The Dangers of WIFI based on Scalar Wave research of Dr. Konstantin Meyl


The good stuff starts between 30 to 40 minutes in
This is about the dangers of WIFI based on Scalar wave research of Dr. Konstantin Meyls.  Engineers didnt study scalar energy in school because it was not presented.  Only electromagnetic waves were studied in school  and this is why not many people know about.  Routers generate frequencies in the “BIOLOGICAL WINDOW” 5.5GHz to 5.8GHz.  These frequencies talk to the cells in the body and the brain because they are resonant or near resonant to the DNA.   Your cells answer because thisi is a  frequency they communicate on but they are reacting to junk frequency of WIFI which means nothing to the cells.  The cells realize it is not for them, but it is repeated over and over again and your cells keep listening and then disregarding it because it is on their frequency.  Dr. Meyl says the cells have to continually answer back, using up energy  leaving a deficit of energy.  This results in reduced learning capacity due to the distraction!
Henning Witte interviews Dr. Konstantin Meyl about DNA communication and scalar waves.  He covers in this video the biological window of 2.5Ghz to 2.8GHz which is the frequency DNA uses and how electronics ie routers for instance, interfere with this communication in a deleterious way by causing learning difficulties. Henning Witte is a lawyer in a scandinavian country who is helping people targeted with psychotronic weapons.  I hate to say it but this conflict with the Biological Window was probably purposful in order to communicate with the cells of people or to dumb people down..  They have secretly discovered scalar waves and are communicating with torturing people with one aspect of it communicating with DNA.  There is no protection against this.
This is the video of the interview.  It is hard to listen to because English is not Dr. Meyls first language, but he seems to know what he is talking about.
in addition the radiation targeting people seems to be of several types.  People talk of micrwaves and certainly this is prevalent and one aspect of the torture.  Another is a narrow beam weapon that can resonate at the frequency of tissues within the body and as Dr. Meyl says each organ has its own frequency.  This beam can be used to burn/ cauterise and even vaporize tissue and is therefore surgical in nature and could be used by a surgeon remotely. other EM waves seem to be variations of the other two.  Please read my blog for more information
I was listening to Curtis Bennett about electrical characteristics of routers.

I thought the was a good addition to the topic of this page
Curtis Bennett The Electrical Professionals vs Corruption in Government Thermoguy Thermal radiation
Dr. Meyl’s website is here:
Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist
(following is from the video notes)
Summer 2011 White TV got the hint from the Swedish Secret
Service, that scalar waves are used in mind control. The
victims, targeted individuals (t i) complain, that nothing is
shielding against the radiation attacks (tin foiled hats) and
that they can be targeted in high altitudes ore far beneath
the ground in caves. This already indicates, that they are
not targeted with electromagnetic waves, but another kind of
Soon the contact was made to the leading scalar wave
researcher, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in
physics at a university in southern Germany. Because of the
more than 100 years on-going cover up against scalar waves,
he decided 1999 to construct an experimental kit, that shows
how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890-ies to detect scalar
waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the
electromagnetic waves.
This kit has been sold to more than 1 000 researchers all
over the world, opening their eyes, that other interesting
types of waves exist.
Prof. Meyl, the Nikola Tesla of today, shows not only the
difference between the electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz
1888) and the scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also
different and more convenient ways to apply them.
1. scalar waves propagate with different speed, sometimes
much quicker than the speed of light,
2. scalar waves can transport wireless electricity
3. scalar waves can have huge over unity effect by collecting
neutrinos (free energy)
4. a scalar wave transmitter realizes directly, if the
receiver is in resonance
5. no shields against scalar wave
6. scalar waves do not decay in the distance, you can send
them through the earth to the other side
Technical and medical improvements:
1. cell phones only using scalar waves do not emit electro
smog and have one dimension more to modulate information both
on the frequency and the wavelength; computers run by scalar
waves have much better efficiency than even quantum computers
2. wireless transportation of electric energy without losses;
cell phones, electric cars, motors etc. need no battery, they
can be charged through the air while running without
3. scalar waves are able to transmit medical information to
the body in a positive context (bio resonance/frequency
medicine, ie. Bicom, Oberon, Scio) or negative: mind control
and remote killing
4. DNA and cell communications can be physically explained
5 free energy devices collecting neutrinos can be built
6 bees, butterflies and other animals will recover
Finally it has to be noticed, that Prof. Meyl detected a
third kind of wave, the magnetic scalar wave, which is
biological relevant. So there are three different kind of
waves: the electromagnetic (Hertz), the electric scalar wave
(Tesla) and the magnetic scalar wave (Meyl).

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[niceyoutube id=”OD7Fhr7RTBk”  autoplay=”0″] You may or may not be surprised to hear that some mass shootings have been perpetrated by Targeted Individuals (TI”s).  TI’s are driven to a point where they can no longer take the pain of weapons testing (aka Torture).  They then suffer a break with normalcy where they will do anything to stop the Torture.   Myron May was the FSU Shooter and a self admitted Targeted Individual and under Extreme Second By Second Surveillance by an ongoing heinous and illegal CIA program.  This program is a continuation of the illegal MKULTRA and COINTELPRO programs.  We need to end this extremely invasive and horrific programs.  This extreme surveillance is electronic in nature, unfriendly and characterized by targets as Mind-Rape and Torture.  Myron May was considered a CAST IRON TARGET defined as a target which necessitates second by second monitoring by a live person remotely. 

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How Our Government Can Scan Your Thoughts And Read Your Mind In 2.5 Minute Video

whats up is down and everything is a psyop. Be aware

I have been having internet trouble which is an ongoing problem limiting and sometimes preventing my activism.  Specifically my internet connection is limited and slowed to a crawl or blocked entirely.  However, I have no trouble using TOR for reasons I will explain later.  The problem only happens when I use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google when To connect to the internet.  My connection is very slow and it can take up several minutes for a web site to come up if it comes up at all.  This exact same scenario is happening to thousands of activists on a regular basis and has the effect of frustrating creativity and even causing them to give up trying in many cases.

It isn’t like I have no clue what is going on.  Actually I can pinpoint the problem to Government interference.  This happens everyday seemingly on a whim of someone who is watching
what I do every minute in an extreme form of surveillance during which I am watched every minute of every day and everything I do is scrutinized and monitored.   I just can’t prove anything because the things that are happening to me are potentially deniable.  Yet this is limiting the work I can do and costing me and literally hundreds of thousands of Americans a

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