Transhumanism or advancing neuroscience with NEUROTECHNOLOGY and NEUROFREQUENCIES

Dr James Giordano is a Bioethicist and a Neuro scientist.  This has made possible
the merging of eugenics with Bioethics.

TRADOC Mad Scientist 2017 Georgetown: Neurotechnology in National Defense w/ Dr. Giordano
This is on Transhumanism or advancing neuroscience with Neurotechnology


What I want to get across to you  is that your government wants to access and control people and I mean you via electromagnetic frequencies.  There already exists the capability for that control. I am talking about control by weaponized dual purpose cell phone transceivers for controlling people and I stress that it is not just for control of me. Targets are a psyop on the people in that people know about the targeting, they are afraid of it and in general, dont want to know too much about it or associate with anyone who does.  I think that people Think (HOPE) that if they ignore the targets and forget about it that this wont affect them. WRONG, because it does affect you because the contractors are doing the bidding of the intelligence community who are proxies for the globalists..  You are a target and a dissident necessitating that you are not only to be tracked but surveilled as well.

The Intelligence Community has weaponized the CELL PHONE Towers TO Surveille people who are people of interest.  They use what I call RADAR Surveillance TRACKING ON THE CITIZENS. in the last few years they added weaponized DRONES to the mix of citizen RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE.   Most recently, 5G has been added to the mix of citizen RADAR TRACKING SURVEILLANCE, to increase the bandwidth.  Now there is enough bandwidth to RADAR SURVEILLANCE TRACK YOU NOW AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS. (IOT)!  Yes, it did start with me as a slave, but now it is rolled out to dissidents to surveille them by tracking them around with radar so they can be accessed like a cell phone.  The globalists are taking over control of the people with frequencies from cell phone towers

Do you realize that our DNA frequencies are talked to by the frequencies in the cell phone towers?  Do you realize that WIFI frequencies 2.5GHz to about 2.75GHz is in the biological window of frequencies which can talk directly to our DNA? What I am trying to tell you is that the FBI contractors are working in secret for national security to roll out this control to the entire population beginning with the DISSIDENTS, The Dissidents are now a very wide ranging bunch of people, like all TRUMP supporters for starters. How about a smaller group of dissidents like INFLUENCERS.  They can work up to Surveillance Tracking larger and larger groups.  With larger groups, they can be accessed via frequencies from the Cell Towers that are omni directional instead of beam forming.

Tracking more people now that 5g is here is the same problem as serving multiple users data with a narrow beamforming point to multipoint system like Radwin 5000 jet transceiver. This makes people capable of being one of the internet of things ( IOT ).  Transceivers like this can track people right out of the box.



Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security Research
(CGSR) sponsored this talk entitled “Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield:
The Realities – and Risks – of Neuroweapons”
by Dr. James Giordano on June 12, 2017.

This is a doctor in Canada telling of Covid experience

vaccine package inscert with no words on it…REALLY?!


Wuhan Lab Investigation is the Globalists’ Check on Chinese Power Grab

COMMUNIST FBI contractors use Resonant Energy to Inflame joints in my hands to cause joints to hurt and wear out fast. FBI Fusion Center is Responsible.
I told SHERIFF JOHN WARD of Curry OR the names of Guilty Contractors Responsible for genocide

They radiate my gut, following orders to simulate poor gut health so that my health will deteriorate and I would die much sooner than ordinarily.

Remember, I have over 11 years experience on the receiving end of this technology so I am well versed in its use.  These contractors are guilty beyond doubt.  I have actually had my joints in my hands and specifically the basal thumb joints so the joints were destroyed by DEW’s and then I had them replaced by a surgeon in Fort Myers Florida/  These contractors do the same things in FL and here in Oregon..  They destroy my joints Specifically the basal thumb joints the same way in both places and now they are trying to destroy my basal thumb joints again.  This evidence is very specific and damning.  THE FBI CONTRACTORS ARE DOING MALIGNANT EXPERIMENTS TO DESTROY INDIVIDUALS HEALTH TO CAUSE THEM TO DIE SOONER.  tHIS IS GENOCIDE AND MURDER.

SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19
May 11, 2021
The Alex Jones Show