Drone footage of Santa Rosa CA Fires and Directed Energy Weapon Damages

Make this video occupy the full screen so you can grasp the full impact of the devastation. To do this, just click on the small white box in the lower right hand corner.

watch this drone footage of the Santa Rosa fires which is arson and not a Forrest fire.  Notice how the trees are still standing, especially the pine trees which are very flammable.  Yet the houses have undergone some apparently intense heat and disintegration and yet the trees are .  How is it possible that there was such intense heat to destroy houses and cars so thoroughly  and yet the trees are still untouched. Only the military would have been able to carry out such devastation with weapons of war. The military did enter the area on the ground to take over in a martial law type environment.

The fire department and police would have had to been given instructions to ignore the fires, to let them burn to destruction. Because normally they would fight the fires and protect property. Obviously the home owners did not want to abandon their homes. But this fits right into globalists and agenda 21 plans to remove people from wilderness areas of the country so those areas can revert back to wilderness. Why else would they attack and devastate the property so thoroughly. This is trauma which you can imagine if you were one of the home owners. Now I am seeing that firefighters may not have been on site for the fire events as the energy may well purposely have been done after the home owners were evacuated and when the firefighters were not present also so they would not have seen the apparently SECRET energy strikes.

This devastation of wilderness area is only 380 miles south of my home in Port Orford Oregon in the same type of wilderness area and also on route 101 on the Oregon coast. Will the devastation continue in south eastern Oregon? The Agenda 21 says it will be included.
I am being kept from telling or alerting others by mercenary contractors. Therefore it will come as a complete surprise to the residents of Port Orford where I live.

Look at the following map and notice that Santa Rosa is a coastal town on 101 the same as the coastal town of Port Orford.  What is the difference between Santa Rosa California and Port Orford.  It is that they are 380 miles apart.  They are talking about how it is apparent that directed energy weapons caused the disintegration destruction in Santa Rosa.  After having watched the above video, do you doubt the existence of Directed Energy Weapons? Would you, like the local towns people have adamantly opposed the labeled what what caused the destruction some kind of Directed Energy Weapon and would you have opposed calling it “Forrest Fire”? I know I would have done it the same as the towns people. The Government has these weapons now and Government contractors are using low power versions of these weapons on people right now.  This is a war on the American people and it can be compared to and logically called the New Phoenix Program after the Phoenix Program foisted on the Vietnamese people during the Vietnam war. The purpose of that program was to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the people of Vietnam by time and time again pulling people out of their homes or outright killing them, with only suspicions for torture and often killed. The people were terrorized and terrified and rightly so. A version of this is now foisted on the American people.



Just think, this happened in Santa Rosa CA, what is to prevent it from happening in Port Orford Oregon.   Look at the Man made weaponized hurricanes steered with directed energy, Look at the Fires and reports of Moron contractors using directed energy weapons against citizens.  Do you think Homeland Security and the FBI is involved or not?  They were involved in the mass shooting in Las Vegas weren’t they.  Do you think you we are having a constitutional crisis?  Will you be part of the solution or will you take the word of weaponized moron contractors and help them KILL your neighbor?  The government is trying to divide and conquer dont you think so?  These are not normal times and you need to stop and think for yourself.  Since when does a government security professional hand out expensive toys like kandy at a carnival if you help him kill your neighbor.  Normally they would never give gifts or money nor would they ask private citizens for assistance with dangerous criminals.  If you think you should accept such gifts then think of your house being incinerated by Directed energy Weapons, like the ones 380 miles south on route 101.   What if a weaponized hurricane hit Port Orford, depend on your neighbors for help or take money to KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR?  The weaponized hurricanes are started and steered with directed energy.    Think of yourself being attacked by directed energy weapons.  Would you want your neighbor to accept money to KILL YOU or would you expect your neighbor to help you kick a common enemy out of your neighborhood?  Homeland Security and the FBI to name two agencies are busy making false flag operations and torturing people.  What the heck do you call mass shooting at the las Vegas event.  Are we supposed now allowed to see things which are incredible mistakes made so that people who can see what is going on can clue you into.  What is happening is agenda 21


to take notice of this and think it is normal and just do what they say?  Or can you see that we are being attacked by the Government?  No it is not the thing you would expect but it is so.  As it turns out, the United States was attacked on 911, not by Arabs, but by globalists using a well planned psychological operation to fool the American people into thinking it was people from a third world country with box cutters.

watch this drone footage of the Santa Rosa fires which is arson and not a forrest fire.  Notice how the trees are still standing, especially the pine trees which are very flammable.  Yet the houses have undergone some apparently intense heat and disintegration.  How is it possible that there was such intense heat to destroy houses and cars so thoroughly  and yet the trees are still untouched. Only the military would have been able to carry out such devastation with weapons of war. The military did enter the area on the ground
to take over in a martial law type environment.

