society and we need to have the right answers if we intend to dig our way out from the Totalitarian State in which we now find ourselves.Please be sure to watch the 30Min video of President Obama’s Bioethics Committee testimony by Targeted individuals and you will see that the appropriate people were informed and they ignored or covered-up the facts (its the 3rd video in the play list). The second video in the playlist is testimony of MKULTRA victims before “President Clinton’s Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experimentation”, Washington D.C., March 15, 1995.Dr. Colin Ross has researched the illegal experimentation by the CIA and others. He has written books on the subject of CIA Mind Control non-consensual experimentation. I have included links to some articles he has written in “The Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (CCHR) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious mental health watchdog. Its mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. CCHR has helped to enact more than 150 laws protecting individuals from abusive or coercive mental health practices.

 I am at my handlers disposal to be available for testing whenever he/she wants it.  Can you imagine what is going on here?  This person can decide for instance that I don’t need to sleep because he is he/she wants to Torture test me!  Who would do that to someone.  I mean what kind of a person would do that….The answer is a Predatory Narcissist.  They don’t all do it for the money although the money is not insignificant.  These are things we have to answer if we are to survive as a species.  I believe these people doing this think they are covert secret government agents.   They are immature and misguided cult members.  Maybe it didn’t start out to be a cult but it certainly is now.  This torture is all these people know and they only talk to each other about,  which further makes theirs a sequestered cult.
We can start getting back our country by holding the congressmen and senators who voted for the laws that permit program, accountable.  We must vote them out of office.   Many people know what is going on and about directed energy weapons.  Americans are being tortured to death in their homes and lawmakers are denying it and covering it up!  Don’t you think this program is being used to scare and intimidate the public into keeping their mouths shut?  That is exactly what is happening.
This is a run away train and not some minor malfunction.  A rogue segment of the CIA has been using citizens as human test subjects and creating SHOOTERS ON A SHELF.  Look at the burns on my chest and think about the thousands of people who are saying this is happening to them on a constant basis every day.  We ARE NOT CRAZY AND WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.  What we need is a real leader as President in order to LEAD us out of this MKULTRA, Trauma Based MindControl.
One more very important thing.  The Torture I receive and other Targeted Individuals endure is similar to the MKULTRA Trauma Based Mind Control Torture which was supposed to have ended.  But It never Ended and is still going on.  This is where shooters on a shelf come from.   GUN CONTROL false flag operations used to strike up the  band wagon are espoused by the President for PSYCHOTIC BREAK GUN CONTROL.  In effect, every time there is a MASS SHOOTING the false flag gun control fans strike up the band.

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  1. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it as I know there are people doing their best to stop this

  2. Hi, I’m also a targeted individual from Malaysia, since 2006. I’d just know what is really happening to me this month.I’m not sure if I’m the first or hv many others like me too in my country but this makes me suffer for so many years that I’d did suicide before but my family somehow managed to get me back. It been a hard life with my living right now. I dont understand why these people treated me like this
    If I really hv any wrongdoing or against the law, then they can just arrest me or sue me, not tortured a human being like this, destroying someones lives.
    I really need help and advice

    • Hello Lin, Its bad that you have to go through this but i assure you that people are investigating to try to stop this crime. You are definitely not alone. When it breaks in one place it will break everywhere. Please hang in there for your family and yourself.

  3. Hello I’m a Targeted Indivual in Southern CA and I think my time is coming to an end and don’t know where to turn to. I’m very ill. I have ELF burns on my chest and I have every symptom of my food being poisoned. Its really bad and I’m scared. Do you have any advise? I’m not ready to die..please help me..714-467-5718. My name is Kimberly. Please text or call me

  4. I would like to know how people can get the information on who the handlers are. That seems like the best place to look.

    • you will need to find out yourself. Use and android directional meter that i talk about in my article. if you have and android phone, the software is free. let me know if you need anything else;
      to to the test equipment tab and then meters. scroll down .. its how to use an android phone as a directional meter.

  5. I am not sure what to do with regards to what is happening around me. I know I am being defamed and possibly libeled. I think it is by people who appear to have some influence in communities. I started receiving “warnings” in writing on Facebook as well as other social networking sites and abruptly deleted the accounts. I believe this all started to intensify while I was living in San Francisco. It has followed me and become more intense in Washington state.

    The question I have is what can I do to protect myself? I asked the police if they were in fact looking to talk with me. They said no… Of course, PIs who stand to make money will do so and then I assume they come up “empty handed” once they’ve been paid.

    Can anyone offer information or advice on what to do?

    • IMO the warnings are a psyops because once they select start doing things to you they want you to waste your time looking for a reason. Be yourself and soialise and be normal.

