Radar Surveillance Tracking — Some Folks Are Tracked a little And Then Other Folks Are Tracked A Lot More

To the average observer, there is an ongoing neighbor dispute between three adjacent neighbors where my fiancé Donna and I bought a house in this neighborhood at 92800 Mill Pond Road, Port Orford Oregon 97465.  I am retired from working as a computer systems administrator for a school district and I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and associate degrees in each of Electronics Engineering Technology and Biology.  I came to this rural area to retire in an area away from the complications and now the dangers of city life.

So why dont I get along with my neighbors? Good Question::  It is because there is an adversarial relationship built up on purpose because I am a target of perpetual investigation by whom?  the intelligence community? (especially the FBI)?  It is a secret from the general public in the name of National Security, but the target knows it is a covert war on the targets and the object is to subjugate the target either by bankrupting him or via the law or both. Am I supposed to be an enemy of the STATE?  It would appear so, but what have I done?  From my website, it looks like I have been telling the truth and the OWNERS  dont like it.
So Bankruptcy and subjugation by law Enforcement is what is happening to me now.  They have drained my finances and now they are going to put me in jail.  But are the DA and Judges in on it?  I would not have thought Law Enforcement ( specifically Sheriff John Ward of Curry County, the DA and Circuit Judges ) but it is true.  When I call 911 they have written mental patient in the description.  This would definitely make a target invisible.
If you went to each my three neighbors and asked them,  would they say I am a trouble maker and need to be watched? I have heard that but I really dont know,  because I am not a comrade.  Of this I am sure, they have a story made up, where they will give an observer just enough information to convince them with just enough local color so they stop asking questions and accept their version of lies.  They dont want anyone looking too deeply beneath the surface.  The problem I am having with these neighbors seems very much like a neighbor dispute but it is more complicated than that.  The real problem lies beneath all the niceties and is that these neighbors like many others in America, have been recruited as citizen spy agents who are compensated for what they do in tax free cash, gift cards or via expensive tax free gifts.  They have a loose network of citizen spy agents in the local area and they recruit others by telling them that they can be compensated for their time too.  I think it works like the following:  I need my roof fixed, but I cannot find anyone who will do the job.  When I do find someone, they seem interested at first, but then pull back and away.  I think this is because other community member are notified that they should not help be because?? why? is it because I am some kind of dissident who is under perpetual investigation?  I dont know but these communist comrade agents are unaware that they are working for communism to defeat free Americans.
I cannot provide an organizational chart but I believe the neighbors work as Contractors who receive guidance and instruction from the FBI Fusion Center in Salem Oregon through intelligence officers possibly called Fusion Liaison Officers FLO ( https://justice.oregon.gov/ortitan/ ) aka Terrorism Liaison Officers (Http://TLO.ORG ).  I believe these citizen agents think they are helping America, but the relationship becomes complicated when they begin taking compensation and simply cant say “no” to the other agent COMRADs or Intel Officers.  They are in effect State agents or STATISTS.  I am talking about a war on the Citizens of America by the Intelligence community’s in command of millions of statist agents.
I suppose the reason for the investigation of me could be something as simple for activism such as for my website http://JamesLico.com upon which I am attempting to wake people up to the corruption around us.  But you I would like to tell you that it is certainty that the COVID19 + Lockdowns + MASKING POLICY + Social Distancing + Food Shortage + Weather Warfare + Weaponized Statists are all due to the same thing and it is a war on the people.  You see, the globalists aka the Intelligence Community’s dont need us anymore so they are beginning the GREAT RESET which is a CULLING of those who are not necessary.  It turns out that NINTY PERCENT of the people are no longer needed!  However the COMRADES dont know they will be culled too but they apparently dont think so because they trust the Government!
So what is it the Comrades do which could be termed harassment:?? good question
In the beginning, I tried talking to each of them in turn, but I didnt get anywhere. They were already taking the monetary bribes.
First, one neighbor put up aggressive and vulgar signs.  He actually built about a 50 foot length of fence in front of his land so he could put vulgar signs facing my land.  He put up signs like a large banner sized picture of a hand with middle finger extended; one sign said “DEATH ZONE .. NO PRISONERS”.  He would put up these signs not all at once but separated by a period of time like days or weeks followed by another sign appears.  This separation of time is for maximum psychological value.  The sheriff deputies made an excuse for him saying it was “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”.  It may be freedom of speech but it is aggressive and mean spirited and unamerican.  Question… where they all COMRADES including police and the joke is on me?
Another neighbor forbad me from using the driveway easement which had existed for 25 years prior to my moving in.  But taking the driveway back is contrary to existing law.  The owner of such a driveway cannot take it back, but because the sheriff didnt enforce my rights by telling each of us to get a lawyer, then I am out.  The Sheriff deputies forced me not to use the driveway in fear of arrest.  This cost me tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to regain access to my land.  The land owner gave an easement on two occasions to two elderly previous owners of the property I now own.  The last owner, of the property built a garage over the original access way, removing his original access because he now had access over the neighbors land.  Now the neighbor has removed access to my property forcing Donna and me to enter the property THROUGH THE GARAGE as entrance to the property.  All I am saying is that this is not only un-neighborly it is aggressive and mean spirited.  Think about this:: with previous neighbors this man gave them access over his property.  But now, even though the original access has a garage in the way, this man if forcing elderly people to go through the garage to bring groceries home.  In addition, he has put wire fencing and vertical sticks in the ground where the access was In front of Our house, making the area in my front yard look like a mess and also dangerous for passers by.  He says he will put up a 7 food fence to hide my house from view.  My lawyer asked him several years ago if I could purchase an easement but he just said no without a counter offer.  Also the same lawyer greeted these neighbors outside a courtroom for which I was on trial.  The lawyer said whats up to which one of them replied  “we have to stop him somehow” and “Maybe we can drive him bankrupt”.  I would not say anything I couldn’t back up.  I happen to know these neighbors have and are receiving compensation for everything they do.  This is the way war is fought now… it is covert and without guns.  The legal system and the Fusion center does all the fighting.
To them it all makes sense … Just look at the pictures as evidence.  It is lucky that I have pictures of the harassment, because many people in the similar circumstances have no pictures because the harassment is so covert.
Now, I am not supposed to put my neighbors names on my website under penalty of violating my probation.  This has already happened once which cost me $2500 in legal fees and $4000 in fines and probation fees.  I vowed not to let it happen again.  Then my web page on which I was writing was adulterated with the neighbors names and published by??whom?. Then I had a second charge of violation of probation where the same thing happened.  Then in February I had an instance of my notes for a book I am writing, copied out and put into a Blog Post. Then the Deputy DA went to my web site and saw it and after that it was deleted and there is no further trace of it. Sound complicated…? It is all in a law suit against me. I think I know how to avoid putting my neighbors names on my website, if it were just me doing it? But it isn’t just me doing it.  I am being set up by people who have unrestricted access to my computer and my website.  They have better access than I have.
Anyway, Judge Margolis sentenced me to 3 months in jail last month (suspended due to covid). Really? a 69YO man gets 90 days in jail for putting someone’s names in his website.  So, is this because I am a conservative?  Do we now have a two tiered system of justice where peaceful protestor who burn city structures for months go free and Conservatives are framed and go to prison?  Does the Government (FBI) hire useful idiots to suppress dissidents?  With Directed Energy Weapons? Apparently they do.
We now have two systems of justice.

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