The CIA Phoenix Genocide Program Is Operational In America And People Are Dying In Plain Sight

Trump Admin Raising The CIA Phoenix Program From the Ashes | James Corbett

Watch these two videos to learn why Targeted Individuals are targeted and why the program is really an attack on America and globally, to as they say, thin out the herd .  The problems in America are not new, they have happened repeatedly in many foreign countries throughout the world.

There was a brief reprieve from the boils, mostly on my head and face. This is due to my handlers who are in charge of me for a secret corpsoration. Do you have a handler? Its hard to tell isnt it? A Corpseration will decide this for you and you will have no say in the matter. I just want to say that some times the boil infections are testing and sometimes it is punitive and sometimes it is play and skill showing off. One of my female handlers is able to put boil infections in the crease of my nose, my eye brow, my eye lid, my scrotum and also in other hard to reach places. These are women who have joined the workforce for the secret control of Government specified targeted individuals (TI’s). Do TI’s need to be controlled? Mercenary contractors make good money in this job in a bad economy, making about $700 to $900 per day, as they track us down like dogs. Are we someones Job?  Isnt that SLAVERY?  They use our bodies for medical experiments and these experiments require that pain signals are induced so that our brains can be studdied by tracing the pain from the inducement point all the way through every nerve fiber.  This is the same thing as TORTURE, to TI’s.  They tell people we are under surveillance, But the dont tell about the TORTURE and extreme pain. Surveillance is not TORTURE.
TORTURE IS TORTURE! It is excrutiating TORTURE and it is unbearable. It ruines any and all experiences so that all we can think about is the pain and discomfort of TORTURE.  These people even ruin and prevent intimacy (sex),  How perverted and wierd is the destruction of what it means to be human!  Basically, we are like cattle, we are nothing but a video game pass time to these weaponized contractors.  We entertain them and we are their only entertainment.  This is cult like behavior which they exhibit, indicating they are cult extremists.  Look at the fact that what they are doing is like being in a cloistered cult where the members only hear from and talk to their fellow cult members about how to torture and subjugate and further humiliate their human capfives.  The reason for this is BECAUSE IT IS A SECRET (Top Secret Military Operation).  Secrecy takes donw societies folks and it is taking down this society!  It will be a long way back the longer you wait to take back the reins.  The inmates are in charge of the assylum now.  We are the people we have been waiting for all along.
We are demonized by telling the neighbors that we are TERRORISTS! Donna and I are both retired and WE ARE TERRORISTS? REALLY? When is the last time you had an influx of TERRORISTS for which provided gainful employment to many sociopaths who are tracking them like animals and inducing torture in them for Corpserations? The short answer is you havent had an influx of terrorists. Donna and I are not terrorists but we are the people who the Government has put on a TERRORIST WATCH LIST for what? I am one of the people who is an activist. That is a war protester and a peace activist and a human rights advocate. WTF. This is why no one is protesting the war or the
The fact is that the people doing this to us are the TERRORISTS . But we are demonized for the sole purpose of discrediting us and killing us to prevent the word of Government Lies and corruption from getting out. At this very moment, my computer is hacked into via a national security tap on my internet connection. These people play stupid “Three Stooges” like tricks on me to restrict my use of internet and reduce my effectivness.
When you think about how there used to be peace activists and anti war protesters, I am one of them. I am not visible because the government hires people like Steve Hatfield, John Clute and Gifford barns to Kill people like me and Donna. They will say they are not killing us but our lives are completely utterly a shambles the due to the constant and relentless pain they put us under. We are dying due to the treacherous human rights abusive TORTURE. They will laugh it off and deny what I say but they are taking money to do this folks. This is essentially murder for hire and they are doing it in the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY! Is this what we should be spending our TAX dollars on. Here is something you will not hear from the government. Our prowess as a world leader is done for. We re in a LAST DAYS OF ROME SCENARIO which means that our empire is also done for. The US is now taking from the middle class to support the war empire because there is no more PLUNDER and they dont want anyone spilling the beans. Think of what this means. The military is actually killing peace activists and war protestors and environmentalists, etc., etc. WTF?? They cant stop because there is no more money to pay them and yet they do not want to stop because it would mean layoffs and dismantlement of the war economy. yes, we have a WAR ECONOMY! So, it was decided to make war on the people of America the same as has been done to THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES throughout the world. Targeting the middle working class. They are using the CIA Phoenix program from VietNam days to destabilize society and it will be a take down of America. They want to focus on war protesters and such, but they have been the successful middle class who is by the way against war and empire building.
America is an aging experiment in capitalism and as such, all of the low hanging economic fruit is gone. All the manufacturing and low wage jobs are off shored. The trade agreements which Clinton and others made have put the US in a compettitive ocean of cheap labor and all that is left is to wait for the inevitable collapse. Think about it now. The scenario that is unfolding is a PSYOPS or psychological operation to keep people busy until the controllers can run out the door carrying the rest of the loot with the CASH REGISTER UNDER THEIR ARM! It will be the contractors {TORTURERS} left HOLDING THE BAG! The torturers think they are saving America, but it cant be saved and is being abandoned by the controllers. They are very good at using people to be left holding the bag as a diversion.