The contractors who help with the disasters and killing people know exactly what they are doing.  They terrorize people and create destruction and division.  They have no empathy and will do anything for money.  Now you know who your enemies are.  These contractors who will do anything for money are not to be trusted.  They have tasted blood and can never be trusted to be around good normal people again  For these sociopaths and psychopaths, this is their dream job because they like controlling people and for them hurting people if fun because they have no empathy.  They actualloy enjoy seeing peoples terrified reactions and happily recount the terror in stories.  They see the terror in their eyes and hear the screams.  They are the pedophiles, murderers, rapists.  There is a key word to link these people together and that word is PREDATOR.  Believe me when I tell you they would not have taken jobs torturing and killing people if they didnt like it.


Health Ranger Mike Adams demands FBI stop lying to America about the Las Vegas shooting

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Army-top blackmailed with pedophilia and murder – Kay Griggs – Colonel`s wife tells all

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Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America’s Government?!?

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Help Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now

Do not avert your eyes to ignore and exclude Targeted Individuals (TI’s).  This is a traumatizing event the same as 911 was a traumatizing event.  The fires are perpetrated on Americans as part of the New Phoenix program.  If you want your country back the way it was, You must look at the evidence of … Read more…

Dr. Katherine Horton: “The CIA and NSA are currently running effectively a TAKE-DOWN OPERATION on your country”

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Waking Up From The American Dream with 911 Truth

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Technical Proof Scalar Waves Exist

I was talking about the work of Dr Konstantin Meyl on conf call Saturday and did not have any information and now it is here. You can see for yourself. Dr Meyl gives a demonstration in the video below and says this is proof that scalar waves exist, with electromagnetic wave and with only scalar … Read more…

Take your bribe and ignore that anyone is being tortured to death and that you sold out your country

it seems to be legal. After all the morons have pre fabricated evidence. They have tin badges and they have shiney ID cards with golden flat puzzle piece chips embedded in them. What they are doing if you go along with it is to take away your rights and imprison you too. You gave them … Read more…

Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Writes Openly to FBI Infragard, “America’s Unconstitutional Fascist Brown Shirts” “Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.” — Karen Stewart his is a message from your victims, the thousands upon thousands of innocent, law-abiding victims randomly and maliciously put on your harassment list, your assassination list, … Read more…

Phoenix, A CIA Psychological Operation Used to Terrorize the People

The CIA didnt care about the Vietnamese people and they feel the same about the American people. Now those phoenix torture programs are being turned on the American People.

Urgent National Security and International Terrorism Alert

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Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

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Targeting Is Real

ReBlogged From Author: RamolaD … Here is link to original artical :  https://everydayconcerned.net/ti-station/targeting-is-real/

Targeting is Real

Because there has been such a concerted effort made—over the past 20 years apparently–by CIA-controlled media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, even Mother Jones, and The Daily Beast, The Los Angeles Times, and various other mainstream newspapers–as well as online sites like Rational Wiki and Wikipedia and, surprisingly, the moderated-Comments section at The Intercept [run by a certain avid Disinformation agent “Mona” who apparently is also the purveyor of fine lies on TIs at Rational Wiki]–to present all “Targeted Individuals” (TIs) as delusional in apparent efforts to:

1) negate all possibility of full public awareness of the reality of EMF-targeting,

2) keep Military/Intelligence usage (on citizens) of radiation weapons and neuroweapons covert (for the “National Security” cover story), and

3) permanently present Targeted Individuals as delusional, paranoid, schizoid, schizophrenic, and generally unreliable;

these facts should be set out for all educated parties the world over:

  1. Targeting is real, and people the world over are indeed being hit covertly with military EMF/scalar/sonic technologies in covert weapons-testing, weapons-operation, and neuro-experimentation/Behavior Modification programs that have been ongoing for more than 25 years and that have gained steam in recent times. Please see more in the articles under Human Rights. Also please see my recent op-ed, Open Season on Targets, to get a sense of how people are being targeted, surveilled, and assaulted wholescale with deadly weapons while the uninformed sleep, and controlled-media keeps them asleep. Please understand as well there is nothing benign about these technologies and weapons, and that All reporting experimentees/TIs report these assaults as highly invasive, as highly detrimental, and as Torture.
  1. Both random innocent citizens and activists/whistleblowers/journalists are being targeted in these extreme ways, with covert weapons.
  1. The same parties trying to keep targeting under wraps while collecting field data on weapon-effectiveness from those being EMF-targeted—the whole JTRIG operation, the CIA, the DIA, DARPA, NSA, DHS, USAF, the Pentagon and all Defense contractors testing these weapons—have flooded the Net with disinformation: there are ample numbers of fake TIs online, acting suitably insane—with rabid narratives designed to make them sound delusional and designed to put you (the discerning journalist/physician/psychiatrist/researcher?) off the scent of the real and genuine faction out there, actually being hit with covert weapons.
  1. The name of the game is Electronic Warfare. Militaries the world over—possibly working together–have figured out humans can be attacked, debilitated, and destroyed just like hardware with the right, bio-resonant frequencies of microwave radiation, lasers, masers, pulsed radar, ultrasonic weapons, infrasonic weapons, and are practicing or testing these deadly new radiation guns on humans, saying they are testing “non-lethal weapons” or determining anti-personnel “bio-behavioral” human effects. It’s a New Age in War, they say—they call it a Revolution in Military Affairs in US military documents—and it’s all about “Optics”: killing people on the sly, in the dark, and from a distance, incrementally–bit by bit damaging organs, or inducing “Death from Natural Causes”–heart attacks, strokes, sudden cancers—with No Blood being spilled, No Blown-Up Limbs, No Guts Spilled all over the place—none of the messy and visible detritus of war as we have previously known it. These are stealth weapons and covert weapons, by their nature.
  1. The name of the game is also Neuro Warfare. What MK ULTRA began in the US, the NSA apparently continued, and the CIA continued, and DARPA continued. Military and Intelligence groups worldwide, indeed, experimenting with electromagnetic radiation and scalar technologies have understood that human brains, just as much as human bodies, are electrical organs, and can be affected, altered, and modified with electrical/electromagnetic signals. The human brain and central nervous system have effectively been hacked. Brains and bodies can be interfered with, using pulsed radiation weapons, operating remotely. Remote Neural Monitoring is not a rumor, and both EEGs and fMRIs can be performed remotely, with high-tech, undisclosed military/Intelligence weaponry that the “National Security” mavens may call “CLASSIFIED”, but which any non-consensual neuro-experimentee, aka Targeted Individual, including yours truly, who has personally experienced these horrors, can report as unswervable fact. Additionally, Electronic Brain Link technologies, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), and covert Neurostimulator and BCI implants permit brainwaves/thoughts to be read; the Neurophone, bone-conduction, microwave hearing and other technologies permit “synthetic telepathy” or voices to be piped into heads.

Note to all Intelligence/Security agencies trying to keep the lid on such evil “Classified” technologies: You really should not be experimenting on Non-Consenting people anywhere in the world, let alone within the Continental United States. Non-consensual experimentation, by the egregiousness of its nature, is going to be revealed by all non-consensual experimentees as non-consensual. “Classified” doesn’t mean a thing to a non-consensual experimentee, whose primary interest is in reporting his/her experience. Clearly, if there’s any National Security involved, the first, last, prime, primary, and only destroyer of National Security here is the Intelligence agency or Military department performing non-consensual neuro-experimentation on living, breathing citizens who are most definitely going to speak out about the atrocities being visited on them.

  1. Is it for stated purposes of “National Security” then, that these incredibly misguided Intelligence/Military groups are seeking to have reporting non-consensual experimentees committed or labelled by psychiatrists as delusional, paranoid, schizoid, schizophrenic? For there is most definitely a massive Establishment Cover-Up underway (also explored in Open Season on Targets), involving lies by Media, lies by Law Enforcement, and lies by Psychiatrists.
  1. The particular role played by Establishment Psychiatry and ignorant psychiatrists deserves a special mention. In the age of Neuroscience, DSM/Textbook Psychiatry still dares to say “it’s all in your head”. As a consequence, laws are made, journalists bow down and defer, and no-one questions the reality of material, detectable radio-frequency devices—covertly implanted; or material, detectable pulsed radiation—from the radiation weapons of Electronic Warfare; or the deadly reality of neurotechnologies which can put extraneous voices into human heads, extraneous emotions into human hearts, and, ultimately, in the case of bio-robotizing, extraneous actions into human limbs.

