A Call To Action For Targeted Individuals – STOP THE TORTURE

I received a letter from BOLDPROGRESSIVES.ORG, a campaign committee for progressive candidates. They said there was a Vigil for Syria in Big Bear City, CA, the town where I lived until only recently. I sent them a return letter, in response. HERE IS THE LETTER
I have moved to Seattle WA… If you have a vigil in Seattle and I will go.  Also, I am a targeted individual and am attacked with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) by psychopaths, every day 24/7. I am one of thousands even hundreds of thousands of targeted individuals, all with identical symptoms. There can be no reform without putting a stop to the torture and removing the psychopaths in control.  It is human experimentation of DEW/RF or BIOEFFECTS referred to by the airforce effects on humans. It ultimately means death from heart attack or stroke or suicide. Activists are the new dissidents and will be targeted and persecuted and with the advent of this targeting, they will be killed as enemies of the state. You will come to realize that activism is a dangerous business. <<<END POST>>>
I realized I was missing an opportunity.  I am sent letters from activists and progressives all the time.  I could send a canned response manually for now.  Later, I may automate the response.  Another thing we can do is two party call on Congressmen and Senators.  More than one TI would call a congressman or senator.  At least one TI would be a constituent and the other could be a knowledgeable and capable TI or activist.  This would make a better impression and could be followed up.  We are right and we will prevail by hammering home our message.  Do not become complacent!  Do something every day.
I posted this to FaceBook as my status change.  As is often the case after posting, I am tortured immediately with an intensity that lets me know that someone is reading right along with me or monitoring my communications and that they are displeased with what I have posted.  I immediately posted the following comment to my status on FaceBook:  Now comes extra painful torture with painful beam weapons focused to my head and or abdomen as punishment for daring to post the above.  This enhanced torture may last for and hour or it may last throughout the day, depending on the handler who is torturing me at the moment.  
There are three shifts of handlers over a 24 hour day.  These people are trained to be handlers.  They have orders and for the most part obey them.  However, they have great leeway in their torture regimen, even though I believe they are told what to do and how to do it.  They are willing co-conspirators linked to an upper echelon of a pyramidal type hierarchical structure.
What they are doing is Targeting people who have been designated by a higher level of the pyramid as targeted individuals.  Each one has a dossier in a database, which can be accessed on a computer.  There are many reasons, some of which include experimentation.  However one of the experiments results in death of the targeted individual.  This is murder.  I am sure there are more than one human test subject programs to test the effects of Directed Energy Weapons on HUMAN BEINGS.  However I know only of one such program, because they are considered secret and are kept that way.  In May of 2013 the Air Force awarded a contract to test Bioeffects of High Power Directed Energy.  In effect, they want to test directed energy on people and document the results.
These people are very well organized.  They have at their disposal, all the spying capabilities of the NSA and CIA, access to information and clandestine control.  For instance my computer and cell phone is hacked at will in a non amateurish way that tells me that there exists back door (built in) which they have access to.  Even my car has been hacked by making certain things selectively not work and then suddenly work again.  The coincidences are to many and frequent to ignore.  
These capabilities are used to clandestinely monitor their victims and influence their behavior using the above in conjunction with a lower echelon of loosely affiliated organized stalkers and other ground personnel of various rank in conjunction with the most up to date directed energy weapons in the world.  You need to fear these people.  They come off as omnipotent and do not fear getting caught, which alludes to collaboration from the highest levels of authority.  
I believe the handlers are private contractors and work for and receive their pay from private corporations, but nonetheless are backed by the Government which could be a psychopathic wing of the NSA or CIA or FBI.  Certainly the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) is involved as well as all other agencies, President Obama, Congress and the Senate knows about and will say nothing about this attack on civil liberties. 
I attribute all this to a FASCIST COUP (takeover) within our government.  This is due to corrupt elections, excessive money in politics, no term limits.  This is the result of what Dwight Eisenhauer warned about the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and also the secret societies that President Kennedy asked the peoples help to remove, just before his assassination.
This can be turned around however if the people wake up in time.  They (the politicians) are subject to political pressure and can be embarrassed into doing something.  If you doubt this, know that alll the law makers have received letters and phone calls advising them of this conspiracy.  Incidentally it is not a theory but a fact.  In a functional democracy, the alarm bells would have alerted and incited action long ago.