watch the video on the Phoenix program to see that vietnam had the equivalent of Fusion Centers in each province which were equiped to torture confessions. There was a central Homeland Security center to coordinate the psychological operation on the people of vietnam. They killed (NEUTRALIZED) hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people until being forced out in final disgrace culminating in the last Huey Helicopters to leave Saigon meme, which you should remember or can look up. They went from surgical strikes on Vietnamese viliges to kill supposed Viet Cong sympathisers, which really all Vietnamese were Viet Cong Sympathizers, to frenzied genocide of WHOLE ENTIRE VILLAGES of Vietnamese people. It is this same Pheonix program the US is now using to Asset Strip the middle classes through out the world now. This is in fact World War III and will desimate world economies and leave the effected countries impoverished and destitute. The CIA has even planned for this and has a map to show the remaining populations in major countries including America which is supposed to lose in excess of 80 percent of its people. How do you figure into thajt? You dont, simply put. They dont give a shit about you and you are already dead to the New World Order.

See how the phoenix program is here in America and globally as well.  Phoenix is designed as a genocide program for empire building.

Link to the deagel population map of 2025.  Deagel is the CIA and this map is a prediction of population reduction for major countries.  Find out how much the CIA expects the population of America will be reduced by the year 2025 or in about 6 years.  This is a prediction.

But just like the mythical Phoenix which rises from the ashes, America and other countries will rise sooner or later. In fact, the controllers are floundering because the NWO roll-out is not going as planned and infact has some big problems with people waking up. There is a general great awakening of the people and this will mean that we can take back America and other people can take back their countries. Lets See!

We can finally take our power back from the weaponized contractors and they will get their final pay check or pay back.  No Corpseration has the right to hurt people.  TORTURE was brought back to TRAUMATIZE PEOPLE TO GET THEM TO OBEY.  Wait until you find out what the contractors have been told they will be doing, because you will be shocked.


Confessions of an Economic Hitman – John Perkins | Short Documentary

Why are Targeted Individuals attacked everywhere? Is A Good question…

The answer is that This is a takedown program which takes down and eventually kills the Targeted Individual. It slow kills the target and makes them appear crazy. The public hears about it and becomes fearful, avoiding saying anything which may anger those in charge. So the public also becomes hypervigilent and is slowly driven crazy too. The police, consisting mostly of sociopathic individuals to some degree, more or less, come into contact with TIs, and see what is going on, but are told not to help targets.  Police are told to put them in psychiatric hold if the try too hard. The order following police are a big part of the program.  Law enforcement gets money to train gang stalkers, calling them Citizens On Patrol (COPS) which is touted to reduce crime, but it’s just the opposite. You should research THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, used in Vietnam by the CIA because this is what is happening in America and globally. The Phoenix program is in actuality , a war on the people which is destabilizing to the society and causes many deaths. The Phoenix is a mythological bird which rises from the ashes. It is the free and open society which is driven to ashes and what rises is a fearful and broken society into a locked down police state. The Phoenix program has been used by CIA to lock down and asset strip the middle-class of numerous third world countries by first destabilizing their government. What follows is take down of their society by puppet government leaders who do what the US says. This has happened to many south American countries. See “THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME by Douglas Valentine. Also see Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man – short documentary video on YouTube and in books. This is a wake-up call ! also watch video on the front page of my website to wake up.. JAMESLICO.COM

Targeting Is Real

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Targeting is Real

Because there has been such a concerted effort made—over the past 20 years apparently–by CIA-controlled media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, even Mother Jones, and The Daily Beast, The Los Angeles Times, and various other mainstream newspapers–as well as online sites like Rational Wiki and Wikipedia and, surprisingly, the moderated-Comments section at The Intercept [run by a certain avid Disinformation agent “Mona” who apparently is also the purveyor of fine lies on TIs at Rational Wiki]–to present all “Targeted Individuals” (TIs) as delusional in apparent efforts to:

1) negate all possibility of full public awareness of the reality of EMF-targeting,

2) keep Military/Intelligence usage (on citizens) of radiation weapons and neuroweapons covert (for the “National Security” cover story), and

3) permanently present Targeted Individuals as delusional, paranoid, schizoid, schizophrenic, and generally unreliable;

these facts should be set out for all educated parties the world over:

  1. Targeting is real, and people the world over are indeed being hit covertly with military EMF/scalar/sonic technologies in covert weapons-testing, weapons-operation, and neuro-experimentation/Behavior Modification programs that have been ongoing for more than 25 years and that have gained steam in recent times. Please see more in the articles under Human Rights. Also please see my recent op-ed, Open Season on Targets, to get a sense of how people are being targeted, surveilled, and assaulted wholescale with deadly weapons while the uninformed sleep, and controlled-media keeps them asleep. Please understand as well there is nothing benign about these technologies and weapons, and that All reporting experimentees/TIs report these assaults as highly invasive, as highly detrimental, and as Torture.
  1. Both random innocent citizens and activists/whistleblowers/journalists are being targeted in these extreme ways, with covert weapons.
  1. The same parties trying to keep targeting under wraps while collecting field data on weapon-effectiveness from those being EMF-targeted—the whole JTRIG operation, the CIA, the DIA, DARPA, NSA, DHS, USAF, the Pentagon and all Defense contractors testing these weapons—have flooded the Net with disinformation: there are ample numbers of fake TIs online, acting suitably insane—with rabid narratives designed to make them sound delusional and designed to put you (the discerning journalist/physician/psychiatrist/researcher?) off the scent of the real and genuine faction out there, actually being hit with covert weapons.
  1. The name of the game is Electronic Warfare. Militaries the world over—possibly working together–have figured out humans can be attacked, debilitated, and destroyed just like hardware with the right, bio-resonant frequencies of microwave radiation, lasers, masers, pulsed radar, ultrasonic weapons, infrasonic weapons, and are practicing or testing these deadly new radiation guns on humans, saying they are testing “non-lethal weapons” or determining anti-personnel “bio-behavioral” human effects. It’s a New Age in War, they say—they call it a Revolution in Military Affairs in US military documents—and it’s all about “Optics”: killing people on the sly, in the dark, and from a distance, incrementally–bit by bit damaging organs, or inducing “Death from Natural Causes”–heart attacks, strokes, sudden cancers—with No Blood being spilled, No Blown-Up Limbs, No Guts Spilled all over the place—none of the messy and visible detritus of war as we have previously known it. These are stealth weapons and covert weapons, by their nature.
  1. The name of the game is also Neuro Warfare. What MK ULTRA began in the US, the NSA apparently continued, and the CIA continued, and DARPA continued. Military and Intelligence groups worldwide, indeed, experimenting with electromagnetic radiation and scalar technologies have understood that human brains, just as much as human bodies, are electrical organs, and can be affected, altered, and modified with electrical/electromagnetic signals. The human brain and central nervous system have effectively been hacked. Brains and bodies can be interfered with, using pulsed radiation weapons, operating remotely. Remote Neural Monitoring is not a rumor, and both EEGs and fMRIs can be performed remotely, with high-tech, undisclosed military/Intelligence weaponry that the “National Security” mavens may call “CLASSIFIED”, but which any non-consensual neuro-experimentee, aka Targeted Individual, including yours truly, who has personally experienced these horrors, can report as unswervable fact. Additionally, Electronic Brain Link technologies, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), and covert Neurostimulator and BCI implants permit brainwaves/thoughts to be read; the Neurophone, bone-conduction, microwave hearing and other technologies permit “synthetic telepathy” or voices to be piped into heads.

Note to all Intelligence/Security agencies trying to keep the lid on such evil “Classified” technologies: You really should not be experimenting on Non-Consenting people anywhere in the world, let alone within the Continental United States. Non-consensual experimentation, by the egregiousness of its nature, is going to be revealed by all non-consensual experimentees as non-consensual. “Classified” doesn’t mean a thing to a non-consensual experimentee, whose primary interest is in reporting his/her experience. Clearly, if there’s any National Security involved, the first, last, prime, primary, and only destroyer of National Security here is the Intelligence agency or Military department performing non-consensual neuro-experimentation on living, breathing citizens who are most definitely going to speak out about the atrocities being visited on them.