    • Dont even waste your time going to the police cause they are part of this. i dont think anyone else can help us but us ti’s
      you can expose perps if you know who they are.

    • I feel that the android directional meter is necessary to detect where the energy and hence location of the perp is. However they are developing what appears to be a multiplexed deployment capability where they can switch to weapons based on placement in the community for best effect. without a directional meter the effect of multiplexing is to make you think the source in impossible to determine. this lack of knowledge will make you think you cannot shield against it. The perps will get some people to participate. it will not be 100% and the success rate is is based on sociopathy and orderfollowing predisposition. these are the people you want to avoid. Sheet metal shielding works for all but ELF frequencies and is only minimally effective. I think a variable magnetic field would help but have not tried it yet. I have 4″ wide strips of vinyl magnet material i got on ebay. it comes on rolls and is inexpensive. Neodymium magnets from scrap hard disk drives helps to disrupt the signal. directed energy signals will bloom and distort as a function of distance and propagation medium. this will have the effect of making research more difficult. some areas are better to live in than others. writing about this crime helps a lot. It lets others know what is happening and lets the perps know that you are being watched. People will tell you that you should be quiet and allow the research but there is no proof for that. IMO it is better in the long run to speak out and document your experiences online. I have found it useful to use google maps or google earth to document the location, names and addresses of handlers/mercenaries. whitepages.com uses google earth for this. print out the map of your block where you have reason to believe the energy source is. draw lines from each source with 1-10 source frequency with 10 being 100% of the time and 1 is lowest. make notes of names and addresses. Google earht works best but takes longest. whitepages.com gives quickest results. you can get names and other household information. check out others than whitepages and let us know. print out the maps to help show local police and local officials. also a video of the meter results with naration will help a lot (see my meter article). For me the handlers/mercs are often local, like next door or otherwise nearby. imo they get their jobs based on proximity to you where you live with the closest one being the primary contractor. dont let others tell you that your neighbors are not involved because they are. It depends a lot on education level, personality, sociopathic tendency. Basically you cant tell and only through meter survey and observation over time will you be able to develop a perp profile of an area. let us know how its going for you.

  6. James,
    Thank you for all your hard work. My wife Amy and I have been TI’s for about a year and half now. Our lives are forever changed and the only thing that helps us survive is our pursuit of justice. We are relentless on taking video and photographs of these cowards. We spend most of our time editing video and identifying who these criminals are.

    We have traveled from Florida to Chicago to Maryland to Chicago to Dallas to Mazatlan Mexico to Dallas and back to Florida in the last year trying to get away from this torture we now call life. You cant out run sattelites, as Dr. Hall stated to me. We are both dying a horrible slow death. We have decided to stay where we are at and try to survive.

    With websites and blogs like yours that have creditability, doctors like Dr. John Hall we have some hope. May GOD bless all TI’s and may someday justice come to those who harm us. I will fight today, like I did yesterday and will tomorrow, we have NO choice. We are TI’s and we cannot give up or they win and that’s not an option.

    Thanks again,

    Proof and Amy

    • I’m sorry you are gonna my through this. My life has also been changed forever. Do you think it would be effective to put together a collection of pics of people we catch in the act? I have a pic of one of three people I caught buzzing around my car with cameras taking pics of my car from variable angles. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of people say we as TIs need to band together. Do you have any ideas on how we might be able to effectively put together a community of support? Trust seems to be a big challenging factor. I’m open to any suggestions and can be reached my email at bagould@protonmail. com

  7. Thank you for this website. I had to really search for an authentic TI site and it was buried in the very last pages in the search engine. My name is Lynne Meredith I am a late stage target having been through most of the stages I see other targets go through. I am under heavy mind/thought control, 24 hour electromagnetic/scalar weapon torture. They are currently removing all my teeth, going thru the top of my skull and jaw, hallowing them out, destroying the nerves until they literally fall out into my mouth. These attacks have caused me to loose half my hair, dents in my skull like bullets holes about to punch thru. Now they are targeting my spinal column, leaving burns in between vertebra trying to paralyze me. These are final stages, I have been through the whole range. The whole scenario is set up to make it appear that I committed suicide, but it is murder. I live in a mobile home in Lathrop California. My targeting is revenge at its core from parents/siblings (in government) of a friend based on lies told that shifts the blame to me for something she did. Verified state level government has approved, funded and involved, probably higher. I am innocent surrounded by salivating wicked lying psychopaths. My killers don’t even try to hide their identity. They are protected. Its exhausting. Please keep praying and pray with me.

  8. I am very sorry to hear of your situation. You mention you worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta. May I enquire whether any other complainants have contacted you who specifically worked for this company or other defense contractors in the U.S. or elsewhere and what those companies might be?


Replies are always appreciated !

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