In addition, President Obama in his first term, started a COMISSION ON BIOETHICS (HTTP://BIOETHICS.GOV).  The charge of this commission was to investigate ethics in biological experimentation.  Many targeted individuals gave testimony about the targeting, torture and murder.  However to this day no investigation has been started.  He may have wanted to do good things in the beginning of his presidency, but at some point he has become corrupted. 
There were multiple meetings of the commission.  I refer you to the transcript of MEETING #4, SESSION #10.  This is the public testimony phase, where 300 Targeted Individuals signed up to talk.  One of the speakers was DR. JOHN HALL and I refer you to his testimony.  A link to the transcript is given below, which you can download.  I put the text of his testimony below.
I found this by searching the website for “JOHN HALL” and finding the transcript of his testimony.  He spoke several times.  TI’s testified at more than one meeting of the commission.  But then, all of a sudden, they were told they could no longer testify at the meetings.  I am not sure of the actual wording, but there is no mistake.  However, they cannot erase the testimony at some of the meetings as much as they would like to.  This testimony is there for posterity.  
You would think it would be an embarrassment to the president.  Democrats aren’t mentioning it nor are Republicans aren’t complaining about it.  Yet, no one has successfully reported it nor has the president or anyone in the administration acted on it.  It is after all a PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION.  Isn’t it odd that it is being totally ignored as if it doesn’t exist.  The PRESS is ignoring it too…  Very strange.  It is almost as though it were a secret that was not supposed to get out.   It is undoubtedly a cover up, but it is more than that.  It is out in the open as though it were decided to cover it up even after the crime was exposed and the lawmakers including the press went along with it.  The press is considered the fourth branch of government, who’s job is to report on excess in government.  Now they are going along with a reported crime by not reporting it!!
Here is a link to a YouTube video of an edited version of the Presidents Committee on Bioethics.  The expert testimony is in the first part of the video and the public testimony is on the second half of the video.  You can hear Dr. John Hall’s testimony about half way into the video.
Here is the printed transcript of Dr. Hall’s testimony
****************BEGIN TRANSCRIPT************* 
Dr. John Hall.
“My name is Dr. John Hall. I am a medical doctor from Texas. As I understand the memorandum from the President, it is for you to determine if current legislation is adequate in protecting individuals and if there is any ongoing experimentation.
In reviewing the Common Rule, it is very obvious that there is a lot of loop holes to informed consent. All of the horrific experiments you have mentioned, Willowbrook, MKULTRA, radiation experiments, mostly were done without informed consent. They were funded by the DoD and intelligence agencies where I am not even so sure you would know if there is an IRB, much less if an IRB is looking at informed consent.
As a physician, relative to some of what you are hearing today, in the community we are seeing an alarming rate of complaints of use of electromagnetic weapons. Microwave auditory effects, silent sound spectrum, EEG cloning, which has taken the lab out of the laboratory and into the home. Most of these from the research that we have reviewed can be done remotely. It seems to be more weapons research than medical research.
I personally corresponded with upwards of 1500 victims all complaining of identical complaints from every state in the nation of being exposed to electromagnetic radiation, non-ionizing radiation for the use of cognitive control or behavior control.
I submitted a paper to you and there is another paper submitted to each member from another physician in Kansas City alluding to the same thing.”
Thank you.
****************END TRANSCRIPT*************
here is a link to the website
Click on the link below to download a PDF of the Transcript
again, here is a link to an edited video of committee proceedings 
There were other doctors who testified, but as it turned out, they were ignored.  Again, if this were a functional democracy, do you think this testimony as well as the testimony of other Targeted Individuals would have been ignored?  This is a presidential commission and as such, the President would have taken action.  But the media would have been all over this and reported on it as it was happening.  The conclusion is that THE US IS NOT A FUNCTIONAL DEMOCRACY ANYMORE.