  1. Is it for stated purposes of “National Security” then, that these incredibly misguided Intelligence/Military groups are seeking to have reporting non-consensual experimentees committed or labelled by psychiatrists as delusional, paranoid, schizoid, schizophrenic? For there is most definitely a massive Establishment Cover-Up underway (also explored in Open Season on Targets), involving lies by Media, lies by Law Enforcement, and lies by Psychiatrists.
  1. The particular role played by Establishment Psychiatry and ignorant psychiatrists deserves a special mention. In the age of Neuroscience, DSM/Textbook Psychiatry still dares to say “it’s all in your head”. As a consequence, laws are made, journalists bow down and defer, and no-one questions the reality of material, detectable radio-frequency devices—covertly implanted; or material, detectable pulsed radiation—from the radiation weapons of Electronic Warfare; or the deadly reality of neurotechnologies which can put extraneous voices into human heads, extraneous emotions into human hearts, and, ultimately, in the case of bio-robotizing, extraneous actions into human limbs.

For an understanding of how Psychiatry is being used as a weapon to discount and dismiss the accounts of thousands of non-consensual experimentees and targets as “all in their heads,” thus permitting Intelligence agencies and military groups and contractors to freely continue to attack and experiment on these people in a pretty sickening illustration of abject Modern Enslavement—paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayer, please see Dr. Seth Farber’s excellent article, The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to the New York Times, as well as this earlier post on Paranoid Schizophrenia.

  1. The Establishment Cover-up extends to physicians, the medical establishment, academics flying the banner of Ethics, Neuro Ethics, and Medical Ethics, and politicians occupying seats in Congress and the White House as the recent reaction, inaction, and sweeping-under-the-rug of powerful non-consensual-experimentee testimony by appointed personnel on seemingly meaningful but ultimately empty commissions such as The President’s Bioethics Commission and the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections have proved. While there surely must and no doubt do exist wonderful, ethical physicians and academics with a sincere interest in being ethical in their research and in holding Informed Consent sacrosanct, the sad fact is that the medical academic/research enterprise today is apparently held up by both the Pharmaceutical industry and the Defense/Intelligence industry, by the proverbial revolving door between Research and Regulation, and has, over the years, apparently chipped away at Informed Consent until today only loopholes are left, and exemptions, exclusions, and waivers abound.
  1. There are several excellent sites online, on every continent, hosted and informed by such illustrious Targeted Individuals as lawyers, journalists, researchers, engineers, scientists, accountants, physicians, and writers, with reams of solid, well-researched information on patents and technologies, laws and directives, military documents and technologies, which offer deep insight into the whole phenomenon of EMF-targeting, neuro-targeting, and non-consensual experimentation today. I will aim to set up a listing of prominent sites as also of important books on this subject here, but please explore at will. Many TI activists are doing great work online and in books—please ignore the innuendo and lies in The New York Times and start reading the Truth being reported by those being hit.
  1. Finally, if you are a journalist/documentarian/radio or print or video or film, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, physician, or human rights advocate, you have a special charge to investigate these crimes against humanity further, to report on them, and to help bring them to an end. Please act with integrity, and recognize that what is being done to those being unlawfully and illegitimately EMF-targeted, uber-surveilled, and assaulted today points to a deadly capability of our out-of-all-control and sadly global Surveillance State that can be directed at Anyone at any time, including you, your children, and your grandchildren, and needs to be exposed, condemned, and terminated Now, if we are to proceed into our children’s future as a sane civil society with an interest in preserving individual rights and liberties and the sanctity and sovereignty of human beings.

Ramola D | 28 Dec 2016

Whistleblower Disclosure About EMF and Neuro-Targeting

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Disclosure by ex-CIA Mark Phillips and CIA Scientist Dr. Robert Duncan on MK ULTRA, Voice of God Weapons, Targeting as Torture, and Mind Control As Well as Interviews with Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Colin Ross, USIS employee/Excerpts from videos–History’s Mysteries and Conspiracy Theory/Jesse Ventura/From

Geral Sosbee: Targeted for Terror: Ex-FBI Agent’s Gruesome Ordeal

March 2007, Geral Sosbee, Affidavit

Carl Herman/Washington’s Blog: National Security Whistleblower Mark Novitsky Interview: NSA spies on absolutely everything, will never stop, and will only expand

March 2014, Project Camelot Interviews Mark Novitsky(video)

26 April, 2011, Ted Gunderson, Affidavit

NSA Mind Control and Psyops by Will Filer

John St. Clair Akwei vs NSA lawsuit

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland: Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

No Touch Torture Log For 12-28-14 & Biological Attack Warning Notice

images (3)Hello, My name is James Lico and I would like to make a statement about some terrible Human Experimentation and Trafficking of Targeted Individuals (TI’s) that is going on and has been going on since 9/11 at minimum. I have college degrees in each of Biology, Computer Science and Electronics Engineering Technology, with over 20 years of real work experience. I am fully qualified to report on and make observations about the horrendous experiences TI’s go through as Human Trafficking victims. The Department of Homeland Security/ICE has a Human Trafficking division which could help TI’s, yet here is yet another bureaucracy which is just there for show.