For an understanding of how Psychiatry is being used as a weapon to discount and dismiss the accounts of thousands of non-consensual experimentees and targets as “all in their heads,” thus permitting Intelligence agencies and military groups and contractors to freely continue to attack and experiment on these people in a pretty sickening illustration of abject Modern Enslavement—paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayer, please see Dr. Seth Farber’s excellent article, The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to the New York Times, as well as this earlier post on Paranoid Schizophrenia.

  1. The Establishment Cover-up extends to physicians, the medical establishment, academics flying the banner of Ethics, Neuro Ethics, and Medical Ethics, and politicians occupying seats in Congress and the White House as the recent reaction, inaction, and sweeping-under-the-rug of powerful non-consensual-experimentee testimony by appointed personnel on seemingly meaningful but ultimately empty commissions such as The President’s Bioethics Commission and the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections have proved. While there surely must and no doubt do exist wonderful, ethical physicians and academics with a sincere interest in being ethical in their research and in holding Informed Consent sacrosanct, the sad fact is that the medical academic/research enterprise today is apparently held up by both the Pharmaceutical industry and the Defense/Intelligence industry, by the proverbial revolving door between Research and Regulation, and has, over the years, apparently chipped away at Informed Consent until today only loopholes are left, and exemptions, exclusions, and waivers abound.
  1. There are several excellent sites online, on every continent, hosted and informed by such illustrious Targeted Individuals as lawyers, journalists, researchers, engineers, scientists, accountants, physicians, and writers, with reams of solid, well-researched information on patents and technologies, laws and directives, military documents and technologies, which offer deep insight into the whole phenomenon of EMF-targeting, neuro-targeting, and non-consensual experimentation today. I will aim to set up a listing of prominent sites as also of important books on this subject here, but please explore at will. Many TI activists are doing great work online and in books—please ignore the innuendo and lies in The New York Times and start reading the Truth being reported by those being hit.
  1. Finally, if you are a journalist/documentarian/radio or print or video or film, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, physician, or human rights advocate, you have a special charge to investigate these crimes against humanity further, to report on them, and to help bring them to an end. Please act with integrity, and recognize that what is being done to those being unlawfully and illegitimately EMF-targeted, uber-surveilled, and assaulted today points to a deadly capability of our out-of-all-control and sadly global Surveillance State that can be directed at Anyone at any time, including you, your children, and your grandchildren, and needs to be exposed, condemned, and terminated Now, if we are to proceed into our children’s future as a sane civil society with an interest in preserving individual rights and liberties and the sanctity and sovereignty of human beings.

Ramola D | 28 Dec 2016

Whistleblower Disclosure About EMF and Neuro-Targeting

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Memo To President Trump On Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover Of Surveillance

Slavery Is Brought To You By Psychopaths They Attempt to Control People With PAIN [pdf-embedder url=”http://jameslico.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/memo-to-president-trump-on-domestic-us-torture-programs-running-under-cover-of-surveillance-2-3-2017.pdf”]

Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) – YouTube

Published on Jan 29, 2017 (DETAILED CONTENTS BELOW) Dr Katherine Horton explains in detail how victims can prepare for the upcoming court cases against the intelligence agencies. CONTENTS: – 0:00 Targeted Individuals – 0:40 The intelligence agencies are in Deep Capture and out of control – 1:05 Human experimentation for junk science – 1:40 70-80% … Read more…

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Major Targeted Individual Class Action Lawsuits Are Coming in 2017

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How Secret Policing With Deadly “Non-Lethal” EMF/Scalar/Sonic Neuroweaponry Has Been Installed Domestically Inside the US, and Globally

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Satellite technology and crimes against humanity

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Whats with the Contractors who Torture Targeted Individuals

With regard to the Contractor handler’s who Torture Targeted Individuals,  For this writing i will assume the Reader is a TI.  Doesn’t it seem like Guantanamo prison was there just to get people used to torture?  I mean the war was fake; it was for profit.  There was no enemy because it was the US … Read more…

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