I don’t know what percentage of Activists are not targeted OR ARE UNAWARE THEY ARE TARGETED.  Some activists possibly do not know of the targeting of American citizens.  Many are UNAWARE they are targeted.  I realize now with the insight of being a targeted individual who knows he is being targeted with tortured by DEW, that I too was targeted long before it was made known to me.  I have had my heart stopped in a similar way as I do now, only then it was termed TACHYCARDIA.  I was given the medication Metoprolol for this as well as hypertension.  This Tachycardia stopped as quickly as it started after a few months.  Now it occurs on and off and I can tell it is an infrasonic beam weapon.  I can move to break the connection or put up shielding to stop it.  There can be no doubt that a psychopath is doing it with a beam weapon.  My right hand is being beamed at my thumb joint as I write the last sentence, can my conscience be that painful.  Only a psychopath could have thought of this and try to enforce the status quo with violent torture.

I know now that Hypertension, Hypo-tension and Tachycardia as well as many other afflictions can be induced by this weaponry.  I believe they do the stopping of the heart in an attempt to see if it will stay stopped, in other words to KILL.  The death will be determined to be from natural causes.  Why don’t they just kill outright is a good question.  I am sure they do kill people with this technology when they deem it necessary.  If they killed everyone who is targeted, outright they would have too many mysterious and unexplainable deaths.

Long ago, when I was in college (1975 to 1983), I had severe sinus headaches every day.  These headaches would have brought many to quit college or even to suicide.  However I persevered and obtained my degree.  After graduation, I started working for Woodward Clyde Consultants.  The headaches which started abruptly in 1974 and which had almost driven me to suicide, abruptly ended in 1983 after college graduation and the start of my career.  Thinking about this, why did the headaches start so abruptly, continue everyday in various parts of the country and then stop, just as suddenly.  I had an ineffective sinus operation in 1979, when still in Alaska and attending the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  It wasn’t until now that I have wonder about these afflictions I have had.  There were also other health afflictions which inhibited me and were debilitating, but now no longer exist.  One affliction I have always had and still suffer with, is narcolepsy.  I later worked for Camp Dresser and Mckee, ICF International, Lockheed Martin Marietta at the PORTS gaseous diffusion plant (for Uranium Enrichment) in Piketon Ohio, followed by School District of Lee County FL.  I was targeted officially for torture in July, 2010 right after I was laid off.  Until recently I would have said I was targeted when I worked for Lockheed Martin Marietta.  However, now there I see there are coincidences that are too compelling to overlook.  I may have been targeted all my life or for a good part of it anyway.  I am not haunted by the past and only mention it as possibilities, so that it may benefit others.
The psychopaths want to keep this torture to an amount of victims that keeps the secret and maintains the status quo, at least for the time being.   People will eventually find out about this heinous plot and put an end to it.  But the psychopaths are resolute and I must maintain my vigilance until this invisible war is over.  We the people need to wake up and take our country back.
I term these people psychopaths and they are psychopathic.  They must be either Pshchopathic or Sociopathic to torture someone.  Not just anyone could torture someone.  Think about the soldiers coming back from Iraq with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Normal people would get psychologicaly impaired if they even tried to torture someone.  This is not the case for the psychopath.  These are predatory people who have no compassion, no empathy or caring for others or others suffering.  To a psychopath it is like we are a paper cut out of a human being.  Practically no one would have a problem shooting a paper target shaped like a person.  Well a psychopath would have no problem shooting or torturing a human being.  To them it is just a job.  This is what makes them so dangerous.  They can be persuaded to torture and murder for money if they think they will not get caught.  They are predators.  You must recognize your enemy.  The psychopaths are willing to lie, cheat, steal and even kill to gain what they want, if they think they will get away with it.  This is why they have an advantage over normal people.  They are very competitive and will do anything they can get away with to win.  Think about the survivor series on television where people could vie for number one survivor and win lots of money.  Usually it is a psychopath who wins.  Think about it.
“WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR WORLD? THIS IS A FILM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO KNOW.” Every meaningful change starts with awareness. In our culture, we not only praise psychopaths in the highest positions of power, but in many cases, they became our role models. Challenge your beliefs! We have delved into the world of psychopaths and heroes and revealed something crucial about us.
This movie is narrated by Peter Coyote, with Psychologists Paul Babiak and Robert Hare.