Here is a brief statement of what happened to me over Christmas holiday, covering one day. I need to tell you this in order to show how degrading is the treatment of an elderly man in his 60’s (and all TI’s really), yet these government contractors think nothing of that, strangely enough and carry on with the cruel and unusual punishment as if deserved and it was perfectly normal to torture people in their own homes.

Read more…No Touch Torture Log For 12-28-14 & Biological Attack Warning Notice

Request To Add Sensible Preliminary Investigation To Avoid Perception Of Corruption

[niceyoutube id=”GecMQ9Vf3Fc” start=”1″]

In some of my blog posts I document my abuse with electromagnetic weapons via No Touch Torture, by giving times, dates and what is happening such like the following real example:   7:50pm on Christmas eve and my handler is hurting my penis with a resonance weapon as part of anon going 24/7 torture regimond.  I am asking every man and woman if this is what you want to have happen to innocent citizens in America or anywhere for that matter.   These weapons are lethal and barbaric to torture people with.  Apparently it is okay for psychopaths to use ‘see through wall’ technology to attack citizens in their homes.

Read more…Request To Add Sensible Preliminary Investigation To Avoid Perception Of Corruption

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

Human Gunea Pig
Note: I can hear the hum of electric frequencies in my head. I dont believe the sound is from my ears because no one else can hear it.
I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology plus significant work history in each field.  I proved that this chemical electrolyte is used in the way i am reporting.  my symptoms are Miosis or pin point pupils, itching, burning skin, especially the scrotum, loose or runny bowel movements and ear ringing.  These are physical symptoms that go along with observed physical events perpetrated on me by my handler.  I would think people would want to know and mitigate this.  By all means, do not believe me, but prove it to yourself.  My article on chemical electrolyte used on TI’s explains how to prove it to yourself.  If you prove it to yourself, you will be convinced too.  There can be no doubt about for me, that this chemical electrolyte is used on me at least for the reasons I have stated and I am sure there are reasons I dont know about.  For instance the chemical formula would be nice to know because it seems like poison in that it makes me sick and causes the symptoms i mentioned.

Read more…No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

Note: I can hear the hum of electric frequencies in my head. I dont believe the sound is from my ears because no one else can hear it.
I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology plus significant work history in each field.  I proved that this chemical electrolyte is used in the way i am reporting.  my symptoms are Miosis or pin point pupils, itching, burning skin, especially the scrotum, loose or runny bowel movements and ear ringing.  These are physical symptoms that go along with observed physical events perpetrated on me by my handler.  I would think people would want to know and mitigate this.  By all means, do not believe me, but prove it to yourself.  My article on chemical electrolyte used on TI’s explains how to prove it to yourself.  If you prove it to yourself, you will be convinced too.  There can be no doubt about for me, that this chemical electrolyte is used on me at least for the reasons I have stated and I am sure there are reasons I dont know about.  For instance the chemical formula would be nice to know because it seems like poison in that it makes me sick and causes the symptoms i mentioned.

Read more…No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

Note: I have college degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology and years of field work experience. This allows me to make educated observations about what is happening to me and other Targeted Individuals (TI). The information in this log is supposed to be made reported in my blog on a daily basis.

My handler is keeping me up all night again as usual now for the past two weeks. This is sleep deprivation in addition to the torture with electromagnetic weapons. at this time the handler is hitting me in the left side of my neck with a beam type weapon. As a punitive measure they are now hitting me in the back of my head with this weapon.

Read more…No Touch Torture Log for Oct. 10, 11, 12, 2014

No Touch Torture Log for Wed. Oct. 8, 9, 2014

I have degrees in biology, computer science and electronics engineering technology so I am qualified to make these observations.   I am being careful to keep my statements factual.  Keep in mind that there is a lot of false information on this subject, pu there purposfulley to discredit the people who suffer  this experimentation.  They have factual information mixed with enough false information to discredit all targeted individuals.